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The "Next Big Thing": 8 New Technologies That Will Change the World42 min ago
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Bring Thunderbird to iOS and Android48 min ago
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10 Years of Avalonia54 min ago
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QEMU Advent Calendar 202355 min ago
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Formalizing Polynomial Freiman-Ruzsa conjecture in Lean4 is complete58 min ago
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Advent of App 2023: Breathing Exercise for Swimmers1 hours ago
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So you want to build an ECS-backed GUI framework1 hours ago
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Mobilisation V4: The Maturity Stage1 hours ago
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EU Commission Approves Development of a Federated European Cloud Edge Continuum1 hours ago
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Improving Text Classification Resilience and Efficiency with RETVec1 hours ago
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I want to convince you to have an on-premise offering1 hours ago
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Behind the scenes of India's first driver focused ride hailing platform1 hours ago
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Sidewalk chalk and the power of low budget guerrilla marketing1 hours ago
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HierSpeech++: Hierarchical Variational Inference for Zero-Shot Speech Synthesis1 hours ago
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A primer on machine learning for fraud detection1 hours ago
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Show HN: Generate Memes Using GPT2 hours ago
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Every Tech Company Is a Payment Company2 hours ago
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Don Norman, Design for a Better World: Sustainability, Meaning, Humanity, Future2 hours ago
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Show HN: Figma to Lottie Animation via Lottielab2 hours ago
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NPS, the Good Parts2 hours ago
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A.C.T. Mantic Monday: Prediction markets on why Sam Altman was fired and more2 hours ago
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A new paradigm in privacy: The Fundamentals of Homomorphic Encryption2 hours ago
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Reminiscences from the End of the Horse Era in New York City2 hours ago
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Compile PHP from source: error: utf8_mime2text() has new signature2 hours ago
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How to give Windows Hello the finger and login as someone on their stolen laptop2 hours ago
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Strava Introduces Messaging Feature2 hours ago
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Windows users report appearance of unwanted HP app3 hours ago
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Representing Data Structures in a Graph Database3 hours ago
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3D-printed stereoscopic macro lens3 hours ago
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Researcher claims Harvard nixed social media research after getting Zuck buck3 hours ago
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Data Quality Issues and How to Solve Them3 hours ago
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San Francisco now at 35% office vacancy rate, highest ever recorded: data4 hours ago
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Tips for managing remote teams in startup environments4 hours ago
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Asking ChatGPT to Repeat Words 'Forever' Is Now a Terms of Service Violation4 hours ago
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Don't use apt-get source; use dgit4 hours ago
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Rockstar Officially Unveils GTA 6 Trailer5 hours ago
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Ketamine Promoted Breast Cancer Invasion and Metastasis5 hours ago
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Microsoft's Strategic Move: Integrating Sachin Dev Duggal's Natasha into Teams5 hours ago
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What is a static chain pointer in the context of calling convention ABI?5 hours ago
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Alternatives to Product Managers5 hours ago
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OpenBSD: Malloc(3) leak detection gains backtraces5 hours ago
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Life as a Terrorist – Uncovering my FBI file5 hours ago
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Quare FreeBSD?5 hours ago
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Jumblie Build Log6 hours ago
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I Fight for the Users6 hours ago
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The Best Startups Are Empathetic6 hours ago
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NexusRaven-V2: Surpassing GPT-4 for Zero-Shot Function Calling6 hours ago
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Back to the Story Spine6 hours ago
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In Praise of OCaml7 hours ago
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FCC Low-Power Radio, Time to Apply 1 Week Now!7 hours ago
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Mathematical Analysis of beautiful math games from Nick Berry8 hours ago
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Miso Fluent Postcard #6: First Snow, Leading Horse Out, Sound of Gate8 hours ago
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Cognitive Ability and Miscalibrated Financial Expectations9 hours ago
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Chrome.userScripts API requires developer mode9 hours ago
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The *COMPLETE* list of 27" 5K Displays? – MacRumors Forums13 hours ago
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ChatGPT will provide more detailed and accurate responses if you pretend to tip9 hours ago
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Colorized Math Equations9 hours ago
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I Hacked Magic the Gathering: Arena for a 100% Win Rate9 hours ago
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Ehtml Docs10 hours ago
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Show HN: Generate social media image captions using ChatGPT10 hours ago
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Does GLP-1 improve cardiovascular health independently of weight loss?10 hours ago
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Llamafile is the new best way to run a LLM on your own computer10 hours ago
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Universal AnglE Sentence Embedding: New SOTA on MTEB Leaderboard11 hours ago
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What I Learned at Venmo11 hours ago
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Coordinate Precision11 hours ago
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YouTuber Trevor Jacob Sentenced to 6 Months (for intentional aircraft crash)11 hours ago
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Mustard Watches: An Integrated Approach to Time and Food11 hours ago
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Building a text editor: The Gap Buffer11 hours ago
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Large Language Model Astrology12 hours ago
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The Asbestos Times12 hours ago
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Content-addressed URL of the hunter2 IRC transcript12 hours ago
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HN, I love ya but damn you toxic af12 hours ago
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Exposed Hugging Face API Tokens Offered Full Access to Meta's Llama 213 hours ago
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I'm Not Participating in This Year's Advent of Code for Good Reasons13 hours ago
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I Hate Work13 hours ago
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A Shipwreck in Rhode Island Appears to Be Captain Cook's Long-Lost Ship13 hours ago
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Dietary fiber intake and all-cause and cause-specific mortality13 hours ago
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Before you drop out of HS14 hours ago
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3rd round of Spotify layoffs this year14 hours ago
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RFC 9402: Concat Notation14 hours ago
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Show HN: MightyGrep14 hours ago
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A conversation about complexity lower bounds14 hours ago
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Mechanical keyboard RPi pico messanger device14 hours ago
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Five lessons from successful local news startups14 hours ago
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Two thoughts on blogging: thought archives, and bullets dodged14 hours ago
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Culture Is a Programming Language14 hours ago
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We Should Settle Mars – Robert Zubrin14 hours ago
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Custom Email Address with Cloudflare and Gmail15 hours ago
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When would you ever want Bubble Sort?15 hours ago
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Delta Lakes 101: how to organize Big Data in object storages15 hours ago
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Firing a cofounder who owns more equity that you15 hours ago
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Urgent Is Not the Way15 hours ago
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Some Thoughts on Lego Fortnite15 hours ago
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You're Not Imagining It: Cell Phone Reception Is Getting Worse15 hours ago
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What Is Pythonpath16 hours ago
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A Sneak Peek at Zorin OS 1716 hours ago
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Honey, I Shrunk the Telemetry16 hours ago
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The Little Planner Chapter 4: A Pushdown Party16 hours ago
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Why Infra Re-Orgs Fail: Lessons/Tradeoffs Learned from Interviews16 hours ago
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Monoliths Can Do Multicloud16 hours ago
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Why advertisers are excited about attention metrics16 hours ago
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Buying Eggs with Bitcoins (2022)16 hours ago
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Why Open Source for Product Development16 hours ago
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Mojo changelog: Traits have arrived!16 hours ago
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The Case of the Missing Vega AVUM Propellant Tanks17 hours ago
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Canary Releases with Apache Apisix17 hours ago
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Augmenting RAG with agents to get better code search performance17 hours ago
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Key Announcements from ModCon 202317 hours ago
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HTML Is Turing Complete?17 hours ago
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Thinking Back on 'Turbo Pascal' as It Turns 4018 hours ago
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We tried to tell you motherfuckers18 hours ago
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California's lithium reserves could power 375 million EV batteries18 hours ago
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SwiftUI for Jetpack Compose Developers18 hours ago
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Find Your Tribe18 hours ago
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Mojo Programming Language – v0.618 hours ago
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Short Ruby News – edition 7018 hours ago
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The Computer Scientist's Guide to Graph Theory, Episode 0018 hours ago
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Uniting Einstein's gravity with Quantum mechanics18 hours ago
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Essays from 12 authors covering the deep questions around decentralization18 hours ago
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Django 5.0 Released18 hours ago
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Oils Winter Status Update18 hours ago
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Adapters and Config: Multi-Database Support in Harlequin18 hours ago
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The Genocide of the Bamileke18 hours ago
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2023 Duolingo Language Report18 hours ago
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Polarizing Corporations: Does Talent Flow to "Good" Firms?19 hours ago
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Show HN: How to solve difficult bugs with Andres GPT?19 hours ago
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Forecasts need to have error bars19 hours ago
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A Decade of Have I Been Pwned19 hours ago
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YAMLScript Is a Lisp19 hours ago
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Switch off bad TV settings19 hours ago
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Tickets, Issues, Tasks19 hours ago
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JSON Language Translator19 hours ago
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Year associative remote viewing project19 hours ago
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Switchboard: An Open Source High-Performance Communication Platform by Zero ASIC19 hours ago
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Indian battery recycling companies in Africa making people sick19 hours ago
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Enabling environments arise from projects with meaningful purposes19 hours ago
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Spliit – Free alternative to Splitwise, minimalist, no ads, no account19 hours ago
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There Are a Lot of Ways to Hide Stuff in the Browser20 hours ago
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Acceleration Robotics Launches Robotcore ROS 2 Hardware – The Robot Report20 hours ago
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How Often Should We Sharpen Our Tools?20 hours ago
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All your snapshots, at your fingertips, enables NILFS2-inspired ZFS snapshots20 hours ago
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Safely executing LLM-generated SQL20 hours ago
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Time for GitOps to Come to APIs20 hours ago
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A new accessibility architecture for modern free desktops20 hours ago
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Using Tailscale Custom OIDC with Authelia and Carpal20 hours ago
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Shared wildcard certificate in EV chargers20 hours ago
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A Look Back on 7 Years of Automating Stuff20 hours ago
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Ruby 3.3 resolves the Range#size bug for rational endpoints20 hours ago
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The guide to the cost of living in Berlin20 hours ago
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CyberNews GPT20 hours ago
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A Settings Garbage Collector in 2 Shell Scripts21 hours ago
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Do the Hard Part First21 hours ago
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A real case of Bobby Tables?21 hours ago
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Interview Process Is Too Damn Long (and How to Fix It)21 hours ago
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InfluxDB /delete endpoint is disabled on InfluxDB cloud21 hours ago
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Colonizing Mars isn't a rocket problem21 hours ago
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3/4th of F-Droid Community Council members resigned21 hours ago
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One Reason Why American Health Care Is Expensive21 hours ago
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Rich Text revelations: Astro's Storyblok showcase21 hours ago
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$440B Market Opportunity21 hours ago
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Ferrari Daytona SP3: The Most powerful Engine Ferrari's ever put on a road car21 hours ago
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GPTs: Good Strategy/Bad Strategy21 hours ago
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Whohas – software package and repository meta-search21 hours ago
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An interactive game to test Technical Analysis skills in the Stock Market22 hours ago
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Django 5.0 Is Released22 hours ago
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Branchless Lomuto Partitioning22 hours ago
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Show HN: PromptForge – Prompt Manager Inside ChatGPT, Bard and Claude22 hours ago
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Show HN: Home Loan Affordability Caclulator22 hours ago
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The Android Automotive Developer Kit22 hours ago
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Poland's Most Famous Dish: Pierogi22 hours ago
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Simple Mobile Tools was sold to a shady app company23 hours ago
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UK House Price to income ratio and affordability23 hours ago
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DevOps is seeking part-time projects (~20 hours/week)23 hours ago
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noyb sues CRIF and AZ Direct for illegal and secret data processing23 hours ago
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construct0's quest: Balancing open-source passion and realities1 days ago
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$12k a Month from Learning to Code1 days ago
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Symbian, the Secret History: Dark Star1 days ago
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How to Test-Drive an AGI1 days ago
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Whisper-Zero, new ASR model designed to mitigate Whisper hallucinations1 days ago
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Elixir proposal: local accumulators for cleaner comprehensions1 days ago
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Recursive ZkSNARKs: A Practical Deep Dive Without Maths1 days ago
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Microsoft Cybersecurity Reference Architectures1 days ago
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Exploring possibilities surrounding Rubber duck debugging1 days ago
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Things You Don't See as Much of Anymore1 days ago
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Research shows that gaming can help with anxiety1 days ago
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How to grow from senior to a lead role1 days ago
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Spotify to cut 17% of staff in cost-cutting measure1 days ago
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Understanding Keyboard Events Better1 days ago
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Building a Access Point from Scratch1 days ago
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Migrating a single node k3s cluster (2023)1 days ago
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The link between intrusive sleep and ADHD1 days ago
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Staring Down Death1 days ago
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A Decade of Have I Been Pwned1 days ago
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Most people don't realize how much progress we've made on climate change1 days ago
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Squeeze the hell out of the system you have1 days ago
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Spotify will reduce total headcount by 17% across the company1 days ago
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OpenAI Assistant Use Case: Proofreading Bot in Slack1 days ago
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Foxconn's Struggle to Make iPhones in India1 days ago
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De Programmatica Ipsum on Software in Space1 days ago
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Thirteen tools to build your MVP and validate your idea FAST1 days ago
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Huawei S5735-L48P4XE-a-V2 Switch1 days ago
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The Ad-Block List1 days ago
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Back to the Future: The Return of the Ultraliberal Right in Argentina1 days ago
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Simplifying Complexity: The Journey from WebSockets to HTTP Streams1 days ago
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Microsoft Wants Game Pass on Playstation, Nintendo, and "Every Screen" Possible1 days ago
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New ways to find just what you need on Search1 days ago
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Big Changes Coming to WooCommerce Editor and More1 days ago
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Protect Your ECommerce Site Against Web Skimming1 days ago
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Speculative Sampling on LLM1 days ago
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When Does US Federal Debt Reach an Unsustainable Level?1 days ago
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How to Stay Positive Amid the Chaos and Dysfunction of the Tech Industry1 days ago
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Stripe Press has the full, unformatted text of Poor Charlie's Almanack online1 days ago
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Laptops Powered by AA Batteries1 days ago
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LIV Golf vs. PGA Tour Earnings1 days ago
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Where Do Non-Primitive Recursive Functions Come Up Naturally?1 days ago
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Making Peace with Simpson's Paradox1 days ago
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Is Posix Unsuitable for Object Stores? A Data-Backed Answer1 days ago
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Should children clean their own schools? Japan thinks so1 days ago
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Cracking Playfair Ciphers1 days ago
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A case for moving away from the cloud and embracing local storage solutions1 days ago
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Allianz suing Revolut after alleged contract breach1 days ago
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Advent of Code Visualization 20231 days ago
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Strange Case of Antarctica's Red and Green Snow1 days ago
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Red Lobster's Endless Shrimp Deal Was Too Popular, Company Says1 days ago
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Urbit: Wth Is It?1 days ago
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37signals Once Product Announcement1 days ago
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The History of the PDF [pdf]1 days ago
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30 years after its first repair mission, Hubble continues to observe the cosmos1 days ago
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Straightforward list of protocols offering airdrops1 days ago
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A Conversation: With Mary Rose Cook1 days ago
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Nominatim1 days ago
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The Fediverse is an opportunity learned societies can't ignore1 days ago
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Technical Debt Is Not Debt; It's Not Even Technical1 days ago
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EA's Patent Pledge for Increasing Accessibility1 days ago
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I had to patch the Universal CRT (2021)1 days ago
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'The invisible megaphone' of mainstream TV1 days ago
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ChatGPT on web uses 100% CPU1 days ago
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That's the Wrong Question: Choreography or Orchestration?1 days ago
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Show HN: HNSW-Based Search, in the Browser1 days ago
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The Placeholder Girlfriend1 days ago
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AES Rijndael Cipher encryption visualization1 days ago
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Sleep Advice – According to Science1 days ago
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Unique solutions for unique problems: 3D printing at home1 days ago
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On leverage1 days ago
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The quest for a $500/month side project: First paying customer1 days ago
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Neuron Hacking – Finetuning LLMs to act as key-value stores1 days ago
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Own Your MX Record1 days ago
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Y Combinator's Future in the Software Slowdown1 days ago
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The Purpose of the Frit (Black Band) and Spots on Windshield1 days ago
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You're Not Imagining It: Cell Phone Reception Is Getting Worse1 days ago
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Pantheon (TV series about uploaded intelligence)1 days ago
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Album about iOS/macOS engineering1 days ago
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Harnessing the Therapeutic Potential of Muscimol1 days ago
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RisingTone: A better way to learn Chinese tones1 days ago
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Large Text Compression Benchmark (2023)1 days ago
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On Pivoting1 days ago
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QuickNode Marketplace – RPC Load Balancer Now Supports Avalanche1 days ago
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Chasquid – SMTP server focused on simplicity1 days ago
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Polishing Forks1 days ago
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Scrapscript: Content-Addressable Chunks of Code1 days ago
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Pi Clusters Aren't Dumb1 days ago
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DIY Home EV Charger1 days ago
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Big Tech Is Exploiting the Mental Health Crisis to Monetize Your Data1 days ago
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Building ADME benchmark datasets that drive impact1 days ago
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Efficient Nix Derivations with File Sets1 days ago
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VueScan Supporter Program1 days ago
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Show HN: Audio plugin for circuit-bent MP3 compression sounds1 days ago
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Simplifying Complexity: The Journey from WebSockets to HTTP Streams1 days ago
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Mass Archive a List of URLs to the Internet Archive1 days ago
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A 'goon squad' of deputies got away with years of brutality1 days ago
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ScreamingFist: A JIT Framework for GNU Guile1 days ago
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Look mom I built a computer1 days ago
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Wayland Isn't Going to Save the Linux Desktop1 days ago
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All the hominins made tools1 days ago
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Summary: On Mental Toughness by Harvard Business Review1 days ago
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Pre iPhone 20031 days ago
hn link clauer2024
Building your own bookmark launcher1 days ago
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Xmas light energy consumption costs1 days ago
hn link DamonHD
Show HN: Letter to a Young Artist1 days ago
hn link neontomo
Show HN: I built TodoApp with just `const` variables1 days ago
hn link sandeshnaroju
Photographer Made a Working Instant Film Camera Out of Gingerbread1 days ago
hn link tjwds
A Deep Dive into Jscrambler's Obfuscation – Part 1: Opaque Predicates1 days ago
hn link sveba
Interactive map of underwater wrecks in Corsica, France1 days ago
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Install Debion on Android from Scratch. No Termux/Linux Deploy. No Black Box1 days ago
hn link peiyuanix
The worst thing about Jenkins is that it works1 days ago
hn link prabhatsharma
The unreasonable UX of email verification1 days ago
hn link sph
Controlling the speed and trajectory of evolution with counterdiabatic driving1 days ago
hn link ttyprintk
Show HN: A template for Markdown-based sites (no static site generator required)1 days ago
hn link Skywalken
GM-NAA I/O and SHARE1 days ago
hn link BirAdam
A guide to home row mods1 days ago
hn link wtrm
OSHW Ethernet Switch by High School Robotics Team1 days ago
hn link Hello9999901
Recording and generating animated screencasts within the browser1 days ago
hn link vegetableman
Is technology harming our brains?1 days ago
hn link wmlive
Cost of Delay1 days ago
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How peak compute looked in the 1960s: NXP PMBT2369 supercomputer dieshot1 days ago
hn link curiousObject
Now I Can Just Print That Video1 days ago
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Join the upcoming ZKP Ceremony1 days ago
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Library of Short Stories – An online library of public domain short stories2 days ago
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I Started with Nix, NixOS, Home Manager and Flakes2 days ago
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The moral injury of having your work enshittified2 days ago
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On-Chain Gaming: Can Smart Wallet-as-a-Service Tools Be Used for Gaming2 days ago
hn link srbhr
Concurrent Pascal and SuperPascal programming languages, and more2 days ago
hn link Rochus
Amanita Muscaria vs. Psychedelic Mushrooms (Psilocybin): What's the Difference?2 days ago
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Subdirectory-scoped aliases with `Git –local`2 days ago
hn link hiAndrewQuinn
Run Deepsek Coder LLM Locally2 days ago
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Show HN: Find travel destinations based on your preferences and budget2 days ago
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George Wald: The Origin of Death (1970)2 days ago
hn link neovialogistics
Are You Ok?2 days ago
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Securing our home labs: Home Assistant code review2 days ago
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Facts and general information relating to pneumatic despatch tubes (1897)2 days ago
hn link danidiaz
Comment Anchors2 days ago
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Benchmarking Cloudflare KV vs. Upstash Redis2 days ago
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Ursula von der Leyen's Pfizergate court cases2 days ago
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LLM as a Function2 days ago
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Lottery winners are more satisfied with life, even 20 years down the road2 days ago
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Side by Side Image Generator2 days ago
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Understanding the Fashion-Mnist IDX Format2 days ago
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Using CSS for a more personal web experience2 days ago
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Decoding the Gun-Wielding Angels of Bolivia2 days ago
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The Fork Bomb: What it is, how it works, and where it originated2 days ago
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ChatGPT Plays GeoGuess2 days ago
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LLM Visualization2 days ago
hn link plibither8
A Personal History of APL (1982)2 days ago
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Humans Are the Sex Organs of Technology2 days ago
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Show HN: Dodo, The chilled way to handle your TODOs2 days ago
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Why we're not raising funds?2 days ago
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Britain must end its illegal occupation of the Chagos Islands2 days ago
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The Analog Computer for the Nike Missile System2 days ago
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Cancer Eradicating Cocktail, Rolls-Royce Nopes Electric Jet, Spotify 0% Android2 days ago
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2D Isometric Shadows in Godot 42 days ago
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One App to Rule Them All: Coming Soon to Russia's Internet2 days ago
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"Sailor's Eyeball" Blob Is One of the Largest Single-Celled Organisms on Earth2 days ago
hn link kordlessagain
LUKS container creation without device mapper or loop device access2 days ago
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BMW recalls SUVs after Takata air bag inflator blows apart2 days ago
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How long does the heuristic cache of the browser cache?2 days ago
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'Diamond-age' of power generation as nuclear batteries developed2 days ago
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Qobuz – Unlimited streaming and Hi-Res download store2 days ago
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Clang now makes binaries an original Pi B+ can't run2 days ago
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ActualBudget Released Version 23.12.02 days ago
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Poland Vying to Be Europe's Next Tech Powerhouse2 days ago
hn link danielam
Artificially Selecting for Intelligence in Dogs to Produce Human-Level IQ2 days ago
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Japanese-Style Employment as the Fruit of Democratization2 days ago
hn link kizunajp
Email Variables of the Modern Age2 days ago
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You are not a real engineer2 days ago
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GTA 6 TikTok leak "has come from the son of a Rockstar Games employee"2 days ago
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Joan Didion on Grief2 days ago
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Lilac Chaser2 days ago
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Researchers Devised an Attack Technique to Extract ChatGPT Training Data2 days ago
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Permanent and verifiable mirror of the hunter2 IRC transcript2 days ago
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RISC-V Ox64 BL808 SBC: UART Interrupt and Platform-Level Interrupt Controller2 days ago
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Hackropole: Large Archive of CTF Challenges2 days ago
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EA open sources Mirror's Edge and EA Sports FC accessibility tech2 days ago
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Local LLMs as Browser Sidekicks2 days ago
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Filmic's Entire Staff Laid Off by Parent Company Bending Spoons2 days ago
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The Great Product Engineering Cycle2 days ago
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Things Every Hacker Once Knew2 days ago
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Pipeworld: Spreadsheet Dataflow Computing (2021)2 days ago
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Neubrutalism in Web Design2 days ago
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Do Black Holes Have Singularities?2 days ago
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Porting Hare to OpenBSD2 days ago
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Reaction, in Replacement of Fail2ban2 days ago
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What Drives This Madness on Small Modular Nuclear Reactors?2 days ago
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UAW Launches Largest Organizing Drive in Modern American History2 days ago
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Autodesk continues to enshittify Fusion 3602 days ago
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Show HN: DN42 – a free, BGP-routed VPN2 days ago
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Help a Self-Taught Developer Launch a Dream2 days ago
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Intel's power play: Hands-on with ATX12VO (2020)2 days ago
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The City of the Future Looks Like a Former Military Bunker in Taipei2 days ago
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GM Shaders Mini: OkLab – A more natural way to blend colors2 days ago
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How close are we to storing data in DNA?2 days ago
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How to Send Money to Ghana from the US with Cash App2 days ago
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Googlers cracked an SF rival's tech model with a single word2 days ago
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Show HN: Open-Source Advent of Code2 days ago
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Self-hosted Single Sign On (2022)2 days ago
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RAG vs. Finetuning or Both2 days ago
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EmacsConf 2023 is happening now2 days ago
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4.2 Gigabytes, Or: How to Draw Anything2 days ago
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Climate Inequality Report 20232 days ago
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Portland Tree Viewer2 days ago
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Show HN: Santa's Not So Silent Night – A GPT Adventure2 days ago
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Taipei, Taiwan2 days ago
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You Only Need to Test with 5 Users2 days ago
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Show HN: Highest Paid <React> Jobs2 days ago
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British Library Hit by Ransomware2 days ago
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For sixth year, Pentagon fails to account for over $3T2 days ago
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UTF-8 turned 20 years old (in 2012)2 days ago
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Hyper-Empathy Disorder Test2 days ago
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LLMs and the Extended Mind Thesis2 days ago
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You can't divide by zero – Garrit's Notes2 days ago
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The Huberman Husbands and Their Long-Suffering Wives2 days ago
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Ppom/reaction: Scan logs and take action, ala fail2ban2 days ago
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IPv6 Certification [Hurricane Electric IPv6] [Free]2 days ago
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Tiny Volumetric Display2 days ago
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Trippy Videos on the Internet2 days ago
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Nerd Snipe: Small Integer Parsing2 days ago
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Monocypher 4: The Clean Break3 days ago
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A Cloud Native Primer3 days ago
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Understanding the Rails Router: Why, What, and How3 days ago
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Demolition Britain – where new-build schools are too dangerous for pupils3 days ago
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No Iterations – what makes Lisp different3 days ago
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Bridging the Expertise Gap in B2B Tech Sales3 days ago
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Example Interactive web component made with JSON data3 days ago
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Uniwheel3 days ago
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Designing a Distributed SQL Engine: Challenges and Decisions3 days ago
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Advent of Code 2023 Day 2: Cube Conundrum3 days ago
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OpenZFS data corruption bug patched on FreeBSD3 days ago
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"Smartifying" my Hi-Fi system3 days ago
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Calling 'Fake' on the iPhone Computational Photography Glitch3 days ago
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NASA researchers get permission to apply for China's moon samples3 days ago
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Spotify Is Being Pushed Out of Uruguay3 days ago
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Emacsconf 20233 days ago
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Modern XMPP Server3 days ago
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MicroMac Technology's Home Page for Macintosh Upgrades and Accelerators (2000)3 days ago
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The Evolution of Intelligence Itself3 days ago
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The Goal Is Ethnic Cleansing, Not Defeating Hamas3 days ago
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Agile as Trauma3 days ago
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Whose Domain Is It?3 days ago
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A Language Agent for Autonomous Driving3 days ago
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The End of Elon Musk3 days ago
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Job Post Anti-Patterns3 days ago
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An Ode to Crackpots3 days ago
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Thief: The Black Parade, an Unofficial Expansion for Thief Gold3 days ago
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The Future of Man3 days ago
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Emulating Shell Worksheets in Vim3 days ago
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RFC processes are a poor fit for most organizations3 days ago
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Why Are There Still So Many Jobs? The History and Future of Workplace Automation3 days ago
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First Road in the U.S. That Charges Your EV While You Drive Opens in Detroit3 days ago
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Jellyfin and Metadata Privacy (2021)3 days ago
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Reflection on my first 4 months at Linear3 days ago
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300-year-old Tokyo comb company sells 30k-yen ($200) wooden hair combs3 days ago
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From GPT-2 to GPT-4: How LLMs understand different occupations over time3 days ago
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I worked as a Fiverr freelancer for a week and made $503 days ago
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Deep Dive into the Vision Transformers Paper (ViT)3 days ago
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A medieval Gothic monastery built using CAD / CAM3 days ago
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Do Black Holes Have Singularities? (Preprint, PDF)3 days ago
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Israeli's are beginning to see Palestine as integral to the future of Israel3 days ago
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Datasette Enrichments: a new plugin framework for augmenting your data3 days ago
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My first microservice app – great mentorship, companionship, and experience3 days ago
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Tech-Enabled Companies Shaping the Future3 days ago
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'Walk on water' or return to the office, Broadcom CEO says amid layoffs3 days ago
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Co-founder GPT – Evaluate compatibility with potential co-founders3 days ago
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Why Type Safety Is Important3 days ago
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Open-Source Chrome Extension to Hide DLCs on Steam's Website3 days ago
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Playstation removing previously purchased Discovery content3 days ago
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Humane Technology3 days ago
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Illustrated Guide to Postgres Things at Pass Data Summit3 days ago
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The LAST Programming Language3 days ago
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Fireside Chat with Jeremy Howard: Making Large Language Models Uncool Again3 days ago
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What Is RAG? (With Examples)3 days ago
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Factorio Friday Facts #387 – Swimming in lava3 days ago
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The joys of self-hosting and tiny side-projects3 days ago
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Notus-7B: New OSS LLM Outshines Zephyr and Claude 2 with a Data-First Approach3 days ago
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Implementing a Lock-Free Snowflake ID Generator3 days ago
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Who is responsible for grade inflation at Yale?3 days ago
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Recognizing string prefixes with SIMD instructions3 days ago
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Version SAT3 days ago
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The Last Psychiatrist on Narcissism3 days ago
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Richard Stallman Loves Eugenics3 days ago
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Insight acquires SADA, GCP 6x partner of the year3 days ago
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People are realizing that the Arsenal of Democracy is gone3 days ago
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Income by Zip, Population by City, Home Ownership Stats – ACS Data from Cybersyn3 days ago
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An algorithm to detect hosting providers and their IP ranges3 days ago
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Solving Advent of Code with Kreya3 days ago
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A Decade of Developing a Programming Language: A Response Response3 days ago
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George Santos' Expulsion from Congress Was Our Fault and We Regret It3 days ago
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Druid Deprecation and ClickHouse Adoption at Lyft3 days ago
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Great Talks Most People Have Never Heard3 days ago
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Doing It All3 days ago
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Advocating a better Kernel Integration for all3 days ago
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Mobile Phone Museum3 days ago
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How China is tearing down Islam – FT3 days ago
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A response to 'A decade of developing a programming language'3 days ago
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Show HN: Trending podcast topics from the past week – Siev3 days ago
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Stop the pile on pylons, they're works of art3 days ago
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The magical rat-hole miners who pulled off the rescue3 days ago
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The Rails Executor: increasingly everywhere3 days ago
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Show HN: I scraped all MAAMA open positions and made them searchable/filterable3 days ago
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Wordfence is paying up to $10k for WordPress vulnerabilities3 days ago
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Should you split that file?3 days ago
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Layers to Unlocking Team Trust: A Leader's Guide3 days ago
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Yes, I said running high, not runner's high3 days ago
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The Hare programming language now supports OpenBSD3 days ago
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Swearing is cruise control for cool, shithead3 days ago
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Private Microblogging3 days ago
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Show HN: I made feature-rich and free VS Code extension to use GPT-3/4 (PaLM2)3 days ago
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TOML Test Matrix3 days ago
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Physicist shatters record for running across the US3 days ago
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Experimenting with LLM-Based Chunk Enhancement for Better RAG Results3 days ago
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Show HN: Financial Modeling Package for Startups3 days ago
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YAMLScript Advent 20233 days ago
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To work quickly, I need information that is correct3 days ago
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I Fight for the Users3 days ago
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Travel Climate Guru GPT3 days ago
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'A mass assassination factory': Inside Israel's calculated bombing of Gaza3 days ago
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Ego-Exo4D: A dataset for video learning and multimodal perception3 days ago
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Backblaze Hard Drive Lifetime Annualized 2013-20233 days ago
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Ideas Change History – Interview with Steven Pinker3 days ago
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Remote collaboration fuses fewer breakthrough ideas? Probably not3 days ago
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Using Polars in a Pandas World3 days ago
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Show HN: Plumber's Delight – A short fan-made Nintendo newsletter3 days ago
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