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Video Pong clone, built from discrete semiconductors6 hours ago linkribasushi
Second hacker group arrested in Moscow6 hours ago linkkgeist
Azure Container Apps: dapr, devcontainer, debug and deploy6 hours ago linkjohnny_reilly
NFT of data dump behind UK gov PartyGate scandal on OpenSea6 hours ago linkcybermaggedon
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SpaceX Wins US Air Force Contract for Point-to-Space-to-Point Transportation7 hours ago linkworldvoyageur
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StackOverflow Jobs posting that specifically excludes men from applying12 hours ago linkvoid-pointer
MIT Professor Gang Chen: I was arrested under the DOJ’s China Initiative12 hours ago linkDiogenesKynikos
Linux on a 486SX12 hours ago linkmarttt
Article Rewriter – Rewrite and Rephrase Blogs, Articles, and Text for Free12 hours ago linkEssayGenerator
My FreeBSD Friday Lecture: The Writing Scholar’s Guide to FreeBSD13 hours ago linkzuno
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Use and Abuse of Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Section in Musicology Today13 hours ago linkBreadmaker
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Play to Win: Meta-Skills in High-Stakes Poker15 hours ago linkjakobgreenfeld
PyLucid: Calculating Dimensionalities with Yaghi Code15 hours ago linkdemail
Twitter CEO rejigs security team, CISO Sethi to leave15 hours ago linktrifit
The Internet’s Most Useless Website Is a Well of Deep Wisdom15 hours ago linkhdk
You're not dumb, the prerequisites are bullshit15 hours ago linkmarkozivanovic
Emborg – Front-End to Borg Backup16 hours ago linkcuu508
Reflecting on a Career in Product Management16 hours ago linksgpl
Israeli police targeted activist with NSO software, saved info on his sex life16 hours ago linkRapperWhoMadeIt
Ribosomes degrade with age, resulting in aggregation of misfolded proteins16 hours ago linkJPLeRouzic
Lego Spectrometer16 hours ago linkmatthberg
Paper Relied on Outdated Default to Conclude Regression P-Values Are Inadequate16 hours ago linkleonry
Limit, OFFSET and BETWEEN don't work in Cassandra17 hours ago linkpankajtanwar
Click and Swap, our alternative to Drag and Drop17 hours ago linkfrancoismassot
The Ultimate Laravel Deployment Guide17 hours ago linkmhmdomer
Machiavelli I – S.P.Q.F17 hours ago linkdash2 spammed me with unsolicited framed prints17 hours ago linkscalablenotions
The best free, open-source supply-chain security tool? The lockfile18 hours ago linkh1x
Webb telescope has it ‘made in the shade’18 hours ago linkabhiminator
Faced with an inscrutable problem? Try a more creative approach19 hours ago linksanmak
Pakistan pilot refuses to fly plane mid-journey because his shift had ended20 hours ago linknitinreddy88
Goodenough-Kanamori_rule: 1 electron/2 atom spin behavior during super-exchange20 hours ago linkelasticventures
The case for a modern language (part 1)20 hours ago linkbshanks
NeutralinoJS: The Next Best Alternative to Electron and Tauri?20 hours ago linkthecodrr
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Canadian scientists may be on the verge of a reliable test for concussions22 hours ago linkQuantumWasp
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Forest Walk22 hours ago linkgdubs
How Does the Yin Yang Puzzle Work?23 hours ago linknomilk
Inhuman Figures: Robots, Clones, and Aliens23 hours ago linkleothekim
Time Tracking for Freelance Developers1 days ago linkbentoncreation
Narrow Reading1 days ago linkMorgawr
U.S. companies are pillaging Latin America’s tech talent1 days ago linkbraco_alva
Startpage Search Engine Launches Privacy Protection Extension1 days ago linkkarinakarina
Seafile – Open-Source File Sync and Share Software1 days ago linktambourine_man
My Year of Reading Every Ursula K. Le Guin Novel1 days ago linkwcarss
Imperial College London’s Cancel Campaign Against Its Own Founders1 days ago linkandrenth
AG Paxton’s false claims still don’t add up1 days ago linkpanarky
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Lessons from Completing a Few Advent of Code Problems in Postgres SQL1 days ago linkkmdupree
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Moving the JDK to a Two Year LTS Cadence1 days ago linksoftwarebeware
Ice Golf1 days ago linkcjlm
I simulated being stuck in a 12 hour freezing traffic jam in an electic car1 days ago linkMulticomp
How bad is QWERTY, really? A review of the literature, such as it is1 days ago linkerwald
Anti-aging startup launches with $3B, Nobel Laureates1 days ago linkjeffthechimp
Thich Nhat Hanh, Vietnamese Zen Master, Dies at 951 days ago linkrowanajmarshall
Soviet Military Maps of North America and UK1 days ago linkdayofthedaleks
Atomic Habits and Coding1 days ago linkbrunooliv
Maxamedafjano1 days ago linkmaxamedafjano
Internet connectivity knocked out in Yemen after airstrike1 days ago linksomethingtoday
Show HN: Free Slack app to keep a status dashboard one click away from your team1 days ago linkmessutied
Last year I sold my web agency to start a SaaS. Here's why and how I did it1 days ago linkmischainc
Bob Bishop's AppleVision (1977)1 days ago linkjsrcout
Autism or Encephalitis? My Son’s Misdiagnosis and Our Family’s Season in Hell1 days ago link7402
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U.S. Senate Panel Approves Antitrust Bill That Would Allow Sideloading1 days ago linkspencerwgreene
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Visualise the Tracking and Advertising on a Webpage1 days ago linkherne
The Steepest Places: In the Cordillera Central1 days ago linkscarmig
Tell Me a Story1 days ago linkmbesto
Community based ADSB / AIS stations, planes and ships displayed on OpenStreetMap1 days ago linkmurxmaster
FSD Beta 10.9 brings improvements and paves way for further enhancements1 days ago linkiqtidar
Raven Software QA workers unionize within Activision Blizzard1 days ago linkdanbolt
ECMAScript Proposal: Grouping Arrays1 days ago linkskellertor
Facemash Creator Mark Zuckerberg Survives Ad Board (2003)1 days ago linkspenczar5
State of the Bat (Basic Attention Token)1 days ago linkskellertor
Axie Infinity: Infinite Opportunity or Infinite Peril?1 days ago linklalaland1125
Twitter Rolls Out Verified NFT Profile Pictures1 days ago linkkirubakaran
Further Investments in Desktop Linux1 days ago linkJNRowe
Prime 997 Revisited1 days ago linkCynicusRex
Transport Security for Recursive to Authoritative DNS1 days ago linktomwas54
Counterfeit Risk Rises When Supplies Run Short1 days ago linkmrintellectual
Cryptocurrency Is a Giant Ponzi Scheme1 days ago linkmessutied
Way Up in the Middle of the Air1 days ago linktobr
Building an open-source toolkit for web developers1 days ago linkQuiiBz
National Town Hall Meeting on Public Ethics1 days ago linkakaashmaharaj
Year Two1 days ago linkdshipper
Lessons Learned from 6 Years of IO Scheduling1 days ago linkcarpintech
God of War on PC1 days ago linktumidpandora
Alphabet's Calico begun trials on a molecule to treat neurovegetative diseases1 days ago linkjoak
System76’s Cosmic Desktop Panel Looks Refreshing1 days ago linkcommoner
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Generator Sentence – Generate Paragraph – Expand a Sentence1 days ago linkEssayGenerator
Twitter’s Integration with NFT Criticized by Elon Musk1 days ago linkBinBits
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Audio Sparklines1 days ago linkwlll
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Juggling Scheduling Algorithms, Incident Response, and Data Soup1 days ago linkkmdupree
Framework: Open Sourcing Our Firmware1 days ago linkaram
Open consultation: Proposal for legislation to improve the UK’s cyber resilience1 days ago linktimthorn
Canada to lend Ukraine up to $120M to counter ‘economic destabilization’1 days ago linkmatbilodeau
5 Honest Reasons to Avoid Switching to Linux1 days ago linkfaisal_ksa
The best free, open-source supply-chain security tool? The lockfile1 days ago linkmoyer
Data Breach: A 5 Steps Response Plan1 days ago linksegudev
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Idiots and Maniacs1 days ago linkdralley
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Type in lyrics and this keyboard sings them, as Casio returns to Casiotone roots1 days ago linkglitcher
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Run your own translation service1 days ago linkneumll
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Altcraft Platform1 days ago linkPolZak
Tips to Master Your B2B Sales Outreach in 20221 days ago linkKristina_Sky
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Disaggregated Memory (CXL) – In pursuit of scale and efficiency1 days ago linkpbalcer
“Engineering-Driven” Leads to “Engineering-Supremacy”1 days ago linkjustjico
Venturi introduces electric airplane concept (44 passengers/550km range)1 days ago linkevandijk70
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REvil ransomgroup members arrested in Russia and cyberattack against Ukraine1 days ago linkkeydutch
Cert-Manager with Pomerium Ingresses1 days ago linkalexfornuto
Montreal Subway Foot Traffic Data, 2021 Edition1 days ago linkJNRowe
Intel Selects Columbus for Fab Facilities Investment1 days ago linkericmay
Tree Survey Using Machine Learning1 days ago linkrobteix
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The Revenge of the Hot Water Bottle1 days ago linkGlench
Nigella Sativa (Black Cumin) RCT outcome deaths 14/259 control, 0/160 treatment1 days ago linklambdaba
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Against the survival of the prettiest1 days ago linkDanBC
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StackOverflow: Sunsetting Jobs and Developer Story by April 20221 days ago linkpassword4321
Ford Powered Oshkosh Defense USPS Carrier Spotted for First Time1 days ago linknwatson loses $35M in hack involving 483 users on its platform1 days ago linkDiya_1996
The Surprisingly Low Price Tag on Preventing Climate Disaster1 days ago linkjonyt
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Roblox bans contracts between players.1 days ago linkNennius
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DevOps Engineer1 days ago linkTarynFord
Study Claims Skyrim Is the Best Game for 'Mindfulness'1 days ago linkLoveMortuus
(Enset, a.k.a. “false banana”) an underutilised food security crop1 days ago linkKaibeezy
How “communicating with the dead” got me into PKM1 days ago linktaurusnoises
Butt Plugs Were Originally Sold as a Miracle Cure for Headaches, Acne, Insanity1 days ago linkzaknil
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10.1-Inch RPI All-in-One PC Review with Raspberry Pi 41 days ago linktadbit
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Jordan Peterson: Why I am no longer a tenured professor at University of Toronto1 days ago linkolalonde
Why don’t we talk about mental health in our teams and how to start1 days ago linkgls2ro
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Browser Tamer – super lightweight browser url redirector (windows)1 days ago linkaloneguid
The 2017 blogpost that explains unrest in Xinjiang, Kazachstan, and Belarus1 days ago linkbrechtcs
No-nonsense server architecture for group based SaaS1 days ago linkjdvh
VU Amsterdam halts China subsidy over concerns of academic independence1 days ago linkm000
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Dependency Risk and Funding1 days ago linkgenericlemon24
Superabsorption in an organic microcavity: Toward a quantum battery1 days ago linkjoak
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What Is the Sublime? (According to Kant and Schopenhauer)1 days ago linkmjreacher
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EU Parliament bans targeted ads based on health, religion, sexual orientation1 days ago linkriffraff
Introduction to Couchbase for Oracle Developers and Experts: Part 1:Architecture1 days ago linkkeshavmr
Show HN: Simple automated screenshot testing tool for gameboy games1 days ago linkmrmattyboy
How to rejig science by understanding ecosystem of “research”1 days ago linkstereoradonc
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Cross Platform Mobile Development1 days ago linkrainaandreas
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An Analysis of Omicron Tweets: 30% Are Skeptical of the Medical Establishment1 days ago linkCarrieLab
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Another Myth Busted1 days ago linkthombles
“It’s a bloodbath”: U.S. companies are pillaging Latin America’s tech talent1 days ago linkalexmingoia
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10 Years Against Division of Labor in Software1 days ago linkakkartik
Common cold may protect against SARS-CoV-2 infection1 days ago linkCryptoPunk
Creative tools for art-making, community building and publishing1 days ago linkblmayer
A Girl NFT will be available soon1 days ago linkGirlBASE
The Windows 11 taskbar is an annoying step backward1 days ago linkuserbinator
ByteDance Dissolves Investment Unit2 days ago linkheyrobyn
All My Homies Hate Text Encoding1 days ago linkArch485
Major Breakthrough as Quantum Computing in Silicon Hits 99% Accuracy2 days ago linklysp – Free Postgres Databases (and free storage volumes, up to 3GB total)2 days ago linkmikeyhew
The EU is considering its own DNS resolver that can block websites2 days ago linksmsm42
Why You Shouldn't Use a No-Code Platform for Trading Algorithms2 days ago linkbrandonfan1256
Software Enablement and the Morello Technology Demonstrator2 days ago linkmfilion
Twitter Is Down2 days ago linkwisecoder
Common Lisp ASDF maintainer considers resignation2 days ago linkclircle
Unpicking the Hype Around Web 3, What’s the Tech?2 days ago linkmrintellectual
A Farewell Message2 days ago linkhesk
JoJoGAN: One Shot Face Stylization with W&B and Gradio2 days ago linkak391
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Sir David Cox, 1924-20222 days ago linkdxbydt
How to Debug Terraform Projects: Step by Step2 days ago linkcarty7
EU wants to build its own DNS infrastructure with builtin filtering capabilities2 days ago linkstingalleman
Why introduce `std:launder` rather than have the compiler take care of it?2 days ago linkluu
Architectural Modernism in Victoria, Canada2 days ago linkdanbolt
AT&T Fiber 2Gb/5Gb expanding on 1/24/2022 To be called Hyper-Gig2 days ago linkjudge2020
Duo. The Higher Energy Analogue System2 days ago linkmountainplus
Runners experiencing self-hypnosis while running2 days ago linkeligg
What an Ending: Considering E.M. Forster’s Maurice2 days ago linkCaiero
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Booming NFT art market plagued by 'mind-blowing' fraud2 days ago linkhdk
Approval voting: The political reform engineers – and voters – love2 days ago linkfsargent
The Curse of the Grandmaster Title2 days ago linkTenoke
Six bullshit arguments against right to repair that make no sense2 days ago linkcrazypython
Free HTML Template for Small Shops, Stores and Boutiques2 days ago linkObjectiveWriter
Primel: The “fun” “game” where you guess a 5 digit prime number2 days ago linkslyall
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How to Build a Feature Store2 days ago linkdmakian
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When Do Vision, Mission, and Values Boldly Fail?2 days ago linkHumanFirstWorks
Pixel camera app may change QR code URL2 days ago linkcsnweb
Vulnerabilities to avoid when writing Solana programs2 days ago linkitaloacasas
Japan solves 5G airliner conundrum2 days ago linklprd
UK/EU aviation regulators: 5G frequencies won't interfere with airliners here2 days ago linklprd
Debugging Compatibility in Edge2 days ago linktheschmed
Getting Started with Spatial Data in Postgres2 days ago linkplaur782
Let the Wild Rumpus Begin2 days ago linkschintan
Fintech firm Plaid reaches $65M settlement in class action privacy lawsuit2 days ago linkdtagames
Leaving the App Store2 days ago linkcollaborative
Pigeon is Signal-compatible on Punkt Phone2 days ago linkalxjsn
Emirates Airline suspended flights to some US airports due to 5G2 days ago linkYeBanKo
Let the Code Settle2 days ago linkhernantz
Artificial Intelligence Modeling in Psychedelic Drug Development2 days ago linkmotohagiography
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How to Automatically Post to Social Media from Your Blog or Newsletter RSS Feed2 days ago linkspy888
U.S. Senate Panel Approves Antitrust Bill That Would Allow Sideloading2 days ago linkclairity
Onsites Considered Harmful2 days ago linklbrito
Why Is Everyone Smoking Toad Venom?2 days ago linkpmoriarty
Dutch government will deploy the army to secure process involving drugs criminal2 days ago linkhuijzer
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Roblox October Outage Postmortem2 days ago linkkbuck
Losing the War2 days ago linkpixiemaster
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SingleStore TPC-C and TPC-H benchmark results2 days ago linkjchen5
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Effect of Partial Automation on Driver Attention: A Naturalistic Driving Study2 days ago linkTarragon
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Is screen scraping illegal? AmericanAirlines suing TPG (The Points Guy) over app2 days ago linkvnkatesh
Open-Source governance and open government2 days ago linklucasgonze
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