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Philosophy Portal Conference: Phenomenology of Spirit (2022)2 hours ago link50
New York Environmental Regulators Deny Greenidge’s Power Plant Permit3 hours ago linknobody9999
Reflecting on Two Years of Professorship4 hours ago linka123b456c
Squirrel Tales: Sightings from the 2018 Central Park Squirrel Census5 hours ago linkjstrieb
The Perils of Smashing the Past5 hours ago linkkawera
Watching an acquirer ruin your company5 hours ago linkkelsus
Managing Downturn – Teleport5 hours ago linkLeafyLi
Ground-Up AArch64 (2021)5 hours ago linkmmcloughlin
Darktable 4.0: 3763 Days Later6 hours ago linkdantondwa
Stack Overflow 2022 Developer Survey: Where Is the Industry Heading?6 hours ago linkemredu
Delta offered $10k to passengers in Grand Rapids to be bumped from flight6 hours ago linkavonmach
When Patents Attack 3D Printing: The HangPrinter Is in Peril7 hours ago linkderkster
Ethereum Energy Consumption7 hours ago linkpshc
A Non Fungible Future7 hours ago linkgenericlemon24
Shanghai Police leaking 20TB Chinese citizens data?8 hours ago linkfreewizard
VecTcLab: Emulate working with linalg packages like Matlab in a Tcl environment8 hours ago linkblacksqr
Can brain activity transmit transgenerationally?8 hours ago linkMAXPOOL
Why write about anything when there's smarter people than you?8 hours ago linkhugozap
The Windows Malloc() Implementation Is a Trash Fire9 hours ago linkblackhole
The Graphing Calculator Story9 hours ago linkngcc_hk
Memcpy implementation optimized as a call to memcpy9 hours ago linkgbrown_
Utah’s Great Salt Lake disappearing; could turn the region into toxic dust bowl9 hours ago linkalistairSH
3D-Printed Homes for Sale in Austin10 hours ago linkalexvomwald
Maximum Power in Nature10 hours ago linkPrettyPebble
Bureaucratic processes typically involve a person new to the process10 hours ago linkphysicsgraph
Ada/Spark Crate of the Year 2022 Contest10 hours ago linkpyjarrett
Incrementing a Name11 hours ago linksteveruizok
darktable 4.0.0 released11 hours ago linkaendruk
Software Engineering Salaries in the Netherlands and Europe11 hours ago linkemirb
Money over Passion?12 hours ago linkjdsjdsj
As Goes Florida12 hours ago linkseibelj
Beyond the False Bottom12 hours ago linkAkcium
Show HN: SpaceVim Release v2.0.023 hours ago linkwsdjeg
Offline PWAs: My Adventure Beyond the Basic12 hours ago linkjudah
Fund OSS through package managers13 hours ago linkdustinmoris
The Historic Significance of Tether’s $16B ‘Bank Run’13 hours ago linkchronomancy
A verified algorithm for finding the intersection point of two lists13 hours ago linkalex_muscar
I just got access to DALL·E 2 and here are my first few results13 hours ago linkjheitzeb
Notebook Dataflow Debugger (Ndd)13 hours ago linktlarkworthy
Visualizing Nelder-Mead Optimization13 hours ago linksicp-enjoyer
Choose Money First (2020)13 hours ago linkDecayingOrganic
Quest for Glory I – Macintosh Easter Egg14 hours ago linkpeterkelly
Using Graphs to Search for Code14 hours ago linkkallsyms
There are only two ways to make money: Bundling and Unbundling14 hours ago linkTizzler34
Computing on the Baire Space – my Sochi talk14 hours ago linkherodotus
Reverse Engineering How the WAF Industry Identifies Bots14 hours ago linkdgaffney
Lessons I learned from senior engineers15 hours ago link__warlord__
Prokaryote or eukaryote? A unique microorganism from the deep sea15 hours ago linksongeater
why I left Android Development after 10 years for Backend15 hours ago linkicemanx
Building a Terminal User Interface with Golang15 hours ago linkdisadvantage
Map Tunnelling Tool: Tunnel to the Other Side of the Earth15 hours ago linkdisadvantage
CRISPR cure for sickle cell nearly 100% effective after three years16 hours ago linkTuring_Machine
Why Your Next Home Computer Should Be an Old Xeon Workstation16 hours ago linkvmoore
Bitstamp starting to charge 10 euro “inactivity” fee16 hours ago linkimdsm
rsync, article 3: How does rsync work?16 hours ago linksecure
ROMA Linux laptop to feature quad-core RISC-V SoC, Web3, NFT, crypto, etc.16 hours ago linkwatchdogtimer
Robertson vs. Torx screw drives – fight (2021)16 hours ago linknkurz
Empires of Ideas16 hours ago linksieste
BlackRock and Housing: Setting the Record Straight16 hours ago linkanonu
Winding Down the VPS Showdown17 hours ago linkthew
Intelligent Life Can't Exist Anywhere Else (2020)17 hours ago linksmoyer
Alfred 5 – Whats New18 hours ago linkswah
The Developer Content Playbook That Fuels Twilio's PLG at Scale18 hours ago linkmakaimc
Texas plans electric charging stations every 50 miles on most interstates18 hours ago linkoogali
Twenty20 Is Shutting Down19 hours ago linknickcotter
The Boring Company opens first station in expanded Las Vegas tunnel system19 hours ago linkwjSgoWPm5bWAhXB
Scunthorpe Sans, A s*** font that f***ing censors bad language automatically19 hours ago linkWayToDoor
Mastodon Branding Update20 hours ago linkmerlinscholz
How the US Air Force Ditched the Average and Saved Lives20 hours ago linkelephant_burger
Goodbye, Feedly21 hours ago linkerikgahner
OracleLinux 9 Released22 hours ago linknix23
Show HN: What do avoided crossings sound like?22 hours ago linkdarthoctopus is now shutting down for planned maintenance database layer23 hours ago linkmot2ba
LeviPrint: Using Acoustic Levitation to Assemble Parts23 hours ago linklastdong
Show HN: I built a similar tweet finder23 hours ago linkleedj
Leading vs. Participating23 hours ago linktalonx
The Path of Monastic Code Machine23 hours ago linkmathgladiator
How to Change Browser URL in HTMX?1 days ago linkrajasimon
Wading into a Row1 days ago linkvenkatananth
Ideal governance (for companies, countries and more)1 days ago linkEgrodo
“Donut hole skipping” in Jetpack Compose1 days ago linkcuriousbob
Tailscale ate my network (and I love it)1 days ago linksmackeyacky
Show HN: WordleUnfolded – Daily Wordle answers without the nonsense1 days ago linkprincevegeta89
Why open source matters for developers1 days ago linkschranz
There could be 1.2B climate refugees by 20501 days ago linklmc
Plasmapheresis with albumin replacement and a decrease in biological age1 days ago link7R41N3R
Databases and Obergefell vs. Hodges1 days ago linkemmelaich
How to Eat and Exercise with Your Cycle1 days ago linktwathead
Beyond the Time1 days ago linkivanleoncz
US Space Force establishes new unit to track 'threats in orbit'1 days ago linktoastedwedge
Bronte Capital: The Wirecard Book1 days ago linkMaysonL
ROMA RISC-V Laptop mumble mumble NFT1 days ago linkdingosity
Common CyberPower UPS models are catching fire1 days ago linksmcleod
The IIS session manager backdoor1 days ago linkbasicplus2
Republicans working the refs, Gmail edition1 days ago linkjkubicek
M2 MacBook Pro Can Hit 108C at Full Throttle1 days ago link_hypx
Faster Routing for Flask1 days ago linknomdep
A simple color picker for web designers1 days ago linkCosmosSeb
Meta: We need 5x more GPUs to combat TikTok1 days ago linkarcanus
A Love Letter to Planetary1 days ago linkkenver
Optimistic Visions for the 2020s Involving the Earth, Space and Machine Learning1 days ago linknecrodome
How Airtable Approaches Growth Engineering1 days ago linkphilvb
Dream Factory by Greg Egan1 days ago linkokasaki
Protecting people’s privacy on health topics1 days ago linkthreadaway
Code generation interactive demo (Salesforce Codegen mono 2B)1 days ago linkphilipkiely
What we learned when we reverse-engineered libmagic and its DSL1 days ago linkwarp
Don't Lie to Me About Web 2.01 days ago linkuneekname
ParserComp,an is the annual text adventure competition for parser games is open1 days ago linkIceCreamJonsey
Cognitive Dissonance in the Medical Profession1 days ago linkSlowOnTheUptake
Personal MBA1 days ago linkactually_a_dog
Musings on Zero-Copy TCP1 days ago linkgbrown_
Test Driven Development with OpenGL1 days ago linkwedesoft
Ladder – Palo Alto, CA or Remote (US) – Onsite – Remote OK1 days ago linkslmnl
How Vintage TV Calibration Screens Inspired our New Brand1 days ago linkjenthoven
Partial data dumps using Postgres Row Level Security1 days ago linkkiwicopple
Fast SQL from Schemaless Ingestion1 days ago linkuvdn7
Fingerprint – Director of Web, Sr Back End Developer – Full Time – Remote1 days ago linkivanfjps
Wordalle – Guess the prompt used to generate a set of images from DalleMini1 days ago linkitaygabb
The pleasure of curating your own IDE1 days ago linkhugozap
Quantum games and interactive tools for quantum technologies education1 days ago linkstared
Authorizer at Fly.io1 days ago linkriipandi
What every Software Engineer should know about Log1 days ago linkrammy1234
Digital finance: agreement reached on European crypto-assets regulation (MiCA)1 days ago linkchemodax
The Track Record of Futurists Seems ... Fine1 days ago linkrufus_foreman
Interview with Gabriel Engel: Founder and CEO, Rocket.Chat1 days ago linklais-rocha
Audio Classification with Deep Learning1 days ago linkdkobran
My Reddit Post Got 540k views in 24 hours, what did I learn?1 days ago linkgaomengen
Why do we need to know about progress?1 days ago linkesposm03
Notes on Photon – Databricks' query engine over data lakes1 days ago linkuvdn7
All feature types in Machine learning1 days ago linkLexSiga
First Details on Paralyzed Robotaxi Fleet in San Francisco1 days ago linkanonymousab
Tirzepatide Once Weekly for the Treatment of Obesity1 days ago linkflobosg
Voyager to temporarily suspend trading, deposits, withdrawals, loyalty rewards1 days ago linkworstestes
Strawberry Pop-Tart Blow-Torches1 days ago linkshepherdjerred
Sam Bankman-Fried and the 1907 Knickerbocker Crisis1 days ago linknscalf
Show HN: Quickly see trending HN posts with this browser extension1 days ago linkorliesaurus
I can’t believe that I can prove that it can sort1 days ago linkJtsummers
Data Engineer's Spotify Playlist1 days ago linkswordsmith8
Artist Kenichi Kanazawa makes geometric designs using sound waves (2020)1 days ago linkhrl
Wonderland passes vote to invest $25M in Sifu Vision1 days ago linkanonymousab
Feature Stores vs. Data Warehouse1 days ago linkLexSiga
If I could change one thing about tech interviews1 days ago linkbhupesh
The weekly rituals you should master as a software project manager1 days ago linksciurus
A DNS name compression algorithm1 days ago linkfanf2
A Spark Join Operator for Point-in-Time Correct Joins1 days ago linkSirOibaf
ACM Drops Safari for Members1 days ago linkclumsysmurf
Postgres Locking: When is it Concerning?1 days ago linkbrettgo1
Apptron1 days ago linkjf
Make a water jet cutter from a cheap power washer1 days ago linkswayvil
Object Detection: Some Gory Details1 days ago linkaficionado
How C Programming Language Has Grown1 days ago linkd_silin
Pause for Thought: Money Without Value in a Rapidly Disintegrating World1 days ago linkxtian
Startups in 12 Months (Open Source Edition)1 days ago linkagraddy
Keys to Rational Enemy Design1 days ago linkharperlee
Show HN: Build the next great content app with Taddy’s API1 days ago linkdannylmathews
Will the recession help vacation rentals1 days ago linksanj
Public Network Time Security (NTS) Servers1 days ago linkbityard
mTCP 2022-07-01 (TCP/IP and programs for old DOS PCs) is available1 days ago linkmbbrutman
Xonotic 0.8.5 released (FOSS FPS) – new maps, sounds, gameplay, and much more1 days ago linkdfdashh
What if we used Jupyter as a SOAR?1 days ago linktzury
Federal, State and Private Electric Vehicles by State1 days ago linkelectricdriver
Restric'Tor – harden your windows installation (German)1 days ago linkBlackLotus89
OpenAI Codex code completion docs1 days ago linkdustingetz
Show HN: Startup School OS – Notion Operating System for Startup School (Free)1 days ago linkivanesro
Changing the World to Change Yourself1 days ago linkdshipper
Why This Crypto Crash Is Different1 days ago linkhudon
Design Lessons from Guitar Pedals1 days ago linkwilliamsmj
Clojure Sound 2 – A better piano1 days ago linkdragandj
L‎a‎u‎nc‎h ‎H‎N: FireJet – Export Designs from Figma to Code1 days ago linkPhilipWee
Low-Level/Atypical Technology Fundamentals1 days ago linkbelkarx
Shopify’s NFT plans aren’t slowing down for the crypto crash1 days ago linkvmoore
Keanu Reeves Brings His Good Vibes to the Metaverse1 days ago linkvmoore
Walk-Up Usable Codebases1 days ago linkaisrael
Cards Against Agility1 days ago linkskanderbm
Trends in GPU Price-Performance1 days ago linkHaukeHi
Generating graphs that look like stock charts1 days ago linksmitop
Pareto vs. Precision Problems1 days ago linkmartialg
Generate webpage summary images with DALL-E mini1 days ago linktxtai
Reading List: How to Think for Yourself1 days ago linkolvy0
Faster Routing for Flask and Quart1 days ago linkpgjones
Funding OSS maintainers like YouTube funds creators1 days ago linkdustinmoris
A brief history of data fetching1 days ago linkplondon514
How to Change Browser URL in HTMX?1 days ago linkrajasimon
50% of what you are taught is wrong1 days ago linkviginti_tres
Don't Put Yourself into a Box1 days ago linkjakobgreenfeld
Screencast: Getting Started with NATS1 days ago linkcodegangsta
Happy Bobby Bonilla Day1 days ago linkseandoe
Semi-automated offside technology to be used at FIFA World Cup 20221 days ago linkfree0ne
Discontinuation of QuickBooks in India1 days ago linkarunaugustine
Why I Created Nureply?1 days ago linkonurgenes
Cryptocurrency Exchange Gemini is laying off 10% of employees1 days ago linkdereg
Reasons to Switch to Android1 days ago linklawgimenez
Deepnote ClickHouse Integration1 days ago linktylerhannan
Gmail SMTP Settings (Updated Guide)1 days ago linkpenzes
If I cold emailed you, I apologize1 days ago linkloh
Bitstamp to charge inactivity fee starting August 11 days ago linkRedShift1
Toward Robust1 days ago linkvaland
How to SHORT the stock market by going LONG?1 days ago linkrubanp
SBF’s FTX Reportedly Set to Buy Crypto Lender BlockFi for Just $25M1 days ago linkmathattack
Loop in Terraform with for Each from JSON File1 days ago linkNic0
July First in Stamps: Leibniz, Congo Free State, Tour de France, Harriet Quimby1 days ago linkHNDen21
China says U.S. cyberweapon found in computer systems1 days ago linkshalmanese
No Refrigerant Left Behind1 days ago linkexp1orer
Are Product Managers the 'Bottled Water of Tech'?1 days ago linkrholmes84
A tree clock data structure for causal orderings in concurrent executions1 days ago linkpeanutcrisis
The European Internet Blockade of Russian Propagandist Media1 days ago linkcarschno
Building a static analysis program at Razorpay1 days ago linkjoj123
The Business Model of Scientific Journals1 days ago linksixtyfourbits
Visionary vs. Dreamer1 days ago linkartellectual
How to Use Nginx, LetsEncrypt and Certbot for Secure Access to MinIO1 days ago linkedogrider
Vinfast: Vietnamese EV Company Is Coming to America1 days ago linkkodercat
Gaming on a Virtual Machine: Your Guide to Improving Performance in Hyper-V1 days ago linkalextray
Keeping audio and visuals in sync with the Web Audio API1 days ago linkdonbrae
Meh Screen Obsessed Geeky Wreath1 days ago linkvikramgoyal
YouTube removes criticism of dangerous fractal wood burning, leaves lethal tips1 days ago linkPretzelFisch
Show HN: Typed GQL in Zeus 5.1.51 days ago linkaexol
Show HN: My Balance Box – A mood tracker that publicly shares how I feel, live1 days ago linkStevenWaterman
Waymo Is Suing the California DMV to Keep Its Crash Data Secret1 days ago linkjohndfsgdgdfg
Ukrainian people start new day at war1 days ago linksimne
Corporate Bond Market Distress Index (CMDI)1 days ago linkmonkeydust
‘Strong Opinions, Weakly Held’ Doesn't Work That Well1 days ago linkakshaybhalotia
My Balance Box1 days ago linkStevenWaterman
How to Create an Online Signature?1 days ago linksamkaron
Android Developers Win $90M Settlement over Google’s App Store Policies1 days ago linkbinkHN
macOS Monterey Dock Watches /Users/Shared/1 days ago linklapcat
Global nuclear power capacity must double by 2050 to ensure energy security1 days ago linkur-whale
Perseverance is great, but don’t forget to prepare1 days ago linkstanrivers
This YouTube video contains its own ID1 days ago linkvarun_ch
Bootstrap CSS is still the shit. But we can make it better1 days ago linkwesdoubleu
Tips to Increase Web Push Notifications Click Through Rate1 days ago linkRamyasai56
Intel SGX Deprecation Review1 days ago linkhardenedvault
Angular Tools to Build Creative Web Apps1 days ago linkMarryWalker
Turns out GCC has imperative argument handling1 days ago linkufo
Vue 2.7 (Naruto) Released1 days ago linkrk06
From 204 requests per second to 480 with a single configuration change1 days ago linkthat_guy_iain
GeoPub: A Multi-Model Database1 days ago linkzaik
The SessionManager IIS Backdoor1 days ago linkbasicplus2
Write Better Commits, Build Better Projects1 days ago linkmfontani
MaxCDN and SecureCDN Are Retiring1 days ago linkMalakun
Building a landing page? I found this article with some great tips and examples1 days ago linkkinoro
Inverse Mengele – A Thought Experiment1 days ago linkFtuuky
Show HN: Managing Code Snippets Using Logseq1 days ago linkgbro3n
Can Computers Be Mathematicians?1 days ago linkrfreytag
Open-Source Data Warehousing – Druid, Apache Airflow and Superset1 days ago linksspaeti
Wealth vs. Getting Wealthier1 days ago linkzuhayeer
How are PET plastic bottles made?1 days ago linkyugong12
Visualize team-code alignment – reverse engineering1 days ago linkCollent
Policy-as-code can simplify API security1 days ago linksaikatsg
Visualizing Algorithms by Mike Bostock1 days ago linkmrv_asura
Analyzing 31M Real-World Logins to Improve Risk-Based Authentication1 days ago linkldmail
Early Times (Multiplication)1 days ago linkbeardyw
ADHD is a Superpower: How to master it (Part 1)1 days ago linktoboler
Deathwatch1 days ago linktsujp
What Metric to Use When Benchmarking?1 days ago linkdannas
Nascar Problem1 days ago linkfomine3
SimulaVR: Taking Our Boards to a PCBA1 days ago linkstrobe999
Obscure Rust: reborrowing is a half-baked feature2 days ago linkasimpletune
Trimming to make the Microsoft Store faster and reduce its binary size2 days ago linkdelta_p_delta_x
Pain levels while recovering from an adult tonsillectomy2 days ago linkalexsanjoseph
Introduction to Decentralized Autonomous Organization Development2 days ago linkmarcoshira
How to Build a Clubhouse Clone App with Android and Zegocloud2 days ago linkDavidRelo
250k Inverse Scaling Prize, any hard to learn text data?2 days ago linklee101
FTX Future Fund June 2022 Update2 days ago linkleopold_a
The Original Hacker's Dictionary2 days ago linkmacote
Nintendo Zone on the 3DS in Action – Capsule Computers2 days ago linkantidepressants
Protopathy: A word that doesn't exist, but I believe it should2 days ago linkmikercampbell
Sock Nerdery2 days ago linkthcipriani
Introduction to Hacker News (“HN”)2 days ago linkNot_Oles
Server side redirection on HTMX application2 days ago linkrajasimon
Environmental sustainability of biofuels: a review (2020)2 days ago linkchicob
Massive Egg: On Magritte: A Life2 days ago linkpepys
Maybe Kafka Isn't Needed2 days ago linkjnash
Why Decouple Authorization?2 days ago linkEgeAytin
Ron Gilbert won’t share any more about new Monkey Island after fan complaints2 days ago linkacdanger
Pronunciation Guide for Unix2 days ago linkblondin
Yahoo Sports Reports: USC, UCLA Planning to Leave Pac-12 for Big Ten2 days ago linkbruceb
Visit Elizabeth City – Tourism for Elizabeth City, NC Travel Advisory Updates2 days ago linkefarring
Show HN: Layoff Support2 days ago linkjacob_rezi
WH Press corps demands end to Biden event restrictions2 days ago linkjaboutboul
The Graphing Calculator Story2 days ago linkcprecioso
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Recapping the First Six Months of 2022 in Space2 days ago linkaml183
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A Guide for Beginners into Medusa, the Open Source Ecommerce Platform2 days ago linkgkorland
HashiCorp Serf, an Introduction2 days ago linkverdverm
Rainbow Sort2 days ago linkbarnacled
Unity, Godot, and Right to Repair2 days ago linkpoga
How to write well for your audience, including specialists2 days ago linkhazelnut-tree
Logitech MX Products are incompatible with AirPods2 days ago linkfrankfrank13
English Town Is Letting the Sea Have Its Way2 days ago linklota-putty
Monkey Island Director Will No Longer Post About the Game Due to Online Abuse2 days ago linkLeoPanthera
No Bugs (2021)2 days ago linkjdlshore
Dating Other Task Managers2 days ago linklycopodiopsida
The Guide to Palm Payments2 days ago linkviniciosbarros
Enterprise and Programmatic SEO Checklist2 days ago linksampartland
California leaks personal data of concealed carry permit holders2 days ago linkmikehotel
TIL Aircraft navigation aids (NAVAIDs) have weird names2 days ago linkefitz
Deep Dive into the Linux Page Cache2 days ago linktta
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How to run Windows 11 Pro for free on any M1 or M2 Mac2 days ago linktheJoshMeister
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Indie online game is one of the purest examples of the FOSS ethos2 days ago linkvernon_thorpe
CloudFormation Is Dead, Long Live Terraform2 days ago linkhistorynops
NPM Registry is currently experiencing an outage2 days ago linkjonesnc
How to use grafana Mimir and MinIO for persistent metrics storage2 days ago linkmsarrel
Database Read Replicas vs. Database Edge Caching2 days ago link_ben_
I'm So Happy I Quit My Dream Job2 days ago linktheobr
Haaretz (“Israeli NYT”) Buys Hebrew Wordle2 days ago linkputtycat
Medical supplies to keep at home (for emergencies)2 days ago linkdennalp
Being an Open Company: Fourth Month Metrics2 days ago linkbaristaGeek
Jokowi says Putin agrees to sea route for Ukraine wheat exports2 days ago linkrawgabbit
Novi Is Shutting Down2 days ago linkshekhar101
Rebuttal to Phoronix Benchmarks about Fedora 37 Cflags/Cxxflags Change2 days ago linkruph123
Sea Corals Found to Be a Source of an Elusive “Anti-Cancer” Compound2 days ago linkpanabee
PEP 505 – None-aware operators2 days ago linkdaenz
Handling third-party provider outages2 days ago linksjwhitworth
It's Asteroid Day, an international asteroid-awareness event2 days ago linkdefective
Getting Started with Psi2 days ago linktta
The YC company that raised $160M within 6 months of launch2 days ago linkafridi
Which Programming Languages Use the Least Electricity?2 days ago linkverdagon
The disproportionate value of ‘weeds’ to pollinators and biodiversity2 days ago linkBreadmaker
Vim 9.0 Was Released2 days ago linkcraftuser
Zero-downtime schema migrations for Ruby on Rails2 days ago linkfabianlindfors
Polymath Engineer Weekly2 days ago linknotaspammer
Unscii – a bitmapped Unicode font for blocky graphics2 days ago linkgnoll_of_gozag
Text File Formats – ASCII Delimited Text – Not CSV or Tab Delimited Text2 days ago linkgbrown_
Lessons Learned in Life2 days ago linkHangroup123
(Demoscene) The 16-byte frontier: Extreme results from small programs2 days ago linkgnoll_of_gozag
Raw Memory Management Patterns in Nim2 days ago linkgenerichuman
T-Mobile Expands 5G Coverage to 80 Cities2 days ago linksoftwarebeware
Digital esthetics,environmental change and the subcultures of computer art(2021)2 days ago linkgnoll_of_gozag
Using Notion and Notaku as a GitBook Alternative2 days ago linkxmorse
Perception Sensor Datasheet Library2 days ago linkreteltech
Why Devs Can't Sell2 days ago linkzoozla
New Binary Ninja plugin for “faster” reverse engineering2 days ago linkelykdeer
Writing Coherently at Scale2 days ago linknivethan
Just define your SLOs: zero-conf incident intelligence2 days ago linkekiauhce
Work Up Your Courage for a Redo, and Other Actions for Allies2 days ago linkthrowaway-dos
Martingale Project Timing2 days ago linkcuruinor
Minerva: Solving Quantitative Reasoning Problems with Language Models2 days ago linkguyga
A Love Letter to Android2 days ago linkallegretti813
We’re (mostly) living better than our parents2 days ago linkscifibestfi
Podcast Interview: Dan Mantz CEO of Vex Robotics Competition2 days ago linkkscottz
The Right Way to Sauce Pasta (2021)2 days ago linkkqr
Why GEMM is at the heart of deep learning2 days ago linkbjourne
We need to talk about the next data build tool – Knit2 days ago linkjmou
A tale of two clocks – Scheduling Web Audio with precision2 days ago linklioeters
Simulation of Veritasium's solution to the impossible riddle2 days ago linkcodemaniac
Intel Processors over the Years2 days ago linkAlexDragusin
Soufflé • a Datalog Synthesis Tool for Static Analysis2 days ago linknickmain
Ansible Security Cloud: no open inbound SSH ports – NetFoundry2 days ago linkmikeVHDL
Wiping Traces: Best Open Source Tools for Deleting Metadata2 days ago linknxss
QBraid enables 6 quantum computers to be available on its platform2 days ago linkryoung98
Find programming work by increasing luck surface area2 days ago linkkjksf
Sharing Deep Learning Research Models with Lightning: Leveraging the Cloud2 days ago linkrasbt
Modern Cloud for Multiplayer Games2 days ago linkhpx7
Fun with DuckDB, Curl, and the Majestic Million2 days ago linkSoupy
Coinbase has been providing ICE with blockchain analytics tools2 days ago linktbakker
The Pkgsrc-2022Q2 Branch2 days ago linkjayp1418
Showcase of Neon Branching to Run Prisma Migrations on Postgres2 days ago linknikita
Retrospective on Developing Terrateam in a Monorepo2 days ago linklawnchair
Scan Viewer2 days ago linklongnguyen
WebExtension Support in Epiphany (Gnome's Webbrowser)2 days ago linkl72
Investigating man-db internals2 days ago linkfredrb
Linux: Optimize battery life and computer power with auto-cpufreq2 days ago linkauraham
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Recipes to Make Moons2 days ago linkuncertainquark
Guide for migrating a hefty, multi-service Django app2 days ago linkadorism
Paperclip Maximizer2 days ago linkmsaltz
Urbit’s App School starts a live cohort class in July 20222 days ago linkNealEDavis
The US company behind a volunteer crypto community in Venezuela2 days ago linkhobbesthompson
JuliaCon 2022 Keynotes Announced with Speakers Erin LeDell, Jeremy Howard, &2 days ago linklogankilpatrick
The Size of an Atom2 days ago linkcwillu
FiveThirtyEight 2022 Election Forecast2 days ago linkcmoog
The Antidote to Cryptophobia2 days ago linkroyosherove
ADHD is a Superpower: How to master it – Part 12 days ago linkM0th3i
Remote Working Mistakes That Increase the Cost in Your Business2 days ago linkjamesxaviers23
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Toolchains Adventures - Q2 20222 days ago linkfcambus
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Build a Highly Productive Work-from-Anywhere Dev Team2 days ago linkCollent
The extraordinary winners of the 2022 Lyttle Lytton contest2 days ago linkKlatchianMist
Authentication in Next with LoginRadius2 days ago linkvfkt
Correct Motivations to Think About Exercising2 days ago link__rito__
Learning NFT Provenance by Example: A Bored Ape Investigation2 days ago linkceejayoz
Why I’m Cryptophobic2 days ago linkluisha
The Magic of a Hacker News Pre-Mortem2 days ago linkoxplot
Scrum helps teams achieve better communication2 days ago linkmroche
Frame, Create, Deliver2 days ago linkArctictoast
Using Laravel Vite with Bootstrap and Sass2 days ago linkismaelmc
Why don't more people use throat mics?2 days ago linkhardwaresofton
Incentives2 days ago linksuketk
An indepth explanation of the Knuth-Morris-Pratt algorithm2 days ago linkpitayanblog1
Gbps Dedicated Servers Hosted in New York Data Centers2 days ago linkbusinessaddress
North Korea Most Likely Behind Crypto Heist2 days ago linkhands-gruber
Balance Scale Puzzles2 days ago linkliorben-david
Future Unicorn Rockets for Sale2 days ago linkupnick
The Climate Laboratory2 days ago linkprotontypes
Earth Engine for Governments and Businesses2 days ago linkismaelmc
What Metric to Use When Benchmarking?2 days ago linkfniephaus
OpenBSD has two new C compilers: chibicc and kefir2 days ago linkhucste
Does anyone need a BDR/SDR with Outbound capabilities for $1000~/month?2 days ago linkbeolowo
Does anyone need a BDR/SDR with Outbound capabilities for $1000~/month?2 days ago linkbeolowo
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