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The potential of physics-informed neural networks to solve problems in tokamaks24 min ago
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NEW_INTERSTELLAR.txt Embed – Pastes.io27 min ago
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End of SSH-RSA Support for Azure Repos27 min ago
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Falsehoods Junior Developers believe about becoming Senior31 min ago
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Show HN: Random() Distribution Visualizer (P5/JS)34 min ago
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Voice assistant locally on a RasPi 439 min ago
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There is no copy of the Voyager I software on Earth39 min ago
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Dagger CI on Fly for $3.50/mo41 min ago
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Using uv with pre-commit hooks45 min ago
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New Construction Photos from Saudi Arabia's NEOM/the Line47 min ago
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Summary of Windows Azure Service Disruption on Feb 29th, 201249 min ago
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LoRA Land: Fine-Tuned Open-Source LLMs That Outperform GPT-450 min ago
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Microsoft Makes Minecraft Modding Official59 min ago
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The Individual vs. Collective1 hours ago
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Creating Alertmanager templates for Slack (2022)1 hours ago
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Charged $14k to Use HTTP Archive's "Public" Data in 2 Hours1 hours ago
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Learn to write a schema only back end server with Teo1 hours ago
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Child is removed from home for improper pronoun usage1 hours ago
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Building a robot to protect cyclists: Part 11 hours ago
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RGB K-D Tree1 hours ago
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Mary Gaitskill Posts Her Drafts1 hours ago
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LED Matrix Earrings1 hours ago
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Internet Draft: Reverse HTTP1 hours ago
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The Rise and Fall of Easter Island's Moai1 hours ago
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I Ran a Background Check on a Startup1 hours ago
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A modest proposal for reducing mail traffic1 hours ago
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Exploring the Lean4 Language2 hours ago
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Cosmopedia: 30M synthetic textbooks and blogposts generated by Mixtral2 hours ago
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What Does Heat Level Do in Fortnite?2 hours ago
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Study shows femcels just hate men2 hours ago
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The Pentagon's Silicon Valley Problem2 hours ago
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Dashboard for EU DSA Transparency Database2 hours ago
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Software Engineering Interview Advice2 hours ago
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Stickers to manage social media replies2 hours ago
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IM-1 mission to touch down on the Moon: When and where it will land3 hours ago
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Why it is bad idea to check result of malloc call with assert8 hours ago
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4B If Statements3 hours ago
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Wage Compression at Gitlab3 hours ago
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How to Represent a Protein Sequence3 hours ago
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Moore's Scofflaws3 hours ago
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Using NER models to detect sensitive data in JSON3 hours ago
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Five Years of Memberships4 hours ago
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Martin Kleppmann talk on local-first (LoFi)4 hours ago
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I Quit Smartphones4 hours ago
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Signal: Keep your phone number private with Signal usernames4 hours ago
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Founder Vesting4 hours ago
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Updating GOV.UK’s crown4 hours ago
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From Samza to Flink: A Decade of Stream Processing4 hours ago
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Show HN: nudge: A command line tool for sending notifications via pushover4 hours ago
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Scaling ChatGPT: Five Real-World Engineering Challenges4 hours ago
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Does a photon exert a gravitational pull?4 hours ago
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Finance 101: The Guide for Seed/Series A Startups4 hours ago
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Terms of Service for Telegram Peer-to-Peer Login Program4 hours ago
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Robotic Process Automation Will Crash Anyway4 hours ago
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Introducing LlamaCloud and LlamaParse4 hours ago
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Show HN: I built my own CDN to host over 20k websites4 hours ago
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RawTherapee v5.104 hours ago
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Live Streaming the Super Bowl: The Art of Scaling Across Multiple Cloud Regions4 hours ago
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The New Yorker of podcast transcripts opens its archive5 hours ago
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Top identity and access management (IAM) tools for 20245 hours ago
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SSDs Have Become Fast, Except in the Cloud5 hours ago
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How to encrypt with low entropy secrets5 hours ago
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A Better Way to Technical Interview5 hours ago
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Leadership lessons from the engineering director shadow program at GitLab5 hours ago
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Show HN: LoraLand – 25 fine-tuned LLMs that beat GPT-45 hours ago
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Prime Spiral5 hours ago
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Why The New York Times might win its copyright lawsuit against OpenAI5 hours ago
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Gain Exclusive Access and VIP Concierge to celebrity talent and travel5 hours ago
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How ChatGPT made me lazy5 hours ago
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Illustrative notes for obsessing over publishing aesthetics5 hours ago
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The Surprising Rise of BMX Popularity in the United States5 hours ago
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Never* Use Datagrams6 hours ago
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Strategies for an Accelerating Future5 hours ago
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A Notion alternative beyond the cloud, data ownership and local-first5 hours ago
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A New Era for the Chinese Semiconductor Industry6 hours ago
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TechJobsForPalestine – Hire engineers or help spread the word6 hours ago
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Siglens: A columnar OLAP db that can execute queries 50x faster than ClickHouse6 hours ago
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Coding Interviews Are Effective6 hours ago
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We're moving to a post-entertainment society6 hours ago
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Scaling at Releem: The Technical Tale of Migrating to ClickHouse6 hours ago
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Hello World in C without libraries or similar dependencies6 hours ago
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Artificial Intelligence Is Stupid and Causal Reasoning Will Not Fix It6 hours ago
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Share Buttons – R74n6 hours ago
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The Future of Self Driving6 hours ago
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State of Design Systems – Zeroheight6 hours ago
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Specific Workflows for Specific Projects6 hours ago
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22 years later, YAML now has a media type6 hours ago
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Open Source: Current State and Future Hopes6 hours ago
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Why Do We Struggle to Write?6 hours ago
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Xlog is an open-source blogging platform on the blockchain6 hours ago
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Dopamine for Me, Addiction for Thee6 hours ago
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Overview of Authentication Using Magic Links6 hours ago
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Breaking the shared key in threshold signature schemes7 hours ago
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The Hugo Awards Scandal Is a Mess7 hours ago
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An American Education: Notes from UATX7 hours ago
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Cooking a Roast Beef: Graph of the progress of cooking a big roast7 hours ago
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CSS Is Impossible to Master and That's Okay7 hours ago
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1Password Acquires Kolide7 hours ago
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Turn your static websites into dynamic social profiles on the decentralized web7 hours ago
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FPV Flight Dynamics7 hours ago
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What ORMs have taught me: just learn SQL7 hours ago
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You need alerts for your alerts: the case of the missing file descriptors7 hours ago
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Show HN: I collected 3M reviews for a hotel and restaurant benchmark7 hours ago
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An open minded approach to interviewing candidates8 hours ago
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Ruby One-Liners Guide8 hours ago
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Ban on advertising VPN services to take effect on March 1 – media watchdog8 hours ago
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I Solved Existence8 hours ago
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I was deliberately infected with Zika to test a vaccine8 hours ago
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Android's Unlikely Success with Chet Haase8 hours ago
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X suspends the account of Yulia Navalnaya8 hours ago
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Remote memory profiling (Python code) with Memray8 hours ago
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X suspends account of Navalny's widow8 hours ago
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DNS Hijacking: Say My Name8 hours ago
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Is Ruby on Rails Dead?8 hours ago
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Capital One to Acquire Discover for $35.3B8 hours ago
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Scaling transformers for graph-structured data9 hours ago
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35M Hot Dogs: Benchmarking Caddy vs. Nginx9 hours ago
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Alexei Navalny's wife Yulia Navalnaya has X social media account suspended9 hours ago
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Bonetflix February 2024 marketing updates9 hours ago
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Details of LockBit Ransomware and Operations9 hours ago
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Hetzner GPU Server9 hours ago
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UI Is a Function of Your Organization9 hours ago
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How to create animated image card component with Tailwindcss and Astrojs9 hours ago
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A manifesto for small, static, web apps9 hours ago
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China is building more coal plants but might burn less coal9 hours ago
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Preview edition of Microsoft OS/2 2.0 sold on eBay10 hours ago
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ToolJet's flexible pricing for self-hosted customers10 hours ago
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Using Pulumi to Automatically Benchmark Cloud Providers10 hours ago
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Copernicus Interactive Climate Atlas10 hours ago
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Stonelifting Etiquette10 hours ago
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Finding Postgres rows too large for BTree indexes11 hours ago
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Artificial intelligence is not 'hyped enough'11 hours ago
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You don't need front end developers for Backstage integration11 hours ago
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Subprime Intelligence11 hours ago
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Need for Speed: Using RuboCop with Prism Redux11 hours ago
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Examining Lifespan11 hours ago
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Why Does the State Have a Monopoly on Money?11 hours ago
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Have front end frameworks destroyed the web?11 hours ago
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Easy/Lazy Tech Journalism11 hours ago
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PrintListener: Vulnerability of Fingerprint Authentication via Friction Sound11 hours ago
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Basic legal tips for startup companies12 hours ago
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Navalny's Letters from the Gulag to Nathan Sharansky12 hours ago
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A Visual Interactive Guide to Bloom Filters12 hours ago
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Video: Markets in Socialist Yugoslavia – 1970s (Restored)12 hours ago
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What Is Utility-First CSS?12 hours ago
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Why can't I trigger a blue screen crash by injecting the magic key sequence?12 hours ago
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This week in KDE: longstanding issues crushed13 hours ago
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How to Solve Xbox Error 0X87E0000D13 hours ago
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A mini-tool to extract links from sitemap.xml files13 hours ago
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Startup founders looking to establish their startup in Canada13 hours ago
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Building Search for the YC Company Directory with Trieve, Bun, and SolidJS13 hours ago
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The Moon and Serpent Bumper Book of Magic14 hours ago
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One Billion Rows Challenge in Golang14 hours ago
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WebKit Switching to Skia for 2D Graphics Rendering14 hours ago
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All scripting languages are hacks. Change my mind14 hours ago
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Qualcomm's Snapdragon X Elite Chip and the Next-Gen Windows Coming Mid-202414 hours ago
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How ElevenLabs is Preparing for Elections in 202414 hours ago
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Reducing Schizophrenia Risk15 hours ago
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Decent Imaginaries15 hours ago
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EU Cracks Down on Influencers15 hours ago
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Relational Queries and Vector Search15 hours ago
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Why Pandas feels clunky when coming from R16 hours ago
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Dynamic Prompts: Master the Art16 hours ago
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Discover, Buy and Sell Your Startups or Side Projects16 hours ago
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Zamm v0.1.0 – Zen and the Automation of Metaprogramming for the Masses16 hours ago
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An Interactive Guide to Flexbox16 hours ago
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LPU from Groq16 hours ago
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Strong opinions matter, and why you should have some as an agency17 hours ago
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620k km² Ocean sanctuary bill with little political interest17 hours ago
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RSS Feeds and Http2 Implimentation17 hours ago
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Water molecules detected on the surface of asteroids18 hours ago
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CSS Is Impossible and That's Okay18 hours ago
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A simple but safe deploy script18 hours ago
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ICJ court hearings on the Policies of Israel in the Occupied Territories [video]18 hours ago
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WoWMIPS: A MIPS Emulator for Windows Applications18 hours ago
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Trying to Show the Steam Overlay over WebView218 hours ago
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The Creator19 hours ago
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Ancient Lake Re-Emerges in Death Valley19 hours ago
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Women Get the Same Exercise Benefits as Men, but with Less Effort19 hours ago
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Over 320 Equinox Proxy Links – Pastes.io19 hours ago
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Monkey madness quantifier logic puzzle19 hours ago
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Show HN: SalieriAI,unleash your creative visual novel19 hours ago
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Using (Apache) NuttX Userled Subsystem20 hours ago
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Path of Love Skill Tree – Tasshin20 hours ago
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Mismanagement contributed to deaths in federal prisons20 hours ago
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Pulsar, the best code editor since Atom20 hours ago
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New Art Generator Released (fast/realistic Midjourney alternative)21 hours ago
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A $2M Water Cooler rental biz with cold calling only21 hours ago
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Building Zilliz Cloud from scratch in 18 months21 hours ago
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I Walked Across Spain21 hours ago
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Bloom Filters21 hours ago
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Towards memory safety with ownership checks for C21 hours ago
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How to Fold a Julia Fractal21 hours ago
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VCR Tracking Reminder Bumpers21 hours ago
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Steam Audio SDK and all included plugins now available under Apache-2.0 license21 hours ago
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FBI, British authorities seize infrastructure of LockBit ransomware group22 hours ago
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I Broke IKEA22 hours ago
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Rustifying libipuz: Character Sets22 hours ago
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Tech the Heck? – CloudTruth22 hours ago
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More firepower, fewer frigates: Australia's $11B navy upgrade revealed22 hours ago
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The Best Code Is Pseudocode22 hours ago
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Rotary Un-Smartphone beta kit22 hours ago
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The Berkeley Software Distribution23 hours ago
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The Magic, the Money, and the Madness23 hours ago
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Navalny's Letters from the Gulag23 hours ago
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Modeling interconnected social and technical risks in OSS ecosystems23 hours ago
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How to code FRI from scratch23 hours ago
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So You Want to Ship a Command-Line Tool for macOS1 days ago
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Building a Hybrid Native Application with Gleam and Tauri1 days ago
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The Story of Curl1 days ago
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The Curse of Capital Management1 days ago
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Abstraction and the Bayesian Occam's Razor1 days ago
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The State of Culture, 20241 days ago
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Bukele's Kingdom of Dreams1 days ago
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Show HN: Interactive Animations for Leetcode Algorithms1 days ago
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IBM/ThinkPad Keyboards List1 days ago
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"Send My AI"1 days ago
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Safecat: A ZK-snark friendly CLI tool for digital signatures1 days ago
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Why companies are leaving the cloud1 days ago
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Building your first computer vision model just got easier1 days ago
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Opening /proc/self/fd/1 is not the same as dup(1)1 days ago
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From Rubber Soul to Revolver1 days ago
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AutoGen code interpreter running code in cloud sandbox1 days ago
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Hono on Cloudflare Workers is 3x faster than alternatives1 days ago
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Re: Referer: (Sic)1 days ago
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Myth: Static IPs solves webhook security problems1 days ago
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Significantly Different1 days ago
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Web Security Basics (With Htmx)1 days ago
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A visual, interactive guide to bloom filters1 days ago
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Maine urges school districts to take electric buses off the road due to defects1 days ago
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Edmonton seeking $82M in damages from U.S. company over electric buses1 days ago
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BusAndTrainUser Verify1 days ago
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Benchmarking Object-Oriented Perl (2024)1 days ago
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Tips for getting a programming job abroad1 days ago
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Birdie Bill Would Expand Copyright Protections to Golf Courses1 days ago
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Show HN: Effect types and type inference in my language workbench [video]1 days ago
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Led Zeppelin's famous production glitch1 days ago
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Interview with Augustin Banyaga1 days ago
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Using Trino and Iceberg as the Foundation of Your Data Lakehouse1 days ago
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Alberta's Brutal Water Reckoning1 days ago
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Russian nukes in space: Intelligence leak more serious than the threat itself1 days ago
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The Athena Guide: Deduplicate Faster with Max_by and Arbitrary1 days ago
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Scientists Uncover the Genetic Basis of Fingerprints1 days ago
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Is client side security dead – or a crucial part of the future?1 days ago
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Reddit Scaled Authorization to Decisions per Second1 days ago
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Hundred Rabbits: A Duo's Journey in Sustainable Digital and Physical Creations1 days ago
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System Design in a Hurry: Crucial concepts for system design interviews1 days ago
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Subprime Intelligence1 days ago
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Secure your API with these 16 Practices with Apache APISIX (part 1)1 days ago
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Refactoring a monolith? You need(ed) a map1 days ago
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James Web Telescope observed galaxy that shouldn't exist1 days ago
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Optimize and monitor your fridge and freezer temperatures1 days ago
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The Mutant Wolves of Chernobyl Have Evolved to Survive Cancer1 days ago
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The Hardest Sudoku in the World1 days ago
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APIs Are an Unbreakable Contract1 days ago
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Scala1 days ago
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World's Deepest Cave1 days ago
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Pursuits That Can't Scale1 days ago
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The Boilermaker Story, or Knowing Where to Tap1 days ago
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Livestock carrier docked in Cape Town causes big stink and animal welfare beef1 days ago
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Hip to be square – 70 years of the Citroën H Van1 days ago
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Document Versioning / Join Semilattices1 days ago
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Terry Gilliam's Air Canada1 days ago
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LLMs can dream of electric sheep, but can they add?1 days ago
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Splitting Large Tasks Is Not a Mathematical Process1 days ago
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Workers sue Meta claiming viewing brutal videos caused psychological trauma1 days ago
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Adding Keyboard Shortcuts to a 24 Year Old Government Website with Userscripts1 days ago
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Greasy–and Good for the Planet1 days ago
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How to conduct an effective code review1 days ago
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When Should Copyright Get Shorter?1 days ago
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Lunar Explorer – A deep dive into a 1987 video game coded in BASIC1 days ago
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Show HN: Latex styled Jekyl static site, with auto-numbered section headings1 days ago
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Teenage Engineering Featured at Art of Noise, San Francisco1 days ago
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Mapped: Science and Technology Hubs1 days ago
hn link iancmceachern 10 Years of Throbbing Email1 days ago
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Stuck in the Middle with the Fujitsu FM-81 days ago
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We turned Duo's butt into a viral Super Bowl commercial1 days ago
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Today I Decided to Create a Tool That I Always Wanted1 days ago
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View Source1 days ago
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SSDs Have Become Fast, Except in the Cloud1 days ago
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Car Privacy Is Horrid1 days ago
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The First Quantum-Resistant Mesh VPN1 days ago
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Math of polygonal billiard tables and illumination1 days ago
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Gender differences in Dutch research funding over time1 days ago
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I-S00N: Leaked Documents Reveal China's Global Surveillance Program1 days ago
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Responsive Video Element and Codecs1 days ago
hn link davidvanleeuwen
Show HN: A new search engine for finding leads1 days ago
hn link friendly_chap
Semantic Versioning (Semver) is flawed1 days ago
hn link leephillips
Why listening well can make disagreements less damaging1 days ago
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Sequia: Black, elegant, modern and gentle theme for VS Code and other platforms1 days ago
hn link Mike_Andreuzza
Linux Distros: Ubuntu and Manjaro Fall Further into Oblivion – February 20241 days ago
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Mathematics Built the Modern World1 days ago
hn link marc__1
CSS-only DVD Screensaver animation1 days ago
hn link JavierM42
Let's not do this again, please1 days ago
hn link passwordoops
Like VS Code, but for 2D graphics – PixiEditor 2.0 is announced1 days ago
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'Nobody looks good': Many entities failed before the Fern Hollow Bridge did1 days ago
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2/16/24 Wyze Security Incident Update1 days ago
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Tasmanai – Prompt a Real Artist1 days ago
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How to Monitor Keywords on Reddit with Golang?1 days ago
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8-year-old is now the youngest player ever to beat GM in classical chess1 days ago
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Major fire breaks out at French plant housing lithium batteries1 days ago
hn link cheuv
Mamba: The Hard Way1 days ago
hn link dpstart01
Porting to GCC 14: C language issues1 days ago
hn link fweimer
Curated Onboarding: A Personal Touch to Community Building1 days ago
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The most useful programming language1 days ago
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The Realities of the Atomic Bombing – The City of Hiroshima1 days ago
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Principles for Package Repository Security1 days ago
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Look I made this with Gleam1 days ago
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Avalon Health Ranked Top EHR's in America1 days ago
hn link mohammedsohail
PostHog built its onboarding email flow (with actual performance data)1 days ago
hn link fmerian
Htmz – a low power tool for HTML1 days ago
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Realtime Dashboard of India's First Urban Mobility Platform1 days ago
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Intermittent fasting has varying effects on BDNF levels and cognitive functions1 days ago
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End-to-End Testing Emails1 days ago
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Launch of first decentralized savings account1 days ago
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Mitigating High CPU Usage in MySQL: Effective Strategies1 days ago
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How to Make a Slider in Tailwind1 days ago
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Downtime due to sign up spam1 days ago
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CaveRibbon (SFCave Remake)1 days ago
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Israel Turned Homeowners into YIMBYs1 days ago
hn link bswud
Choosing a Password Manager1 days ago
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Overthinking Leetcode's Two Sum with SIMD1 days ago
hn link killcoder
CSS Is Impossible and That's Okay1 days ago
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Rome's Hidden Killer1 days ago
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Crafting the Perfect Agency Website Template for Maximum Impact1 days ago
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Non-SARGable Predicates1 days ago
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My PHP Problems1 days ago
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Reactive Data Fetching and Updating in Nuxt 31 days ago
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My Client Website Got Hacked: Lessons Learned and Steps to Strengthen Security1 days ago
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Show HN: Interactive Cheatsheet about CORS1 days ago
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The day I canceled my Spotify subscription1 days ago
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SaaS Pricing – What I want vs. What I offer1 days ago
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Top API Management Trends in 20241 days ago
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De-clouding robot vacuums with Valetudo [video]1 days ago
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The Trust Flip1 days ago
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Largest natural gas leak from Nord Stream pipeline1 days ago
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Running Doom on Snowflake1 days ago
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SRE Archetypes1 days ago
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Ethernet: The Basics1 days ago
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Why Electron Is a Necessary Evil1 days ago
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Broken Authentication and Session Management1 days ago
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Raman2RNA: Live-cell prediction of single-cell RNA expression profiles1 days ago
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Pearl-7B-0211 LLM now exceeds 75 in the average score of the HF's Leaderboard1 days ago
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Josh: Just One Single History1 days ago
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Hire Angular Develoers1 days ago
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Backup Kindle Highlights1 days ago
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Capturing Avian Perspectives: Pigeon Photography1 days ago
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ChatGPT has made learning, using FreeBSD much easier1 days ago
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Floats Are Weird1 days ago
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Unmasking a Predator: Predatoryreports.org1 days ago
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"Rabbit Test" Unwins the Hugo Award1 days ago
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The Mutant Wolves of Chernobyl Have Evolved to Survive Cancer1 days ago
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What's the Difference Between Whiskey and Whisky?1 days ago
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There should only ever be one way to express yourself1 days ago
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How to weaponize LLMs to auto-hijack websites1 days ago
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VPP on FreeBSD1 days ago
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Lessons learned while creating Vector Search Service on cloud1 days ago
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Week 6, silent errors and processed food1 days ago
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The Plastic Chemicals Hiding in Your Food1 days ago
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The History You Miss on Your Way to Work1 days ago
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Talent is everywhere, opportunity is not. We are all losing out because of this1 days ago
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GLP1 (ozempic, mounjaro, etc.) prices – February 20241 days ago
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Firmware History: Halfway Between Hardware and Software1 days ago
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How Street View Works, and Where We Will Collect Images Next1 days ago
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STNWeb: A new visualization tool for analyzing optimization algorithms1 days ago
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Diseconomies of scale in fraud, spam, support, and moderation1 days ago
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The Lost Colony of Roanoke1 days ago
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We're entering a golden age of engineering biology1 days ago
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The UX of Lego Interface Panels1 days ago
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Love Is Like Physics2 days ago
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Running Doom on Snowflake2 days ago
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Our Website Source Is Now Private, a Cautionary Tale2 days ago
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Show HN: Like HN, but for Science2 days ago
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I Explain the Golden Formula for Getting Clicks2 days ago
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Wikipedia Reputation and the Wemedia Project (2004)2 days ago
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My Julia Book Is in Libraries2 days ago
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It takes about two months to write a technical book2 days ago
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When a Digit Makes a Difference2 days ago
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The Man in Seat 61: train travel guide for the UK, Europe and worldwide2 days ago
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Show HN: The History Chronicle – daily historical facts in newspaper form2 days ago
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ThreeJS – MeshNormalMaterial (Experiment)2 days ago
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Windows Kernel Debugging in VMware2 days ago
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Pico+: Premium Pico Services2 days ago
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Human languages with higher information density have more speed but less breadth2 days ago
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KYC. No, Thanks2 days ago
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Former YouTube CEO's son identified as student who died at UC Berkeley2 days ago
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Implementing the Successor to LoRA (Low-Rank Adaptation) from Scratch2 days ago
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The future of our fdroid-compatible app repository2 days ago
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Microsoft's Commitment to Azure IoT2 days ago
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Sent – simple plaintext presentation tool2 days ago
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Software infrastructure 2.0: a wishlist (2021)2 days ago
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Some Thoughts on Jekyll2 days ago
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Strategy, Science and Life2 days ago
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New Stable Cascade image-generation model – try it online2 days ago
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How to Build Trust2 days ago
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Nixing Technological Lock In2 days ago
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Heart Aerospace Announces Layoffs2 days ago
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I Taught the Iliad to Chinese Teenagers2 days ago
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Bitmagnet Allows People to Run Their Own Decentralized Torrent Indexer Locally2 days ago
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Terminal Count2 days ago
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What's an Obelisk, Anyway?2 days ago
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Technology and (Dis)Empowerment: A Call to Technologists2 days ago
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Components that we built in our notification service2 days ago
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Top Trends on Hacker News2 days ago
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Everything Is a Linear Model2 days ago
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Ryujinx Progress Report January 20242 days ago
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Show HN: Workout app that learns how you should train, built by scientists2 days ago
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Our Obsession with Hypocrisy: A Selection from Neal Stephenson's the Diamond Age2 days ago
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Pico CSS – What's new in v2?2 days ago
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Anonymous Exits – Pt. 1 (interview with an exited edtech founder)2 days ago
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Backprop Isn't Just for Calculus2 days ago
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Tired of Slow Loading Pages? Speed Up Your Web App with WebSockets2 days ago
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You can now add a comment section to your site with Bhread2 days ago
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OpenBSD -current moves to 7.5-beta2 days ago
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OpenBSD – New wi-fi driver, qwx(4), enabled in -current2 days ago
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Plus and Times Set Free2 days ago
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Have a ball of mud? You need(ed) a map2 days ago
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What is a long context window?2 days ago
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Cosmic Desktop Is Slated to Debut with Pop _OS 24.04 LTS2 days ago
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Revolutionizing PostgreSQL Schema Changes with pg-osc2 days ago
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An accessible one-handed keyboard, inspired by FrogPad2 days ago
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Mercury: Council and Parliament strike a deal to phase out mercury in the EU2 days ago
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Old London Bridge2 days ago
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Semantics and the Web an Awkward History2 days ago
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Why is everything based on likelihoods even though likelihoods are so small?2 days ago
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Higher for Longer Inflation Rates Not over Until the Fat Lady Sings?2 days ago
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HTML Tags (1991)2 days ago
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Rice grains integrated with animal cells: shortcut to a sustainable food system2 days ago
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Musk's Biography: Why It's Interesting2 days ago
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All Sora news coverage in one place2 days ago
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Things Fell Apart2 days ago
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User Disengagement2 days ago
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It is forbidden to talk about violence at the Chaos Computer Club2 days ago
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Solved and Unsolved Problems2 days ago
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We're entering a golden age of engineering biology2 days ago
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Developing a Privacy-Focused and Engaging Captcha2 days ago
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How legacy IPv6 addresses can spoil your network privacy (2022)2 days ago
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Unexpected Origins of Mysterious Mummies Buried in Boats in a Chinese Desert2 days ago
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Shipping quality software in hostile environments2 days ago
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Wddbfs – Mount a SQLite database as a filesystem2 days ago
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Laughing Off the Dark Mode Lobby2 days ago
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I made 21 products in 2 years and made $323,0002 days ago
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Penbak – Problem is not between computer and keyboard2 days ago
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A maturity model for data-driven teams2 days ago
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The ninth set of radio gymnastics of the People's Republic of China2 days ago
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The Ada Lovelace Myth2 days ago
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Replika app is Russian spyware (in Finnish)2 days ago
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Profiling Dune Builds2 days ago
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Astronomers Caught Dark Matter in the Cosmic Web, Revealing an Unseen Universe2 days ago
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Hundred Pages vs. 11 Words2 days ago
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Face Off – GoldDigger Trojan now affect iOS as well2 days ago
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Intel accused of inflating CPU benchmark results2 days ago
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An algorithm denied food to poor in India's Telangana2 days ago
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Carbon Capture Facility in World Creates 25x More CO2 from Use of Product2 days ago
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Opening Up GitButler2 days ago
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Water: How much should you drink every day?2 days ago
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Trillion dollar warnings in commercial real estate2 days ago
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Climate activist Thunberg urges 'no silence on genocide in Palestine'2 days ago
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I Will Be Damned If I'm Going to Give Another Nickel to the Netanyahu Government2 days ago
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Show HN: FakeMyDb – Fake data generator for your RDBMS2 days ago
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Defining the Corporate Hierarchy2 days ago
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Tasting Notes from Vercel's Evil Rabbit2 days ago
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Glow-in-the-Dark Flowers Are Coming This Spring: Meet the Firefly Petunia2 days ago
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What Would a Potential 8K Disc Format Look Like?2 days ago
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Turbo Sortable Paginated Tables2 days ago
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Algeria Developer Survey 2024: Challenges and opportunities2 days ago
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The RCT2 community just put out what they deem as the greatest park of all time2 days ago
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Towards Qwik 2.02 days ago
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A Large-Scale Analysis of Cryptographic Dangers with TLS Session Tickets2 days ago
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Plus and Times Set Free2 days ago
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Emirb – Run IRB in the Browser2 days ago
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The Inefficiencies of Monolithic Blockchains2 days ago
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Linux ABI Tracker2 days ago
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When a Machine Fired Me2 days ago
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From 1s to 4ms2 days ago
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Simple SlackBot to answer questions automatically2 days ago
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Why carbon-aware routing would break the Internet2 days ago
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Selective Neuronal Entrainment to Beat and Meter Embedded in a Musical Rhythm2 days ago
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Why Are People Unhealthy?3 days ago
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My Notes on Gitlab's Postgres Schema Design (2022)3 days ago
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Third -party Cookie3 days ago
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London Overground split into 6 lines with new names3 days ago
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New Smallest PNG (58 bytes)3 days ago
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I can't wait for the autogenerated movies3 days ago
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Interactive Coloring with SD ControlNet3 days ago
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Zionstack Discussions Section3 days ago
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Disco Elysium studio laying off nearly 25% of its staff3 days ago
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In the Shadow of Silicon Valley3 days ago
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Releasing my tools under the MIT License was probably a mistake3 days ago
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Fulda and Debatin: Reproducibility of Results in Medical and Biomedical Research3 days ago
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Graduate Loan Borrowers May Be Overpaying the Government by $100K+3 days ago
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The Layoff3 days ago
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Using ChatGPT to make a Pokémon theme of my favorite card game3 days ago
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Android: Prompt users to update to your latest app version3 days ago
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Run Llama 2 uncensored locally3 days ago
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Show HN: Polybar Module for Using AirPods3 days ago
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Don't Start an Analytics Company3 days ago
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You should listen to the Changelog3 days ago
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Phallocentricity in GPT-J's stratified ontology3 days ago
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Unreal Engine 5 can now run in a web browser3 days ago
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