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Cloudless IoT: The Internet of Things, Without the Cloud2 hours ago linktdrnd
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Running a job board in Japan can land you in prison2 hours ago linkbemmu
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Legendary Game Dev Jeff Minter Names No Man's Sky as His Game of a Generation3 hours ago linkblakespot
Principles for a Diverging Desktop Future3 hours ago linkkarlicoss
Vacation Enclave in Hamptons, 2 Billboards, Endless Fight for Tribal Sovereignty3 hours ago linkthread_id
IT Hare on Soft.ware3 hours ago
ithare.comhn linkezhil
Freakonomics Asks Does Digital Advertising Actually Work?3 hours ago linkjpn
Nicalis issues DMCA against fan remake of original freeware Cave Story engine4 hours ago linkspondyl
Thanksgiving took place first in Virginia4 hours ago linkfrankharv
How motivation helps you in productivity?4 hours ago linkPreeti_006
Iceberg A-68A: Hit or Miss?4 hours ago linkJetSpiegel
What should a new OS have?5 hours ago linkcercatrova
$THANKS – a cryptocurrency you earn by being thankful6 hours ago linkbrettgoldstein3
Walking Has Changed My Life6 hours ago linkdbustac
When Is the Last Time You Had a Conversation with Yourself: Introducing Engram6 hours ago linkdevtailz
Smartness is a zero-sum game6 hours ago linknew_guy
Psiloscoby: Psilocybin Brewed by Kombucha7 hours ago linkgreyface-
Statistics is not the tool of big data analysis(TC ver.)(with cpp)7 hours ago linkmeiyulee
Do We Need Green Screens for High-Quality Real-Time Human Matting?10 hours ago linkabc_swx
1.5 is the midpoint between 0 and infinity in Ruby7 hours ago linkpeterzhu2118
Site Updated – Foodio7 hours ago
foodio.networkhn linktbgtrade
A look at Chang’e 5 telemetry7 hours ago linkkwk1
Free 7 days course to land your first client7 hours ago linkkiraken
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Just Do It. Consistently8 hours ago linkjustanotherpm
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Improve your forecasting skills with each avocado you open8 hours ago linkkadavy
Home automation: reading my IZAR WMBus PRIOS hot water smart meter8 hours ago linkZeWaren
Mozart transcribed Allegri's Miserere just by hearing it once in Sistine chapel9 hours ago linkkodisha
Someone Attacked Our Company9 hours ago linkalbertop
My Developer Courses ~70% Off on Black Friday to Cyber Monday9 hours ago linkmrahmadawais
Machine Learning Attack Series: Overview10 hours ago linkwendythehacker
Physicists successfully modify a semiconductor to to create a superconductor10 hours ago linkuvznab
Aurora Droid: Better designed alternative to F-droid and playstore10 hours ago linksearchableguy
Competition isn't the only answer to create value for our society10 hours ago linkssoonns
An open source, easy-to-hack text/audio chat system10 hours ago linkvandyswa
Hack Friday?10 hours ago linkBinaryBuddha
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To Hell with Setters and Getters10 hours ago linksocialdemocrat
Internationalization and l10n: List of developer tutorials11 hours ago linkemilsw
Adding an Air Purifier to Your Home Is the Most Important Thing You Can Do11 hours ago linkkylebenzle
A little technique to write unignorable headlines: handle objections right away11 hours ago linkkervokian
Show HN: Daily Wellness via Text Messages11 hours ago
thedailywellness.cohn linktanmayisai
Leaf-cutter ants have rocky crystal armor, never before seen in insects11 hours ago linkkul
Web Hosting: Should You Switch to VPS?11 hours ago linkmykrawsh
On Domain Expertise12 hours ago linkjoseakle
Themes of .NET: High-level plans for .NET 612 hours ago linkripley12
The Challenges of Autosave12 hours ago linksygma
Nap Framework – Connect Everything12 hours ago linkkvdmolen
I need one karma (Keybase requires =2):-)12 hours ago linkmarcofavorito
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European parliament votes for right to repair12 hours ago linkmywacaday
Hire people who give a shit12 hours ago linkayw
Zoombombing the EU Foreign Affairs Council12 hours ago linkthread_id
See when you are likely to die (median death based only on gender and age)12 hours ago linkyetanothermonk
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Ben Thompson’s Stratechery, Part 212 hours ago linkeldridgea
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Mastering Unix pipes, Part 112 hours ago linkfcambus
_____donnie Darko_____12 hours ago linkjohnchristopher
Democratic Source Code for a New U.S.-EU Tech Alliance13 hours ago linkroom505
The E Programming Language13 hours ago linkpkd
Show HN: The NoJS Club13 hours ago link0goel0
China censors Canadian curriculums at international schools13 hours ago linkhker
Show HN: Audiblogs 1.0– Send web articles to your podcast player (in audio)13 hours ago linkjazz3020
Endless DE-Ssert13 hours ago linkdEnigma
Interplanetary Storm Botnet Shows Signs of Proxy-for-Hire Infrastructure13 hours ago linkspzx
The Oldest Book Ever Written on Trading Stocks (330 Years Old)13 hours ago linkH8crilA
Indie app deals for Black Friday in every category13 hours ago linkbdev12345
Ragya – Indian classical music played by time of the day13 hours ago linkkadal
Mud Runner from Epic games is free now13 hours ago linkatilla_bilgic
Choosing a Name for Your Computer (1990)13 hours ago linkrickdeveloper
What You Need to Know About NPM Workspaces13 hours ago linkFrapFrap
Closed Beta Launch Today14 hours ago
joinpressto.comhn linkdstedman
Remarkable 2 Paper Tablet14 hours ago
www.remarkable.comhn linkkyleShropshire
Revisiting Bookmarklets14 hours ago linkcoreyprophitt
Is GoPro Going to Survive?14 hours ago linkstefanneculai
Black Friday 2020: The Best Tech Deals [Updated]14 hours ago linkbojanvidanovic
Testing Console Mode Spreadsheets14 hours ago linktaviso
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Show HN: Shareable Tweets14 hours ago
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How to Prepare for Your Next Game Jam14 hours ago linkinvader
5 Second Feedback14 hours ago linkmcrittenden
Dutch city uses algorithm to assess home value, but has no idea how it works14 hours ago linkuser1241320
Deployments without YAML using Ketch14 hours ago linknotkaiho
All Our Selves in One Basket – on centralization of social spaces14 hours ago linkInvisibleUp
Does Advertising Work? (Part 2: Digital) (Ep. 441)14 hours ago linkst1x7
Designing spontaneous behavioral switching via chaotic itinerancy15 hours ago linkrch
Making web dev on Windows great with WSL215 hours ago linkakrymski
A little technique to write unignorable headlines: handle objections right away15 hours ago linkkervokian
Question the President15 hours ago linkMalteBerlin
Demystifying Ethereum 2.015 hours ago linkadlrocha
You and Your Research, by Richard Hamming15 hours ago linkflreln
Organisational structures to create autonomy: what I've learned from my daughter15 hours ago linkjoaoasrosa
Why we are underestimating Zoom and it’s impact?15 hours ago linkmaxejennings
Screen Space Refraction (SSR)15 hours ago linklettier
Making an Ubuntu 20.04 ISO that will boot on UEFI systems15 hours ago linkink_13
Tech Is Your Bestie15 hours ago linkblackpandan
Things I Don’t Know as of 201815 hours ago linkgurjeet
Rebuilding the Racket Compiler with Chez Scheme15 hours ago linkdelmatte
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I Quit Entrepreneurship to Become a Writer16 hours ago linkjrleonr
Further thoughts on UEFI: how and why did we get it, anyway?16 hours ago linklproven
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PeerTube Admin: How to subscribe to a channel from a different instance?16 hours ago linkjeena
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SEC Charges E-Commerce Startup and CEO with Defrauding Investors16 hours ago linkrandycupertino
On Effective Learning16 hours ago link300
The biggest social media marketing marketplace (prices start at $0.01/1k)16 hours ago
liketide.comhn linkcakeurl
Twitter is now actively censoring legal documents16 hours ago linkminerjoe
Any of you guys recording gaps and drift in their infrastructure?16 hours ago linkgeraldC13
Music Production on Guix System16 hours ago linkrekado
PHP 8 Is Here16 hours ago linkpow-tac
A Test16 hours ago linkwillyp
DigitalOcean Introducing Storage-Optimized Droplets with NVMe SSD16 hours ago linkasadawadia
Transfer learning in medical imaging: classification and segmentation16 hours ago linkblack0017
PHP 8 Released16 hours ago linkbrendt_gd
Show HN: ChronoFlo – Create beautiful timelines you can share on the web16 hours ago linkalexkearns
Understanding page faults and memory swap-in/outs16 hours ago linkjakogut
Show HN: I made a site that lets you take notes and loop segments, Spotify+YT17 hours ago
slapper.iohn linklarskarbo
Finding purpose when your product isn't literally saving lives17 hours ago linkanirudhmurali
The Case for Side Projects17 hours ago linkscastiel
Less alcohol consumption is the main reason why young people are having less sex17 hours ago linkBologo
Be Thankful for Open Source17 hours ago linkabqexpert
No Perfect Reorg17 hours ago linkabyx
Show HN: Find info about the developers who post projects on Show HN17 hours ago linkscastiel
Coinbase is experiencing connectivity issues17 hours ago
status.coinbase.comhn linkjohnnatan20
Spotify Status GIFs17 hours ago linksupernihil
Minecraft moderators can now perma-ban players “who do not follow” the rules17 hours ago linkpdkl95
We just hit $1M ARR for the second time. Here's my best advice17 hours ago linkrosiesherry
WebADB – Manipulate Android devices from your browser17 hours ago
webadb.comhn linkgreatjack613
How to care less to earn more as a freelancer17 hours ago linkPoseidon_Tech
Bottlenecks and Code Review17 hours ago linkruss_poll
New Particles Discovered at the LHC17 hours ago linkdede4metal
We Get Customers, by Writing Code17 hours ago linkkrm01
Tasks and Algorithms Supported by MMPose17 hours ago linkinnerlee
Filesystem and Database are not cutting the problem space right17 hours ago linkharporoeder
Ditch Excel and Use Julia Data Frames17 hours ago linksocialdemocrat
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How to Be Lucky in Life?18 hours ago linkBabmeagle
How Neural Network Interpretation Has Evolved18 hours ago linkaliabd
Become More Confident as a Developer18 hours ago linkjesuisundev
Collaboration Partners – Business Alliance18 hours ago linkjamestamsg
Starlink Teardown18 hours ago linkturrini
PHP 8 Release Announcement18 hours ago linkbogdanu
Automate Nginx Unit with Ansible18 hours ago linkxlab-si
Engineering Marketing18 hours ago linkkrm01
Tokamak Network – The First On-Demand Layer 2 Aggregator to Debut18 hours ago linkJameelMorton
Black Friday and Cyber Monday – Mental Health and Technology18 hours ago linkLima_Writes
A little technique to write unignorable headlines: handle objections right away18 hours ago linkkervokian
Ubuntu successfully virtualizied on M118 hours ago linkhans1729
Best Jeff Bezos Entrepreneur Quotes That Will Make You Successful18 hours ago linkavayehamrah
Made Tech – Engineers Assemble19 hours ago linkMadeTechCareers
A Review of the YunoHost Personal Web Server Configuration Software19 hours ago linksT370ma2
Consider making your web app offline-first19 hours ago linkkevsim
Leaf-Cutter Ants First Insects Discovered to Have Biominerial Body Armor19 hours ago linkherve76
I built the Long Leaf Pine Slate, and you can too19 hours ago linkntang
Save 50% on a SaaS starter-kit during Black Friday19 hours ago linkjakeprins
Boycott Black Friday and Cyber Monday 202019 hours ago linktannhaeuser
Engineering Growth19 hours ago linkkrm01
Сommon Agile problems or when to rather use some common sense19 hours ago linkasshalamova
Show HN: Forexbook – Automated trading journal that syncs with Metatrader19 hours ago
forexbook.comhn linkchanar
Does Advertising Work? (Part 2: Digital)19 hours ago linkamichail
Product Vision as a First-Step for Outsourcing19 hours ago linkvasya-gh
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Get New Customers, by Writing Code20 hours ago linkkrm01
Ontology, Graphs and Turtles20 hours ago linkdcu
Site.js – Small Web construction set20 hours ago linkunicornporn
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On (not) leaving San Francisco20 hours ago linkdmytton
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Implementing LU and Cholesky Decomposition in D20 hours ago linkdatapulverizer
How Much Data Does Your Music Streaming Service Use21 hours ago linkewelina_fym
Configuration Magic21 hours ago linkspondyl
We need a FrontPage that lets common folk retake the internet with creativity21 hours ago linkpmlnr – travel inspiration during pandemic21 hours ago linkvladimeeer
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Open Source at Travis CI – An Update21 hours ago linkaleksi
Spark and Cassandra, All You Need to Know: Tips and Optimizations21 hours ago linkonig90
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The Modern Flat-Earth Movement and Anti-Semitism21 hours ago linkthazework
Why Star Wars isn’t a desirable future21 hours ago linkkvrichard
CSS calc – round down with two decimal cases21 hours ago linkdanielskogly
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Zoom marketplace to promote and sell your visio sessions22 hours ago linkTripleH
Acoustic Survey of the Cathédrale Notre-Dame Before and After the Fire of 201922 hours ago linkazalemeth
Product Development Glossary from Quality Wolves22 hours ago linkKotsuneun
6 Essential Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Programming22 hours ago linknickbull
China aims to shake US grip on chip design tools22 hours ago linkthrowaway4good
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Lack of developer tools is lagging behind voice search adoption22 hours ago linkvoiceux
SAP Commerce (Hybris) interview questions with answers – Parth 2 – IMPEX23 hours ago linkxterminal
How to Think About the Danish Mask Study23 hours ago linksjcsjc
Free interactive textbook for bayeasian NLP23 hours ago
problang.orghn link_false
PHP 8.0: a new version, a new era23 hours ago linkznpy
Big batteries are getting bigger and smarter23 hours ago linkdavedx
Connections by James Burke (1978)23 hours ago linkgraphcalculator
Your Move, iPad23 hours ago linkrcarmo
Functional Lodash and Data Immutability23 hours ago linkviebel
DigitalOcean Response for Taking over 20K DigitalOcean Domains23 hours ago linkjohnx123-up
When journalists try to take down startups23 hours ago linkwilliswee
Intel’s Piuma Graph Analytics Hardware23 hours ago linkyvdriess
What did I forget by working for the same company?23 hours ago linkrcarmo
Deformable Neural Radiance Fields1 days ago linkwildpeaks
Magic Mushrooms Are Changing the Lives of Terminal Cancer Patients1 days ago linkmrzool
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Interesting of the Week1 days ago linklassmaglio
Interface ChronoLocalDate1 days ago linkfomine3
The Lean Web1 days ago
leanweb.devhn linknaetius
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Mathematical Modelling of Football (Soccer)1 days ago linkhenrik_w
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Coding for Kids1 days ago linkstann
Clearing my 60+ tabs for the week: Video Game Soda Machine Project1 days ago linkrazodactyl
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Podcast Episode – a thanks to all of you this year1 days ago linkGrfxGuru
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Modern storage is plenty fast. It is the APIs that are bad1 days ago linkdochtman
Enjoyment Now or Health Later?1 days ago linkKlimYadrintsev
Brian Chesky – The Giving Pledge1 days ago linkJaxtek
Quantum Realism1 days ago linkbmcn2020
Lest We Forget: List of early pioneers in the Indian tech ecosystem1 days ago linkrishabhkaul1
Sound of OM raises level of neurotransmitters,serotonin,dopamine,oxygen in blood1 days ago linksushilchoudhari
The XPL0 Programming Language1 days ago linkgps0
Show HN: Modernizing Legacy Computer Systems1 days ago linkmbellotti
Create a City Building Game in Unity1 days ago linkstudentLS
Terra – An always-on voice band that tracks your tone and energy through the day1 days ago linkPodCurator
The Luck of Lansing1 days ago linkdenminn
Investors pledge $815m for Vietnamese startups1 days ago linkwilliswee
Borexino spots solar neutrinos from elusive fusion cycle1 days ago linkjdnier
Dicta1 days ago linkcinquemb
A GPT-3 Powered Gift Recommender – For those of you as bad at gifting as I am1 days ago
GiftGenius.aihn linkkristintynski
DIY NAS: 2020 Edition1 days ago linksashk
Maxzzz Copper vs Bamboo Mattress Topper – Which One Is Better?1 days ago linkketsai
Parler Wasn't Hacked, but That Doesn't Mean It's Safe to Use1 days ago linkwilliamsharris
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General Motors launches Insurance Services based on OnStar data1 days ago linkdmitrygr
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Guide on writing well1 days ago linkdo
Against the suburban ethos, lack of ambition to do new things1 days ago linkkafkabot99
Migrating from Exadata to a Scale-Out HTAP Database for Near Real-Time Analytics1 days ago linkgesaint
3D Cube1 days ago
3dcube.gahn linktihomir
Basic JavaScript: Golf Code1 days ago linkAfySco
History of Floppy Disk Piracy and Anti-Pirating Techniques1 days ago linkanjel
Where is technical innovation happening?1 days ago linkotoolep
Love the Problem, Not the Solution1 days ago linkdralley
The Alignment Problem by Brian Christian1 days ago linknobody9999
Show HN: BLRB (Speak Your Mind)1 days ago linkdweekly
Games People Play – The Blogpost1 days ago linkneilkakkar
Mexico uses asymmetric encryption for university diplomas and taxes1 days ago linkdshacker
Is anyone attempting to reverse-engineer Parler?1 days ago linkdavidblue
The Golden Handcuffs Were Inside of You the Whole Time1 days ago linkapplieddivinity
TikTok Unofficial API1 days ago linkillegally
Sales Acceleration Technology: 7 Reasons Your Business Needs It1 days ago linkjeremymendoza
WWV Simulator1 days ago linkdonpp
Elsevier Chairman YS Chi’s Letter to President-Elect Joe Biden1 days ago linkneilfrndes
Cloud Gaming: Reviewing the Options on PC1 days ago linkekianjo
Researchers link specific gut bacteria to irritable bowel syndrome1 days ago linkrbjorklin
How fast does interpolation search converge?1 days ago linktgymnich
Show HN: Inclusive Virtual Conference Platform1 days ago
shaka.livehn linkcsthompson24
Danish Nuclear Startup Taps Billionaire for Asian Reactor1 days ago linksandwall
How Sexual Empowerment Screws Women1 days ago linkjnord
Magnetic USB-Cable Mod for Ultimate Hacking Keyboard1 days ago linksimon1573
Dutch reporter hacks EU defense ministers' meeting1 days ago linkoori
Be Thankful for Open Source1 days ago linkgreatgoat420
Give the Gift of Security1 days ago linkmathchick
You Shouldn’t Ask a Charity How It Spends Your Donation1 days ago linkOvertonwindow
Show HN: Do you live on a Democratic or Republican street?1 days ago
politicalstreets.comhn linkwalz
WordPress Black Friday Deals Don't Shoot Me, Trying to Be Different OK?1 days ago linkbeezlebub
Discord bans me for using their official client1 days ago linkjkcclemens
Show HN: Open-source mobile login and user management without OAuth2 complexity1 days ago linkpiewzko
Illusion of the Year1 days ago linkpvorb
Anti-captcha: Pay people to solve captchas1 days ago linkhedora
How to Solve Sudoku with R1 days ago linkatreadw
A Survival Guide to Medieval Fairy Tales1 days ago linklobbly
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Scatter 4.0 for Blender has been released1 days ago linkjuretriglav
Utility-First – Tailwind CSS1 days ago linkclessg
Hack Your Environment1 days ago linkpatapizza
Sturgeon’s Law, Applied to Content1 days ago linkdbustac
Lion cheaper than a pedigree kitten in Japan1 days ago linksiberianbear
The first stable toolchain release of SwiftWasm1 days ago linkjesperlang
Enabling pgAudit, pgcrypto and scram-SHA-256 in Distributed SQL1 days ago linksickeythecat
Let's dump the partition table in Raku1 days ago linklizmat
Supplements Don’t “Boost” Your Immune System1 days ago linkpelasaco
Integrity as a Business Advantage1 days ago linkantcas
Magic: The Gathering is Turing Complete1 days ago linktolarianwiz
FreeBSD Desktop Series1 days ago linkpatternexon
Remembering Maradona with their latest Instagram Posts1 days ago linkdarielnoel
Show HN: Workspaces 2 for Mac: prepare your working environment in seconds1 days ago linkemkaka
The last question by Isaac Asimov (1956)1 days ago linkvirde
A mathematical formulation of the tax code?1 days ago linkqb
A list of measurements that “measurement haters” probably appreciate1 days ago linkwbharding
How to (Actually) Use Reddit to Get More Views1 days ago linkkylebenzle
A Port of “The Last True Unix” to x861 days ago linkKoshkin
Show HN: – Recipe text extractor. Skip the ads, life story, etc.1 days ago
recipe.wtfhn linkjrobins
Deal with That Winning IDEA(PT4)1 days ago linkJionotes
Free Front-End Mentorships1 days ago linkCharGreenman
Machine Learning Up-to-Date #241 days ago linkaagnone
Use `nproc` and not grep /proc/cpuinfo1 days ago linkharporoeder
Show HN: New IP Geolocation and Threat Intelligence API1 days ago
astroip.cohn linkdev-bre
Stop Using HCAPTCHA1 days ago linkvincent_s
Technical phone screen superforecasters1 days ago linkleeny
Modern storage is plenty fast1 days ago linkyxhuvud
Percussive Maintenance1 days ago linkdiffuse_l
Fossil: Software Configuration Management System1 days ago linktheastrowolfe
Lensless Single-exposure 3D Imaging1 days ago linkgtsnexp
Chapter 0: Soldier of Fortune1 days ago linkf_o_m
Ubiquiti's Aug. 2020 EULA allows silent auto updates without notice or consent1 days ago linkmagnaton
6-step plan to productively talk about climate change with your family1 days ago linkniviachanta
Show HN: Solve with backtracking and visualize solutions of Eight Queen puzzle1 days ago linkcodeguppy
Show HN: Solve with backtracking and visualize with animation Sudoku puzzle1 days ago linkcodeguppy
WebADB1 days ago
webadb.comhn linkgreatjack613
Modern storage is plenty fast. It is the APIs that are bad1 days ago linkmfiguiere
CodeShip basic builds are not building1 days ago linkttamslam
Demanding SV Suppress “Hyper-Partisan Sites” in Favor of MSM Is a Fraud1 days ago linkg42gregory
Learning Ethical Hacking for Bug Bounty & I Want Hackers For Collaboration1 days ago
google.comhn linklazzyfrog
Uneed Frontend: A list of 179 hand-picked tools for frontend developers1 days ago linkzahil
HCaptcha now runs on 15% of the internet1 days ago linkfab1an
Free and easy to customize developer portfolio starter kit1 days ago linkghostffcode
How to prepare for a coding interview in 8 weeks1 days ago linksharjeelsidd
Generate RSS feeds for your static Next.js blog1 days ago linkphiilu
Exit Feeds, Enter Community1 days ago linkivanagas
Edward Snowden on Silicon Valley Censorship, Biden, and Press Freedom Dangers1 days ago linkg42gregory
Don't Be a Success Addict1 days ago linkdavefreiburger
Fundrise Has Competition in Fractional Franchise Ownership1 days ago
www.franshares.comhn linkkennyrose
2020 Scrum Guide: Changes and PDF Download1 days ago linkjosefinaruiz
Sites and Apps to Relearn Kindness and Become a Better Person1 days ago linkbekind_app
Cocaine Receptor Identified as BASP11 days ago linkeganp
How to effectively use design tokens1 days ago linkemilsjolander
Is Depression a Disease?1 days ago linkporpoise
Sit Straight Up: How Dieting Is Like Posture1 days ago linkpbw
The Betsy GPU texture compressor1 days ago linkmarkdog12
The Libraries of My Life – The Paris Review1 days ago linkgHeadphone
Boom Supersonic will test fly its new faster-than-sound XB-1 jet in 20211 days ago linkjoering2
Breaking Down What Makes a Great Product Designer1 days ago linkzalzal
Show HN: Yummy – Video Downloader for Mac1 days ago
getyummy.apphn linkstchacademy
GoboLinux – Redefining the traditional filesystem hierarchy1 days ago linkethanpil
Get Thee to a Phalanstery Or, How Fourier Can Still Teach Us to Make Lemonade1 days ago linkrevolucien
The 'At My Last Place ' Problem1 days ago linkwillowcreek1
The Future of the Free Software Foundation1 days ago linkgtsnexp
Top Shopify Agencies in the UK and EU1 days ago linkJonasvdP
Mastering Vim Quickly: From WTF to OMG in No Time1 days ago link300
Custom UIStackView Spacing1 days ago linksarunw
Client-side PGP tool based on OpenPGP.js – Generate keys, encrypt and decrypt1 days ago linktheola
Blender 2.91 Released1 days ago link91edec
Precursor, How we make our custom PCBs1 days ago linknanomonkey
Try flying the SpaceX Starship rocket with this new iOS flight simulator1 days ago linkSCAQTony
My Brother’s Hamster1 days ago linkeat_veggies
Emoji (NHK Japan's Top Inventions Video)1 days ago linkhindsightbias
Akka – building highly concurrent, distributed and resilient message-driven apps1 days ago linkwalkingolof
The End of the Arecibo Observatory1 days ago linktectonic
Scavenger Hunt Solution1 days ago linkxena
High fidelity build instrumentation with blight1 days ago linkmike-myers-tofb
Filesystem and Database are not cutting the problem space right1 days ago linkzupa-hu
The Surgisphere Scandal: What Went Wrong?1 days ago linkkgwgk
htmx 1.0 – completing HTML as a hypertext1 days ago linkrecursivedoubts
The Bacon Fireplace1 days ago
baconfireplace.comhn linktechgateway
Why Quant KPIs are never enough to diagnose engineering team performance issues1 days ago linkaadilmaan
iOS 14 introduces random WiFi MAC address, ending widely used tracking technique1 days ago linked25519FUUU
My Facts, Your Facts: America and the pursuit of willful delusion1 days ago linkcratermoon
Show HN: Search-as-a-service: 20x faster than Lucene and 30x more queries/dollar1 days ago
seekstorm.comhn linkwolfgarbe
Our New Nix Deployment Tool: Deploy-Rs1 days ago linkNaeosPsy
Revitalizing the Flywheel1 days ago linkdavefreiburger
VCs should focus less on empirical data1 days ago linkssoonns
VCs will paly a vital role in shaping our future1 days ago linkssoonns
Porting from Qt 5 to Qt 6 using Qt5Compat library1 days ago linkjandeboevrie
QA Techniques for Mobile Apps1 days ago link_Tata_
Tips for Founders Doing Sales (From a Founder)1 days ago linkmicaeloliveira
Complete Configuration for Webpack from Scratch1 days ago linkfloXcoder
A long look at AMD’s Zen 3 core and chips1 days ago linknuriaion
Right-sizing product and engineering teams1 days ago linkcantlin
Investment Opportunities in Retail Innovation1 days ago linkjamestamsg
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