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Dogs Don't Understand Basic Concepts Like Moving (Hyperbole and a Half)1 hours ago linkrvba
The Biggest Bully in School: Why Public Education Is Failing in America2 hours ago linkphilliphaydon
Managing Destructive Releases in Big Data Projects2 hours ago linkopenplatypus
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Debunking CISC vs. RISC code density2 hours ago linkmbitsnbites
Modernizing File System Through In-Storage Indexing2 hours ago linkdanny00
Tokenization and normalization for high recall in all languages in Elasticsearch2 hours ago linkBubbad
Zebras Hate You for No Reason: Why Amdahl's Law Is Misleading in a World of Cats3 hours ago linkjacquesm
Show HN: Pomak – focus timer for Mac/Windows written in Rust+wgpu3 hours ago linkpttrn
Discord's New “Free” Badge3 hours ago linknigamanth
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What is a product engineer (and why they matter)3 hours ago linklharries
dare to dream3 hours ago linkPsychoshy_bc1q
$6 Pine64 Ox64 SBC features BL808 64-bit/32-bit RISC-V multi-protocol WiSoC3 hours ago linkwatchdogtimer
Digital Poverty in the UK (Institute of Development Studies Policy Briefing)3 hours ago linkrobtherobber
Asking ChatGPT [whether] the OnlineSafetyBill will meet its objectives?3 hours ago linkalecmuffett
A History of Encabulation3 hours ago linkolooney
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Dissonance – A Journey Through Musical Possibility Space4 hours ago linkNitrolo
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List of collapsed exchanges that disappeared with user funds5 hours ago linkAndyOwethu
Smartphones wiped out 97% of the compact camera market5 hours ago linkjoos3
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Abolish Money (2020)6 hours ago linkwcerfgba
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Crohn's Disease takes its toll – back in 20237 hours ago linkunnouinceput
(Almost) complete guide to EF and Antler. thoughts?8 hours ago linkkk0nrad
Ex-Qualcomm CEO Joins ARM Board During Legal Fight8 hours ago linkankithm
Computer History Museum Makes Adobe PostScript’s Source Code Available9 hours ago linkDonHopkins
GPT-3 Business Email Generator9 hours ago linkstorm1er
EU throws party in €387K metaverse – and hardly anyone turns up9 hours ago linkToJans
Help the OpenBSD Foundation Reach Its 2022 Funding Goal9 hours ago;sid=20221202062601hn linkpeter_hansteen
Ukraine Is Here9 hours ago linkmudil
HON is no longer updated and will be permanently discontinued on December 1510 hours ago linkleonry
Ankr DeFi project exploited for over $5M11 hours ago link5amdotis
Crypto collapse: BlockFi even deader, crypto miners going broke, Sam will not sh11 hours ago linksenttoschool
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Protein Monster (Net Art, NSFW)12 hours ago linkuvwkvly
Interactive tool to split the US into sections of equal population12 hours ago linkvagabund
DigitalOcean Uses Let’s Encrypt12 hours ago linkintrepidsoldier
I shall toil at a reduced volume12 hours ago linkCA0DA
I shall toil at a reduced volume12 hours ago linkgaws
Thread surveying form tools for Markdown13 hours ago linkawinter-py
The Light Phone, $50 off until 15 Dec13 hours ago linkcameron_b
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Writing a Chat Client from Scratch14 hours ago linkupofadown
Flame Chart Profiler for Clang compilation times14 hours ago linkrostayob
Outlook is down in Asia East region14 hours ago linksexy_seedbox
Discord launches a new font on all platforms15 hours ago linkhroland
We are building the “App Store” on DreamBooth16 hours ago linkpalmerx
Show HN: Recipe software for saving and searching recipes16 hours ago linkcodoren
The DNSSEC Root Signing Ceremony16 hours ago linkStevenWaterman
Commonwealth Bank launches platform competing with PayPal, Square and Stripe16 hours ago linkandrewstuart
Drew Devault to write less due to his experiences with internet toxicity16 hours ago linkwilsonjholmes
Assessing the teams behind products and technologies16 hours ago linkbenwerd
Designing Microservices Effectively16 hours ago linkanticristi
Why We're Suing NSO Group17 hours ago linklinksbro
How the 1X Drivetrain Changed It All, from Suspension to Dropper Posts and Tires17 hours ago linkdeverly
This Week ZeroNet Was Hit by a Spam Robot Attack17 hours ago linkBGK751
Adobe PostScript source now available17 hours ago linkazinman2
This Week ZeroNet Was Hit by a Spam Robot Attack17 hours ago linkTLM275
Platform certificates used to sign malware17 hours ago linkMishaalRahman
WSJ and CO: The Hypocrisy of Mainstream Media17 hours ago linktommek4077
A Holistic Approach to [Physics] Graduate Admissions17 hours ago linkwrycoder
No Ghosts17 hours ago linkbkudria
Hell’s Keychain: Supply-Chain Vulnerability in IBM Cloud Databases for Postgres17 hours ago linkmartintietz
The World Cup's new high-tech ball17 hours ago linkkaycebasques
Reading Postmortems17 hours ago linkwarrenm
Share Secrets Easy via Web (RSA OAEP)17 hours ago linkwalterve
Dispatchers get accidental 911 calls from skiers because of iOS crash detection17 hours ago linkKomoD
SBF's Political Scam18 hours ago linkgrappler
SVB vs. Mercury for brand new startup18 hours ago linkenthrighte
Gimp 2.99.14 review / Goodbye, floating selection. Hello, stroked text18 hours ago linkunhammer
Open sourcing the attention center model18 hours ago linkpeppermint_gum
Nginx Zero Trust Security18 hours ago linkgz5
How the IMF and WB. Repress Poor Countries, Funnel Their Resources to Rich Ones18 hours ago linkkevinak
Getting Stuff Done: A Guide to Productive Software Engineering19 hours ago linktilt
Create Angular Forms from Data Models19 hours ago linknvitas
The Legacy of Peer-to-Peer Systems19 hours ago linkCarlosBaquero
Gut epithelial barrier damage caused by dishwasher detergents and rinse aids19 hours ago linkmiduil “Private” Account Bypass19 hours ago linkbo0tzz
Gerald “Jerry” Lawson's 82nd Birthday20 hours ago linkslacka
Faster hardware is a bad first solution to slow software20 hours ago linkhenning
Is your engineering team productive?20 hours ago linktechno_fellow
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An Interview with Jerry Lawson, Black Video Game Pioneer20 hours ago linkcaned
Do Repeat Yourself: Global Packages Considered Harmful20 hours ago linklucilleh
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Why is a 2k-IP Botnet Torrenting Ubuntu? (2021)20 hours ago linkKomoD
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Generate: Chroma20 hours ago linknth_order
Developing real-time video without all the meetings20 hours ago linkdavekiss
How can data analytics help to retain staff?20 hours ago linkspreadym Polishing Season 202220 hours ago linkharsilspatel
Delivery app fees rip off Uber eats mcdonalds markup20 hours ago linksharemywin
CRDTs make multiplayer text editing part of Zed's DNA20 hours ago linkhenning
Discord’s Creator Portal20 hours ago linkpaulshen
The Greatest Films of All Time20 hours ago linkRant423
PostScript: A Digital Printing Press21 hours ago linklinguae
Configure your modern Mac to allow vintage computers to “dial in”21 hours ago linkblakespot
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Valid Arguments with Invalid Conclusions21 hours ago linkphnofive
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Memory Safe Languages in Android 13 Reduce Vulnerabilities22 hours ago linkAr-Curunir
What Is External Validation and When It Becomes Unhealthy22 hours ago linkdurmonski
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Memory Safe Languages in Android 1322 hours ago linkbrundolf
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Investing in Internal Documentation: A Brick-by-Brick Guide for Startups22 hours ago linknimbus3001
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ChatGPT ( hours ago linkimdsm
Brave launches private search ads22 hours ago linkjarsin
Ssehc is a chess variant with normal-chess rules played in reverse22 hours ago linkblackboxlogic
API Key Authentication Best Practices22 hours ago linknathantotten
The Rogers Watch: a retro display and all the insides on the outside22 hours ago linkmfrw
A Guide to Good DX, Part 1: Introducing DXmas23 hours ago linkarcurn
Switzerland Contemplates a Partial Ban on the Use of Electric Vehicles23 hours ago linkchrisbaker98
Cryptome Founder Asks to Be Indicted with Assange23 hours ago linkprimroot
Phishing-Resistant MFA for Apps Without WebAuthn-Support (Fido). Enjoy23 hours ago linktreesgrowslow
Full Transcript: NY Times' Interview with Sam Bankman-Fried23 hours ago linkjtbayly
Experiment with Penrose Tilings and other patterns23 hours ago linkbibanez
You now need to do 15% better in technical interviews than at the start of 202223 hours ago linkleeny
Crucial Computer Program for Particle Physics at Risk of Obsolescence23 hours ago linkshantanu_sharma
ChatGPT Demo23 hours ago linkerex78
Vector Library versus Vector Database23 hours ago linkthirdtrigger
Which Pandas version did I use? Recover dependency versions from legacy notebook23 hours ago linkidomi
May Shopify's immunity spread to the whole herd23 hours ago linkoldschoolib
Mutual Recursion in Language23 hours ago linkwarrenm
Is Agile a Welfare Program for Developers?1 days ago linkteekay
Turbo Pascal 3.0 Compiler / Code Generation Internals1 days ago linkwarrenm
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Keyboard Latency1 days ago linkwarrenm
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Other Developers' Code and What Can a SE Learn from “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.”1 days ago linkeon01
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Matrix for secure and federated communications in the Swedish public sector1 days ago linknickexyz
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Year 23 of the Perl Advent Calendar Starts Today1 days ago linkoalders
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How to Bypass Cloudflare in 20221 days ago linkjoe_91
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I quit tech and became a therapist1 days ago linkkirso
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IntelliJ Idea 2022.3 Is Out1 days ago linkdgavrilov
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Hi, Hello, I’m Back at It1 days ago linkgabrielsroka
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Source, hire, and manage highly qualified, remote tech talent in US time zones1 days ago linkjuechi_
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Watch DJ Levels and Shashl Leaked Video Viral on Reddit, Twitter, TikTok1 days ago linkslowimuropa
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Periodic spatial patterning with a single morphogen1 days ago linkSiliconCarbon
Wormhole study may unite quantum physics, general relativity1 days ago linkjchanimal
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Thinkers must be heretics1 days ago linkgalfarragem
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UK turns to SpaceX for rural broadband links despite owning part of OneWeb1 days ago linkegodevRJM
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Email is the most accessible API1 days ago linkmaguay
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Effect of BNT162b2 mRNA booster vaccination on VO2max in recreational athletes1 days ago linkbusymom0
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FTX and an Old Blog Post1 days ago linkbalderdash
IT tops industries with the most sexual harassment reports1 days ago linkdefrost
First direct bulk synthesis of rare-earth-free hard magnet tetrataenite1 days ago linkscythe
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Bootstrapping Language-Image Pre-Training for Vision-Language Understanding1 days ago linkbcjordan
Roundup of Events for Bootstrappers in December 20221 days ago linkskmurphy
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Xinhuanet is grey, possibly because Jiang Zemin died1 days ago linkipcress_file
Tech Civil War1 days ago linkwyclif
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Don't End the Week with Nothing1 days ago linkrobinhood
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An Animated Introduction to Clojure1 days ago linkmarkm208
Earning $6500/month helping businesses save time using no-code tools1 days ago linkcityentrep
Ramon Magsaysay Awardee: Journalist Ravish Kumar quits NDTV1 days ago linkindonews
Warning: Do not use Hive Social1 days ago linkpr0zac
Cloudflare to raise monthly prices by 25%, offer annual plans, keep free plan1 days ago linkrestruxt
Yet Another Cheathsheet tool (150 cheatsheets on a single page)1 days ago linklinkology
Ripoff or Bargain?1 days ago linkcluo21
Genode OS Framework 22.111 days ago linksnvzz lays off 13% of team1 days ago linkclone1018
LastPass owner GoTo has been hacked1 days ago linkjupp0r
The Future of Experiential Computing1 days ago linkrslice
Heroku: DNS Propagation Delays in Common Runtime and Private Spaces1 days ago linkandreyazimov
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Table of basic reversible integer operations1 days ago linkamenghra
Goto (LastPass parent company) suffers yet another security incident1 days ago linkarjvik
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Our response to a recent security incident1 days ago linkcgtyoder
Diverse virus-encoded CRISPR-Cas systems include streamlined genome editors1 days ago linkpanabee
“Elon Musk should pay taxes” now considered by Twitter TOS to be hate speech1 days ago linkDoctorOW
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Sensoria Obscura: Event Cameras, Part I1 days ago linkbminortx
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Rewilding Human-Computer Interaction1 days ago linktimmb
Epson announces end of laser printer production1 days ago linkpndy
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EIP 6065: Real Estate Token Standard1 days ago linkdfalloncyr
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Ways to Obtain More Customer Testimonials and How to Leverage Them1 days ago linkGuillaumeBrdet
Beautiful ideas in programming: generators and continuations1 days ago linkyogthos
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How Mastodon and federated services put social networks in the people’s hands1 days ago linkyogthos
Group Chat: The Best Way to Stress Out Your Team1 days ago linkalanfranz
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Heresy Helps You Think1 days ago linkcinquemb
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End-User Programming1 days ago linktta
Gamma-Convergence of Adversarial Training1 days ago linkWAMoezart
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FTX’s Collapse Was a Crime, Not an Accident1 days ago linkmcone
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The World Cup’s New High-Tech Ball Will Change Soccer Forever1 days ago linkkaycebasques
Only the Innovative Survive: What science and Starbucks reveal about recessions1 days ago linkcuriouska
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Netdata 1.37.0: Infinite scalability, database tiering, and much more1 days ago link2bluesc
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The Box of Now and Forever: three decades of memories1 days ago linknope96
Discoveries of Old World England1 days ago linkkytazo
Leaving Spotify for Freer Pastures1 days ago linkLe_Dook
Tired of reading? Let your devices read for you1 days ago linkshowmypost
Soufflé: A Datalog Synthesis Tool for Static Analysis1 days ago linknickmain
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Spotify Optimized the Largest Dataflow Job Ever for Wrapped (2020)1 days ago linkSheinhardtWigCo
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AU Parliament approves privacy penalty-increase bill1 days ago linkgnabgib
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Twitter 2.01 days ago linka9ex
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Deepfake video is about to become table-stakes marketing1 days ago linkpranaygp
Physicists Create a Wormhole Using a Quantum Computer1 days ago linkabhaynayar
Physicists Create a Wormhole Using a Quantum Computer1 days ago linkmpartel
Big Tech Don't Care and That's Okay1 days ago linksailplease
Patch set allows scheduling policies to be implemented as BPF programs1 days ago linkmarcodiego
Ivory: Tapbot’s work-in-progress iOS and iPadOS Mastodon client1 days ago linkgannonburgett
Things I Wish I Knew Before Learning Software Engineering1 days ago linkkl13nt
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Show HN: Plays the current news program from Voice of America1 days ago linkwestcort
I/O still is the bottleneck1 days ago linkstabbles
Image Generation with Electrostatics1 days ago linkSleekEagle
Font IG Aesthetic1 days ago linkrahulbstomar
Metrics for Your Web Application's Dashboards1 days ago linkcharlieirish
CT scan shows there's still lots of toner left in an “empty” cartridge1 days ago linkjonbruner
Cryptsetup 2.6.0 released with FileVault2 support1 days ago linkjakobdabo
Framework Mainboard Inside a Keyboard1 days ago linkmatthewfcarlson
Are Startups Worth It: Mission vs. Engagement1 days ago linkdomk
Where should my priorities be to improve my health?1 days ago linklukas099
Permissions (access control) in web apps1 days ago linkMartinsos
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Physicists Create a Wormhole Using a Quantum Computer1 days ago linkgeorgehill
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Building a CLI Application with Oclif1 days ago linknathantotten
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The World Cup's New High-Tech Ball Will Change Soccer Forever1 days ago linkrobbiemitchell
Cloudflare annual plans and price increase1 days ago linklpellegr
Estonia saved its citizens 820 years by moving public services online1 days ago linkvalkrieco
Programmable Ink1 days ago linknickmain
Revert “flag_descriptions: Add note about JPEG XL removal”1 days ago linklladnar
Every Song with over 1B Spotify Streams1 days ago linkkloch
Science Eye1 days ago linkdomrdy
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Project Management: Time Estimations1 days ago linkJacKTrocinskI
Grow the Puzzle Around You1 days ago linkrgbrgb
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