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Genetically altered pig heart transplanted into a human for the second time41 min ago
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SF Planters: We install planters so you don't have to look at homeless people2 hours ago
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Microsoft wants to power their datacenters with small nuclear reactors2 hours ago
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How to Be a Good Programmer3 hours ago
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Modern Linux Tools vs. Unix Classics: Which Would I Choose?3 hours ago
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GNUStep StepTalk Is Alive and Well3 hours ago
hn link wmlive Policy Update RFC3 hours ago
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GNUStep Desktop – a refreshed look at NeXT/OpenStep4 hours ago
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How Zutty Works: Rendering a Terminal with an OpenGL Compute Shader4 hours ago
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How is this problem mine, you dirty computer?4 hours ago
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How Cloudflare Is Reducing the Environmental Impact of Web Searches4 hours ago
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Offline Mode has technically been in Payday 3 all along4 hours ago
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Dog Breed Data Explorer4 hours ago
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Roman-Fleuve4 hours ago
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File: Usenix84 1.jpg5 hours ago
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Air Force General Defends Memo That Predicted War with China by 20255 hours ago
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Story of the Emoji5 hours ago
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Egress Webhooks with klev6 hours ago
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Ross Ulbricht et al., controlled growth of EuO by molecular-beam epitaxy6 hours ago
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A Letter from Burning Man6 hours ago
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Aesthetic Computer (Demo)7 hours ago
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Markets and Technology Won’t Solve Climate Crisis. We Must End Capitalism7 hours ago
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I Will Not Read Your Fucking Script7 hours ago
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White Supremacists Are Hijacking City Council Meetings All over America7 hours ago
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Eating Fossils7 hours ago
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Ig Nobel Winners7 hours ago
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Nothing’s Bulletproof7 hours ago
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Why Is American Healthcare So Expensive?7 hours ago
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Getting my library cards onto my phone the hard way7 hours ago
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OpenBSD vs. FreeBSD: What Is the Difference, Which Is Best?8 hours ago
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Fedora Onyx8 hours ago
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Line Square Dot Game8 hours ago
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History of WWII British Cloth Escape Maps8 hours ago
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Microsoft PowerToys: Utilities to Customize Windows8 hours ago
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Archive Today (a.k.a. seems to be down8 hours ago
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The lens flare in Burnout Dominator8 hours ago
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The History of Red Hat8 hours ago
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Recent advances in computer science since 2010?9 hours ago
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The Unforeseen LSD Overdose of 19729 hours ago
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The Internet has become Stale9 hours ago
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Configuring OpenID Connect in PyPI9 hours ago
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Robot to help patrol Times Square subway station9 hours ago
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Little Metal Boxes9 hours ago
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Magic and Loss, Part 2: Magic on the Screen10 hours ago
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Mutually Assured Recursion10 hours ago
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The Proc File System10 hours ago
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The myth of the myth of learning styles11 hours ago
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Over 50% of .dom domains are squatted or unused11 hours ago
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Coltrane Day on NTS11 hours ago
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Semitransparent Image Sensors for Eye-Tracking Applications11 hours ago
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Skynet Failure11 hours ago
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Computational Discovery on Jupyter11 hours ago
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GNU/Linux Aviation How To11 hours ago
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Factorio: New New Rails11 hours ago
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Steve Ballmer Missed the Truth About the iPhone About as Badly as Possible11 hours ago
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Copy II PC Deluxe Option Board11 hours ago
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The Invisible problem: why mobile text editing is worse than you think11 hours ago
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Talk: Ghostty and Some Useful Zig Patterns11 hours ago
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Millions of wallpapers right inside your action button – iPhone 1511 hours ago
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iCloud Drive silently deletes your content11 hours ago
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Israeli Cyber Firms Developed an 'Insane' New Spyware Tool. No Defense Exists11 hours ago
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Show HN: Visual vulnerability scan with ESP32-CAM and on-device model12 hours ago
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An Algorithm to Detect Hosting Providers and Their IP Ranges12 hours ago
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How Pingora keeps count12 hours ago
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LLMs are mid (but that’s ok)12 hours ago
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Snoook HTML5 Game12 hours ago
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A Disk Usage Mystery12 hours ago
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Ukrainian versatile unmanned combat vehicle undergoes frontline testing13 hours ago
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The strange disappearance of Mrs Agatha Christie (2022)13 hours ago
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Show HN: A “CRM” for your personal relationships13 hours ago
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Cities founded by Alexander the Great around the world13 hours ago
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Notes on CLIP image embedding exploration13 hours ago
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San Francisco's Millionaire Marxist14 hours ago
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Maximum argument count on Linux and in GCC14 hours ago
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Does the American dream still make sense?14 hours ago
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The ViewSource Affordance14 hours ago
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Woman loses over $44k after downloading third-party app to buy fish14 hours ago
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Hydrogen aircraft: Fundamental concepts, technologies, and environmental impacts14 hours ago
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Wood preservation by low-temperature carbonisation14 hours ago
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Framework DIY Laptop 16 (pre-order)14 hours ago
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Population Aging and Wealth Inequality Has a Relationship14 hours ago
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Llama 2 vs. ChatGPT14 hours ago
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How to performance test servers delivery Low Latency HLS Streams15 hours ago
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Cairo 1.18.0 Released15 hours ago
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Optimize Your Blockchain App: QuickNode Add-On Global RPC Load Balancer15 hours ago
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Tracing Model Outputs to the Training Data15 hours ago
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Fine-tune 7B LLM on Single GPU15 hours ago
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Definitely Do Not Put Plastic in the Microwave15 hours ago
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PrimateJS now supports Bun natively15 hours ago
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13 Years of Foxish15 hours ago
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Intel’s Ponte Vecchio: Chiplets Gone Crazy15 hours ago
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X^3 as a non-linear unit15 hours ago
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Before advanced-flight simulators, there was Navitrainer15 hours ago
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MGM, Caesars casino hacks point to an alliance of teens and ransomware gangs16 hours ago
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Blocking Visual Studio Code embedded reverse shell before it's too late16 hours ago
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Stream Processing Engines and Streaming Databases: Design, Use Cases, and Future16 hours ago
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Mapping privacy-enhancing technologies to your use cases16 hours ago
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Cuenta de Instagram16 hours ago
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Circle of Protection16 hours ago
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High-strength ultra-tough whole spider silk fibers from transgenic silkworms16 hours ago
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CRISPR Silkworms Make Spider Silk That Defies Scientific Constraints16 hours ago
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EU Commission re-imposes €376.36M Intel fine for anticompetitive practices17 hours ago
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Reflections on My Journey into Computer Science17 hours ago
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GitOps is the means, where is the end?18 hours ago
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Usability of Old Computers18 hours ago
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Collecting and curating material is good and we should do it more18 hours ago
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Illusion Diffusion – Diffuse masks with your ideas18 hours ago
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How the Navy Spent Billions on the “Little Crappy Ship”18 hours ago
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Did Mozart, Vivaldi, and Bizet travel green..?18 hours ago
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JSON Updates in Postgres 1618 hours ago
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Show HN: Online Oscilloscope with Waveform Generators18 hours ago
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WhatsApp’s Coder Society19 hours ago
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My Favorite JDK 21 Feature: Javadoc Search URL19 hours ago
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The Tail End20 hours ago
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Show HN: Coffee to Water Ratio Calculator20 hours ago
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LLMs trained on “A is B” fail to learn “B is A”20 hours ago
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macOS upgrades since El Capitan20 hours ago
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Creating a Voice Activated CoffeeShop in .NET20 hours ago
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Games Publishers in Trouble21 hours ago
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Do humans behave like LLMs?21 hours ago
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Deploying your own Open Interpreter21 hours ago
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Why Auto Email Logging should be must have feature for Salesforce users22 hours ago
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The Only Reason to Explore Space22 hours ago
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Exclusive Interview with Ukraine’s Spy Boss from His DC Hotel Room23 hours ago
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Yes, you can build your own Enterprise Web Analytics system23 hours ago
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Decision Table Based Methodology for Software Development23 hours ago
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Separate policy from mechanism; separate interfaces from engines23 hours ago
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Bun: Lessons from Disrupting a Tech Ecosystem23 hours ago
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Protobuf editions supersedes proto2 and proto31 days ago
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Pitfalls of Callback-Based APIs1 days ago
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China to build 100 MW of tower CSP in Tibet1 days ago
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Keyword Syntax in Scheme Dialects1 days ago
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Migrate from NoCode Tool Carrd to Cloudflare Pages1 days ago
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Objective proof that Wikipedia's software development is a literal scam1 days ago
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State of HTML 2023 now open1 days ago
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Iopcc Winners1 days ago
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Tabs are objectively better than spaces1 days ago
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How to edit 19K cells on a spreadsheet for an unpaid assignment using FOSS1 days ago
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Urban Planning Opinion Progression1 days ago
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Lost in the Haystack: Optimizing an Expensive ClickHouse Query1 days ago
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AnkerMake M5C 3D Printer1 days ago
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Rubber Duck Technique for Improvements1 days ago
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A Gameplay Programming Puzzle for ECS1 days ago
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Tagless-Final Style (2020)1 days ago
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Hardware Reverse Oscilloscope 21 days ago
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The “Modem Tax”: An Urban Legend with the Ring of Truth1 days ago
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Polonius Revisited, Part 11 days ago
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A Unified Multi-Tenant User Cache with PostgreSQL1 days ago
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PALM2 Is a Terrible Poet1 days ago
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Bitters1 days ago
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Silicon Photonics Key to Unlocking AI’s Full Potential1 days ago
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$30M in DOE funding for solar thermal fuel, heat, or storage1 days ago
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Sidenotes in Web Design1 days ago
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Electronic Tiny TRS-80 Model III1 days ago
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Unweaving the Mystery: Apple’s FineWoven Case Under the Microscope1 days ago
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Capslock: What is your code capable of?1 days ago
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Nedelin Catastrophe: The Worst Space-Related Disaster1 days ago
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How to Connect Your WordPress Blog to the Fediverse1 days ago
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A magnificent 1850s house dubbed the Blue Belle of Brooklyn1 days ago
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Bcachefs: Upstreaming, growing the team, and a funding situation update1 days ago
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Parsing integers quickly with AVX-5121 days ago
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BI demo in a box with DuckDB and dbt1 days ago
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How to Change Your VSCode Icon1 days ago
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The Radio Station That Bridge Built1 days ago
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All Objects and Some Questions1 days ago
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Dear PyTorch, nobody likes pickles1 days ago
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Www Which WASM Works1 days ago
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Bun: Lessons from Disrupting a Tech Ecosystem1 days ago
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Pelles C1 days ago
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Philips Hue will force users to upload their data to Hue cloud1 days ago
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Animal CSI: Forensics comes for the wildlife trade1 days ago
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InMusic has fired a large portion of the Moog staff1 days ago
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Flat-network multi-cluster and HTTPRoute timeouts with Linkerd 2.141 days ago
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Three NorCal Tribes Announce Nation’s First Indigenous Ocean Protection Area1 days ago
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Boeing is using Fortnite’s game engine to upgrade B-52s1 days ago
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Show HN: DIY 3D printed astrophotography camera mount1 days ago
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Abraham Lincoln Assassination: (2) Ford's Theatre Front-Row Tickets1 days ago
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Unit-testing a console app (a text editor) (2020)1 days ago
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Six Words That Will Change Your Life1 days ago
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Custom Rag Pipelines to Summarize Latest Hacker News Posts with Haystack 2.01 days ago
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Playing chess with large language models1 days ago
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FastStream: Effortless event stream integration for your services1 days ago
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Building Trust1 days ago
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Patreon will now leak which creators you follow by default1 days ago
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Show HN: CloseVector Alpha – A Portable Vector Database1 days ago
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Clifmo: My Software Engineering Philosophy, Preferences and Practices1 days ago
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A framework for regression testing against Linux kernels1 days ago
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Survey: State of HTML 20231 days ago
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The Case for Mediocrity1 days ago
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Ditch That Else1 days ago
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Black-Box Adversarial Attacks Against Deep Reinforcement Learning1 days ago
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Does the American dream still make sense?1 days ago
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Unity launches runtime fee estimator1 days ago
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Postgres vs. MongoDB in 20231 days ago
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The State of Async Rust: Runtimes1 days ago
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Predator in the Wires1 days ago
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Law Needs to Keep Up with Science in Shaken Baby Syndrome Cases1 days ago
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How to Protect Against Insider Threats: 5 Trending Approaches for 20241 days ago
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Hydra (YC W22) - Pricing Blueprint1 days ago
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The Invisible Problem1 days ago
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Unlock 3x Storage Savings on Your OpenAI Embeddings with Embaas Reduce1 days ago
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Tofu: Do You Check?1 days ago
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SMIC Well on Its Way to 5-Nm Breakthrough, Observers Say1 days ago
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Studien zur reproduktiven Gesundheit von Männern1 days ago
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Our New Company, Responsive1 days ago
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One line of code cost me 9.2% of my matches1 days ago
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Green Economy Debunked1 days ago
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JSON Updates in Postgres 161 days ago
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Steam Powered – Make your own Linux based gaming console with openSUSE1 days ago
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Adding Postgres 16 support to Citus 12.11 days ago
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On board the Airbus A321XLR’s 11 hour route proving flight1 days ago
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Carl Sagan talks about ChatGPT1 days ago
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Release candidate: Godot 4.1.2 RC 11 days ago
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TableFlow and YoBulk join forces to build open source CSV import1 days ago
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Evolving IoT Security: From Traditional Logins to Device Authorization Flow1 days ago
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Work Hard1 days ago
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A catalogue of genetic mutations to help pinpoint the cause of diseases1 days ago
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Dumpster Tektronix 2465B Restoration1 days ago
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An NFT That Saves Lives1 days ago
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Great Artists Steal (With LLMs)1 days ago
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Sensible $WORDCHARS for Most Developers1 days ago
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Magic and Loss, Part 2: Magic on the Screen1 days ago
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How to improve (or “fine-tune”) your OpenAI embeddings?1 days ago
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A Beginner's Guide to Neural Mechanisms1 days ago
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New Hires: Learn How the System Breaks1 days ago
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Which Kinds of Tests Should I Write? Revisited1 days ago
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What Would Carl Sagan Think about ChatGPT? Let us ask him1 days ago
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Responsive type scales with composable CSS utilities1 days ago
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Adobe Analytics customers should move to Customer Journey Analytics now1 days ago
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Scraping training data for your mind1 days ago
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Models of Memory and Understanding1 days ago
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We are all prompt engineers now1 days ago
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An Austrian-American actress/inventor pioneered basis for WiFi, GPS, & Bluetooth1 days ago
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First impressions of Strada – The bridge between web and native apps1 days ago
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Logging at scale with canonical log lines1 days ago
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Factorio Friday Facts – New new rails1 days ago
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The First Private High Speed Rail Line in 100 Years Will Link Miami and Orlando1 days ago
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Show HN: Learn piano without sheet music1 days ago
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Match Master Free Coins, boosters and gifts1 days ago
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Optimisation is often doing fewer things1 days ago
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Framework laptops: We are not sustainable1 days ago
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Bambu Lab A1 Mini1 days ago
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Let's Look at Cloudformation Loops1 days ago
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Immich is the killer app that will kick-start the self-hosting revolution1 days ago
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An image of the hierarchy of algebraic structures1 days ago
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I use my RSS reader1 days ago
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11 Principles for building and scaling feature flag systems1 days ago
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AnyBT: A BitTorrent Search Engine Works on ENS and IPFS1 days ago
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LoRA Roulette1 days ago
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Klaus Hommels Becomes Head of NATO Innovation Fund's Supervisory Board1 days ago
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MongoDB Acid Properties1 days ago
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Harnessing the Power of Apache ECharts in Your Deno Fresh Project1 days ago
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UK regulator provisionally approves Microsoft's Activision-Blizzard buyout1 days ago
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Finland Government Has Admitted the Failure of Finland Education1 days ago
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Solving the ‘Profile View Famine’ with Generative Adversarial Networks1 days ago
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Opinion: Never use the word ‘significant’ in a scientific paper1 days ago
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Play JumbleX,the First WordGame on WhatsApp1 days ago
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How to Draw a Janusz1 days ago
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The Age of the Grift Shift1 days ago
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TU Delft scientists put ChatGPT to the test1 days ago
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Show HN: Sankei, one of the largest Japanese newspapers, uses a pixelized font1 days ago
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All objects and some questions (an universe in a single image)1 days ago
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Choosing a more optimal `String` type1 days ago
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National Security Intelligence Service Act No 11 of 1998 – Mwakili1 days ago
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The West's betrayal of the women of Iran1 days ago
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A PHP WASM Online Playground to Experiment with API Platform1 days ago
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My solopreneur story: zero to $45K/mo in 2 years1 days ago
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Illumination from Hortus Deliciarum, Herrad of Landsberg1 days ago
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Computing History Hub1 days ago
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macOS 14 Sonoma firewall bug fixed1 days ago
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How to Learn SQL for Non Technical Background1 days ago
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Mastodon 4.21 days ago
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Reducing cartel recruitment is the only way to lower violence in Mexico1 days ago
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Open Source and the CRA: It Will Not Work1 days ago
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Vodafone claims first space-based 5G phone call – no modifications needed1 days ago
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LoRA in the Style of Late Fernando Botero1 days ago
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EU right to repair updates pass latest hurdle1 days ago
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GraalOS1 days ago
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Why Is Data Privacy Important for Your Business?1 days ago
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Parsing HTML Documents with Beautiful Soup1 days ago
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SaaS moats are changing from system of record to workflow orchestration1 days ago
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Testing APIs with Kreya1 days ago
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Emacs and the Cybernetic Productivity1 days ago
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Techrights Is Offline2 days ago
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I'm fed up with it, so I'm writing a browser2 days ago
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Developer Driven Automated Test (DDAT)2 days ago
hn link Tutanota1
Picoflare jets power the solar wind emerging from a coronal hole on the Sun2 days ago
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I have, it seems, taken away everybody's 6-year support, and they're not happy2 days ago
hn link Vinnl
Craptacular Is More Like It2 days ago
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Starlink in Ukraine: Why the Story Is Not So Simple2 days ago
hn link dilyevsky
The Source of Readability2 days ago
hn link benhoyt
Is ClickHouse Moving Away from Open Source?2 days ago
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University of Minnesota breach may involve SSNs, license and passport info2 days ago
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A survey of tokenization for different data domains2 days ago
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Fedora Linux 39 Beta – Fedora Magazine2 days ago
hn link contact9879
‘Species Repulsion’ Enables High Biodiversity in Tropical Trees2 days ago
hn link chapulin
DeepMind Scientists Win Lasker Award for AlphaFold2 days ago
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All the ways to capture changes in Postgres2 days ago
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Truffle and Ganache Spinning Down2 days ago
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iOS 17 Could Break Crucial Diabetic Glucose Monitor Alerts, Manufacturer Warns2 days ago
hn link jkoebler
A New Data Breach May Have Hit T-Mobile, 90GB of User Data Exposed2 days ago
hn link sashk
From Pagers to Smartphones: Story of the Emoji2 days ago
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Why Rag and Self-Hosted LLMs?2 days ago
hn link Bella-Xiang
Rediscovered: ANONbbs – A 1996 Glimpse into the Past of Digital File Sharing2 days ago
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Scale Out2 days ago
hn link gkorland
Nintendo 3DS Architecture2 days ago
hn link jackie_gg
Blind Man's Bluff: The Untold Story of American Submarine Espionage2 days ago
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MGM Seeks Contractors to Repair Infra in 3 Weeks2 days ago
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Timeplus has open-sourced its core streaming processing engine Proton2 days ago
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“I'm Your Huckleberry 'Say When' Doc Holiday Tombstone2 days ago
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New York Rent Control: Could the End Be Near?2 days ago
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The Emergence of Web3 Data Science2 days ago
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Policies of US Companies Offering Direct-to-Consumer Laboratory Tests2 days ago
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Kafka Streams Cassandra State Store 0.8.0 ships VersionedKeyValueStore<K, V>2 days ago
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An Inside Look at TikTok from a 3 year employee2 days ago
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The Bio-Emotive Framework: An Escape from the Hell of Unprocessed Emotions2 days ago
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UTXOracle: Derives fiat btc price from blocks – no exchange, no third party2 days ago
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Matrix Needs: Bring Your Own Domain (2021)2 days ago
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Black Triangles2 days ago
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Farewell, Irish Twitter2 days ago
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Advocates of surrogacy are ignoring its impact on women and children2 days ago
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Will Chandrayaan-3 probes survive the lunar night?2 days ago
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Nobody Understands Punctuation2 days ago
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Great Book about the music industry2 days ago
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“All Your Base” and other game localization failures (NSFW language)2 days ago
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Unlimited Kagi searches for $10 per month2 days ago
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Why the (WebAssembly) Component Model?2 days ago
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Lån utan UC med Creditsafe2 days ago
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Pivoting from an L1 to a Rollup2 days ago
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Zoho Mail releases OpenPGP integration to all users2 days ago
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Portable Ergonomic Workstation [video]2 days ago
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Barbie lesson: Disrespect of men is always seen as agenda driven2 days ago
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Pgvector and lanterndb/usearch are nearly as fast and accurate as a SVD (Qdrant)2 days ago
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Using the WordStar Diamond in 20232 days ago
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AWK for Exploratory Data Analysis of Humanities Data, by BWK2 days ago
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Show HN: Guitar Fretboard2 days ago
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Generate Portraits with the Style of Fernando Botero2 days ago
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Advisory X41-2023-001: Two Vulnerabilities in OPNsense2 days ago
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Amid layoffs, BU Center for Antiracism accused of mismanagement of funds2 days ago
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Vercel cutting default function timeout in half to 15s for paid plans2 days ago
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In Canada, the gender wars are now a national issue2 days ago
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Domain Name Price Increase – October 4, 20232 days ago
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NASA’s Webb Finds Carbon Source on Surface of Jupiter’s Moon Europa2 days ago
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Cisco set to acquire Splunk in $28B deal2 days ago
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Revolutionary new Toothbrush-Sponge cleans perfectly, and in just 15 SEC2 days ago
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The ViewSource Affordance2 days ago
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Show HN: Roomy – Disk cleanup tool for developers2 days ago
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A Differential Datalog Interpreter2 days ago
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The four types of Postgres extensions2 days ago
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Show HN: Share an Opinion and find out how many people agree with your opinion2 days ago
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Trove of DNA Evidence, Collected by a Doctor, Leads to Serial Rape Arrest2 days ago
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Cyber Threats, MGM Resorts' Security Saga2 days ago
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Developmental costs associated with early maternal withdrawal (2022)2 days ago
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Open core split should be based on features, not on code base2 days ago
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Product Development Instincts Are Bad for Building Platforms2 days ago
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Interview: Quentin Lebastard of Bastard Keyboards2 days ago
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A Square, Flat Earth and Round Heaven Meant the World to Ancient China2 days ago
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Facing the music: Streaming squashed musicians2 days ago
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User Intent Extraction: Our Journey with Infra and LLMs2 days ago
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The WebP 0day2 days ago
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India stops issuing visas to Canadians as row escalates2 days ago
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Netmaker Goes Open Source: Why We Switched to Apache-2.02 days ago
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USPS In-Person Identity Proofing2 days ago
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Don’t Be Shy – You Can Wear a Suit Whenever You Want2 days ago
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On Hitting $100 MRR2 days ago
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Language Modeling Is Compression2 days ago
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How to Get to Production with LLMs2 days ago
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Environment Variables in Bun2 days ago
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OpenAI Red Teaming Network2 days ago
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Oh No, I Kinda Want to Work for Elon2 days ago
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Pumpkin Beer Doesn't Suck2 days ago
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Optimizing Postgres indexes for performance tuning2 days ago
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Unix Pioneer Brian Kernighan Still Loves Awk After All These Years2 days ago
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Digital Repository of Scientific Institutes (RCIN)2 days ago
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Hydra Cloud is now Generally Available2 days ago
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Instacart employees IPO returns underperform FAANG and the market2 days ago
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Rag is more than just embedding search2 days ago
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Basics of Data Protection Online2 days ago
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Why does no one measure prompt velocity2 days ago
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Web Game Dev Newsletter2 days ago
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Matrix 2.0: The Future of Matrix2 days ago
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The Hill You Must Die On2 days ago
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Nuclear Weapon Test Films2 days ago
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Show HN: Wordmaster – A Daily Word Puzzle2 days ago
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Mastodon 4.2 released, with (opt-in) search, and UX improvements2 days ago
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The PHP Revolution Is Underway: FrankenPHP 1.0 Beta2 days ago
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Postgres 16: The and the Unnoticed2 days ago
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Chromium Linux hardware acceleration memory leak2 days ago
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The Koka Programming Language2 days ago
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PartyKit, Meet TinyBase2 days ago
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The True Cost of Okta – SSO Tax Impact2 days ago
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Decker: A Multimedia Sketchpad2 days ago
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Show HN: Lekchur – fast, real-time transcriptions for college lectures2 days ago
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The 'Comm' Command in Linux2 days ago
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Positioning Free/Open Source Software2 days ago
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Show HN: Mu – a new Micro app platform2 days ago
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The plan for InfluxDB 3.0 Open Source2 days ago
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Why does a backslash prefix improve PHP function call performance2 days ago
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I somehow managed to accidentally delete /dev/null2 days ago
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State of Payment Operations 20232 days ago
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Casual observations of founder thinking in 20232 days ago
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How to Choose a Streaming Database Service in the Cloud? A Detailed Comparison2 days ago
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Bookmarks Organizer v4.02 days ago
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Company Index Mapped to CIKs, EINs, LEIs, PermId, and OpenFIGI2 days ago
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How to Train LLama2 E2E Rag in Context – Colab2 days ago
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Stateless, Data-Driven UIs – Christian Johansen [video]2 days ago
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Elon Musk Declares 'I'm Rich, Bitch '2 days ago
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Kenney's godotengine Starter Kit 3D Platformer ported to Godot's C#2 days ago
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Version Pinning Considered Harmful2 days ago
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What Is Kafka? – PubNub2 days ago
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Adverse Selection and Venture Capital2 days ago
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A post-blockchain trend in the S23 batch2 days ago
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40x Faster Vector Search with Binary Quantization2 days ago
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They have genetic ALS. What should clinicians do?2 days ago
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Cado Security Labs Researchers Witness a 600X Increase in P2Pinfect Traffic2 days ago
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Your back end should probably be a state machine2 days ago
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Exploring Printf on Cortex-M2 days ago
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Social Media’s Damaging Impact on Young Women2 days ago
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Getting acquainted with BPF as a security tool2 days ago
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Free Webinar: A Comprehensive Guide to Reigning in Cloud Expenses2 days ago
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Recap of the Tokyo Games Show 2023 Keynote with Valve (Steam Deck Related)2 days ago
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Tartini Tones and Temperament2 days ago
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LLM-assistant CI Spark enables automated generation of high-quality fuzz tests2 days ago
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DIY Chatbots Unleash Large Language Models’ Repressed Sexuality2 days ago
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Vtiger 8.02 days ago
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Into the Crypto Market – 20232 days ago
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Why driving above the speed limit is a mug’s game2 days ago
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Best podcast episode on how VC firms work2 days ago
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The Frustration Loop2 days ago
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Why Kakoune2 days ago
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New ways to inject system CA certificates in Android 142 days ago
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Cisco to Acquire Splunk2 days ago
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You have validated your startup idea – now what?2 days ago
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Code Intelligence unveils new LLM-powered software security testing solution2 days ago
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Redefining Facebook’s Brand Identity2 days ago
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World’s First 3D-Printed Vegan Salmon Now in Supermarkets2 days ago
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It's Okay to Make Something Nobody Wants2 days ago
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BrainTree has been down for more than 6 hours now2 days ago
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Cisco Acquires Splunk2 days ago
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Show HN: Habit streaks suck. Momentum FTW2 days ago
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Community Growth At: HashiCorp2 days ago
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What link previews on messaging apps leak about you2 days ago
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George R.R. Martin and Many More Join Authors Guild in Lawsuit Against OpenAI2 days ago
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Cisco to Acquire Splunk for $28B2 days ago
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HMRC’s Nudge Letters Demand Urgent Review of Gift Hold-Over Relief Claim2 days ago
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IPUs 1012 days ago
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Linux Foundation Launches OpenTofu: A New Open-Source Alternative to Terraform2 days ago
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Bias in Lyft priority pickup waiting times2 days ago
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BWXT and Crowley Developing Nuclear Power Generation Ships2 days ago
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Opt-Out Telemetry Shit Show2 days ago
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Is Encryption at Rest a Scam?2 days ago
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Atlassian cripples’ Jira automation for all but enterprise customers2 days ago
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Why Brussels Hates the Family2 days ago
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Ventoy – boot multiple ISOs from pendrive2 days ago
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PSA: Storybook sends telemetry data, opt-in by default2 days ago
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Launch event: Introducing Elide, a fast polyglot alternative to Node.js2 days ago
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Rumble defends allowing Russell Brand to continue to make money on platform2 days ago
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Is Fortran easier to optimize than C for heavy calculations?2 days ago
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Array API Support in scikit-learn2 days ago
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Support voice-messages code comments (prototype plugin available)2 days ago
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A CTO’s Playbook for Building Great Technology Products2 days ago
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Why do programming languages use the asterisk for multiplication?2 days ago
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Requiem for Dark Sky's Interface2 days ago
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Important: Certificate for Has Expired2 days ago
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Defeat DMA based cheating using IOMMU2 days ago
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Philips Hue will soon force users to create an account2 days ago
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OpenBSD/ARM64 on Hetzner Cloud2 days ago
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Gnome 45, “Rīga”2 days ago
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Building a Multi-Region Service Mesh with Kuma/Envoy, Anycast BGP, and MTLS2 days ago
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Designing content for people who struggle with numbers2 days ago
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Huddlein – Network for Aspiring Athletes and Coaches2 days ago
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WhatsApp Passkey Support Rolls Out to Beta Testers on Android2 days ago
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New version of popular Nginx fork has been released2 days ago
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In Search of the Eagle Huntresses3 days ago
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Cruise CEO says SF should be ‘rolling out the red carpet’3 days ago
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Only 0.5% of Companies with SBTi Targets Have Purchased Carbon Removal3 days ago
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Strong arrows: a new approach to gradual typing3 days ago
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Browser Isolation3 days ago
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Alins – The Purest and Most Elegant Web UI Framework3 days ago
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State of startup compensation, H1 20233 days ago
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Poland says it will no longer supply Ukraine with weapons3 days ago
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Avoiding Toxicity: How to Manage Cognitive Load3 days ago
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Multi-Illumination Dataset for Inverse Rendering Evaluation on Real Objects3 days ago
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Salesforce engineers roll back change after breaking own cloud for hours today3 days ago
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Terraria developer bashes Unity, donates $200k to open source alternatives3 days ago
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Just another middle-aged message board tyrant3 days ago
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Emoji3 days ago
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How Equifax Was Breached in 20173 days ago
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Finally, an open source maps app that doesn't suck3 days ago
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My Disabled Body Prepared Me for Motherhood Like Nothing Else Could3 days ago
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Ask HN: Compiling GPT-4 model card3 days ago
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The International Obfuscated C Code Contest3 days ago
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The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect3 days ago
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Transmeta releases embedded Crusoe processors (2003)3 days ago
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Confessions of a McKinsey Whistleblower3 days ago
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Maps of Highway Junctions3 days ago
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The MP3mobile (1998)3 days ago
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Domain Is for Sale, but It's Expensive3 days ago
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Baldurs Gate 3 comes out on Mac tomorrow. I will not play it3 days ago
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Charles Darwin: The Best Scientist-Writer of All Time (Lawrence Krauss)3 days ago
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