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The Bid Picture Podcast35 min ago
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Announcing systemd v25648 min ago
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How random can you be?1 hours ago
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Pulumi Copilot1 hours ago
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VRChat is Laying Off 30% of Team1 hours ago
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Can LLMs invent better ways to train LLMs?1 hours ago
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Roughly 5 Percent of All Cybertrucks Are for Sale Online2 hours ago
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The Fake Data Were Coming from Inside the Lab2 hours ago
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The Perfect Wall2 hours ago
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Data Pipelines SQL Alerting Patterns2 hours ago
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iOS 18 Will Let You Activate Third-Party Camera from iPhone's Lock Screen2 hours ago
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It's Not Unusual to Port the Linux Vector Packet Processor (VPP) to FreeBSD3 hours ago
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Int4 Decoding GQA CUDA Optimizations for LLM Inference3 hours ago
hn link jxmorris12 Introducing New Basemap Options and Enhanced Filtering3 hours ago
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Minuimus is a file optimiser utility script3 hours ago
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SQL-Based Pipelines: Steampipe Makes All the World a Database3 hours ago
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Capitals reach agreement to purchase CapFriendly website4 hours ago
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Unhappiness Is Mostly a Choice4 hours ago
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How to Power Up LLMs with Web Scraping and RAG4 hours ago
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Optimal SQLite Settings for Django4 hours ago
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Radio France fires French comedian over Netanyahu joke5 hours ago
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Cryptoterrestrial hypothesis: Science openness to concealed earthly UAP5 hours ago
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Tabs Give Me Superpowers5 hours ago
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The development process of Wordbots (2016–2023)5 hours ago
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Hardening Guaranteed End-to-End based on a security analysis from ETH researcher5 hours ago
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Instant Onboarding and Instant Message Delivery5 hours ago
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DJI Completes First Drone Delivery on Mount Everest5 hours ago
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LLM Prompting for Software Development6 hours ago
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Rew: A Simple Coffeescript Runtime6 hours ago
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Hacking Hundreds of Wii Us at Once6 hours ago
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Is your database fully using your hardware?6 hours ago
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Show HN: BeFluent Business English Learning App6 hours ago
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Hacker Accesses Internal 'Tile' Tool That Provides Location Data to Cops7 hours ago
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Spinning Lidar Visualizer6 hours ago
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In Defense of the New6 hours ago
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Print Your Photos: storage volatility, the impermanence of the cloud6 hours ago
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Adam Back's Iconic Perl RSA Munitions T-Shirt: A Slice of Cypherpunk History6 hours ago
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Przewalski Horses Land (Back) in Kazakhstan6 hours ago
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4 Day Workweek at Dutch Software Company AFAS6 hours ago
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Open Synthetic Financial Document Dataset for Enhancing PII Detection6 hours ago
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A beginners guide to fine tuning LLM using LoRA7 hours ago
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Async Ruby on Rails7 hours ago
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Update on Sourcehut's Infrastructure Plans7 hours ago
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Smart Paste for context-aware adjustments to pasted code7 hours ago
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Invention of Tiny Devices to Sequence DNA7 hours ago
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Obtaining source code for training LLMs7 hours ago
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The Strangest Hit Songwriter in History7 hours ago
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Sidebar Is Taking a Break7 hours ago
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A primer on my favorite pessimistic scientific articles7 hours ago
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VisionOS 2 Enables WebXR by default, unlocking cross-platform XR8 hours ago
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ChromeOS to Migrate to Android-Based Tech Stack8 hours ago
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How Methamphetamine Became a Key Part of Nazi Military Strategy (2020)8 hours ago
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Implementing Live Visitor Count Using Cloudflare Workers and Durable Objects8 hours ago
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Sony Acquires Alamo Drafthouse Cinema8 hours ago
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Bibliography keys: It's as easy as [1], [2], [3]8 hours ago
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Evolving Brex's Co-CEO Model8 hours ago
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Angry San Francisco homeowners plot to kill city's rezoning plan8 hours ago
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Fired employee deleted servers, causing it to lose S$918,0008 hours ago
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Lua Guide for Neovim9 hours ago
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Conversation Skills Essentials9 hours ago
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Cybercrime Syndicates Intensify Tactics Law Enforcement Mounts Counteroffensive9 hours ago
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Awrafwesgsdhg9 hours ago
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An experiment in fixed-term open-source patronage9 hours ago
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Jetify Cloud – Deployments and Enterprise Nix Cache for Devbox9 hours ago
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Patterns of Data Loading – Topics and Broadcast9 hours ago
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Exploring Migration Options from PostgreSQL Using YugabyteDB Voyager9 hours ago
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US company claims nuclear battery breakthrough9 hours ago
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After Dark Screensavers in CSS9 hours ago
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Redis Get Your S* Together9 hours ago
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The origin story of the Windows 3D Pipes screen saver9 hours ago
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Critique of systemd v256's SSH-via-AF_VSOCK9 hours ago
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Japan enacts law ensuring access to third-party apps10 hours ago
hn link hnuser0000 ran all games and matchmaking on a single server machine till recently10 hours ago
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Group Chats Rule the World10 hours ago
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Don't bother voting in European election10 hours ago
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The GJK Algorithm: A weird and beautiful way to do a simple thing10 hours ago
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Framework – Framework Laptop 16 in stock and more open source releases10 hours ago
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Exograph at the Edge with Cloudflare Workers10 hours ago
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The Astro Content Layer10 hours ago
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Cleaning My Digital Slate10 hours ago
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A Developer Cheat Sheet for GDPR10 hours ago
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Jury finds Just Stop Oil supporters not guilty in petrol pump case11 hours ago
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Luma launches Dream Machine – Ready to use text to video generator11 hours ago
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Show HN: Semantic clusters and embeddings for 500k Hacker News comments11 hours ago
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Stable Diffusion 3 Medium Online Demo, Free11 hours ago
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Playstation 5 Architect Sees Bright Future for Consoles11 hours ago
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Luma Dream Machine: Generative text/image to video11 hours ago
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Fromsoft Word- Is the Dark Souls of Word Processors11 hours ago
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How do you program for 8h in a row? – Bite code11 hours ago
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Web Game Dev Newsletter11 hours ago
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A Terraform Provider Proof-of-Concept11 hours ago
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Calm Company Fund Is Taking a Break11 hours ago
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RecurrentGemma Now Available on Kaggle11 hours ago
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Catching cryptominers using gVisor syscall signatures12 hours ago
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Alexa Dropped the Ball on Being the Top Conversational System on the Planet12 hours ago
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Letter Delivery (Morse Code Receive Decoder Chart (A-Z))12 hours ago
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Show HN: ATS Hack Mode12 hours ago
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The Tyranny of the Flake Equation12 hours ago
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The real science behind Corona Virus [video]12 hours ago
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Understanding Positive Definite Matrices13 hours ago
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Exploring probability distributions in random numbers13 hours ago
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Managing a Bottleneck Team13 hours ago
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Stable Diffusion 3 online demo13 hours ago
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Why Agents Fall Short13 hours ago
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Qwen2 72B, Gemini Flash, GPT-4, Opus Added to PVQ Leaderboard13 hours ago
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The Cleantech Revolution It's exponential, disruptive, and now13 hours ago
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00000 Zip Code. Is it real?13 hours ago
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Node.js Is Here to Stay13 hours ago
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Computation Is All Around Us, and You Can See It If You Try13 hours ago
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Will we continue scientific research?13 hours ago
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Training a minimap detector for League of Legends without overthinking it13 hours ago
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You might need a portable monitor14 hours ago
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How System Requests Work and How to Add Your Own SysReq14 hours ago
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Human-oriented base-32 encoding14 hours ago
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YouTube experimenting with server-side ad injection14 hours ago
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MotherDuck is now Generally available14 hours ago
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Keeping Up with Fakery14 hours ago
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Minimal SaaS Technical Due Diligence14 hours ago
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How much have I spent to work from home?14 hours ago
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Stable Diffusion 3 Medium Released14 hours ago
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The Borrow Checker Within14 hours ago
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TerraPower starts construction of Natrium reactor in Wyoming14 hours ago
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Inspecting Web Views in macOS14 hours ago
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Serious Sam handled massive amounts of enemies on 56k modem connections15 hours ago
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2024 EU Election: Night Speeches Cause Internet Traffic Drop on Election Day15 hours ago
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How Serious Sam handled enemy counts on 56k modem connections15 hours ago
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Community Resources15 hours ago
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Day 33/100: Enhancing Collaboration Between UX and Marketing with Aaron Yen15 hours ago
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iTerm2 3.5.1 Released15 hours ago
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openSUSE Leap 15.6 Released15 hours ago
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Wikipedia increases its default font size15 hours ago
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Connecting Customers and Businesses: Sales Journey Customer Portal15 hours ago
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Digup – A Digest Updating Tool16 hours ago
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Plex Cracks Down on Media Server 'Hacks'16 hours ago
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The stabilization process of the [Deno] Standard Library has begun (v1 semantic)16 hours ago
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No BS Intro to Developing with LLMs16 hours ago
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Ausgrid to charge for rooftop solar exported to network in the middle of the day16 hours ago
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The Impersonator: The Fake Data Were Coming from Inside the Lab16 hours ago
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Faxes from the Far Side of the Moon16 hours ago
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Cybercriminal threats are mainly from a few countries16 hours ago
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Elixir 1.17 released: set-theoretic types in patterns, durations, OTP 2716 hours ago
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How to make money with data (DaaS)16 hours ago
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I created the cheapest all in one analytics tool16 hours ago
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Webinar: Maximize Uptime and Minimize Stress: Powerful Monitoring Solutions17 hours ago
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Rationalizing Latency Competition in High-Frequency Trading17 hours ago
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EU Commission: EV value chains in China benefit from unfair subsidies18 hours ago
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Domains to Address While Leading Teams18 hours ago
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Radio Bubbles Postmortem18 hours ago
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Spreadsheet Assassins – A short history of "software as a service"18 hours ago
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Different Take on NumPy Broadcasting–Strange Practices at the Broadcaster's Inn18 hours ago
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Big Nerd Ranch is dead for good18 hours ago
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Active European warzone impacts raptor migration19 hours ago
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Cyber Security Career Hub – Discover how to get your perfect cyber career19 hours ago
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Procrastination Is Destructive19 hours ago
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The Design of Vintage Computer Product Print Works19 hours ago
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Show HN: Akari, a fun little grid logic puzzle with daily challenges19 hours ago
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Partition Structure (1968)19 hours ago
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Aviation Radiation GPT helps monitor cosmic radiation exposure during air travel19 hours ago
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Textile-Based Electrochemical Sensors20 hours ago
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Keeping Up with the Databases20 hours ago
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Show HN: I made an app to learn from YouTube videos without watching20 hours ago
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One of those Bugs a Software Engineer lives for20 hours ago
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Chapter Xi: Declaration Regarding Non-Self-Governing Territories20 hours ago
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Awedafrewstfgwg20 hours ago
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Show HN: Visually mask browser tabs20 hours ago
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Merging and Splitting Partitions with Minimal Locking PostgreSQL 1721 hours ago
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Zürich, Switzerland Online Tree Registry21 hours ago
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Measuring the Parallax of a Near Star with Modest Equipment and Modest Talent21 hours ago
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The Vogue Archive22 hours ago
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Lambda Calculus Interpreter22 hours ago
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Show HN: Online Viewer for KiCad Footprints22 hours ago
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Stable Diffusion Prompt Guide – Interactive Content22 hours ago
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(2004) How Microsoft Lost the API War22 hours ago
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Fzf: Ripgrep Integration, a Walkthrough22 hours ago
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My Delightful Experience at Graffathon 2024 – A Demoparty Report23 hours ago
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Raman Microspectroscopy evidence of microplastics in human semen23 hours ago
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SetTimeout could be the reason of leaking memory in node23 hours ago
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12 years of the com.lihaoyi Scala platform23 hours ago
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Blender Market turns 10. Celebrates with 10 daily gifts1 days ago
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Voxel Ray Casting in Zig1 days ago
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Hash Function Quality And Speed Tests Leaderboard1 days ago
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Small units of work that work1 days ago
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DevToys v2.0 Preview1 days ago
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Artificial Consciousness1 days ago
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Debian is the greatest Linux distro of them all1 days ago
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The origin story of the Windows 3D Pipes screen saver1 days ago
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Lambda Diagrams1 days ago
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The questionable use of Artificial Intelligence for job applications1 days ago
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Joey Chestnut says he's 'gutted' over Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest ban1 days ago
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The Strong Turing Test1 days ago
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Please Stop Putting All Your CICD Logic in YAML1 days ago
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User data management for AR using a distributed ledger1 days ago
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"It's not worth it to save 4 lives if it means hurting someone's feelings"1 days ago
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I Interviewed 'Uncle' Bob Martin1 days ago
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Implications of ultra-processed plant origin foods on cardiovascular risk1 days ago
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What do GenZ software engineers think?1 days ago
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Building RAG in Ruby, using BAML, with streaming1 days ago
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Show HN: I accidentally crated a infinite level for a wolf 3D clone1 days ago
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Françoise Hardy has died at 801 days ago
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A Solution to Static vs. Dynamic Linking1 days ago
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Stop Thinking and Start Building1 days ago
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Efficient WaveRNN: Block Sparsity1 days ago
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Elo Win Probability Calculator1 days ago
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Building Agency1 days ago
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San Francisco schoolchildren are being failed by California1 days ago
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Backpac – Your Gateway to Seamless Blockchain Connectivity1 days ago
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Use .NET's profiler to load DLLs from remote computers1 days ago
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Brazil to be the first country to test out new Android's anti-theft protection1 days ago
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An Old Man's Guide to Making Chiptunes with DefleMask1 days ago
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File Uploads with Django and DRF1 days ago
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How to Investigate the Federal Goverment1 days ago
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AGI1 days ago
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January Generative Music Game1 days ago
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Nat Traversal1 days ago
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Is Anyone Else's Life as Stupidly Complicated by Digital Shadow Work as Mine Is?1 days ago
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Introduction to VLSI Systems1 days ago
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Arc Prize Guide1 days ago
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Show HN: Congressional Fundraising Leaderboard1 days ago
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When to Design for Emergence (2022)1 days ago
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Some ideas for an open 'digital hub' device1 days ago
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What Are the Most Prestigious Tech Companies to Work for in 2024?1 days ago
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An APPR Claim with Air Canada1 days ago
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Myth of Man the Hunter: Women's hunt contribution across ethnographic contexts1 days ago
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The limits of data – and the price we pay1 days ago
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Node.js – v22.3.01 days ago
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HP's RPL as a modern multithreaded lang1 days ago
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Postgres Logical Replication Guardrails1 days ago
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Christian democracy is to blame for Europe's democratic backsliding1 days ago
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Postgres Table Replica Identity1 days ago
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Exploring PostgreSQL 17: A Developer's Guide to New Features1 days ago
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Search Engine's Blindspot: Continuity and Context1 days ago
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Hope Needs Your Help1 days ago
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KeyTrap: Serious Vulnerability in the Internet Infrastructure1 days ago
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Release Notes: Edge Functions on SQLite Cloud1 days ago
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Unique3D: High-Quality and Efficient 3D Mesh Generation from a Single Image1 days ago
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Affirmations for Bloggers1 days ago
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TechSmith (Snagit and Camtasia) is moving to subscription model1 days ago
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Efficient Pagination Using SQL1 days ago
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Rise in WhatsApp hacking, can Code verify help?1 days ago
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Pharmaceutical blockbusters: the past, present, and future(?)1 days ago
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Fraud detection: detect if a user lied about its OS and infer its real OS?1 days ago
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Home Lab: Scraping and processing stock market data1 days ago
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Fuck-That Money1 days ago
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Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) Phishing1 days ago
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Suggestion on Website Design1 days ago
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Silicon Valley's False Prophet1 days ago
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Remote device downtime causes for kiosks, lockers, cameras based on 200K tickets1 days ago
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Show HN: Arc Prize – a $1M+ competition towards open AGI progress1 days ago
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Bcachefs Coding Style1 days ago
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Slipknot Self-Titled Album1 days ago
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Random and fixed routes with Apache APISIX1 days ago
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Show HN: Play Pictionary using only emojis1 days ago
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Show HN: A cartoon intro to how the attention mechanism works1 days ago
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Wrong Map of Europe1 days ago
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The iOS to GrapheneOS Migration Guide and Review1 days ago
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Russia Shows Off Domestic Tech and Cars at Diminished Economic Forum1 days ago
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Motherduck Is Now GA1 days ago
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Did you know only 4% of the data is publicly available for the whole LLM market?1 days ago
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OEIS 100K E-Party (2004)1 days ago
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Why interviewers aren't always great and how to make them better1 days ago
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Borges on Chaos Theory1 days ago
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Come Retribution. Not possible without social media1 days ago
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OpenBSD Extreme Privacy Setup1 days ago
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Are blockchains just memecoins or are they useful for real?1 days ago
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Success Is Not Shameful1 days ago
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Apple: Everything Becomes Everything1 days ago
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Rank Fusion for improved code context1 days ago
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ActiveStorage: Blob#compose Now Supports Custom Blob Key in Rails 7.21 days ago
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Raspberry Pi stock surges after London IPO1 days ago
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Microsoft's official Minesweeper app has ads, pay-to-win, and is hundreds of MBs1 days ago
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A Phone for a Better Life1 days ago
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The Light Phone III1 days ago
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Bartender 5 Blog: Let's Try This Again1 days ago
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The Rise of "Medium Code"1 days ago
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Show HN: Adding support for sponsored products in Meilisearch1 days ago
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Adobe's Enterprise-First Ambitions Led to This Mess1 days ago
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Solving the GenAI data quality problem with synthetics1 days ago
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Stripe Built a Culture of Shipping1 days ago
hn link maguay
Solving Probabilistic Tic-Tac-Toe1 days ago
hn link Labo333
Why Search is not a solved problem yet1 days ago
hn link anorak27
Sales Journey Help Center: Streamlining Support and Maximizing Operations1 days ago
hn link tobias-sj
Project Management1 days ago
hn link rafaelc
Show HN: Applying Maths in the Chemical and Biomolecular Sciences1 days ago
hn link subblue
One UI element every presentation should have1 days ago
hn link Igor_Wiwi
Self-Serve Dashboards1 days ago
hn link vieiralucas
Generating synthetic data for intent classification1 days ago
hn link juniorco
Devon McCormick1 days ago
hn link secwang
Notational Intelligence (2022)1 days ago
hn link low_tech_punk
Native Delta Lake Support in DuckDB1 days ago
hn link plaur782
I like the RP20401 days ago
hn link dgroshev
Lacework Is by Fortinet1 days ago
hn link ahmetozer
A Better Font List1 days ago
hn link matevz_kovacic
Kepler succeeds in making optical intersatellite links1 days ago
hn link seanwatson
Show HN: Velox – PWA RSS Reader with no accounts, feeds saved locally1 days ago
hn link KoftaBob
Proxmox vs. FreeBSD: Which Virtualization Host Performs Better?1 days ago
hn link transportheap
Show HN: Unforget, the note-taking app I always wanted: offline first, encrypted1 days ago
hn link seansh
The roots of US innovation clusters1 days ago
hn link WildestDreams_
Online Privacy: An Endangered Species1 days ago
hn link dbrgn
An open letter to everyone that I will ever work with as a remote tech worker1 days ago
hn link bhupesh
An Axiomatic Basis of Accounting (1991)1 days ago
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Stop Using Brave Browser1 days ago
hn link c5karl
Ask HN: MyScript was far ahead of its time1 days ago
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Show HN: Free Chrome extension for data collection1 days ago
hn link guidsen
Pushing the Boundaries of Mixed-Precision LLM Inference with Marlin1 days ago
hn link mwitiderrick
Ukraine should be playable in Civilization VII1 days ago
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Cp Example.env .env1 days ago
hn link rpastuszak
TVTropes on Israel/Palestine1 days ago
hn link xg15
Sidebar Is Taking a Break1 days ago
hn link karimmaassen
Why today's phones are so boooooring?1 days ago
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You're Doing State Wrong1 days ago
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July Newsletter Ideas and Examples1 days ago
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Rye – First Class Contexts1 days ago
hn link otobrglez
Linux Command Line Computing1 days ago
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Scan HTML faster with SIMD instructions – Chrome edition1 days ago
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Advanced Dependency Injection in Elixir with Rewire1 days ago
hn link codeByNumbers
A Mental Framework for Side Projects1 days ago
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The Acme of Software1 days ago
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Humans May Be Able to Grow New Teeth Within Just 6 Years1 days ago
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Surprising Alignment of MEPs in the European Parliament1 days ago
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Show HN: Keel Studio – From prompt to production-ready back end in 2 mins1 days ago
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Moving Quarkus to a Foundation1 days ago
hn link yett
Releasing an open-source dbt metadata linter: dbt-score1 days ago
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Medieval Game Pieces Emerge from the Ruins of a German Castle1 days ago
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3D Arena Leaderboard: Evaluate leading generative 3D models1 days ago
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How do you program for 8h in a row?1 days ago
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Airplane nose damaged during turebelence1 days ago
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Perspective-Correct Interpolation1 days ago
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We just broke ground on America's first next-gen nuclear facility1 days ago
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What We Learned from a Year of Building with LLMs (Part III): Strategy1 days ago
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GPTs Introduction1 days ago
hn link gpts123
Computing for Social Good: Research1 days ago
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Spotify Alumni Lead in VC-Backed Startups1 days ago
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Flower 1.9 (a friendly federated learning framework)1 days ago
hn link danieljanes
GNX to release a new version of their connectivity platform, GNX+1 days ago
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Debian Needs a WinGet1 days ago
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My Very First Production Bug1 days ago
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Machine Learning for Offensive Security1 days ago
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Wren: Am 15.1.0 Released1 days ago
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Kiakvana Mail.com1 days ago
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The Mammoth Pirates. In Russia's Arctic north, a new gold rush is under way1 days ago
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Jgs Font1 days ago
hn link debesyla
Oryx: introducing smart layers (app-specific keyboard shortcuts)1 days ago
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Early History of Smalltalk1 days ago
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Mind-Reading and Imagination in Robots1 days ago
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Show HN: Just built another Linktree alternative (for online shop owners)1 days ago
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Effects, capabilities, and boxes (2022) [pdf]1 days ago
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Nazism1 days ago
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Noodles: A Path Tracer Made of Blender Nodes1 days ago
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Treacherous ancestry An extraordinary hunt for the ghosts of SARS-CoV-21 days ago
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The college decision-making process1 days ago
hn link blueridge
Behind the Scenes of Vercel's Infrastructure1 days ago
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DuckDB Isn't Just Fast1 days ago
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Web Scraping with PowerShell1 days ago
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Don't Be Afraid of Rebasing1 days ago
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One Minute Focus – Improve Mental Focus in 1 Minute1 days ago
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RP2040 successor will be RP235x, Arm M3 512k RAM, maybe EEPROM1 days ago
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A RFC 8927 Appreciation Post1 days ago
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Israel's IAI rolls out Air Lora, a new air-launched ballistic missile2 days ago
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Blackmagic Cine Immersive Capture for Vision Pro 8160x7200 Resolution per Eye2 days ago
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Cyber attack flattens Japanese vid-sharing site Niconico and others2 days ago
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Biodiversity enhances immune regulation among daycare children2 days ago
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Designing a Website Without 404s2 days ago
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All software is either an experience or a platform2 days ago
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RLHF with Dagster and Modal2 days ago
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Where do software engineers get paid the most?2 days ago
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To Believe or Not to Believe Your LLM2 days ago
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Back To Atoms: Why we can stop building SaaS and build the future instead.2 days ago
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eBPF BCC to libbpf conversion guide2 days ago
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Ship Something Every Day2 days ago
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Advanced Mathematics GPT2 days ago
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Enhancing Nonprofit Fundraising and Engagement2 days ago
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Jank's new persistent string is fast2 days ago
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Tour the Factory2 days ago
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From Idea to Launch: PreHype's System for Starting Your Next Business2 days ago
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Design of GNU Parallel – Citation Notice2 days ago
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Show HN: The Global Literary Canon2 days ago
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Topical Context in Information Panel2 days ago
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Must a theory be falsifiable to contribute to good science?2 days ago
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Show HN: Stock trading game that spoofs Bloomberg Terminal2 days ago
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Big Tech's role in enabling link fraud2 days ago
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Is Silicon Valley Building Universe 25?2 days ago
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MUI Showroom (2001)2 days ago
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Incubation, not sleep, aids problem-solving2 days ago
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Heard of Idempotency but unsure what it is?2 days ago
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Car Jump Distance Calculator2 days ago
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MultiPly: Reconstruction of Multiple People from Monocular Video in the Wild2 days ago
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Origin of Items in the British Museum's Collection2 days ago
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The New Math of How Large-Scale Order Emerges2 days ago
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From Chaos to Clarity: My Journey with Obsidian2 days ago
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Coming Soon: Flexible Plans for Render PostgreSQL2 days ago
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Printable Popup Horizontal Sundials2 days ago
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Sales Journey has released a new website2 days ago
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Siri Can Access ChatGPT Directly with iOS 182 days ago
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Reverse Engineering TikTok to only show Cat Videos [video]2 days ago
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Witness in $8M SF murder settlement recants after prison love affair with lawyer2 days ago
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Beyond the wall: Working with aperiodic tilings using finite-state transducers2 days ago
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Fine-grained Visual Transcription for YouTube videos2 days ago
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Spotify Launches "Confidence" for Enhanced Real-Time Experimentation2 days ago
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iOS 182 days ago
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AirPods introduce convenient ways to communicate and interact2 days ago
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macOS Sequoia2 days ago
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The Unix PID 0 Myth2 days ago
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Pagination for Database Objects2 days ago
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Stable Physics Design Patterns [ChatGPT]2 days ago
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OpenAI Welcomes Sarah Friar (CFO) and Kevin Weil (CPO)2 days ago
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Excel Horror Stories2 days ago
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How Two Rebel Physicists Changed Quantum Theory2 days ago
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Amsterdam replacing Chinese CCTV and traffic cameras over spying, human rights2 days ago
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Farewell to Bourgeois Kings (2021)2 days ago
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Show HN: Visualize the complexity of a Golang codebase with a 3D force graph2 days ago
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Web apps have client and server state (plus realtime and LiveView)2 days ago
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Just Keep Doing the Bit2 days ago
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Infrastructure Is an Implementation Detail2 days ago
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ASML to ship its US$380M tool to TSMC this year2 days ago
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Show HN: Probabilistic Tic-Tac-Toe2 days ago
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Computer Architecture – No Starch Press2 days ago
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Our Unusual Journey to ECS on EC22 days ago
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Exploring the 2024 EU Election: Internet trends and cybersecurity insights2 days ago
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UK crypto exchange stops trading after $22M is lost in 'security incident'2 days ago
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Europe's Impossible Trinity2 days ago
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ICLR 2024 Best Papers and Talks2 days ago
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Why Triplebyte Failed2 days ago
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Why fine-tuning is (probably) not for you2 days ago
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US Company tests surveillance robots from Singapore at homelessness shelter2 days ago
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Australia Scholarship:Deakin University Scholarships 2025 (Fully Funded)2 days ago
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Astronomical Skeleton Clock Completion (2022)2 days ago
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Destination Earth goLive – digital twin for science2 days ago
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Guide to LLM Experimentation and Development in 20242 days ago
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Show HN: OceanChat – personality-based omegle clone using big-52 days ago
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Lacework to Be Acquired by Fortinet2 days ago
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Show HN: Pypalettes –> explore and use 2500 color palettes2 days ago
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NetBSD 10 on a Pinebook Pro laptop2 days ago
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How to catch cryptominers using syscall signatures2 days ago
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Rise of the Ghost Machines2 days ago
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Creating Perfect Font Fallbacks in CSS2 days ago
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Automatically backup the iPhone to the Raspberry Pi (2021)2 days ago
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UNC5537 Targets Snowflake Customer Instances for Data Theft2 days ago
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Is 2024 the Year for Psychedelic Medicine?2 days ago
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Don't Use Celery2 days ago
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Exploring Bloom Filter Theory: Fjall's Approach in LSM Storage2 days ago
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Yay2 days ago
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ASCII NYC Traffic Cameras2 days ago
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Take public notes about your troubleshooting session2 days ago
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Show HN: Collaborative ASCII Drawing with Telnet2 days ago
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Show HN: Just launched an open source software for steam, and waxpeer users2 days ago
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Real-Time Settlers of Catan2 days ago
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Sidebar Is Taking a Break2 days ago
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Show HN: Rate My Spreadsheet – browser-based Excel audit tool2 days ago
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Adding Contact Form to Static Sites2 days ago
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Making Lotties 10x Smaller2 days ago
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Lime Scooters Will Now Shut Down If Driven over Pride Flag Crosswalk2 days ago
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Analyzing Binary Size Bloat in Tock2 days ago
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Adapt Your Coding Style to LLMs or Get Left Behind2 days ago
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Mitigate WebSockets DDoS Attacks with Cloudflare API2 days ago
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Show HN: ZkSafeZones – Civilian Protection in Conflict Areas2 days ago
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It's 2024. Elon Musk Rules X. and the Political World Is Still Addicted2 days ago
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The Next Generation of Developer-First Products2 days ago
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Top ATM Sales and Installation Companies2 days ago
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In-House Software Development vs. Outsourcing2 days ago
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Devin June '24 Product Update2 days ago
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Home-Cooked Software and Barefoot Developers2 days ago
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Summary of Situational Awareness – The Decade Ahead2 days ago
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San Vitale Challenge: Automatic Reconstruction of Ancient Glass Fragments2 days ago
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Forsp: A Forth+Lisp Hybrid Lambda Calculus Language2 days ago
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GPD WIN Mini – 7-inch gaming clamshell handheld (2024)2 days ago
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Node-oicd-provider wins the second BlueHats Prize2 days ago
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Tuxedo on ARM Is Coming2 days ago
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$80M for Pika2 days ago
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Sending Emails to my three-year-old2 days ago
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Tech Invariants2 days ago
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Plan Your VPC Usage2 days ago
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I Demoed Too Early2 days ago
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Dockcase Studio 8-in-1 Review: A Smart USB-C Hub2 days ago
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Computers Can't Do Math2 days ago
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Debugging a Memory Leak with FreeRTOS2 days ago
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Hailstorm causes major damage to nose, cockpit windows of Austrian Airlines plan2 days ago
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Water2 days ago
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Dg"s take on London High Roads2 days ago
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Why are birds falling out of trees in Fells Point?2 days ago
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Teamood Slack Application2 days ago
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Using an unsafe language is a design flaw2 days ago
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AirGradient Local Integration with Home Assistant2 days ago
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Affordable Cloud Hosting with Hetzner CX: Automating Deployments Using Kamal2 days ago
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Germany trials the four-day workweek: "Free time is invaluable"2 days ago
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WolfHSM – HSM library that uses wolfCrypt as it's fallback crypto2 days ago
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Show HN: MediaRecorder supported format in major browsers2 days ago
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Growing the Growth Coalition (2023)2 days ago
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Heard of the Transactional Outbox pattern but unsure of the problem it solves?2 days ago
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Model Denial of Service prevention for production LLM applications2 days ago
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Short Ruby News – edition 942 days ago
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How Many Western ICs Are There in Russia's Weapons?2 days ago
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Perl v5.40.0 is now available2 days ago
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Threat Protection: NordVPN's techniques for safe browsing2 days ago
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Commentary on the Sixth Edition Unix Operating System2 days ago
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When (if ever) did the Sun set on the British Empire?2 days ago
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I'm simplifying Figma design reviews2 days ago
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The Backbone of Cybersecurity: Hardware Security Modules2 days ago
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Three Questions to Help Triage Your Dashboards2 days ago
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Sid Meier's Civilization VII2 days ago
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Nominal and Structural Subtyping in Pony2 days ago
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