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Parallelizing neural networks on one GPU with JAX14 min ago linkwillwhitney
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Nat Slipstreaming v2.0 (Jan 26 update)1 hours ago linkbhauer
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Need assistance for son who is in prison. His interest is scattering theory1 hours ago linkjonsen
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sudo buffer overflow in command line unescaping “Baron Samedit”1 hours ago linkwilllll
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Second generation antibody protects from SARS-CoV-22 hours ago linkSamLeBarbare
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Rivian moving operations to California (June 2020)2 hours ago linkdmode
Baron Samedit: Heap-based buffer overflow in Sudo (CVE-2021-3156)2 hours ago linkjwilk
Concurrent Programming and Trio2 hours ago linkchsasank
IMSE2 hours ago
imse.comhn linkOmolotiwa
A survey of decentralized protocols for identity and social media2 hours ago linkschmudde
Vectorized Cloud: The Intelligent Data API2 hours ago linkPeterCorless
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Heap-based buffer overflow in Sudo (CVE-2021-3156)2 hours ago linkptype
Nat Slipstreaming v2: New Variant Can Expose All LAN Devices to the Internet2 hours ago linkkeyme
Ray Ozzie’s Notecard is an IoT data pump with a JSON API and free cellular2 hours ago linkbrandonsatrom
VR Design App ‘Gravity Sketch’ is Now Free for Individual Users2 hours ago link_pius
Plex Arcade2 hours ago linkcift
Claude Shannon Demonstrates Machine Learning (1952)3 hours ago linkjchallis
Show HN: – Remove Background from Images3 hours ago
removebackground.apphn linknadermx
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We can remain retarded for longer than they can stay solvent3 hours ago linkhirundo
What’s in startup Philly Fighting Covid’s privacy policy?3 hours ago linkelliekelly
Growth Hacks for Founders3 hours ago linkmgdo
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Scholarly Communication Technology Catalogue3 hours ago
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Every: A Writer Collective3 hours ago linkcjlm
Show HN: Opal – A Digital Wellbeing Assistant for iOS3 hours ago
opal.sohn linkshanbhag
Everyone Should Build Their Own PC and Stop Using Macs3 hours ago linkjacksonkmarley
Monorepo vs. Polyrepo3 hours ago linkvladaionescu
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What It Feels Like to Fly an A-10 Warthog4 hours ago linkrfreytag
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Node.js – v15.7.04 hours ago linkbricss
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Code of Ethics - American Library Association4 hours ago linkprezjordan
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Windows admin still can't elevate during remote support because of blocking UAC4 hours ago linkTwisell
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Mitigating the $I30:$Bitmap NTFS Bug4 hours ago linkComodoHacker
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7d2d.nethn linksupercraft
Product Management in SaaS B2B Enterprise Is Easy4 hours ago linkpolote
A Token Doesn't Make You Decentralized, So What Does?4 hours ago linkbwest87
Old Operating Theatre Museum and Herb Garret in London4 hours ago linkmpsq
Show HN: a small in-browser bcrypt utility4 hours ago
bcrypt.ninjahn linknkcmr
Chamath Palihapitiya Running for CA Governor4 hours ago linkBryanBeshore
The fabrication of trust in various types of dollars4 hours ago linkrwmj
European Commission fines Valve and 5 publishers 8M€ for geo-blocking practices5 hours ago linkobl
Ideal Days vs. Story Points: Which Is Better and Why?5 hours ago linkKaiserSanchez
Formlabs Launches Fuse 15 hours ago linkkensai
Rapid Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Development with ObservableHQ5 hours ago linktlarkworthy
Ad Infinitum- overcoming your fear of the infinite5 hours ago linkherodotus
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The World of Pricing: Uber, Trulia, Etsy, Superhuman and More5 hours ago linkdomrdy
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RudderStack Warehouse Action Unlocks Data in Your Warehouse5 hours ago linksoumyadeb
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Open-Source Rust: 24 Frameworks, Projects, and Libraries5 hours ago linkentershikari
Smarter Crypto Investments5 hours ago linkjakeadler
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Migrating to Webflow and testing Fuzzy Wuzzy in my bootstrapped six-figure biz5 hours ago linkcowllin
SQ, Sequoia PGP's CLI, Released6 hours ago linkurza
Beyond Identity Offers Free Version of Its Passwordless Technology6 hours ago linkdpelevator
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Randomness Recommendations for Security (1994)6 hours ago linkrdpintqogeogsaa
Build a Shitty Product6 hours ago linkongwu
Understanding False Positive Rate6 hours ago linktantaman
Going Remote for Life6 hours ago linkimankulov
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Professional Food Supplement6 hours ago linkamalalsahar
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What I’ve Learned Going from Startups to a Fortune 500 Company6 hours ago linknealrs
Cycling Board Games – A website for those who play bicycle races on a board6 hours ago linkrevolucien
What I lost hiking the Appalachian Trail6 hours ago linkJimmc414
Revue Is Joining Twitter6 hours ago linkjrnkntl
“I was targeted by North Korean 0-day hackers using a Visual Studio project”6 hours ago linkzinekeller
Hillshades of Japanese Volcanoes in WebGL7 hours ago linkpheelicks
Twitter permanently bans My Pillow CEO7 hours ago linkthreatofrain
Zoh-no Zogo: Manufacturing pineapples (and cash) with Burp Suite7 hours ago linkjonluca
Why Apps for Bikes and Micro-Mobility Are Shaping the Future of Fitness7 hours ago linkomgbobbyg
Twitter 'Industry' Bullshit7 hours ago linkMalfunction92
Users vs. People7 hours ago linkjamessun
Sockets, Cores, and Threads, oh my7 hours ago linkakbarnama
Mass Broadcasting Made Easy with Ant Media WebRTC Solution – 70K Unlocked7 hours ago linkselim17
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What to Learn Before Your Junior Software Engineer Coding Interview8 hours ago linkmihaella_popa
Front-End Development Roadmap for 20218 hours ago linkmihaella_popa
Postgres Scaling Advice for 20218 hours ago linkBrentOzar
CryptPad – encrypted and open-source office suite8 hours ago
cryptpad.frhn linkmatthiaswh
Paradox-free time travel seems mathematically plausible8 hours ago link9dev
Gated linear units to improve transformers8 hours ago linkvpj
Lessons I've Learned from Self-Teaching8 hours ago linkpps
Open-Source Twitter Text Editor for iOS8 hours ago linkjanniks
WebRTC Streaming Use Case – Leap Gaming Virtual Game Producer8 hours ago link1to1
To Update or Not to Update?8 hours ago linkwheresvic4
How likely is it that SARS-CoV-2 originated in a laboratory?8 hours ago linkdede4metal
CodeNotary free trusted timestamping service for Developer8 hours ago linkvchain-dz
Show HN: GPT-3 powered B2B sales emails8 hours ago
magicsalesbot.comhn linkrdoyle
Why It's Critical to Add Secondary Backups for AWD RDS Database9 hours ago linkpawurb
India's internet shutdowns function like 'invisibility cloaks'9 hours ago linkashleshbiradar
Internet Cut in Parts of Delhi9 hours ago linkeinszwei
Federated development, federated forges (a.k.a. an union of Mastodon and GitHub)9 hours ago linkyannovitch
Pathfinding.js Algorithm Visualizer10 hours ago linkTheHideout
Why Trying to Be Perfect Won’t Help You Achieve Your Goals (and What Will)10 hours ago linkrazoroccam
Now the supporters of cancel culture are being cancelled10 hours ago linkskinkestek
Visual Survery of Data Augmentation15 hours ago linkExorust
Teamgroup preps first DDR5 SODIMM for notebooks10 hours ago linktapper
News10 hours ago linkartonweb
Snowflake Generator in the Browser10 hours ago linkcellover
Build your own PSR-4 autoloader11 hours ago linkpretzelhands
TechTalks Sparks – Sponsorship for new or non-funded tech communities11 hours ago linkadambutler
How to Migrate an App from Webpack to Snowpack11 hours ago linkfeketegy
Remote MDX with Next.js11 hours ago linkigeligel_dev
Grindr app issued an almost 10mil EUR GDPR fine by Norway11 hours ago linkizacus
Oldskool (Syslog) Meets Newskool (Loki)11 hours ago linkburo9
Testing Out DuckDB's Full Text Search Extension11 hours ago linkhfmuehleisen
Unearthing Entombed [audio]11 hours ago linkSchiphol
Synth: Open-source Neumorphic UI framework for mobile11 hours ago linkadarshaj
Open Source and Liability – Craig Wright11 hours ago linklun4r
Hiking the GR20 in Corsica12 hours ago linkoguzcanhuner
Alphabet Workers Union12 hours ago linkskor
Toast UI Chart 4.0 is released12 hours ago linkshiren
SoftBank Managing Partner Colin Fan Steps Back from Vision Fund12 hours ago linkjd115
2020 in Review for my bootstrapped SaaS with six-figure ARR12 hours ago linkcowllin
Todo List for Vim12 hours ago linkjhoechtl
Dating app Grindr to receive record $11M GDPR fine from Norwegian DPA13 hours ago linkphigcch
So, Uh, What's Up with GameStop's Stock?13 hours ago linkboyter
Ransomware: AV Unable to Detect It13 hours ago linkMalwareGuy
Metful-get referred to your dream company by current employees13 hours ago linkjackiscool
Interactive map of country borders throughout History18 hours ago linknrgapple
The Computer Language Benchmarks Game13 hours ago linkmcji
Real estimate of our online marketplace development cost13 hours ago linkveravash
Because Reading Is Fundamental16 hours ago linkMitPitt
Helicopters Glide to the Ground When the Engine Cuts Out14 hours ago linksuperasn
How to train your neural networks faster14 hours ago linkalexhunterlang
Whew. We Got Iceland Teleworker Visas14 hours ago linkc17r
Find best Open source software for you14 hours ago linkExorust
New PNAS paper: Income is a poor way to improve well-being14 hours ago linkviburnum
The Dumbing Down of Programming (1998)15 hours ago linklemax
Top vs Code Extensions for 202116 hours ago linkwalter12
Introducing Open Web Docs14 hours ago linknkzd
I asked 20 founders how they met their first investor15 hours ago linkelsakrandrew
Decoding the Design of In-Flight Seat Belts17 hours ago linkjwilliams
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South African Revenue Service requires a custom flash-enabled browser16 hours ago linkYenrabbit
Halt and Catch Fire Syllabus17 hours ago linkgammarator
The Battle of GameStop: How Reddit Is Taking on Wall Street – and Winning18 hours ago linkgringoDan
Open source licensing and why we’re changing Plausible to the AGPL license19 hours ago linktwapi
Show HN: Email forwarding for your domain – my SaaS after 10 years of failure19 hours ago
hanami.runhn linkkureikain
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Tools I Love to Not Think About19 hours ago linktylerjl
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Webhooks Delivery SaaS (built by an ex-Stripe)20 hours ago
gowebhooks.github.iohn linktom23444
Web-connected SDRs with ability to tune and listen21 hours ago linkhippich
Television Without Context21 hours ago linkkaraokeyoga
The Democrats' Paranormal Economics21 hours ago linkgshubert17
Creating Custom RxJS Operators21 hours ago linktanepiper
Software consultancy site – tips welcome21 hours ago
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Our Radicalized Republic21 hours ago linksocalnate1
One Year and Thirty-Five Thousand Hacker News Views Later21 hours ago linkflancrest
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iPhone 13 May Revive Touch ID21 hours ago linkuoflcards22
Coffee Meets Bagel's Big Postgres Upgrade21 hours ago linktommyzli
Collapse OS – bootstrap post-collapse technology21 hours ago linkrewir
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Twitter 'Industry' Bullshit22 hours ago linkpetr25102018
Why 'Cousin Jack'? The origins of the nickname of the Cornish overseas22 hours ago linkflummox
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Engineering productivity can be measured – just not how you'd expect22 hours ago linktonioab
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Logic programming in higher-order logic23 hours ago linkharperlee
Animated 3D visualization of Starlink orbits1 days ago linkwalrus01
Biden's $1.9T stimulus plan will inflate the stock-market bubble1 days ago linkkrupan
First atomic clock wristwatch (2003)1 days ago linkdddddaviddddd
Mockingbird open sourced: generate mock documents for data classification1 days ago linkdavelester
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Blackjack in Blazor Part 2 – The C# Classes1 days ago linkEntICOnc
Writing a Book with Unix1 days ago linkflancrest
Names to Avoid in Software Engineering1 days ago linknvader
Real feedback from top VCs on a real startup1 days ago linktransitivebs
Scavengers Studio creative director accused of belittling, screaming at, groping1 days ago linkImpossible
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All Electric Seaplane1 days ago linksanj
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Skeptic Check: Shared Reality1 days ago linkaviziva
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Server Side Public License (SSPL) Re-Takes the Stage in 20211 days ago linkbhalp1
Techniques that will changing your life for the better1 days ago linkachkid
Gamepuzzles for the Joy of Thinking1 days ago linkmanderso
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A Developer's Guide to Ethereum, Pt. 21 days ago linkmichaelsbradley
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Apache Superset1 days ago linkraviksharma
Everyday Decision Making1 days ago linkjugjug
Myopia correcting 'smart glasses' from Japan to be sold in Asia1 days ago linkisof4ult
Petition to stop plant-based dairy censorship in the EU1 days ago linkshafyy
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Discover the fastest growing brands online (based on site traffic scraping)1 days ago linkSashashilko
Convoy: The Future of Truck Freight1 days ago linknevir
Buying and Running a Site with Infringing Content Is Not Copyright Infringement?1 days ago linkAndrew_Russell
Birdwatch, a community-based approach to misinformation1 days ago linkrazin
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Buy shares for domain squatting possible 2024 candidates1 days ago linkakshaybhalotia
Signal has been filtered in Iran1 days ago linkamir734jj
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Body on fast food: Real-time data with Basis1 days ago linkTheJurgen
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Toxic Gases from Fire in Electric Vehicles1 days ago linkBreadmaker
Luxemburg’s CNPD refuses to investigate US company. noyb files court case1 days ago linkthierryzoller
Airpods Max Sucked for Me1 days ago linkmfarrugia
Fluid Typography with two-dimensional CSS Locks1 days ago linkFrontAid
Decred Releases Lightning Network, Decentralized Treasury, Coinshuffle++ Privacy1 days ago linkankmav
Get Used to Living Under “Subsidiarity” After the Great Reset1 days ago linkNkuna
Branch Peephole Optimizer1 days ago linksfink
Show HN: FiniteCurve – Draw a photo with one continuous, non-intersecting line1 days ago
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Analyzing Performance in a JVM Server at Scale by Self-Measurement1 days ago linkdboreham
When Adobe Stopped Flash Content from Running It Also Stopped a Chinese Railroad1 days ago linkandyjohnson0
Names to Avoid in Software Engineering1 days ago linknvader
Show HN: Does.Design – An inclusive community for designers1 days ago
does.designhn linkdaleanthony
The Apache Software Foundation Announces Apache Superset as a Top-Level Project1 days ago linkskadamat
How do I feel worthwhile as a manager?1 days ago linkforrestbrazeal
The Gap in Sleep Equality1 days ago linkviburnum
Show HN: Pairagraph – A 'town square' for the digital age1 days ago linkjonathanrstern
The team shaking up climate models1 days ago link3JPLW
A MeToo scandal means an average 1.5% loss ($450m) in company value1 days ago linkBologo
Show HN: Jel, the Video Game for Collaboration1 days ago
jel.apphn linkgfodor
Man Arrested for Doctoring and Posting “Harassing Photograph”1 days ago linkthetopher
Postman Desktop App’s New User Interface1 days ago linkGarbage
Looking for Indie Schooling Parents?1 days ago linkgarywil80
Localization with ceiling lights for fast indoor autonomous racing1 days ago linka1k0n
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Giant leak exposes data from almost all Brazilians1 days ago linkJeanMarcS
The European startups hacking the ageing process1 days ago linktdmckinlay
Is Making Software Sisyphean?1 days ago linkaarondf
Interview Apprenticeship1 days ago linkakdas
CodeTogether – A platform for Pair or Mob Programming with up to 32 participants1 days ago linkmcp_
Analyzing 10K+ Data Science Interviews1 days ago linkdata4lyfe
Procedural GL JavaScript: mobile-first 3D mapping engine1 days ago linkpheelicks
Interview the world's ONLY? master's degree in sea shanties1 days ago linkkippel
There's now a handy API for getting company logos into your app1 days ago linkalebrega
Reading Better1 days ago linkMarkMc
TechTalks Sparks – Sponsorship programme for new or non-funded tech communities1 days ago linkadambutler
Gitlab Runners with Systemd Nspawn1 days ago linkdnsmichi
Find the best developer blogs on any tech stack1 days ago linkmlent
Employing Machine Learning for Pairs Selection1 days ago linkadebrincat
Samsung eyes Texas for new $10B chipmaking plant1 days ago linkhourislate
China's Moon samples available, White House Moon rock and a dying magnetic field1 days ago linkuncertainquark
Say goodbye to ugly site banners1 days ago linkDinakarS
The Pendulum of Internet Censorship Swings Leftward Again1 days ago linked-209
A mission to reinvent how humans, teams and computers work together1 days ago linkdaysm
Show HN: Listifi – Sharable Lists1 days ago
listifi.apphn linkqudat
Gabe Newell on Brain Computer Interface Technology [video]1 days ago linksp3n
Static site generator in a browser, with no server1 days ago
offbase.orghn linkskogard
Measuring the prevalence of docs, testing and CI in Julia packages ecosystem1 days ago linktikej
Square One: fair terms, free forms, back to work1 days ago linkmplanchard
A comprehensive list of UX design methods and deliverables1 days ago linkdavesailer
RemoteLeaf – Sharing my first Year in Review post1 days ago linkabinaya_rl
Spectrum OS – A step towards usable secure computing1 days ago linkbroknbottle
Check out these stretchable paper sculptures1 days ago linkalbird
Everything I Know – Wiki1 days ago
wiki.nikitavoloboev.xyzhn linknikivi
Hosting a highly available static website with B2 and Cloudflare1 days ago linkmajormjr
Get Used to Living Under “Subsidiarity” After the Great Reset1 days ago linkStuntPope
Mathematical Art Exhibition – 2021 edition1 days ago linkvalera_rozuvan
The Seven Silent Killers of the IT Organization1 days ago linkFiveplus
What remote YC looks like1 days ago linkcheeseblubber
Don't Rely on Motivation1 days ago linkhawktheslayer
Forget the Gym: Walking Is the Superior Form of Exercise1 days ago linkgerbilly
Tencent buys major stake in Klei Entertainment, latter retaining “full autonomy”1 days ago linkSnitch-Thursday
Show HN: API-first news search engine1 days ago linkkizy25
Cathedrals, Bazaars, and Fusion Reactors1 days ago linkrandyrhoads
ZeroCovid – For a European Shutdown in Solidarity1 days ago linkcaptainmuon
Carboncounter – Cars evaluted against climate targets1 days ago
www.carboncounter.comhn linkLapland
Better Openstreetmap Places in PostGIS1 days ago linkliotier
Node.js Race Conditions1 days ago linkloige
How would websites look like if they had motion blur on scroll1 days ago linkpie6k
Group testing: how do you test 1k people with less than 100 tests?1 days ago linklieuzh
Show HN: – A forum the represents both sides of an argument1 days ago linkpanchoviz
Ogham to send email/SMS at ease1 days ago linkcreponutella
TacoCopter1 days ago linkbrobdingnagians
Dyson Sphere Program – Intergalactic Factory Game Like Factorio and Satisfactory1 days ago linkericax
Show HN: Learning Games, Written in a Programming Language I Wrote, Work Offline1 days ago linkchkas
Hush automatically removes cookie popups and tracking on Safari1 days ago linkdanielmeskin
Craige “Ea Ea” Schensted, of the Robinson–Schensted Correspondence, has died.1 days ago linkjunon
How Does the Internet Work?1 days ago linkpestkranker
Data binding, storage repositories and animation take Fyne to the next level1 days ago linkajwillia_ms
The styled-components Happy Path1 days ago linkjoshwcomeau
Setting up a media server with Jellyfin1 days ago linkthe_prophet314
Privacy Sandbox in 2021: Testing a more private web1 days ago linkbjxrn
How to copywrite like Eddie Schleyner1 days ago linkhello123benj
Why I Didn't Open-Source My Second SaaS1 days ago linkamzans
Show HN: Finger.Farm Advanced Finger Hosting1 days ago
finger.farmhn linkrunnr_az
Under-utilised macOS feature for knowledge retention1 days ago
tweeetos.comhn linktrsaddy1
Decrease Carbon Pollution Through Plants1 days ago linkdrydenwilliams
Show HN: – Multiplayer Battleship Game in CLI1 days ago
battleship.rockshn linkbatuhandirek
Show HN: I made an alarm clock. That's right1 days ago linkStavrosK
Food delivery startup Wolt raises $530m1 days ago linkkakoni
Consider outsourcing IT services to Poland1 days ago linkDamix
Communication Disasterclass: Why Traditional Companies Struggle with Remote Work1 days ago linkqnd
Show HN: – open-source BaaS platform just like Firebase1 days ago
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Only with the one-China principle in place can the Taiwan Straits avoid miscalc1 days ago linkabbassi
Can a Fruit Fly Learn Word Embeddings?1 days ago linkgillesjacobs
Windows Exploitation Tricks: Trapping Virtual Memory Access1 days ago linkDiabloD3
A “learned” approach to quicken and compress rank/select dictionaries1 days ago linkngaut
Geek Emails1 days ago linkyaseral
Earwig – Product Designer – London – Onesit – Full-Time1 days ago linkharrisonmoore
Israel sees 60% drop in hospitalizations for age 60 3 weeks after first shot1 days ago linkClewza313
Clickhouse Is Apache 2.01 days ago linkyamrzou
Does expensive wine taste better?1 days ago linkfauria
Cybertruck Will Float1 days ago linklukaglobus
Why you should never ever use NixOS1 days ago linkSpiritus
Nyamm – your new digital cookbook iOS Beta Testing1 days ago linkzdtorok
Background video/sounds generator to fill you with peace of mind1 days ago linkparisianka
Request for Startups in the Rejuvenation Biotechnology Space1 days ago linksolus_factor
Improving our email template development using Vue1 days ago linkccnixon
What are the key changes in dotenv-linter v3.0.0 release?1 days ago linkonlyhackergirl
Online Event- Scrum and Scrum Tool on February 02, 2021 in Wanchai, Hong Kong1 days ago linkamazonfurr
One Thing Well – A weblog about simple, useful software1 days ago linksandebert
Anim8or 3D modelling and character animation1 days ago linkmichaelmwangi
Where Crypto Meets the Metaverse1 days ago linkallenleein
Could consanguineous marriage be a cultural remedy for the obstetric dilemma?1 days ago linkadamjb
A guide to productivity – With examples that work1 days ago linkjonmal
Obedience to Authority the Experiments by Stanley Milgram1 days ago linkmaremmano
Covariant Electrodynamics the Easy Way1 days ago linkE-Reverance
Offloading NixOS builds to a faster machine1 days ago linkbambambazooka
An interactive evolution lab in one screenshot of Clojure1 days ago linkkimi
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How DJT Lost the White House1 days ago linkadammichaelc
Stuff Your Logs1 days ago linkr4um
Open-Source Apache CloudStack 4.15 Gets New Look1 days ago linkbhaisaab
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