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Fishes vital for hundreds of millions, but 1/3 face extinction22 hours ago linkmakerofspoons
Our closest neighbor, Alpha Centauri A, may have a planet in its habitable zone22 hours ago linktectonic
Indie Game Development: Indie Archetypes (Derek Yu, 2020)22 hours ago linkgrenoire
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University of Limerick partners with Stripe to change how Comp Sci is taught22 hours ago links_dev
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Emacs changed my life – Matz22 hours ago linkfeniv
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He Used Solitary Confinement to Learn Math, Solving Hardest Equations1 days ago linkakudha
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I Miss Lunches1 days ago linkggeorgovassilis
Sony announces Playstation 5 VR headset1 days ago linke12e
The complete Marvel reading order guide1 days ago linkrobinhood
Apache foundation ousts TinkerPop project co-founder for offensive tweets1 days ago linkDotnaught
Free for Developers1 days ago linkfs111
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Dialog Markets1 days ago linksebwi
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Rows launches a spreadsheet with data, integrations, and sharing1 days ago linkhelhady
Next Generation of VR on Playstation1 days ago linktumidpandora
Low Vision Figma Plugin1 days ago linkjeffkielman
A Berkeley lab's deadly mistake has been fodder for anti-vaxxers for 50 years1 days ago linkincomplete
Pairing makes better interviews than leetcode1 days ago linkmiiila
NY AG’s $850M Probe of Bitfinex, Tether Ends in an $18.5M Settlement1 days ago linkriffraff
CenturyLink Advertises Fiber in Seattle neighborhoods that don't have it2 days ago linkneelc
Things I Wish I Knew Before Working in Industry (2021)2 days ago linkdavidfstr
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The States Americans Are Fleeing (and Where They're Going)2 days ago linkKeverw
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Practical typewriting: By the all-finger method (1894)2 days ago linkjesperlang
Bitfinex, Tether Settle with New York's Attorney General for $18.5M2 days ago linkcribbles
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Proxmox Backup Server (for any physical hosts, too)2 days ago linkoriettaxx
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