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The construction of the mafioso social capital and the Sack of Palermo27 min ago
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Fine-Tuning Llama 342 min ago
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The Mandelbrot Nature of Modularization48 min ago
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Vulnerabilities across keyboard apps reveal keystrokes to network eavesdroppers1 hours ago
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Candidate hid that she's pregnant1 hours ago
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IBM to Acquire HashiCorp, Inc for $6.4 billion1 hours ago
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Demystifying the multicloud: Kong's one-click solution to API management1 hours ago
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Pixiv Blocks Adult Content, but Only for US and UK Users1 hours ago
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Meta Reports First Quarter 2024 Results1 hours ago
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Vimmer Tries Emacs1 hours ago
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Configurable Text Classification for Devs1 hours ago
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Studio by WordPress: Free, open-source local WordPress Development1 hours ago
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B2C SaaS startup got traction by going viral on TikTok2 hours ago
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Exploring the Latest Security Features in Ubuntu 24.042 hours ago
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Stripe Usage Based Billing2 hours ago
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Emulsifiers linked to increased diabetes risk2 hours ago
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Node.js 22 released, adding native WebSocket client and more2 hours ago
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Framing engineering discussions with a business perspective2 hours ago
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Considering Mac Catalyst? A word of caution (2023)2 hours ago
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"I now lack the juice to fuel the bluster to conceal that I am a simpleton."2 hours ago
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You're not going to cheat at chess with a buttplug2 hours ago
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IDM-VTON: Improving Diffusion Models for Virtual Try-On2 hours ago
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Show HN: Generated Documentation for Medical Records Software (AST, API Docs)2 hours ago
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Hurl 4.3.02 hours ago
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Node.js 22 – Announcement2 hours ago
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Now Medias like Videos and Image from Tweets can be downloaded easily2 hours ago
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We have secret to immortality, but we want more2 hours ago
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DynamoAI vs RAGAS Comparison3 hours ago
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Retaining Database Goodput Under Stress with Per-Partition Query Rate Limiting3 hours ago
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Espresso Brewing Guides3 hours ago
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N. Korean hackers breached 10 defense contractors in South for months3 hours ago
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The merits of strong typing (2002)3 hours ago
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Show HN: Automad 2 – a free and open-source CMS and block based page builder3 hours ago
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Snowflake Arctic: An(other) LLM Open Source and Efficient Is Out3 hours ago
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Optimizing blockchain data streaming with Alchemy Pipelines3 hours ago
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Fine-tuning OpenAI models (process, cost, speed, accuracy)3 hours ago
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Using embeddings in production with Postgres and Django3 hours ago
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Show HN: I built interactive graphs of South Africa's Electricity Production3 hours ago
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How to Bike to the Airport3 hours ago
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Face Swap Online Free3 hours ago
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Windows PowerToys Run utility (open source quick launcher)3 hours ago
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When do we stop finding new music?4 hours ago
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Questioning the Conventional Wisdom on Liability and Open Source Software4 hours ago
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Funeral Food4 hours ago
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Fallout Cyberdeck: capable of withstanding a post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland4 hours ago
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Unreal Engine 5.4 is now available4 hours ago
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How to Deploy a Ghost Theme Using the Admin API + Bash + Curl4 hours ago
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Build Sub-Second Data Applications with Motherduck's WASM SDK4 hours ago
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Waffle – Daily Puzzle4 hours ago
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What is a Libdrop and how does NordVPN utilize it?4 hours ago
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Trace complex LLM applications with the Langfuse decorator (Python)4 hours ago
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Clicks and Clout: How We Seek Status in the Digital Age4 hours ago
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The Five Most Likely Explanations for Long Delayed Echoes5 hours ago
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We manage individual user concurrencies with Nginx and Lua5 hours ago
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RAG vs. Fine Tuning: Which One Is Right for You?5 hours ago
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Pulumi adds drift detection, time-to-live stacks, and scheduled deployments5 hours ago
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The Stainless SDK Generator5 hours ago
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Form spam blocking service without a captcha5 hours ago
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Emacs Tidbit: rectangle-number-lines5 hours ago
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ArcaneDoor: New espionage-focused campaign targeting perimeter network devices5 hours ago
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Why Niches Matter5 hours ago
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Understanding Apache Hudi's Consistency Model Part 15 hours ago
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Larry Sanger Speaks Out5 hours ago
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A Paradigm Shift in RAM; Research from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem5 hours ago
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Snowflake Arctic Instruct (128x3B MoE), largest open source model5 hours ago
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Learning Pathways5 hours ago
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How to Create a Working Checklist?5 hours ago
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Formal Methods: Just Good Engineering Practice?5 hours ago
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Show HN: CodeLLM – A Local LLM and OpenAI Extension for VSCode6 hours ago
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A visual introduction to Fourier Series6 hours ago
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How the Volatility Risk Premium Normalized into the BTC Halving6 hours ago
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End-to-End Encryption on Dropbox6 hours ago
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Regain control over your time with Nextcloud Hub 86 hours ago
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Almost All Stock Market Growth Since 2008 Is QE6 hours ago
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Assessing the Y, and How, of the XZ Utils incident6 hours ago
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Accelsius offers liquid cooling without a data center retrofit6 hours ago
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Reproducible image processing servers benchmark: Thumbor vs. imagor vs. imgproxy6 hours ago
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The Philosophical Case for a Four-Day Workweek6 hours ago
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Adding a hinge to a Game Boy that God never intended6 hours ago
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Correlated Alerting. How to optimize for high signal alerts6 hours ago
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Email Marketing for Devtools6 hours ago
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Lark: Gsuite Competitor by ByteDance6 hours ago
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Four Patterns of Data Loading6 hours ago
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We suck at estimating software projects6 hours ago
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Snowflake Arctic Instruct Open LLM6 hours ago
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How quickly can you break a long string into lines?6 hours ago
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OpenELM: Efficient Language Model Family with Open-Source Training and Inference7 hours ago
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Why do we use Node.js at Bolt7 hours ago
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My Experience with Large Language Models7 hours ago
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Show HN: Parallel Arabic – Egyptian Arabic reading and writing practice7 hours ago
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Laravel and Htmx Error Handling7 hours ago
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An American company steps up to fight Big Tech censorship7 hours ago
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HAProxy Is Resilient to the HTTP/2 Continuation Flood8 hours ago
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Suicide Rates Are Now Higher Among Young Adults Than the Middle-Aged7 hours ago
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Show HN: A Pastebin for Terminals Inside Your Docs7 hours ago
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No Database No Retention No Party7 hours ago
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Aspose dramatically reduces prices with plugin packages7 hours ago
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Matplotlib Tailwind Stylesheet7 hours ago
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Multi-Level Summarization in Instapaper8 hours ago
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Kong Insomnia 9.0 has just been released8 hours ago
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Patching requests for fun and (concurrent) profit8 hours ago
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Covalent: Simplifying Cloud HPC for Computational Chemistry8 hours ago
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Funding Open Source8 hours ago
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Everyone Will Not Just8 hours ago
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QEMU 9.0 Released8 hours ago
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Akalabeth: Porting from AppleSoft Basic to Gwbasic8 hours ago
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Microsoft (In Podcast Form)8 hours ago
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New Insomnia 9.0 version available8 hours ago
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Custom Dashboard for Great Expectations8 hours ago
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A great example of ChatGPT showing real understanding8 hours ago
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Sized, DynSized, and Unsized8 hours ago
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ShotSpotter Keeps Listening After Contracts Expire9 hours ago
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JSR Is Not Another Package Manager9 hours ago
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The Sound of Sorting – "Audibilization" and Visualization of Sorting Algorithms9 hours ago
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HTML Attributes vs. DOM Properties9 hours ago
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North Macedonia advertises for free close to a decade9 hours ago
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What's new in security for Ubuntu 24.04 LTS9 hours ago
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We tracked and used data to skip the 3 month Global Entry waitlist. (USA)9 hours ago
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The Parents Who Regret Having Children9 hours ago
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VASA-1: The Talking Face Generator by Microsoft9 hours ago
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Fundamentals of I/O in Go: Part 310 hours ago
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A Spider Leg-Inspired mm-Scale Soft Exoskeleton Enabled by Liquid10 hours ago
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Hues of Happiness – Choosing Colors That Uplift in Interior Design10 hours ago
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The Commercial Open Source Report 202410 hours ago
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Why a library of quality answers is supposed to look like an old graveyard?10 hours ago
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Graph visualization: fixing data hairballs – Cambridge Intelligence11 hours ago
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The Front End Developer/Engineer Handbook 202411 hours ago
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What Can LLMs Never Do?11 hours ago
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PyPy v7.3.16 Release11 hours ago
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The problem with new URL(), and how URL.parse() fixes that11 hours ago
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Developer Thriving: 4 sociocognitive factors that create resilient productivity12 hours ago
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Microsoft releases Phi-3 model supporting 128k context size for 3.82B params12 hours ago
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JM Jarre first passenger in KleinVision's AirCar12 hours ago
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Exploring Small Language Models12 hours ago
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What Is FlatBuffers? – That One Game Dev12 hours ago
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Predicting Stress Levels Through Daily Interactions with Machine Learning13 hours ago
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Microsoft Warbird and Protected Media Path13 hours ago
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One prompt Vat calculator with ChatGPT13 hours ago
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Ukrainian Coder's New Programming Language: One Big Data Structure13 hours ago
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Show HN: Podlite:a lightweight markup language for organizing knowledge13 hours ago
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Fair Use Wins: Court Sides with Cribl in Splunk's Lawsuit13 hours ago
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The Most Common Mistakes in Presentation Design13 hours ago
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Unpacking the Truth of Peer Reviews in the Software Industry13 hours ago
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I tricked iOS into giving me EU DMA features13 hours ago
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The Flamethrowing Robodog Named Thermonator14 hours ago
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10 Tips How to Block Spam Likely Calls14 hours ago
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Nginx 1.26.0 Stable Released14 hours ago
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Steve Jobs was wrong about the post-PC era14 hours ago
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Carton Paper Machine14 hours ago
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How to create a bottom drawer with Tailwind CSS and Alpinejs14 hours ago
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Using object tracking to combat flickering detections in videos14 hours ago
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Composability: Designing a Visual Programming Language15 hours ago
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I Am a Jewish Student at Columbia15 hours ago
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Progress Quest: the original idle game15 hours ago
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Show HN: Just launched the Bento creation tool to rule them all16 hours ago
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Show HN: A blogging platform based on Markdown and HTML (written in Rust)16 hours ago
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Salesforce-Informatica acquisition talks fall through: Report16 hours ago
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OpenBSD – Game of Trees 0.98 released17 hours ago
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Calif. carmaker Fisker, once worth $2.9B, warns of looming bankruptcy17 hours ago
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A blurry text reveal animation on scroll inspired by Rauno's "Blur reveal"17 hours ago
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Printable Place Cards Templates17 hours ago
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Duct Tape and Fence Posts17 hours ago
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Building a full Django project, starting with a single file18 hours ago
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Personal Saving Rate (PSAVERT)18 hours ago
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Unveiling Insights into Project Management Software and Its Demographics18 hours ago
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I'm giving up on open source19 hours ago
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Flamethrowing Robot Dog19 hours ago
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IBM nearing deal for cloud software provider HashiCorp19 hours ago
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Issues with "Ethical" Image Generators19 hours ago
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The Open Compute Project20 hours ago
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The question that no LLM can answer and why it is important20 hours ago
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Reading the Mind in the Eyes20 hours ago
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Simulating Jupiter20 hours ago
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The FTC Just Banned Noncompete Agreements20 hours ago
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HTTPS: //blog. Porter. Com/welcome -to-connectivty-porter20 hours ago
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The Luring Lottery20 hours ago
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Protecting the Darkness in Chile's Atacama Desert20 hours ago
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Spanish Court reopens investigation in Pegasus spyware scandal20 hours ago
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200 days of horror – Mass graves in Gaza21 hours ago
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I got married and over-engineered everything21 hours ago
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The Rare Earth Metals Handcuffing the EV Revolution21 hours ago
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Do not close iPhone and iPad 'background' apps21 hours ago
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About Talk Selection for Posette: An Event for Postgres 202421 hours ago
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A New Era for Mixed Reality22 hours ago
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Mise-en-place: the front end to your dev env22 hours ago
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Imitating China, now South Korea may also ban iPhones in the military22 hours ago
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Simple probes can catch sleeper agents22 hours ago
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After Llama3 here we have Phi-3: Small Language Models beating LLMs22 hours ago
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Hobbies say a lot about your brainpower22 hours ago
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Capturing a Billion Emo(j)I-Ons22 hours ago
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Notifications in Gnome 46 and Beyond22 hours ago
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The only two log levels you need are INFO and ERROR22 hours ago
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Tracking Down a UEFI Quirk on the Fujitsu Lifebook AH53223 hours ago
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Despite what Microsoft says, ntttcp is no better than iperf323 hours ago
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a poem about the Turing halting proof23 hours ago
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Are Your Passwords in the Green?23 hours ago
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Arizona Church Reaches Settlement with Federal Agencies to Use Ayahuasca1 days ago
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Most expensive sales from January to March 20241 days ago
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Say goodbye to share point and Dropbox [video]1 days ago
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36-year-old rows alone from Hawaii to Australia1 days ago
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An Introduction and Guide to the CSS Object Model (CSSOM)1 days ago
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Sized, DynSized, and Unsized1 days ago
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Web Awesome, the web component library from Font Awesome1 days ago
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Adobe Launches Firefly Image 3 Model1 days ago
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Internet Archive in Court: There's More to Copyright Than Financial Incentives1 days ago
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Right-to-die activist first in Peru to legally end life via euthanasia1 days ago
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Phi-3: Redefining what's possible with SLMs1 days ago
hn link mike-the-brain
Tiny but mighty: The Phi-3 small language models with big potential1 days ago
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Show HN: A great example of ChatGPT showing real understanding1 days ago
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A Web Version of Laurie Spiegel's Music Mouse1 days ago
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Testing the Practical Common Lisp Code on Medley1 days ago
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Trolling IBM's Quantum Processor Advantage with a Commodore 641 days ago
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No One Can Own the Law–So Why Is Congress Extending Copyright to It?1 days ago
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Digital reading soars in Seattle, creating problems for local libraries1 days ago
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Senior DevOps Infrastructure Engineer1 days ago
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GPU Compute in the Browser at the Speed of Native: WebGPU Marching Cubes1 days ago
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Show HN: Scout3, a field GC for chemical composition profiling1 days ago
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Brute.Fail: Aggregate stats of 10 months of brute force attacks1 days ago
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Implementing Object Expansion on REST APIs with Rails1 days ago
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Latency numbers every front end developer should know1 days ago
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Lenovo ThinkPad debuts first LPCAMM2 memory alongside Intel Core Ultra1 days ago
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Cloudflare: Lessons from building an automated SDK pipeline1 days ago
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Intuitive Calculator for Tattoo Price1 days ago
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2024 Perception Industry Market Map1 days ago
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Show HN: Moto – A GPT car inspection helper1 days ago
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Complex zero-downtime schema migrations in Postgres1 days ago
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An Analysis of the DHEat DoS Against SSH in Cloud Environments1 days ago
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Congratulations, to us, we've added some more filters including Congratulations!1 days ago
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When and Why PostgreSQL Indexes Are Ignored1 days ago
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Mediocrity can be a sign of excellence (2023)1 days ago
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What's Next for Companies Built on Open Source?1 days ago
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What are the challenges of scaling RAG applications?1 days ago
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Wasting time creating and solving tickets as a Startup1 days ago
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Tao Te Ching as Translated by an LLM1 days ago
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NextNav petitions FCC for new spectrum band (902-928 MHz)1 days ago
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Simple Multimodal LLM from Scratch1 days ago
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Was Life Easier in the Fifties? [audio]1 days ago
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Load Testing Node.js with Artillery: A Beginner's Guide1 days ago
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Humans.txt1 days ago
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It's Time to Retire Terraform1 days ago
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Chrome 124.0.6367.61 causes crash with V15 Angular material basic mat-select1 days ago
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Shipping Rails Logs with Kamal and Vector1 days ago
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Confronting Dark Patterns in App Reviews1 days ago
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LLMs and the Harry Potter Problem1 days ago
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Show HN: Visualising Geopolitical/Environmental Risks to UK Companies1 days ago
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The iOS 17.4 app marketplace flow is a disaster1 days ago
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Microsoft Phi-3 3.8B model with 128k Context1 days ago
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The Life and Death of Hollywood1 days ago
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Grindr Sued in UK for Sharing Users' HIV Data with Ad Firms1 days ago
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Solving the Houthi Threat to Freedom of Navigation1 days ago
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Multi-tenant apps with single-tenant SQLite databases in global Tigris buckets1 days ago
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Elon Musk – Dead at 521 days ago
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Notebooks in Production?1 days ago
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So You Want to Learn Japanese1 days ago
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How BeanHub works, contains the danger of processing Beancount data with sandbox1 days ago
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Model 3 Performance Refreshed1 days ago
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Building Bluesky (Real-World Engineering Challenges)1 days ago
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Art of the Update, the definitive guide to writing world class customer updates1 days ago
hn link Bsierakowski1
Enterprise Generative AI: Build vs. Buy1 days ago
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Make the Most of Retrieval Augmented Generation1 days ago
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WordPress Plugin Abuse1 days ago
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Nominal raises $27M Series A to accelerate hardware development1 days ago
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Artificial intelligence in drug discovery: what is realistic, what are illusions1 days ago
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Logitech's Mouse Software Adds ChatGPT Support, Makes 'AI_overlay_tmp' Folder1 days ago
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Phi-3 Released1 days ago
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Unreal Engine 5.4 Release Notes1 days ago
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Seeking the Productive Life: Some Details of My Personal Infrastructure1 days ago
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Nawcad Brings Hyper-Realistic Flight Test and Training Simulators1 days ago
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Air Canada's Chatbot: Why RAG Is Better Than an LLM for Facts1 days ago
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Abstraction Engineering at Ramp1 days ago
hn link codeAligned
Langfuse Integrates LLM Playground1 days ago
hn link clemo_ra
Perplexity Launches Enterprise Pro1 days ago
hn link meetpateltech
College students should study more1 days ago
hn link vwoolf
Bloom Filter Indexes in PostgreSQL1 days ago
hn link kaashmonee
Amid Water Crisis, Mexico City's Metro System Is Sinking Unevenly1 days ago
hn link EA-3167
Framework Series A-11 days ago
hn link siraben
Show HN: Track Congress' Net Worth1 days ago
hn link ckardat123
Reminding Myself to Take a Break - The Hard Way1 days ago
hn link damnever
The Beautiful Dissociation of the Japanese Language1 days ago
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WorkOS acquires Warrant (YC S21)1 days ago
hn link grinich
Forcing a System Crash from the Keyboard1 days ago
hn link numpad0
Welcome to Taco Tuesday1 days ago
hn link danielmichaelyc
'Tax Lottery' Would Help Abate Remote Cashier Auditing Nightmare1 days ago
hn link tldrthelaw Senior/Staff Reinforcement Learning (RL) Engineer1 days ago
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Happy 61st Birthday to the Intergalactic Computer Network – Now Let's Build It1 days ago
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New shoe sizing system proposed for Indians1 days ago
hn link putlake
B2B SaaS Community with Free Resources (Private)1 days ago
hn link estefano_op
Working with Antithesis at MongoDB1 days ago
hn link Klaster_1
SkyNet Is Not Coming to Kill You1 days ago
hn link renegade-otter
Effective Altruism on the Ropes1 days ago
hn link smomara
Introduction to Theseus1 days ago
hn link ladyanita22
A zero-commission crowdfunding platform for more efficient micropayments1 days ago
hn link rglullis
Compare models while accounting for hyperparameter tuning effort1 days ago
hn link nicholaslourie crosses over 900k users and announces Rows 3.01 days ago
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South Africa grants crypto licences to Luno, VALR and 73 other companies1 days ago
hn link stanulilic
Introducing the Open Chain of Thought Leaderboard1 days ago
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Create Custom Inspections with IntelliJ Idea and JetBrains Qodana1 days ago
hn link KerryBeetge
Where Do Post-Surgical Bacterial Infections Come From, Anyway?1 days ago
hn link etiam
Parthenon is now open source1 days ago
hn link that_guy_iain
Aeronde: Another Way to Fly1 days ago
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Show HN: A free site to explore and discover 6k plants1 days ago
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I built a SaaS in 24 hours1 days ago
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ARM Lab VM 2.01 days ago
hn link plurby
Real-World Examples of Using Feature Flags for Migration1 days ago
hn link deleteLater
Dealing with Time Zones in Programming1 days ago
hn link modinfo
Building a Magical 3D Button with CSS1 days ago
hn link yothisisyo
PostNL wants to reduce mail deliveries to every other day1 days ago
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RFC 9457 Problem Details for HTTP APIs1 days ago
hn link brodo
Yak Shaving1 days ago
hn link OnACoffeeBreak
Tips How to Find Hidden Camera Using Mobile Phone1 days ago
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Four of the Five Least Expensive Car Brands to Maintain Are American1 days ago
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The Complicated History of the 'Magdeburg Unicorn' (2022)1 days ago
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October 2025 will be a support massacre for a bunch of Microsoft products1 days ago
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Good Ideas in Computer Science1 days ago
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The Radiant Future (Of 1995)1 days ago
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Frontier: We Were Probably Hacked1 days ago
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Made a free CRO Checklist for ecom and SaaS1 days ago
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The Radiant Future (Of 1995)1 days ago
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ACEZero: A new learning-based approach to SfM1 days ago
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Turn of the woke tide will leave many stranded1 days ago
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Tiny11 Builder trims Windows 11 fat with PowerShell script1 days ago
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Help us invent CSS Grid Level 3, a.k.a. "Masonry" layout – WebKit1 days ago
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The Optimizations in Erlang/OTP 271 days ago
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Fine-tune Llama 3 with ORPO1 days ago
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A Full Guide to Minecraft Plugin Development1 days ago
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I made an app to tell you your carbon footprint and how to reduce it (in 2 mins)1 days ago
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Apache NuttX Powers Smallest Lunar Robot1 days ago
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How to Use I2C Devices in (Apache) NuttX: Scanning for Devices1 days ago
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Elon Musk – Dead at 52 – Says There Is No Need for Misinformation Laws [Satire]1 days ago
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How to create a countdown with Tailwind CSS and Alpinejs1 days ago
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Show HN: I asked ChatGPT about its upcoming features1 days ago
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California's Exploding Rooftop Solar Cost Shif1 days ago
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Malaysia to set up $627M fund for startups in Southeast Asia1 days ago
hn link williswee
LunarVim has been abandoned by its maintainers1 days ago
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Jo Boaler Is Not Unusually Bad for an Education Researcher: She's Usually Bad1 days ago
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Millennial Market: Understanding the New Consumer1 days ago
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Turning On, Booting Up, and Jacking into Neuromancer1 days ago
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How to Juggle Priorities1 days ago
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Are You Passionately Obsessed with Software Development?1 days ago
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Automated Stitching of Chip Images1 days ago
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How to Use Video Testimonials in Marketing1 days ago
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Web Game Engines and Libraries1 days ago
hn link jverrecchia
What Scientists Can't See: "The Blind Spot"1 days ago
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Keyboard I've Ever Had1 days ago
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Profiling Remote GPUs with Nsight Compute1 days ago
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Tele2 secure collaboration hub for public sector keeps Swedish data in Sweden1 days ago
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OpenBSD – pfctl(8) and systat(8) to display fragment reassembly statistics1 days ago
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Carl Sagan, nuking the moon, and not nuking the moon1 days ago
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City emails during preemptive Boulder power outage reveal widespread confusion1 days ago
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Climatic consequences of saturation of radiation absorption in gases1 days ago
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Linus Torvalds, the famous embroidery file converter developer1 days ago
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Trends for the future of map design in OpenStreetMap1 days ago
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EURISKO Lives1 days ago
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Australian prime minister takes on Elon Musk over church stabbing video1 days ago
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PR can move a market overnight1 days ago
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New York offshore wind projects scrapped, along with promise of local jobs1 days ago
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Rules Aren't Reasons1 days ago
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Community Voices – At Xiaomi, where are we heading with Gravitino1 days ago
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Origin of the Term "Shell"1 days ago
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Niiomtplaboparmbetzhelbetrabsbomonimonkonotdtekhstromont1 days ago
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Trusting Your Eyes1 days ago
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Hold up on that second one1 days ago
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How youth gender medicine broke almost every liberal institution it touched1 days ago
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One Artist's Portrayal of Late-Stage Capitalism1 days ago
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Spurious Correlations: correlation is not causation1 days ago
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Summarize Large Documents1 days ago
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Who is to blame for gender theory?1 days ago
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Questmate's YC S24 Application Video1 days ago
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My Founder Video for YC S241 days ago
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Efficient finetuning of Llama 3 with FSDP QDoRA1 days ago
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Five Geek Social Fallacies1 days ago
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Understanding and avoiding visually ambiguous characters in IDs1 days ago
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A New Deal for Manifold1 days ago
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Modal is a matrioshka language based on pattern-matching to rewrite trees1 days ago
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Adam Wathan on Tailwind.css v4 and Tailwind Labs1 days ago
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Show HN: Set up automatic status updates collection in 3 minutes1 days ago
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LLM Agents Can Not Autonomously Exploit One-Day Vulnerabilities1 days ago
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Show HN: Scoring resumes at scale using GPT-41 days ago
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Descartes's Stove1 days ago
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Jury Awards Splunk $1 for Software Copyright Win over Cribl1 days ago
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How quickly can you break a long string into lines?1 days ago
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Wadler's Law1 days ago
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Generate code for declarative language instead of programming language1 days ago
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Is My Khan Academy Profile Resume-Worthy for a Web Developer and Game Developer?1 days ago
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NumFOCUS Concerns1 days ago
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FBI and friends get two more years of warrantless FISA Section 702 snooping1 days ago
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How to Fix Flying in the U.S.2 days ago
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Beatrice: A tagless, dependently typed, self-aware programming language2 days ago
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Ghost is joining the ActivityPub network2 days ago
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Fundraising: How to Deal with Bad Actors2 days ago
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Show HN: Bloggers, become a podcaster in no time2 days ago
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I am building a wappalyzer / builtwith alternative2 days ago
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What Is Zig's Comptime?2 days ago
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Design of Gesture Recognition Libraries for Web (2022)2 days ago
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Show HN: Compare Groq and Llama-3-70B with GPT-4 Turbo2 days ago
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Some thoughts on going from an idea to the App Store in one week2 days ago
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What Is the Metropolis Algorithm?2 days ago
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Open Source is a Restaurant2 days ago
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Using calculated attributes to help users surface delivery risks2 days ago
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Hawaii lawmakers take aim at vacation rentals after Lahaina wildfire2 days ago
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"Learn More" Links: You Can Do Better2 days ago
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Forge: A Tool to Teach Formal Methods2 days ago
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How Wireless Charging Works and Why It's Terrible2 days ago
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Turkish Language, Browsers and Punycode2 days ago
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Open-Source Assistive Devices2 days ago
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Send Your Friends Birthday Cards, They Love It2 days ago
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The Anti-Social NetWork2 days ago
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Thomas Piketty and the Decline of Football2 days ago
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Strengthening SaaS Security with Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs)2 days ago
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Harmonia2 days ago
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What it was like going through YC W242 days ago
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Learn to use WebSockets with Django by building your own ChatGPT2 days ago
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EdgeDB Free Tier and how we stack up vs. PlanetScale, Supabase, Neon2 days ago
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About Talk Selection for Posette: An Event for Postgres 20242 days ago
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Old Half-Life Servers(Action Half-Life, the Opera,)2 days ago
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Wireless Charging: Trading Efficiency for Convenience2 days ago
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Waste Inferences2 days ago
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No evidence yet of Israel's claims against UNWRA: Colonna report2 days ago
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Reddit is quietly changing the way its homepage works2 days ago
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Is the World Happy?2 days ago
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Come help build a new digital front door for Defense Health2 days ago
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New Text-to-Image Model Arena2 days ago
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Hackers threaten to leak a copy of the World-Check DB used to assess risks2 days ago
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Real Estate for Entrepreneurs Finding the Right Space for Your Business2 days ago
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Intel Meteor Lake's NPU2 days ago
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The Cloud Storage Triad: Latency, Cost, Durability2 days ago
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Create a Default Folder for Screenshots2 days ago
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Moving on from Mocha, Chai and NYC2 days ago
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1Password Acquires Kolide2 days ago
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Edit This Page now has filters2 days ago
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New Trunk Merge Features2 days ago
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How Your Job Shapes Your Identity2 days ago
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When will computer hardware match the human brain? (Hans Moravec, 1998)2 days ago
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Good Ideas in Computer Science2 days ago
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The future of programming languages in the LLM age2 days ago
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Rampvlucht (2022)2 days ago
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An Entire Social Network in 1.6GB (GraphD Part 2)2 days ago
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Destruction of Kharkov TV tower in Ukraine [video]2 days ago
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Life is a Game that you can learn by learning these rules2 days ago
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Meta opens Horizon OS for other companies to build VR headsets2 days ago
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Ant and the Grasshopper: Seasonality and the Invention of Agriculture2 days ago
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A New Era for Mixed Reality2 days ago
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CADtron: A gesture-based CAD environment (for tablets)2 days ago
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Multimodal Embedding with Meta's ImageBind2 days ago
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Not all CDC pipelines are created equal2 days ago
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Proton Drive – Encrypted cloud storage2 days ago
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Dark Web Monitoring for credential leaks2 days ago
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Beyond Big Academia, there could a bright future for the humanities2 days ago
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Duolingo outsmarts competition on TikTok using comedy and emotion2 days ago
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What C2PA does and does not solve2 days ago
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How to Fight Impostor Syndrome as a Software Engineer?2 days ago
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The Windows Registry Adventure #1: Introduction and research results2 days ago
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ParadeDB: Postgres for Search and Analytics2 days ago
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An Exploration of SBCL Internals (2020)2 days ago
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JetBrains Qodana just released FlexInspect for custom inspections2 days ago
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Matterport to Be Acquired by CoStar Group2 days ago
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Webflow Acquires Intellimize2 days ago
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Context Awareness vs. Customer-Specific Finetuning2 days ago
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Posthog x Langfuse public beta: LLM and product analytics2 days ago
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How to find the right params of reCAPTCHA solve task2 days ago
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Embracer Group to transform into three separate companies2 days ago
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Why I love programming on FreeDOS with GW-BASIC2 days ago
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Dear Samsung Internet: Please Fix Your Forced Dark Mode2 days ago
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Frosting a Turd and Iterating to a Cupcake2 days ago
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Review of the MoErgo Glove80 Keyboard2 days ago
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Zilog to end standalone sales of the legendary Z80 CPU2 days ago
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How thumb indexes are cut2 days ago
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Dora Metrics for Fintech Companies 1012 days ago
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Decarbonization: Stocks and flows, abundance and scarcity, net zero2 days ago
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Rätsel, Puzzles and Denksport Online2 days ago
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Beyond the Bottom Line: The ROI of Investing in Developer Experience2 days ago
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Drop Everything and Review2 days ago
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Options for accessing Llama 3 from the terminal using LLM2 days ago
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What we've learned in 3 days of Llama 32 days ago
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Perfecting the World Map?2 days ago
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LLM-powered automated software testing2 days ago
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Secure Boot and TPM-Backed Full Disk Encryption on NixOS2 days ago
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Matryoshka and Binary vectors: Slash vector search costs with Vespa2 days ago
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Bottle Plotter2 days ago
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Deanonimization Using Telegram Deeplink2 days ago
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Spotify leaves the IAB; no longer certified2 days ago
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From Desk Job to Dream Job: Become a Virtual Assistant and Land Your First2 days ago
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The Jitter Bug Part 22 days ago
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Internet of Desks: How I Connected My Standing Desk to the Internet2 days ago
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Delay email delivery with Postfix for a relaxing weekend2 days ago
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Automated Stitching of Chip Images2 days ago
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Scaling with Argo CD: Introducing the Apps Repo Architecture2 days ago
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Monte Carlo SIM in the Browser with DuckDB WASM2 days ago
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Baldur's Gate II – Shadow of Amn's Manual2 days ago
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A Photographer Captured His Spectacular Dream Eclipse Photo2 days ago
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Default Azure Credentials Under the Hood2 days ago
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There is no 'we' in design docs2 days ago
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Show HN: Tactix: A Game of Tactics and Emojis2 days ago
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Against whole body MRIs2 days ago
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Show HN: Audio waveform SVG builder for designers2 days ago
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First Prize for Best Paper on Technical – Intl. Conference on Technical Debt2 days ago
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Creativity: Explicit vs. Reflective2 days ago
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Weekly GNU-Like Mobile Linux Update (16/2024): More Xperia 10s for Sailfish OS2 days ago
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Integrating JWT with Spring Security 6 in Spring Boot 32 days ago
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Show HN: OpenOrb, a curated search engine for Atom and RSS feeds2 days ago
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