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Bank Failures Come in Waves32 min ago
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Building Lisp48 min ago
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DIY -Hat for measuring EEG with dry electrodes for PiEEG48 min ago
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How to create ideal prompts for Midjourney1 hours ago
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The Status Trap1 hours ago
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Show HN: A card game built with ReactJS and Redux1 hours ago
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Life on Distant Moons2 hours ago
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Show HN: In-Flight Entertainment Challenge2 hours ago
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Show HN: Leetcode but for front end engineers. Bad idea?2 hours ago
hn link xempes Lays of 400 Employees2 hours ago
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Study Finds That Antisemitism on Twitter Has 'Surged' Since Elon Musk Takeover2 hours ago
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11 years on, Fukushima radioactive waste still tough challenge for Japan2 hours ago
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Avoiding the Elasticsearch split brain problem, and how to recover3 hours ago
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Challenging My Intuition on File Sizes3 hours ago
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Continuations of 250 prompts with LLaMA 30B fine-tuned on Open-Assistant data3 hours ago
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How to evaluate refactoring decisions? The 4W framework3 hours ago
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Analyzing multi-gigabyte JSON files locally with serde3 hours ago
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Comparison of 160gsm Bullet Journal Notebooks3 hours ago
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Show HN: Turn YouTube videos into study notes w/ Streaming, GPT, and Whisper3 hours ago
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Notes on Fast Fourier Transforms for Implementers3 hours ago
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Building ClickHouse Cloud from Scratch in a Year3 hours ago
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Solarcycle just raised another $30M to build more solar recycling factories4 hours ago
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Hire problems solvers not students4 hours ago
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K-12 Computing Education in Four African Countries4 hours ago
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Companies to publish salary ranges in job ads under new EU transparency rules4 hours ago
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A trip down the graphics pipeline4 hours ago
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The most popular products on Reddit4 hours ago
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Auctions as Smart Contracts4 hours ago
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Celebrating Cerebration: On Creativity by Isaac Asimov4 hours ago
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FOSS License Compliance Enforcement4 hours ago
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Chef – Make programs look like recipes (2003)4 hours ago
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Xcopy Windows to a new hard drive from recovery4 hours ago
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Hello, Semantic Kernel (OpenAI SDK)5 hours ago
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Juice5 hours ago
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Door5 hours ago
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Site is expected to be taken down in 20235 hours ago
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Teeth Track Gender Bias Back over 1k Years5 hours ago
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Men paying to have their jaws broken in the name of ‘manliness’5 hours ago
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Extreme Data Loss – Business Operations Temporarily Halted5 hours ago
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Meta's Lack of Vision5 hours ago
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UBS/CS get total of 209B CHF securities5 hours ago
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Rippling raises $500M in Series E financing5 hours ago
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Press Conference Statement: Brewster Kahle, Internet Archive5 hours ago
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Bloom Filters Explained5 hours ago
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Leaderboard System Design5 hours ago
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Show HN: Connect Notion + Gumroad5 hours ago
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mTroll Hybrid MIDI Controller5 hours ago
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Obsidian Chat with your notes using GPT-4 and Embeddings6 hours ago
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Greater sequence lengths will set us free6 hours ago
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ChatGPT Is Down6 hours ago
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Cybercriminals capitalize on Silicon Valley Bank's demise6 hours ago
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7 ‘Ancient’ Unix commands you can still use today6 hours ago
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Content on a personal blog should not be edited6 hours ago
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Deploy Meilisearch to in 5 Minutes6 hours ago
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Stuff I Use in the Terminal6 hours ago
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The Power of Habits for Optimal Focus and Productivity7 hours ago
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Why do I have a Blog?7 hours ago
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Using MMAP to share data between processes7 hours ago
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Assistive vs Transformative Technologies7 hours ago
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Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework (1962)7 hours ago
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The End of Front-End Development7 hours ago
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Why do I have a Blog?7 hours ago
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I Hate Typeforms7 hours ago
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Show HN: Voice Memos in WhatsApp for ChatGPT7 hours ago
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Farmer’s Diagram: Representing society’s degree of catastrophe aversion7 hours ago
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A Taste of Futures Past: The Rise and Fall of Spun Soy Protein7 hours ago
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Fed Guy: SVB was particularly poorly run7 hours ago
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How to Scale Your Mastodon Server8 hours ago
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New analysis suggests climate coverage downplays livestock’s impact8 hours ago
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Underwater Acoustic Modems8 hours ago
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Protecting Zoom and our customers: our Bug Bounty program’s success in 20228 hours ago
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OpenSIPS Security Audit Report is fully disclosed and out there8 hours ago
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Moving the Posts: Adventures in Legacy Infrastructure Migrations8 hours ago
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Utrecht Builds Car-Free Neighbourhood8 hours ago
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The Better NPM Audit8 hours ago
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IPCC's AR6 Synthesis Climate Change 20238 hours ago
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What happens when software costs goes to zero?8 hours ago
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Lessons from a Pessimist: Make Your Pessimism Productive8 hours ago
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How to Create Suspense as a Writer9 hours ago
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A Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change9 hours ago
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Wazero from Tetrate9 hours ago
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Automata Pro – Your Copilot for Photo Editing9 hours ago
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The hard problem of onboarding horizontal products9 hours ago
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When to Stop9 hours ago
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Supreme Court Asked to Strike Down Immunity for Police Who Brutally Beat Student9 hours ago
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I built a Raycast to Warp extension9 hours ago
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Paving the Road to Vulkan on Asahi Linux9 hours ago
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Mobile home parks offer refuge from Cal housing squeeze. Who’s watching them?9 hours ago
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Man stuck in snow, deep in woods, uses drone to lift cell phone to call for help9 hours ago
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Freelance portfolio shouldn't contain everything9 hours ago
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Paper Bills and Statements; a Real Necessity in a Digital World9 hours ago
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Attackers are starting to target .NET developers with malicious NuGet packages9 hours ago
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Continuous program optimization: A case study9 hours ago
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Conformer-1: a robust speech recognition model9 hours ago
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It’s a rare bird, indeed; unusual sighting captivates birders10 hours ago
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Now Everyone Hates Bankers10 hours ago
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Exploring Lichess data on improvement using e4 vs. d4 and blitz vs. rapid10 hours ago
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Why venture capital should be consensus-averse10 hours ago
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Focus on needs not feature requests10 hours ago
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Immediate action is needed to ensure “a livable future for all” UN report says10 hours ago
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Gitea 1.1910 hours ago
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Platform APIs10 hours ago
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Pentagon Mobilized to Support Tech Startups After Bank Failure10 hours ago
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The new atomic currency and the robbers [ChatGPT]10 hours ago
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Show HN: MTLS Everywhere10 hours ago
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Mother Shipton's Prophecies – Crystalinks11 hours ago
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ASML export ban will hurt Netherlands relationship with China, ambassador warns11 hours ago
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Runway Launches Gen-2 Synthetic Video Model11 hours ago
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Evaluating What Works (2023)11 hours ago
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An API to Download from OpenStreetMap11 hours ago
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Bush's War11 hours ago
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The Slow December experiment: inspiring creativity and reducing burnout11 hours ago
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Show HN: Without understanding rhyming, GPT-4 beats humans at rhyme word game11 hours ago
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HAProxy Fusion Control Plane11 hours ago
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Should You Stick It Out at This Terrible Workplace?11 hours ago
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Database cryptography fur the rest of us11 hours ago
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SuperWord (Auto-Vectorization) – An Introduction11 hours ago
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Solving 6/10 days of Advent of Code with GPT-411 hours ago
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Breaking Free from Results-Oriented Thinking12 hours ago
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My domains and payment history have disappeared12 hours ago
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What’s New in Apache CloudStack 4.1812 hours ago
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Finland named happiest country for 6th year running12 hours ago
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GGreg20_V3 Geiger counter: a new option for selecting the GM tube J30512 hours ago
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Artifical Intelligence and Climate Change13 hours ago
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Technical note on bug fixes in ESPHome fw for ESP32 GPIO and ISR settings modes13 hours ago
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ClickHouse Manual13 hours ago
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Betraying Vim for the IDEs of March13 hours ago
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Compare your income against the OECD Income Distribution Database13 hours ago
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Email Etiquette: How to Write Subject Line-Only Email13 hours ago
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Euro Symbol Construction.svg13 hours ago
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Tabs Are Evil14 hours ago
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Sum Types and Union Types14 hours ago
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Windows Critical ICMP Remote Code Execution Vulnerability14 hours ago
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Why ASML isn’t worried about Applied’s pattern-shaping tool14 hours ago
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Open-Source Investor Index14 hours ago
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2023 GigaOm Radar report selects open-appsec as a Leader14 hours ago
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Jim Carrey as the Riddler (1995)14 hours ago
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Hackers Can Access Exynos Chip Phones with Just a Contact Number14 hours ago
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Is science becoming more novel?14 hours ago
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FastAPI and async SQLAlchemy 2.0 with pytest and alembic migrations14 hours ago
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ChatGPT Generated Business Plan14 hours ago
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Cesium-137 missing and found in junk yard in Thailand15 hours ago
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Adding wireless charging to the Nintendo Switch Lite15 hours ago
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The Distance from Data to You in Edge Computing15 hours ago
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Quickbit – A Replacement PCB for QuickShot II Joysticks for C64/Amiga/Atari15 hours ago
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Top Almighty Reasons Behind the Dominance of IT Subcontractors15 hours ago
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ChatGPT is Down15 hours ago
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How the iPhone has shaped the smartphone world15 hours ago
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Shamanic Way to Deal with Errors16 hours ago
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VA e-health record system linked with 6 cases of ‘catastrophic harm’ 4 deaths16 hours ago
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Command Line One-Liners16 hours ago
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Zur Rose Group Is Hiring: Cyber Security Specialist16 hours ago
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Highlights from Vue.js Nation 202316 hours ago
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The challenges and opportunities of deception in cybersecurity16 hours ago
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Product Management Career Ladders (13 frameworks)16 hours ago
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Show HN: Logto Cloud (Preview) – OSS auth and identity17 hours ago
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Stop spamming the em dash everywhere17 hours ago
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Credit Suisse Official Statement17 hours ago
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CostX introduces a newly designed user interface to customize the grid fields17 hours ago
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SwiftyEdit 1.0.0 Released17 hours ago
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Ezra Klein – My View on A.I17 hours ago
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How Video Games and Their Music Changed My Life17 hours ago
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WebTV Shrine17 hours ago
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Animated Pathfinding with RRT18 hours ago
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Embedding Collapsible information in the data-structure of a graph18 hours ago
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Free online courses every startup founder should take18 hours ago
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Navigating the Unpredictability of Everything19 hours ago
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Show HN: Missing Calendly Feature: Branded Links19 hours ago
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Change your windows cursor already19 hours ago
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TikTok19 hours ago
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An off-kilter visionary: Henry Green had a strange and distinctive talent20 hours ago
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Gaslighting, Narcissist, and More Psychology Terms You're Misusing20 hours ago
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Meta Layoffs20 hours ago
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Why We Added Package.json Support to Deno21 hours ago
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Special K Latent Sync is vsync with as much, or even less, latency than no vsync21 hours ago
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The Beer Can21 hours ago
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The coop you've been waiting for22 hours ago
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The Problem with UChicago’s Glaze22 hours ago
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America’s Skepticism Toward the First Automobiles22 hours ago
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Show HN: What I've learned from my users after talking to them?22 hours ago
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Who becomes an entrepreneur? Insights from 7 research studies22 hours ago
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Is Cultivated Meat for Real?23 hours ago
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Prioritizing TDD Friendly Languages and Frameworks23 hours ago
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Twenty-Five Years of Curl23 hours ago
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The Rise of Meson (2021)1 days ago
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Information about the Closure of the Project1 days ago
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Testing Part 2: Unit Tests1 days ago
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Oakland's Non-Profit Video Game Museum Is Back, and Thriving1 days ago
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How to walk away from a relationship without revenge1 days ago
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Pirate Insurance and Startup Financing1 days ago
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Zrfefz1 days ago
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Simplest thing GPT4 can’t do?1 days ago
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GPT-3.5 vs. GPT-4 Code Generation Comparison1 days ago
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On second thought, I don't like blogging1 days ago
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Spoutible, Another Twitter Alternative1 days ago
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Baby Pickle and the Spaghetti Code1 days ago
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Mastodon Hit 10M Users1 days ago
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Custom Pprof Profiles1 days ago
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VLAN Configuration by Examples1 days ago
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T3 Next.js App – Integrate Stripe into Your Type-Safe1 days ago
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OpenBSD Webzine #131 days ago
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When did Chamath short Credit Suisse?1 days ago
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The Quest for Better Online Communities1 days ago
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Yandex Browser's GPU crashes dropped significantly after pretending to be Chrome1 days ago
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Plurality: Technology for Collaborative Diversity and Democracy1 days ago
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What if everything was a database?1 days ago
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Everything Wrong with the Capitol Shooting in 21 Minutes or Less1 days ago
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Ubuntu or Debian?1 days ago
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Show HN: GPT-4 Powered Airbnb Analyzer1 days ago
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DailyUI UI Kit Designs – Themes – Templates1 days ago
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Club-Wielding Ancestors: Myth or Reality?1 days ago
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Austin Is Now on PyPI1 days ago
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Can I have some DX too?1 days ago
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Credit Suisse agrees to 3 Billion franc takeover by rival Swiss bank UBS1 days ago
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Navigating the Unpredictability of Everything1 days ago
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Optimizing Open Addressing1 days ago
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Killport: A Simple CLI Tool to Free Ports in Linux1 days ago
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UBS agrees to buy Credit Suisse for over $2B1 days ago
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GPT-4 Beats Humans at Hard Rhyme-Based Riddles1 days ago
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ChatGPT is like online office hours with the internet1 days ago
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Create Playable Worlds in ChatGPT1 days ago
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Beating Language Model Prompt Injection with Focus1 days ago
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Playbook for the Great Divergence1 days ago
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On Overexcitable Children1 days ago
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Using PyGWalker(a tableau-style plugin) in Kaggle Notebook for EDA1 days ago
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The Philosopher: A Conversation with Grady Booch1 days ago
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Show HN: Progressive Web App to manage (read/edit/write) zip files1 days ago
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Part 1 – Understanding Hardware Performance1 days ago
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Laserology: Some thoughts about laser failures that never happened1 days ago
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Simulating AGI Box Experiment with GPT41 days ago
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Better Resumes: Results and Context1 days ago
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Using Completion API with GPT-35-turbo and GPT-41 days ago
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Show HN: Unicode Character Inspector1 days ago
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Week 3 of LLaMA1 days ago
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ChatGPT can be creative; my collection of poems I started that ChatGPT completed1 days ago
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Teaching OpenAI to assess risk, with CopBot1 days ago
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Oscar.jl Computer Algebra System for Mathematical Research1 days ago
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Overconfidence and Future-Proofing1 days ago
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Earn $750/Month Recurring Revenue1 days ago
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Bitwarden PINs can be brute-forced1 days ago
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Server-Side A/B Testing on Deno Using the Fresh Framework and Pirsch Analytics1 days ago
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Automating Your CV1 days ago
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Close HN: Ending my side project, because the problem is solved1 days ago
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Using ChatGPT for Self-Development1 days ago
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Meta staffers reportedly spar with Mark Zuckerberg after mass layoffs1 days ago
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How to Steal an Army1 days ago
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Brett Harrison – FTX US Former President and HFT Finance Veteran Speaks Out1 days ago
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The Illusion of Free Will1 days ago
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Alternative facts: How the media failed Julian Assange1 days ago
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Methyl-sensitive transcription factor motifs with expanded epigenetic alphabet1 days ago
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Getting Started with Self Hosting1 days ago
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Save now, buy later: an emerging fintech model1 days ago
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Speeding up the JS ecosystem - npm scripts1 days ago
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Time Commando – The Saturn Version1 days ago
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I asked GPT-4 to explain CUDA1 days ago
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Everything Is Deeply Intertwingled1 days ago
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GPT might be an information virus1 days ago
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The FBI Leaves Tracks1 days ago
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Show HN: Jetro – transform and query JSON format1 days ago
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I saved $183M dollars by not moving to the cloud1 days ago
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Best-Selling Author & Professor Steven Pinker Will Transform His Ideas into NFTs1 days ago
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GPT-4 can almost learn games like Tic-Tac-Toe1 days ago
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This Time It's Different1 days ago
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Has the Copilot SEO Spam War Begun?1 days ago
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Reversing (Undocumented) Settings of Math Invaders1 days ago
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A principled approach to app pinning and app defaults in Windows1 days ago
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OpenKind news – news that matters1 days ago
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Building a Simple Web App with OpenAI’s ChatGPT API, Next.js and Tailwind CSS1 days ago
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Chatting and Cheating. Ensuring academic integrity in the era of ChatGPT1 days ago
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Migrating from ts-node to Bun1 days ago
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Setup a Private NPM Registry1 days ago
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The TED2 Conference Writeup, 22 Years Later – 11 Years Later1 days ago
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Et Tu, Gmail?1 days ago
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OpenUPS. Any Input. Any Output. Any Battery1 days ago
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How wasps are less bothersome and more beautiful than we think1 days ago
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Calculating Intrinsic Value with a DCF Like Warren Buffett Would1 days ago
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With Heat Pumps, US Energy Requirements Could Plummet by 50%1 days ago
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Understanding a Diverse User Base with Frequency Segmentation1 days ago
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Framework Next Level Event on March 231 days ago
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Neurodegenerative disease among male elite football players in Sweden1 days ago
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Web Scraping with GPT-41 days ago
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“Takumi No Waza” – Green Bell Nail Clippers1 days ago
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macOS Big Sur desktop created in Flutter1 days ago
hn link subins2000
The Curious Case of a Memory Leak in a Zig Program1 days ago
hn link krut-patel
Is your bank “important” enough to save? Don’t count on it1 days ago
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Distributed Machine Learning at Instacart1 days ago
hn link robertnishihara
Design of GNU Parallel1 days ago
hn link Havelock
10 days fasting and calcium/vit d supplements increases bone mineral density1 days ago
hn link spoonfeeder006
I Use Org Mode1 days ago
hn link nimbleplum40
Chat GPT Passes US Medical Board Exam(USMLE)1 days ago
hn link docjamming
The Value of an Undergraduate Degree1 days ago
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Personal Newsletter (Just for me) with GPT-41 days ago
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Specialized Deep Learning Architectures for Time Series Forecasting2 days ago
hn link sirpunch
Pentagon signals shift away from just-in-time production model2 days ago
hn link tankenmate
AmiKit 12 Released – Review2 days ago
hn link erickhill
Stream chat completions from OpenAI’s API2 days ago
hn link georgeck
MinIO's Object Lambda – enabling application-specific data transformation2 days ago
hn link jtsymonds
On Nontermination and Optimisation in Futhark2 days ago
hn link dist1ll
A GPT-4 conversation about NGE2 days ago
hn link dusted
Lord of the Rings – Audiobook Soundscape by Phil Dragash2 days ago
hn link nelblu
The Death of Software Engineering2 days ago
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A Japanese North Korean (With South Korean Passport)2 days ago
hn link kaladin-jasnah
ActivityPub for WordPress Joins the Automattic Family2 days ago
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Good performance, budget price: DeepCool AG500 Air Cooler reviewed2 days ago
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Mathiraj2 days ago
hn link mathiraj
Casio F91 Alternative Round-Up – Which Cheap Digital Watch Is Best?2 days ago
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Widgetsmith += 100,000,0002 days ago
hn link tobr
Super Star Trek Meets 25th Anniversary: Free Retro Remake Updated2 days ago
hn link emabolo
Revisiting the Core-JS Situation2 days ago
hn link tannhaeuser
How much data do you need?2 days ago
hn link jmount
Generating curiosity: Intrinsic rewards in reinforcement learning2 days ago
hn link noamsf
Twitter will open source all code used to recommend tweets on March 312 days ago
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SVB: Employees blame remote work, focus on social issues for bank collapse2 days ago
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The Zero, One, Infinity Disease2 days ago
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How to run a shadow library: operations at Anna’s Archive2 days ago
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GPT can complete complex tasks by controlling the browser2 days ago
hn link Satam
Using Markdown in Projects2 days ago
hn link throwoutway
The Killer Use-Case for LLMs Is Summarization2 days ago
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Using ChatGPT to control a smart home2 days ago
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Decivilising Russia2 days ago
hn link mepian
NIST's Special Database 182 days ago
hn link jonathanmkeegan
JPEG-XL vs. AVIF and Others: 27 Images Compared2 days ago
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Scheduled Deployments on a Budget2 days ago
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Where does the kubelet mount volumes?2 days ago
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Silicon Valley Bank is dead, long live SVB?2 days ago
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CInvoke, TinyCC and Tcl2 days ago
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I created this Hor/Vertical scanline driven paintbrush video renderer “Splash”2 days ago
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GPT4: I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love LLMs2 days ago
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Ghost of Tsushima Could Be Announced for PC Soon2 days ago
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Practical Cybersecurity for Early Startups2 days ago
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Every Complex Banking Issue All at Once: The Failure of SVB2 days ago
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My Recommendations for a Happy Life2 days ago
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Inspired by a post about the 90s scenes2 days ago
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Search and Recommendations with Embeddings – Engineering Challenges2 days ago
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Large language models are poor theories of human linguistic cognition2 days ago
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Book Review: The Art of People2 days ago
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Deterministic Artificial Intelligence2 days ago
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I Made a Rabbit2 days ago
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Real-Time Video Processing with WebCodecs and Streams2 days ago
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CDC purchased private location data on 55M Americans for lockdown compliance2 days ago
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Zero and Few Shot Text Retrieval and Ranking Using Large Language Models2 days ago
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LibrePlanet 2023 Program2 days ago
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My YC project: Create your climate tech software in days2 days ago
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The Fatal Dowry – Act I2 days ago
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Decap CMS2 days ago
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What should the lesson be from Silicon Valley Bank?2 days ago
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Augmenting Long-Term Memory2 days ago
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On Euthanizing Venture Capitalists2 days ago
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The lies, myths, and secrets of Japanese UI design2 days ago
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The Polyphase Mixer (2022)2 days ago
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Cody Dock Rolling Bridge2 days ago
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We launched Gravity: a platform changing the way companies will hire talent2 days ago
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Attention in the Western Hemisphere Is a Gaussian Beam2 days ago
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US Law, Tariff Act 1930 and Civil Forfeiture2 days ago
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Flickr, Instagram, and the Free Lunch2 days ago
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Add Text to Video Online2 days ago
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Easy Adjacency Comparisons in Ruby2 days ago
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An 83 year old developer's first reaction to the ChatGPT API2 days ago
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GPT-4 can create and act on long-term plans, accrue resources (power seeking)2 days ago
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Silicon Valley Lifestyles Are Being Portrayed on Screens Large and Small2 days ago
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How to participate in Monday’s oral arguments re: Internet Archive2 days ago
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2023 will be print-free2 days ago
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Why is Rupert Murdoch associated with Stanford? An open letter to leadership2 days ago
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365 Days of AI: Experiment and Guidelines2 days ago
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Launch of Children's Created Chinese Storybook (Human vs AI))2 days ago
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Listening to the Creatures of the World2 days ago
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Chat GPT Haggadah Supplement2 days ago
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A principled approach to app pinning and app defaults in Windows2 days ago
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On Overexcitable Children2 days ago
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The Time I Hacked Google’s Manual Actions Database3 days ago
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DARPA funding WhisperBeam power-beaming aircraft3 days ago
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The Millionaire Fastlane: Book Review3 days ago
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Channel Codes Database3 days ago
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The U.S. Military Is Missing Six Nuclear Weapons3 days ago
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Bank Failures Come in Waves3 days ago
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The Red Herring of Consciousness3 days ago
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YC's hosting a meetup in SF for Open Source Software startups3 days ago
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ChatGPT Will Replace Programmers Within 10 Years3 days ago
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The Unreasonable Shittines of Duolingo3 days ago
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Managing screenshots in documentation like a designer3 days ago
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Warning: The bottom 50% of BI devs will be on the chopping block3 days ago
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Bandcamp’s workers in the USA are unionizing3 days ago
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Unlocking the Bizarre Properties of Strange Metals: A Groundbreaking Experiment3 days ago
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ReMarkable's Type Folio keyboard cover prompts thoughts on distraction-free tech3 days ago
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The Stonehenge of PC design, Xerox' Alto, appeared 50 years ago this month3 days ago
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Counting Lines with Common Lisp3 days ago
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Google: Global Trends Provide a Tailwind3 days ago
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The LLM Problem3 days ago
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Minimum Viable Finance: The Guide for Seed/Series A Startups3 days ago
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Snowflake, but Useful for Developers3 days ago
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Banks for the People3 days ago
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Just Because ChatBots Can’t Think Doesn’t Mean They Can’t Lie3 days ago
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List of All “Journal of Memetics” Papers3 days ago
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Misunderstanding Seattle’s Light Rail Expansion Will Doom the System3 days ago
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Fine-tune LLaMA to speak like Homer Simpson3 days ago
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My CV that does not fit (24 year old hacker CV)3 days ago
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Text-to-App Generation Using FlutterFlow (YC W21)3 days ago
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Remembering Spaceship Warlock3 days ago
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Rippling raises $500M in Series E financing3 days ago
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The LLaMa Story: How the Internet Summoned an Alien Mind on a Smartphone3 days ago
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Godot Arrives in the Epic Games Store3 days ago
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Comparing ChatGPT to Codex for text-to-SQL translation3 days ago
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Our Work on Artificial Intelligence (UK Information Commissioner's Office)3 days ago
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Entanglement has become a powerful tool3 days ago
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Dropbox backs of on macOS changes to allow external drives3 days ago
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Setup a Private NPM Registry3 days ago
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The Mind Is the Bicycle3 days ago
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The Disappearing of Julian Assange: The Archibalds3 days ago
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SVB and the Wealth Creation Flywheel3 days ago
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Want to complete an Ironman or fly a plane in 2023? Learn from my mistakes3 days ago
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Playing with the New Document Picture-in-Picture API in Video Calls3 days ago
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The Anatomy of Ticketmaster Fees on Broadway Show Tickets3 days ago
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Kind Games: Designing for Prosocial Multiplayer3 days ago
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Mercury: The Unbundling of Silicon Valley Bank3 days ago
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Was She Really Rosie?3 days ago
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OpenSIPS Security Audit Report is fully disclosed and out there (VoIP security)3 days ago
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CO2 certificates: Greenwashing in the African savannah (German)3 days ago
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First Time at Bat: My Founder Story3 days ago
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GPT-4: A Copilot for the Mind3 days ago
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A Simplified Guide to Creating a Pharo Smalltalk Plugin3 days ago
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DIY Nitrogen TEA Laser3 days ago
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Uber, Lyft drivers at SFO doing lots of waiting, less driving3 days ago
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Virtual Event: Authorization for your inner programmer3 days ago
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Every Tree in New York3 days ago
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Show HN: A singing vTuber How I used Deep learning to fight loneliness3 days ago
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Show HN: Zing – Analyze, query with OpenAI, and dashboard from CSVs on mobile3 days ago
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Tradition and the Individual Talent – T. S. Eliot (1919)3 days ago
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Foi assim que MC GUIMÊ reagiu ao saber que foi EXPULSO do BBB3 days ago
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Chat GPT Haggadah Supplement3 days ago
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Speculating on How GPT-4 Changes Computer Vision3 days ago
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Spycraft: The Great Game, Part 23 days ago
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Carbonomy raises $16M from Hedonova: the story of a fake deal with wide coverage3 days ago
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Deep Dive: Stock and Options Trade Activity in Wake of Regional Bank Failures3 days ago
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Snake Invaders3 days ago
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SoFi Q4 2022 Earnings Review: the last “adjusted” year?3 days ago
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Dropping Packets from Unikernels3 days ago
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How Much Are People Making from the Sharing Economy?3 days ago
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Linux Intel WiFi driver broken with 5&6GHz bands for longer than three years3 days ago
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