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Show HN: NLP at up to 4X speed using a T5 version implemented in ONNX27 min ago linkjsnram
Implementation: Autocomplete System Design for Large Scale27 min ago linklopespm
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Galaksija: The Lost History of Socialism's DIY Computer50 min ago linkdavidgerard
Little did we know how much of an impact China would have on our indie game53 min ago linkriadd
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The UX of Lego Interface Panels1 hours ago linkgeorge_cave
New Relic launches perpetually free tier, 100gb data ingest and 1 user license1 hours ago linkdan-buzzkill
How to Design Microservices Architecture?1 hours ago linkMmmary08
Show HN: – 2x Faster than Stripe Atlas1 hours ago
www.dunster.iohn linkJessecaCasanare
We bootstrapped our startup from $400 to $2,750 MRR in 135 days without ads1 hours ago linkyoelo
What Is Sugar Balance Supplement?1 hours ago linkjosephzies
Show HN: Group therapy for Product People. launching today1 hours ago linkgigamick
Show HN: Yuzu Metrix – Professional Campaign Reporting for Influencers2 hours ago link42droids
CLIU, The mask taken to another level2 hours ago linkx7k
Conservatism, progressive, regressive change: framing in Openstreetmap politics2 hours ago linkliotier
Forge Icons2 hours ago linkswaroopsm
GPT-3's Response to Philosophers2 hours ago linkmadmax108
Linux Kernel 5.8 Is Here. This Is What's New2 hours ago linkdebugpoint
Artificial Intelligence Cartoon2 hours ago linkDBA_insight
Extended mission after Hayabusa2 returns to Earth3 hours ago linkwatbe
In-House Software Development: Top Myths3 hours ago linkvasya-gh
Why your academic code needs a software licence3 hours ago linkTopolomancer
Rotary Position Sensor Types3 hours ago linkmaisies
United Airlines Plans to Resume Service on More Than 25 International Routes3 hours ago linkcockpitherald
Introduction to Gradient Boosting Classifier3 hours ago linkbush_dev
The Truth Is Paywalled but the Lies Are Free3 hours ago linkpraptak
Nimbus Data ExaDrive: 100TB Capacity in 3.5 Inch Form Factor, Costs $40k3 hours ago linkjdmark
Top Common UX UI Design Mistakes3 hours ago linkseosenior
How to Launch & Grow to $160m with Dave Woodward of ClickFunnels3 hours ago linkMike-Dane
A Great Human Revolution4 hours ago linkciconia
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Engineering Failover Handling in Uber's Mobile Networking Infrastructure4 hours ago linklinks135
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Age: A simple file encryption tool and format5 hours ago link1_player
Reversing Lyft's ride history API to analyze 6 years worth of rides5 hours ago linkbitsig
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Julia 1.5 Highlights5 hours ago linkmirekrusin
TikTok owners will relocate to London from Beijing, Sun newspaper says5 hours ago linktonyaiken
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“Everything” Is Done5 hours ago linkmarcell
I Sold My Entire Investment Portfolio One Hour Ago5 hours ago linkkaranke
MNT Reform open source laptop with trackball6 hours ago linkbrian_herman
The Grifters, Chapter 1 – Kodak6 hours ago linkkelnos
William R. Corliss and open problems in science6 hours ago linktelotortium
Show HN: Search PeerTube Videos6 hours ago
peertube-search.comhn linkRisse
TypeScript: What Are Generic Types?6 hours ago linkluizfilipezs
Parts of vs Code Are Proprietary6 hours ago linklawik
Creating Your Own VPN Server6 hours ago linkKontemplado
Choose Your Average6 hours ago linkghkgjhvjh
OneLook – Dictionary Search with Wildcards6 hours ago linkgitgud
Autodesk criticised by 35 named architects7 hours ago linknsoonhui
We Love Tailwind7 hours ago linkCoreSet
Five questions investors are asking about Snowflake’s IPO7 hours ago linkryansmccoy
An ETERNAL phrase/300 characters per 1 dollar7 hours ago
justlovecards.comhn linkoslack
How do you get more podcast reviews?7 hours ago linkthepodcasthost
Web apps aren't tech. They're “tech”7 hours ago linkAlchemistCamp
Mass arrests after BlackBerry cracked five years after seizure7 hours ago linkCPAhem
Newsletter and RSS Feed Aggregator8 hours ago linkMat_Sherman
GPU Accelerated Voronoi Textures and Filters8 hours ago linkatomlib
What Is Synced Semantic Versioning?8 hours ago linkjeanmachuca
Synced Semantic Versioning8 hours ago linkjeanmachuca
How TiDB's HTAP Makes Truly Hybrid Workloads Possible8 hours ago linkCaitin_Chen
Creative Coders Are the Celebrities of the Future8 hours ago link_bramses
Show HN: More Letters – A Cryptography Puzzle Game9 hours ago
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Best Airtable Alternatives9 hours ago linkyinso
5D Chess9 hours ago linkqlk1123
Linux 5.8 Changelog10 hours ago linkfigomore
NES Advantage History: The Story of the NES’ Defining Early Controller10 hours ago linkshortformblog
Inefficient Tech10 hours ago linkbobblywobbles
Unlimited Free International Calls to the United States10 hours ago linkjhabdas
What Is the Cause of Nightmares in Children?10 hours ago linkqbuyalos
Volusion Files for Chapter 1110 hours ago linkblackdogie
Battery and Electric Cars11 hours ago linktejadafx
A Near Miss11 hours ago linkfizentech
Metabolic features of the cell danger response11 hours ago linkyasp
US Travel firm $4.5m ransom negotiation open chat11 hours ago linktechnion
The challenges of Hydrogen for airliners (Part 2: Ecosystem)12 hours ago linkXixi
Microsoft to continue discussions on potential TikTok purchase in the US12 hours ago linkwlrd
What makes a good professional video capture/playback card?12 hours ago linkkierank
Pleroma: A Mastodon-compatible open and federated social networking server12 hours ago linkve55
Lord and Taylor, Oldest U.S. Department Store, Files Bankruptcy12 hours ago linkgbourne
Chaos Surfing – Finding stability in the modern world of complexity12 hours ago linktristanMatthias
Class Action Philanthropy12 hours ago linkmikeberv
Prime Now's freezer bags: an environmental investigation12 hours ago linkavium
Startup Failure Post-Mortems13 hours ago linkamaajemyfren
Five Reasons for the Success of Weight Loss Diets on the Internet13 hours ago linkmarketing9009
Samsung 870 QVO SATA 2.5“ SSD 8TB13 hours ago linkpeterburkimsher
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Face masks, face screens, and breathing13 hours ago linkWowfunhappy
Chuck Norris and Hacking Twitter13 hours ago linkcancan
Mastodon 3.213 hours ago linkjrepinc
Marine Traffic13 hours ago linkMosiout1936
Against Time Inequality: A Framework for Progress13 hours ago linkojarow
Free Market Capitalism vs. Socialism13 hours ago linksilexia
The Problem of Preference Falsification in Online Dating13 hours ago linkriverlong
BangleJS open source smartwatches – experience of usage14 hours ago linkBystroushaak
Create change within your locus of control14 hours ago linkbrettcvz
Briar Project14 hours ago linkfishmaster
Grub's Regression Goes on Production14 hours ago linkgitowiec
TikTok and the Law: A Primer (In Case You Need to Explain to Your Teenager)14 hours ago linknickthegreek
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective VCs14 hours ago linkvccafe
Was the Olympic torch for 2020 lit using 35mm nitrocellulose film?14 hours ago linksupernova87a
Notreadable – a simple readability app I built14 hours ago
www.notreadable.comhn link2rF7OoC47
Canvas – Creative software for everyone14 hours ago linkauthman2
Jpeg.ly15 hours ago linkTimLeland
I can't get this idea out of my head15 hours ago linkmike1101
All in one bookmark links for designers15 hours ago linkSiham
Grow Skills with Work, Not Extracurriculars15 hours ago linksvmanager
A Bird in the Hand – Falconry15 hours ago linkhluska
Home Network Overview15 hours ago linkfniephaus
Tailwind CSS: From Side-Project Byproduct to Multi-Million Dollar Business15 hours ago linkadamwathan
Dots don't matter in Gmail addresses15 hours ago linkore0s
How the Custom Ringtone Industry Paved the Way for the App Store Then Vanished15 hours ago linkmkara
Honey, I Accidentally Became a Product Manager15 hours ago linkdend
Object tracking in 75 lines of code15 hours ago linkjbencook
Register: Freedom Breed15 hours ago linkMarcus_Michael
Understanding the SaaS Payment Landscape16 hours ago linkchristophergs
The most important factor that has an impact on SEO?16 hours ago
screpy.comhn linkyunemozcan
Exploring Mozilla Text to Speech16 hours ago linkdevtailz
Interactive Visualizations for Why Eigenvectors Are Useful16 hours ago linkdhruvp
96-year-old student graduates after surviving WWII and now a pandemic16 hours ago linkkensai
Tor 0day: Replying to the Tor Project16 hours ago linkcryo
Web apps aren't tech. They're “tech”16 hours ago linkAlchemistCamp
Mobile app idea #88: No Spam Craigslist16 hours ago linktxn3735
Who Should Buy ARM?16 hours ago linkliuliu
Emirates Resumes Flights to Clark, Expanding Its Far East Network16 hours ago linkcockpitherald
Austrian Airlines Expands Summer Flight Schedule16 hours ago linkcockpitherald
/Mjg/ Repository (Mahjong)16 hours ago linksnvzz
Show HN: Create beautiful landing pages by copy-paste16 hours ago linkhamza_nouali
We reviewed 18 web hosting services. Here's what we've found17 hours ago linkbusinesshacker
Sarcos Awarded Contract for the Use of Its Exoskeleton by the U.S. Marine Corps17 hours ago linkwjSgoWPm5bWAhXB
Show HN: View Markdown files as kanban boards via VS Code plugin17 hours ago linkjaw
Using CouchDB and Pouchdb.js to Build Local-First Apps17 hours ago linkoblib
iRobot Root rt0 is a low-cost coding robot for kids17 hours ago linkwjSgoWPm5bWAhXB
Let's Talk about Cache17 hours ago linkdleskosky
TownOS from by Fujitsu 198917 hours ago linkcryo
Stitchy, a Crochet Pattern Generator17 hours ago linkmakeworld
Show HN: Cointop, coin tracking for hackers17 hours ago linkmiguelmota
How Stockfish chess engine works18 hours ago linkthepoet
Show HN: Coinwink Matrix Theme18 hours ago linkgiekaton
DataDuet: A newsletter about data and tech for humans18 hours ago linkakashtndn
Interesting way to discover and learn more about music you listen to18 hours ago
lyricly.nethn linkfuturegerm
Robotics Companies You Should Know18 hours ago linkPPDi
I learned 50 keyboard shortcuts in 42 minutes19 hours ago linktkainrad
A 2020 Gap Year Playbook for CS Students19 hours ago link18nleung
Lecture: How to Build a B2B SaaS Marketing Program19 hours ago linkkrackpipio
Quiver Quantitative19 hours ago linkdidizaja
Show HN: A visual search engine using keyword hashes19 hours ago
gorillafind.comhn linka3camero
μPlot v1.1 – now with log scales support19 hours ago linkleeoniya
What polio in post-WWII America can teach us about living in a pandemic20 hours ago linkmolecule
My tier list of interesting YouTube channels20 hours ago linktrishume
Breaking into ASOS20 hours ago linkkencausey
Miracle Box With cracked for repair phones free20 hours ago linkshgaf
LA residents call police upon seeing the starry sky during a blackout (1994)20 hours ago linksolarengineer
Do we want to stay away from family again?20 hours ago linkg-garron
Plaudit: Open Endorsements from the Academic Community20 hours ago linkrapnie
How to Build Great Products20 hours ago linkbaxtr
Making Emacs Stand Up to Visual Studio 7 (2003)20 hours ago linkbordercases
Facts-Based Fictional Worldbuilding20 hours ago linksohamsankaran
When to move the cloud and when to repatriate: a list21 hours ago linkjtsymonds
On Misinformation, Social Media and Partisan Coverage Re Hydroxychloroquine21 hours ago linkdrtillberg
Fixing MacBook Pro Thermal Performance Issues21 hours ago linkdguo
Adam Grant: How to decide whether your idea should become a project21 hours ago linkjeremyperson
Currently Untitled Audio provides free to use sounds for your apps21 hours ago linkClawsOnPaws
Evolution of SoundCloud’s Architecture(2012)21 hours ago linkabhishekjha
Show HN: Traindown Transponder – Simply record your training data21 hours ago linktylerscott
Control “microservice hell” by layering domains using API Gateways22 hours ago linkkislayverma
Our new Edge and Dev infrastructure22 hours ago linkpyprism
REON Pocket Working in USA22 hours ago linkvisualsuccess
GITenberg is an open source community for publishing ebooks in the public domain22 hours ago linkbilinualcom
What Args Can Teach Us About QAnon22 hours ago linkadrianhon
Show HN: The most optimised network for tech workers?22 hours ago
www.showwcase.comhn linktianrongliew
Product Managers should remove uncertainty. Here's why22 hours ago linkvikashkoushik
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Illustrated Self-Guided Course on How to Use the Slide Rule22 hours ago linkngram
Fedora 33: New Features and Changes, Release Dates22 hours ago linkdebugpoint
UFC Pirate Ordered to Pay $32m in Damages Says He Was Bullied and Paid Nothing23 hours ago linkCantbekhan
What I Learned About Failing from My 5 Year Indie Game Dev Project23 hours ago linkzarfius
Show HN: Simple MySQL Backups. Configure in 2 mins. No complex setup23 hours ago linkvirajk31
Another anti-caste activist arrested in India23 hours ago linkcastevictim
Simba's Curiosity23 hours ago linkjagatheeshr
Deploying Microservices in a Smarter Way23 hours ago linkiamAy0
JAMStack Isn't About Developer Experience23 hours ago linkjessesibley
First issue of the series: What is a Product Roadmap?23 hours ago linkJibranio
1,913,369 Ballots Thrown Away23 hours ago linktl
When I raised my B2B SaaS’s prices23 hours ago linkstevoski
Hackers and Painters (2003)23 hours ago linkaljmyl
Show HN: Brick, a free Notion-like tool for zero-hassle site making1 days ago linkneongreen
Juliacon 20201 days ago linkxiaodai
How the Custom Ringtone Industry Paved the Way for the App Store1 days ago linkAlexDragusin
Reverse Engineering Starling Bank (Part II): Jailbreak Detection and Mitigations1 days ago link3eed
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I have published my package to HTTP://pub.dev1 days ago linkviralvaghela
Interviewing the “Passé” Way (For a Reason)1 days ago linkliveweird
The Architecture of the Medieval Page1 days ago linkjslakro
New StackExchange site proposal: Dravidian and Sanskritic languages1 days ago linkhenearkr |React Software Engineer – Remote – Flexible Time – ESOP 0.1-2.5%1 days ago linkinlytics
ECS back and forth: Sparse sets and EnTT1 days ago linkskypjack
How Germany re-introduced border controls (FIA)1 days ago linkthierryzoller
How effective is the Pagespeed score on SEO?1 days ago
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The SEO Ranking Strategy That You've (Probably) Never Heard Of1 days ago linkajarouh
Zero to One: Islamic Genesis Legend, Mimetic Theory, Riding the Dragon1 days ago linkaroojahmad
The Rise of the Rest: Decentralization of Education and Investment1 days ago linkaroojahmad
A Survey of Advertising in the Digital Economy1 days ago linkaroojahmad
Open Source Release of Baserow1 days ago linkmerqurio
Beyond Bitswap1 days ago linkadlrocha
Modular Synthesis and Unix1 days ago linkstargrave
The lost history of PReP: Windows NT 3.5x and the RS/6000 40p1 days ago linkstargrave
Project management challenges nobody talks about1 days ago linkvikashkoushik
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Making a Backcover Extension for the PinePhone1 days ago linkjosteink
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How the pandemic has clogged the global economy with paper currency1 days ago linkrwmj
Echo Chamber Elimination1 days ago linkmikeberv
Eternalblue Attack:5 Devastating Security Flaws (Part#2)1 days ago linkHReview
Free Symfony 5 fast track book online1 days ago link10us
Hydroxychloroquine: Narrative That It Doesn’t Work: Biggest Hoax Recent History1 days ago linkscottmotte
W3C give up on preventing PWAs from tracking users1 days ago linkindentit
Topics1 days ago linkashrafzh2020
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The Best HTML and CSS Book for Beginners1 days ago linkMirandaLemons
The Insides of a Rolling Tire1 days ago linkemptybits
Show HN: Official Incorporation Provider of GSVlabs – Dunster.io1 days ago
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How Bad Is Your Colormap?1 days ago linksytelus
Verisign Monopolized the .com Domain Registry1 days ago linksytelus
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Adding features doesn't move the needle1 days ago linkjbarches Create your own programming language1 days ago linkamasad
Getting my head around the choice between sleeping and 'tickers'1 days ago linkjandeboevrie
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World's First Fully Programmable and Open-Source Massive-MIMO Platform1 days ago linkrckoepke
Tech Journalism Is Less Diverse Than Tech. Here Are the Numbers1 days ago linkfossuser
In favour of recursive functions, not imperative constructs, to make loops1 days ago linkRagib_Zaman
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Traveling over 20 countries while Running a 12k/month remote agency1 days ago linkmvrckio
A Beginner’s Guide to Lithium Rechargeable Batteries1 days ago linksytelus
Neopixel LED Face Mask1 days ago linkpalo3
Major Australian ISP down over cyber attack1 days ago linkvermilingua
We Are Tracking What Happens to Police After They Use Force on Protestors1 days ago linkprawn
Ever Shutting Down1 days ago linklolptdr
When you find out you’re the copycat1 days ago linkbbirnbaum
Casio FX-880P Personal Computer Teardown1 days ago linkneilpanchal
Detailed E-Commerce Case Study – My $6000/Month Dropshipping Business1 days ago linklaybak
Derek Sivers Reloaded on the Tim Ferriss Show – Transcript1 days ago linkgamechangr
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A Visual Tour of Backpropagation1 days ago linkjinay
Visa: Advancing our approach to digital currency1 days ago linksjcsjc
Things YouTubers Do That Annoy People1 days ago linkcarusooneliner
Show HN: Japanese Language Learning Forum1 days ago
questions.japanesecomplete.comhn linksova
Show HN: My first complete full stack web app, greekdeals.gr1 days ago
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Blue Team Rust: What Is “Memory Safety”, Really?1 days ago linkALX9
“Faking” Local Development with “Wrangler Dev” & Cloudflare Workers1 days ago linkelithrar
Unlocking unlimited power in your email client with GPT-31 days ago linkMat_Sherman
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Masterly Inactivity1 days ago linkmotohagiography
Confirming the most popular chord progression in popular music1 days ago linkqrv3w
Fairchild's camera and audio gear (4 parts)1 days ago link8bitsrule
Cheap Computers for Remote Learning1 days ago linkmtwshngtn
NBA restart: How virtual fans are able to sit 'courtside' in the bubble1 days ago linkjnny_b
Franchise the Golden Arches in Black America1 days ago linkthread_id
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Move away and fix things: a guy's page about his upcoming deletion of FB profile1 days ago linkznpy
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Listen to Live ATC Communications from Anywhere1 days ago linksn_master
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User-facing portion of shutting down1 days ago linkvuldin
Cognitect, please stop adding alpha to your namespaces1 days ago linkzirak
Effects of digital cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia: randomised trial1 days ago linkpunnerud
Startup Credits1 days ago linkgauravphoenix
Show HN: Welcome to the Content Revolution1 days ago
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ETH is getting back to its rightful value1 days ago linkjjuuaann
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9/11 to PDX1 days ago linkbanku_brougham
Once considered lost, ESA and NASA's SOHO came back from the brink of death1 days ago linksasvari
Online Historical Maths Textbooks1 days ago linkhappy-go-lucky
India's New Education Policy (2020)1 days ago linkvarunperla
Water, Chemicals and More with Computers for Chemistry1 days ago linkHaoZeke
Show HN: Imaginative science fiction PC game for learning Taiwanese Mandarin1 days ago linkeastbaygames
The best way to compete in Africa's fragmented markets is by deploying platforms1 days ago linkthought
Multiple Monitors and Brightness Controllers1 days ago linkHaoZeke
Replacing Ngrok with Ktunnel1 days ago linkmarcusbuffett
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RedditMetis – see statistics for your Reddit account1 days ago linkkarimf
An OSS community that converts cars to electric. Part 3: Johannes Huebner1 days ago linkblah_blah
Effective Ways to Improve Remote Communication1 days ago linknetxm
Inspiration Network for Developers and Designers1 days ago linkvisionofmaster
$2M a Year From 5k Subscribers1 days ago linkbezvn
The Guide to Making a Personal Manifesto1 days ago linkclued
Show HN: Snormal – A social network for your non-highlight reel content1 days ago linkstokesyio
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Vectorization in .NET APIs1 days ago linkksp41865
Kilo: A Multi-Cloud Network Overlay Built on WireGuard1 days ago linkyamrzou
Unbricking a $2k bike with a $10 Raspberry Pi1 days ago linkptx2
Engineering Failover Handling in Uber's Mobile Networking Infrastructure1 days ago linkrmahindra421
Weboob1 days ago linkskitout
Unconventional Advice for Acing Software Interviews1 days ago linkZainRiz
When you find out you’re the copycat1 days ago linkbbirnbaum
Interactive Visualization of Why Eigenvectors Matter1 days ago linkdhruvp
Show HN: HockeyStack- In-depth landing page analysis with a lovely dashboard1 days ago linkhockeystack Retrospective1 days ago linkEamonnMR
SHOW HN: The All-New 3-in-1 Advanced Textile Multidimensional Boot Sock1 days ago linkvgpphillips
Cartoonizing a Video with FFMpeg1 days ago linklipeltgm
Code Review Benefits1 days ago linkHugoDias
JIDs for Messaging with Phones1 days ago
jmp.chathn linkShared404
The Struggle to Balance Supply and Demand in a Marketplace1 days ago linknocodebcn
Proposal for Chamath’s climate framework, public and open sourced1 days ago linkjjacobs22
How Your Application Architecture Has Evolved1 days ago linkhimoacs
Commandments of Undertaking Postgraduate Research1 days ago linkmalteseunderdog
Stagefright Attack: 5 Devastating Security Flaws (Part#1)1 days ago linkHReview
17 Yrs old and two others were arrested behind the biggest Twitter hack1 days ago linkHReview
Export all pdf notes at once1 days ago linkdamionx7
Mobile app idea #87: Made for Kids1 days ago linktxn3735
Updated Debian 10: 10.5 released1 days ago linkTimWolla
Mininet: An Instant Virtual Network on Your Laptop (Or Other PC)1 days ago
mininet.orghn linkyamrzou
Why DevOps Should Be Responsible for Development Environments1 days ago linkEthanJJackson
Effective Altruism Is Suboptimal1 days ago linkZainRiz
Reverse-engineering the adder inside the Intel 80861 days ago linkparsecs
Tailscale Is Pretty Cool1 days ago linkPneumaticat
The MBA Reading List According to the Top Business Schools in the World1 days ago linkmgh2
Show HN: TenProblems – High-Quality Content for Quality People1 days ago linkDrNuke
Why Did We Move the Search Box? (Wikipedia 2010)1 days ago linkshivam-dev
Techniques for Difficult Team Members1 days ago linkcauliflower99
Rebuilding Quantum Mechanics from Axioms1 days ago linkhpcjoe
Show HN: SpaceVim Release v1.5.01 days ago linkwsdjeg
Writers: Bots Are Stealing and Selling Your Content. Here's How to Stop Them1 days ago linkjosourcing
Sharing Knowledge in a Remote team, across Timezones1 days ago linkguillaumec
Unlimited B2B Leads Contact Info and Send Cold Emails Only $991 days ago
WhitespaceLeads.iohn linksanhaung1
Incentivized Guardianship1 days ago linkjordiw
Alliance on Antitrust1 days ago linksome1else
Masking Lack of Evidence with Politics1 days ago linknradov
Show HN: Open Startups List1 days ago linkbinumathew1988
Show HN: Postead – A fast-moving imageboard where your votes matter1 days ago linkpostead
Oxford / AZ C-19 vaccine study begins US recruitment1 days ago
www.c19vaccinestudy.comhn linksamch
Growing Up with Two Mentally Ill Parents1 days ago linkjoebalcom
Solve coverage and network problems for the iPhone in Arabic1 days ago linkshgaf
The Federal Reserve Is a Non Profit1 days ago linktphyahoo2
Weekend Book Recommendations1 days ago linksleslie
Elon, GPT-3, And The A.I. Bonanza1 days ago linkdrdrea
Dictionary of Medieval Names from European Sources1 days ago
dmnes.orghn linkdefulmere
Find and Visualize Live YouTube and Twitch Streams1 days ago linksyqel
The Liquid Bit token presale has been started. It's time to grab an L-BIT stash1 days ago linkMarcusXo
How Trump’s ban of TikTok might work – or not1 days ago linkaj7
Why Seth Rogan's anti-Israel rant matters1 days ago linkmaxwell
Insights from High Output Management1 days ago linknoamelf
Derek Sivers and the Art of Enough1 days ago linkBcahill82
Data isn't just being collected from your phone. It's being used to score you1 days ago linkeplanit
Monzo flags 'significant doubt' over ability to continue as losses double1 days ago linkflurdy
JuliaCon 2020 Conference Agenda1 days ago linknathandaly
Where do Business Mafias come from?1 days ago linkkamikaz1k
Living Proof: Stories of Resilience Along the Mathematical Journey1 days ago linksunainapai
Ethereum Classic Network Partitioned1 days ago linkxwvvvvwx
Show HN: An Illustrated Data Structures Cheat Sheet with Working Code1 days ago linkalgodaily
Human-readable 2D Barcode (Concept)1 days ago linklifthrasiir
Try GPT-3 now [prank]1 days ago linkarvigeus
Show HN: Unicorn Valley-Platform for crowdsourcing satirical/dumb startup ideas1 days ago
unicornvalley.xyzhn linkbxllxebxngx
Cryptocurrency in Africa: A Solution Out of the Blue?1 days ago linklemmybe
Why your academic code needs a software licence1 days ago linkTopolomancer
What Is Simulation Theory? Do We Live in a Simulation?1 days ago linkChikkiPikki
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Are issue tracking tools hurting your product development?1 days ago linkvikashkoushik
Big Fat Why Mutexes Suck Big Time1 days ago linkxorchasiv
Tracking Changes in SARS-CoV-2 Spike: Evidence That D614G Increases Infectivity1 days ago linkdwd
Open Usage Commons: A Warning1 days ago linkwchar_t
UH VPN – self-hosted VPN platform1 days ago
uh-vpn.comhn linkjwsi
Ambushed and Shot in Tirana – Conclusion2 days ago linkHansig_jw
Call for a Programmer Friend2 days ago linkA_Illes
5 Most Essential Vim Commands for Beginners2 days ago linkbojanvidanovic
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