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Matrix chat encryption sunk by five now-patched holes2 days ago linkeecc
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Game Feel: Input Buffering2 days ago linkbarbariangrunge
Leading VC to provide up to $1.25B to back startups built on Cloudflare Workers2 days ago linkeastdakota
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VLink: A versatile and portable multi file format linker2 days ago linkmshockwave
Linear Algebra with Applications2 days ago linkcbracketdash
Westinghouse advances eVinci microreactor commercialization in Canada2 days ago linkGravityloss
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Lycoris Recoil: Turning Original Anime Production Chaos in Your Favor2 days ago linknafnlj
Defining your goal's characteristics in iterable ways2 days ago linkjeffrey-sherman
Cyber and Information Warfare in Ukraine: What Do We Know Seven Months In?2 days ago linkd1lanka
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Bridging the gap between infra and machine learning: start from envd2 days ago linkurcyanide
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Saltie: a new app for diabetes and diet2 days ago linkandrewchilds
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I Visited Bucha Today2 days ago linkMax-Ganz-II
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Roundup of Events for Bootstrappers in October 20222 days ago linkskmurphy
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0-Day RCE Vulnerability Against Microsoft Exchange Servers2 days ago linklouislang
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Jukebox, a neural net that generates music (2020)2 days ago linkkarencarits
Curtis Yarvin Discusses Tech Freedom with Eron2 days ago linkkvathupo
PS1 Strengths and Weaknesses vs. N64 and Sega Saturn2 days ago linknafnlj
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First Time Boat Owners – What You Should Already Know2 days ago linkvessio
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GIFs Without the .gif: The Most Performant Image and Video Options2 days ago linkseekayel
ELLO LC1 is A 2mm thin DIY computer2 days ago linkekoutanov
EdgeDB and Dart2 days ago link1st1
ICU4X 1.0 Released – New Internationalization Library from Unicode2 days ago linkzbraniecki
Metabase Uses Metabase2 days ago linkmargotli
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We need to coordinate our fight against the climate change and this might be how2 days ago linkzarazas
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Why “Go Nuts, Show Nuts” Doesn’t Work in 20223 days ago linkfirloop
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AtomicJar: Shift integration testing left and get rid of staging3 days ago linkmtremsal
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Microsoft Ignite Yubikey Offer $5 for two3 days ago linkdonutshop
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1M (X2) Graph Queries per Second3 days ago linksasquire
Twitch Korea to have streams of up to 720p quality, due to new Korean bill3 days ago linkglanzwulf
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Freelancing as a Laravel Developer: One Year Later3 days ago linkashallendesign
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Real Artifacts – real phenomena that resemble computer graphics artifacts3 days ago linksaltypal
Mithril (startup founded by HS students) Acquired by Commsor3 days ago linkchadd
We rolled our own Buy Now, Pay Later program. Then we rolled it back3 days ago linkleeny
Acceleration Robotics announce and open sources ROBOTCORE3 days ago linkPablocarrera
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