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How Much Should You Lie?19 min ago linkshelfchair
The S&P 500 Twitter Sentiment Index31 min ago linkCupofChineseTea
Generate a PDF File from an HTML Template36 min ago linkjulicolombo
Rock Tech to build lithium plant in Germany39 min ago linkivanche
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Slush 2021 – The World's Leading Startup Event [Live]57 min ago linkgardaani
I bootstrapped a $25,134 MRR Shopify app as a student in less than a year1 hours ago linkcorentin88
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The Genesis of Netflix Conductor1 hours ago linkmadmax108
Aren’t Outcome-Based Product Roadmaps “Just Roadmaps” Anyway?1 hours ago linkdundalk03
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The Rationalists of the 1950s (and before) also called themselves “Rationalists”1 hours ago linklumenwrites
Fisher Price Soothe’n’Snuggle Is a Soft Robot for Sleep1 hours ago linkdr_dshiv
Upcycling Android2 hours ago linkgmargari
The one-more-re-nightmare compiler – A fast regex compiler in Common Lisp2 hours ago linklokedhs
Advent of Code 20212 hours ago linkcstuder
Hubris: A small operating system for deeply-embedded computer systems2 hours ago linkmasklinn
Crisp: Critical Path Analysis for Microservice Architectures2 hours ago linkr4um
Qualcomm has a solution for 'stingray' devices hijacking your cell connection3 hours ago linkarchon810
Sprite Fright3 hours ago linkweinzierl
Sprite Fright4 hours ago linkweinzierl
Data Analyst Skills for a Successful Data Analytics Career in 20224 hours ago linkarabadzhiev
Government Requests5 hours ago link69Represente
Lessons from Seven Years of Remote Work5 hours ago linkthcipriani
NixOS 21.11 Has Been Released5 hours ago linkAtemu12
Show HN: Gara, anonymous chat room built with Phoenix Liveview5 hours ago linkderekzhouzhen
A few things iOS developers ought to know about the ARM architecture5 hours ago linkvalleyer
Async A-Team – Woah, all of the remote KOLs in 1 place5 hours ago linkbertttles
Social media” companies with 250k Aussie users must be sue-able5 hours ago linkandrewstuart
Those little annoyances in Monterey 12.0.15 hours ago linkalwillis
Jack Dorsey's Net Worth After Twitter Farewell5 hours ago linkmaxshmax
Figma is leading UI/UX Tools Across the Board and I love it5 hours ago linkamiamigo
YouTube Music Charges You to Play Your Own Music on Your Own Speakers – ExtremeT6 hours ago linkkayzerlopes
Julia v1.7.0 has been released and v1.6 is now LTS6 hours ago linkup6w6
Microsoft Defender scares admins with Emotet false positives – keep moving6 hours ago link9woc
Respeecher Updates Its Voice Marketplace6 hours ago linkrespeecher
Julia 1.7 has been released6 hours ago linklogankilpatrick
Alt Buys Majority Stake in Steph Curry Rookie Card Valued at $5.9M7 hours ago linkdonsupreme
How to See Bright, Vivid Images in Your Mind's Eye7 hours ago linkrrauenza
Inventions OF 2021: 100 innovations changing how we live8 hours ago linkSMAAART
GPT-3: It can't resist a list8 hours ago linkcardamomo
Buy Sanitary Pads: Only Those That Serve Your Best Interest8 hours ago linkpuzzo
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s masterpiece is finally appearing8 hours ago linklermontov
Show HN: I made a free, ad-free and open source tool for sharing private notes8 hours ago linkgigamick
Coalton Advent of Code Contest8 hours ago linkphoe-krk
QIR Alliance: Using LLVM for Quantum Programs8 hours ago linkswernli
The American Prison System’s War on Reading9 hours ago linkmisiti3780
Pushed Around by the Stars9 hours ago linkthaumasiotes
The End of Super Imperialism9 hours ago linkyasp
GoDaddy reinstates at end of Australian parliamentary debate10 hours ago linkscottmcdot
Omicron variant: the case for cautious optimism10 hours ago linkjmfldn
Haplo's Recruitment Process to Remove Bias10 hours ago linkandyjpb
The Platform and Program Split at Uber10 hours ago linkgregdoesit
Ether, antiradio, listen to the electromagnetic landscape around you10 hours ago linknanomonkey
ISPs 1 Router – Ensuring connectivity in the home office10 hours ago linkstevenhubertron
Knative applies to become a CNCF incubating project11 hours ago linkBrendanThompson
Evaluation of Single User Systems (1986)11 hours ago linkarexxbifs
Inter-Rater Reliability Metrics: Understanding Cohen's Kappa11 hours ago linkbrianmott
Crypto Giant Coinbase Acquiring Israel’s Unbound Security11 hours ago,7340,L-39237hn linkcjlm
A Thousand Brains: A new theory of intelligence11 hours ago linkjonplackett
The one-more-re-nightmare compiler11 hours ago linkrurban
WHO advises at-risk groups to postpone travel due to Omicron variant11 hours ago linkhh3k0
The IC’s Guide to Driving Career Conversations11 hours ago linkjcs87
Notion does not offer analytics, so my team built it in11 hours ago linkadlha
Mask Mandates Save Lives11 hours ago linkjeffbee
Turbo Pascal 6.0 Units (1991)11 hours ago linkfm77
Nextcloud Hub II11 hours ago linkleotravis10
Freeverb Implementation in CodePen12 hours ago linktrypwire
Node.js Event-Loop: How even quick Node.js async functions can block Event-Loop12 hours ago linkmakerdiety
MangaDex DevBlog: Tales of Seven Proxies12 hours ago linkmikamir12
An Interview with Michael Riesman12 hours ago linkfipar
The metaverse will be paved with new communication, not payments layers13 hours ago linksethkim
Writers on their day jobs12 hours ago linktws
The Art of Lost Sleep12 hours ago linkhow-about-this
Queen of Clean12 hours ago linkisallthings
The life of René Magritte12 hours ago linkcrapvoter
An Illustrated Guide to Elliptic Curve Cryptography Validation12 hours ago linkalanfranz
Iron Fish Whitepaper12 hours ago linkmiobrien
The Thinking Machine: W Ross Ashby and the Homeostat12 hours ago linkthemantra514
Virtual Visit of the EPFL Experimental Fusion Reactor12 hours ago linkfgeorgy
Six bullshit arguments against right to repair that make no sense12 hours ago linkhui-zheng
Nushell 0.40: Column detection and smaller binaries12 hours ago linkcassepipe
iPhone Mentalism12 hours ago linkiudqnolq
Culture of maintenance and tech debt reduction12 hours ago linkbrunooliv
Mozilla VPN can save you money this holiday season12 hours ago linkghostly_s
PolyViT: Universal Transformer for Image, Video, and Audio Classification12 hours ago linkZeroCool2u
Moving Castles: Modular and Portable Multiplayer Miniverses13 hours ago linkKinrany
FBI access levels to different messengers13 hours ago linksega_sai
Leaders can make room for investing in quality13 hours ago linkmatulespiau
Email journeys explained by the FSF tech team13 hours ago linkzemk
Writing Maintainable Code is a Communication Skill13 hours ago linkhakunin
Archiveteam are backing up YouTube dislikes13 hours ago linkandrew-ld
Scaling Kafka at Honeycomb13 hours ago linki0exception
$5MM+ ARR SaaS YouTube Channel Examples13 hours ago link35mm
Generate a PDF File from an HTML Template13 hours ago linkjulicolombo
Nostalgic Y2K Forum Styled as an Old Macintosh OS13 hours ago linkermantrout
The Journey of Building a Scalable API13 hours ago linkhistorynops
US scientists reveal world’s first living robots can now reproduce13 hours ago linkjimgordon
Ten Million Deaths a Year: David Wallace-Wells on Polluted Air14 hours ago linkGlench
DevX Digest 03 – The Psychology of Developer Experience14 hours ago linknisar_naqvi
Storm in the stratosphere: how the cloud will be reshuffled14 hours ago linkgammarator
Sticky Footer14 hours ago linkent101
We Choose Profit14 hours ago linkeitland
Overthinking the Phase 10 card game14 hours ago linkswpecht
Arbitrary List of Popular Lights14 hours ago linkluke2m
Windows 95 Defrag Simulator14 hours ago linkjunon
Back End Developers on Hackathons Are Not Needed14 hours ago linkskibish
Reducing an LTO Linux kernel bug with cvise14 hours ago linkndesaulniers
The Genesis of Netflix Conductor14 hours ago linkorkes
OAuth flow to obtain JWT without user consent14 hours ago linkrmedaer
Blender Studio: Denoising Sprite Fright14 hours ago linkhaxiomic
Anthony Fauci: I Am the Science14 hours ago linkkoolba
Node.js – v17.2.014 hours ago linkbricss
Has Hacker News been mentioned in scientific publications15 hours ago linkjmnicholson
Good on-call processes can save your sleep15 hours ago linkstichers
Web3 Jobs15 hours ago linklaceykaelani
TekSavvy: The Comic Book – Canadian ISP Shines Light on State of Telecom15 hours ago linkpopmatrix
Flexible Server Option in Azure Database for PostgreSQL Is Now GA15 hours ago linkclairegiordano
JetBrains introduces interactive reporting into data science notebook platform15 hours ago linkAgspeaks
Relevanace of Personality Type in Career, Particularly the ESTP vs. ENTP15 hours ago linkelevanation
Project Cyberfolk (1942) Stafford Beer15 hours ago linkthemantra514
Sensing Breakdown: Locomation Autonomous Trucks15 hours ago linkreteltech
On Parallelism and Concurrency16 hours ago linkBenoitP
Programmers should stop celebrating incompetence16 hours ago linktimruffles
Install and Configure MinIO as a Model Registry on RKE216 hours ago linkedogrider
Database Performance: Deletion Timestamps and Indexing16 hours ago linkgrn
The Pink Diamond16 hours ago linkjeffreyrogers
Scuba analytics Azure marketplace app16 hours ago linkparnedo
Likely cause of Alzheimer’s identified in new study16 hours ago linkechelon
My Toy Project Turned into a Viral Challenge16 hours ago linkjinay
Commitcoin16 hours ago linkandrewshadura
Deep Learning in Production16 hours ago linkblack0017
EthicalAds providing free analytics with Simple Analytics16 hours ago linkAdriaanvRossum
Finland's first 5-qubit quantum computer is now operational16 hours ago linkGravityloss
A guide to data-driven prioritization for Product Managers17 hours ago linkahmedelsama
I have some small idea of what I’m doing17 hours ago linkjanvdberg
I wrote myself a static site generator (in Clojure / babashka)17 hours ago linkBorkdude
SpaceX Could Face Bankruptcy If Starship Flight Pace Stalls, Musk Says17 hours ago linkmaxshmax
Progress on making eBPF work on Windows17 hours ago linkhs86
Where Is My Flying Car?17 hours ago linkjasoncrawford
Scaling the Practice of Architecture, Conversationally17 hours ago linkramimac
Wonder: Our Startup Journey17 hours ago linkmertanj1
An Introduction to Plutus Core17 hours ago linkNiols
First Update on the Vizio Lawsuit17 hours ago linkaendruk
A Fake Hitman Site Became an Accidental Murder-for-Hire Operation (2020)17 hours ago linkcodezero
What's That Typeclass: Foldable17 hours ago linkaroccoli
London Carpenters vs. Joyners 163217 hours ago linkthicknavyrain
An open-source, private, & secure iOS web browser17 hours ago linkvngzs
Comparing SPAs to SSG and SSR17 hours ago linkbeckybq
EmacsConf 2021 Videos18 hours ago linknickdrozd
Lora Messages bounced off lunar surface using off-the-shelf hardware18 hours ago linkgwoplock
Tablet's MAC address linked accused to 11M$ ransom because he returned tablet18 hours ago linkwhynotmaybe
Show HN: Trunk – One linter to run them all18 hours ago linkdapirian
Show HN: Quidli – Share tokens as tips, rewards directly in your Discord server18 hours ago linkjahn716
Non-fungible tokens: can we predict the price they’ll sell for?18 hours ago linkmonkeydust
SQLite Optimization FAQ18 hours ago linkyread
The Vite Ecosystem18 hours ago linkmarianabeldi
Why would you choose Golang for your company?18 hours ago linkdorafmon
Show HN: Practical GDPR Compliance Guide for Startup Founders18 hours ago linkstremovsky
Fully Homomorphic Encryption at the speed of light18 hours ago linkzacchj
Fully Homomorphic Encryption at speed of light18 hours ago linkzacchj
Reading NFS at 25GB/s using FIO and libnfs18 hours ago linktarasglek
Twitter: Expanding our private information policy to include media18 hours ago linkibejoeb
The fastest way to get a product on track? find good advice18 hours ago linktypeofgraphic
Printing Shellz18 hours ago linkweinzierl
What I learned about interviewing19 hours ago linkluu
Mistakes you're probably making in the Y Combinator interview19 hours ago linkjohnsillings
Physicists Think They’ve Spotted the Ghosts of Black Holes from Another Universe19 hours ago linkk__
Uses This / Andreas Kling19 hours ago linkjanvdberg
Study: Stereotypes Affect Girls' Interest in STEM Subjects as Early as Age 619 hours ago linkgrunthos
Anti-Patterns When Building Container Images19 hours ago linkhenrik_w
Arctic Ocean started getting warmer decades earlier than we thought19 hours ago linkrgrieselhuber
Shopify Black Friday Sales Gross $6.3B19 hours ago linkthomasyoung99
A Flying Renault 420 hours ago linkh2odragon
KDE: Who Is the Target User?20 hours ago linkmroche
We automated our product-led growth CRM in Notion20 hours ago linkrobertlacok
The Demons Haunting Thermodynamics20 hours ago linkprivong
Apple’s Mail Privacy Changes Affect Email Open Tracking20 hours ago linkspeter
A paper/pencil game: analysis20 hours ago linkJonathanBuchh
2021 Design Tools Survey Results20 hours ago linkjrdnbwmn
Code Security Advent Calendar 202120 hours ago linkmartinbdz
Radio Mulot – Diffusion Expérimentale & Poésie Sonore20 hours ago linkouzb64ty
The All Sky Camera20 hours ago linkaphrax
Alloy 6: It's About Time20 hours ago linktonyhb
How to write better sentences: 6 examples20 hours ago link_ttg
Paper Reading: Using AntiPatterns to Avoid MLOps Mistakes20 hours ago linkpoga
Run WASM in Nginx and API Gateway20 hours ago linkmoonming
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How to Test the Image Quality of a Monitor21 hours ago linkxchip
Work Life Balance (US vs. Denmark) with David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH)21 hours ago linkastigsen
Same Old22 hours ago linkdbalan
Why product teams should plan together – and how we do it at Swarmia22 hours ago linkcyberpunkdyst
A350F timeline in ‘right place’ for single-pilot operations22 hours ago linklorenzfx
Hubris and Humility22 hours ago linkjacobwg
Sorry, but you're already living in the “Squid Game”23 hours ago linkone2three4
We Can't Teach Cybersecurity23 hours ago linkd_h_j
LocalCDN: Browser Addon that locally emulates Content Delivery Networks23 hours ago linkjerheinze
“A Coded Message” is a picture book for children made in ASCII23 hours ago linkGravityloss
Managing Risks in Research23 hours ago linkKinrany
Release Candidate of PeerTube V4 is out23 hours ago linkbooteille
Namespacing for GraphQL: Conflict-Free merging of any number of APIs1 days ago linkjensneuse
Ilambda – language model functions with Lisp1 days ago linkmullikine
The Metaverse, Latency, and Metalatency1 days ago linkcepholdapod
Black Friday and Cyber Monday SaaS Deals of 20211 days ago linkIqramustafa45
Choose Boring Technology1 days ago linkeitland
It’s Time More Linux Distros and DEs Become ‘Linus-Proof’1 days ago linkMR4D
My Little Crony1 days ago linkflarg
Recursion Got into Programming1 days ago linkanooh
NFTs Are Copyright for Web31 days ago linknl
PostgREST v9.0.01 days ago linkkiwicopple
Forgefriends is an online service to federate forges1 days ago linkdannyobrien
Elon Musk says SpaceX faces ‘genuine risk of bankruptcy’ from Starship engine1 days ago linkuejfiweun
Powerful Drone system using Redis1 days ago linkcrawfordfire
Zdzislaw Beksinski: The Dystopian Surrealist Painter You Should Know1 days ago linkVindl
The Internet Is a Potemkin Village: Proof of Dead Internet Theory?1 days ago linkermantrout
Pre-2000's Anime General1 days ago linkermantrout
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Peter's Digital Photo History (1984–1993)1 days ago linkLammy
Anyone who uses Shopify want to hop on a 10min call with me?1 days ago linkzhoujeffrey8
CD box sets are wonderful1 days ago linksmackeyacky
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Will Geoengineering Kill Us or Save Us?1 days ago linknvr219
Firmware “Best Known Configuration” in Fwupd1 days ago linkZeroCool2u
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SpaceX’s Starlink Will Make Life Hell for Astronomers1 days ago linkaaadult
HP's Clarke – 4-Bit CPU/LCD Driver/Memory Controller1 days ago linkmmastrac
4x Smaller, 50x Faster1 days ago linkpama
Monitoring DigitalOcean volume disk usage using Awk and Grafana1 days ago linkpqvst
Visible Thoughts Project and Bounty Announcement1 days ago linkcatern
IPOs and Beyond: A Guide to Exit Options for Companies1 days ago linkablekh
Working at an early-stage company as an early-stage engineer1 days ago linktuhins
Startup defensibility: how to build a technical moat for your product1 days ago linkjoshma
Most Prescribed Drugs in the U.S.1 days ago linkmyroon5
The Essence operating system at Handmade Seattle 2021 [video]1 days ago linkabnercoimbre
Humble Book Bundle: Hacking by No Starch Press1 days ago linkkuroguro
Pattern to allow multiple persons to decrypt a document, without sharing the key1 days ago linkDutchie2020
Making people aware of their implicit biases doesn’t usually change minds1 days ago linkdriftsumi-e
Laws of Logic Lead to New Restrictions on the Big Bang1 days ago linktanto
Kodak’s PCD Writer 600 and Disc Transporter: Replication in Record Time (1995)1 days ago linkLammy
Revisiting the Bangladesh Mask RCT1 days ago linkdustintrex
The Emerging American Industrial Policy1 days ago linkfoofoo4u
Footage Supposedly of the Moment an F-35 Crashed Off a British Carrier Emerges1 days ago linkElement_
USPS Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Sized Tungsten Block1 days ago linkrpvnwnkl
Distributed Proofreaders1 days ago linkJap2-0
Susan Kare and Jerry Manock Explain Mac Ergonomics on Computer Chronicles (1984)1 days ago linkdingosity
Slaughterhouse-Five: The Graphic Novel1 days ago linkolvy0
Website Feedback Tool1 days ago linkyang_woo
“It's not peaches and cream either for men”1 days ago linkakdas
Crises of Elite Competition in the East and West1 days ago linkarexxbifs
Thoughts on built-in documentation for command-line utilities (Part I)1 days ago linkarexxbifs
FOSDEM 2022 BSD Devroom Call for Participation1 days ago linkrodrigo975
'We Make Mistakes': Twitter's Embrace of the Extreme Far Right1 days ago linkriffic
Proof-of-Stake and Stablecoins: A Blockchain Centralization Dilemma1 days ago linkyasp
An Interview with Elad Shechter on “The New CSS Reset”1 days ago linkdamir
The Prosperity Public License1 days ago linkchartpath
Canada calls for international pandemic treaty summit, second in history1 days ago linkthrowaway81523
Implementing the Temporal Proposal in LibJS1 days ago linkakling
Symfony 6.0.0 Released1 days ago linkceochronos
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The talent and labor of Stephen Sondheim1 days ago linkwho-knows
Why cryptocurrency miners pose the next big threat to the Texas electric grid1 days ago linkbreckenedge
Learning Sixteenth-Century Business Jargon1 days ago linkautokill
Zendesk vs. Freshdesk: Which service desk is better?1 days ago linkjonathanbentz
Listen to legendary startup essays in ASMR1 days ago linkawwstn
Social Justice Advocates vs the Left-Leaning “Anti-Woke” Community1 days ago linkstared
TPM Remote Attestation over Bluetooth1 days ago linkkerneis
Show HN: Security Camera Lens Calculator1 days ago linkmaxshm
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How to Backup to Backblaze B2 with Rclone and keep the network alive1 days ago linkskibish
The Los Alamos Computing Facility During the Manhattan Project1 days ago linkacidburnNSA
Hackers Steal FIFA 21 Source Code, Tools in EA Breach1 days ago linkthamer
Metrics for the Unmeasurable1 days ago links16h
Dependency inference: Fine-grained caching and concurrent builds for the JVM1 days ago linkchrisjrn_
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Personal Knowledge Management that works1 days ago linkulrichkautz
LastPass Alternatives1 days ago linkshvets_vlad
Coinbase on scaling Ethereum / crypto for 1B users1 days ago linkmrraoulduke
Hackers plant card-stealing malware on website that sells baron and duke titles1 days ago linkgwillem
Practical Security Recommendations for Startups with Limited Budgets1 days ago linktacon
Omicron: A Perfectly Timed Variant to Scare the Unruly1 days ago linkthesanreport
Is it worth the money? When to buy products for your job1 days ago linkitamarst
Breakthrough, PhD student creates a simple, cost-effective laser on silicon1 days ago linkcroes
Metaverse Mega Yacht NFT1 days ago linkkchhina
Taco Bell Programming1 days ago linktheastrowolfe
4x Quantum3D Obsidian 2 200SBi – an 8x Voodoo GPU bodge and restoration1 days ago linkpomstazlesa
Setting Up Cloudflare Argo and Access on a Raspberry Pi1 days ago linkerdaltoprak
There’s No Speed Limit1 days ago linktnorthcutt
Vueform – Your lifesaver in developing forms1 days ago linkradus
Why I Have Settled on XChaCha20+Blake3 for AEAD1 days ago linkvlmutolo
Customzing Pyenv Behavior with Hooks1 days ago linkDandyDev
Solar System Proportions1 days ago linkgbh444g
Show HN: Flowbite v1.2: dark/light mode and new tabs component1 days ago linkelwingo1
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Scaling teams as parallel computing systems – why output is not linear with size1 days ago linkvidelov
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Remote Development by JetBrains1 days ago linkshekhirin
The Great Escape1 days ago linkviburnum
From ClojureScript to JavaScript&rust; 4x smaller, 50x faster1 days ago linkScarbutt
The Industrially Necessary Doctor Tedros1 days ago linkLogonType10
Verifying Nand2Tetris Assembly with Constrained Horn Clauses (2021)1 days ago linkphilzook
A piano that responds to you1 days ago linkkillHACKS
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's resignation letter1 days ago linkthomasyoung99
Dadb: Connect directly to an Android device without an adb binary or ADB server1 days ago linkleland_takamine
Sending SMS Messages from My Computer with XMPP Through JMP1 days ago linkSamWhited
San Francisco convinced thousands of people to adopt storm drains1 days ago linkTempest1981
Fact check: Is nuclear energy good for the climate?1 days ago linkmlwiese
Crypto Design Challenges1 days ago linktrueduke
LLVM internals, part 4: attributes and attribute groups1 days ago linkwoodruffw
The Omikron 3.01 Page1 days ago linkalex14fr
Space, Jetbrains Remote Dev Env1 days ago linkwcdolphin
Web1, Web2 and Web31 days ago linkEGreg
Science Fiction: A Graphic Novel Adventure1 days ago linkArtWomb
Show HN: Tempchan – Throwaway Discussion Boards1 days ago linkzeptocosm
Busuu to Be Acquired by Chegg1 days ago linkadamtester
Use Diffoscope in Packager Workflows1 days ago linkmarbu
Why Is a Market Leader in API Technologies1 days ago linkjb1998
I have no idea what I’m doing1 days ago linkmartincmartin
Phishing campaign targets YouTube creators1 days ago linkrejah
Junior vs Senior Freelancers1 days ago linklbj
Cookie Theft: Phishing Campaign Targets YouTube Creators1 days ago linkrejah
Keywords to track on Reddit for customer acquisition1 days ago linkhiveindex
How LambdaMART Works1 days ago linksoftwaredoug
Deaf football team falls short of state championship after undefeated season1 days ago linkajay-d
Some Thoughts on Microservices1 days ago linkfilipn
Explaining Object Storage to Your Grandma1 days ago linkzacincceo
CPU Pinning and CPU Sets1 days ago linkarnold_palmur
My Dive into DevOps Consulting1 days ago linktaleodor
Scientists Discover First-Known Non-Oxygen Breathing Animal Nature1 days ago linklifeisstillgood
Treat Text as a User Interface1 days ago linkAkcium
What developers find surprising about Postgres transactions1 days ago linklawrjone
TKC or “How a deaf man from Africa took over the cracking scene”1 days ago linkCTOSian
On-call best practices: an engineer's perspective1 days ago linkstichers
How to help GNU Emacs maintainers?1 days ago linkyankcrime
Mellium Dev Communiqué for November 20211 days ago linkSamWhited
Prflxion – A WebRTC IP Leak1 days ago linkGeneticGenesis
Automatic Client-Side Caching Using Redis and MongoDB1 days ago linkseekerworld
Nix is the ultimate DevOps toolkit1 days ago linkwofo
The Case of the Recursive Resolvers1 days ago linkusrme
$5B hoard of metal the world wants but can’t have1 days ago linkiamdeedubs
Envision VM (Part 3), Atoms and Data Storage1 days ago linkvermorel
Case for Simplicity and Client Satisfaction1 days ago linkbrunooliv
Invisible Influences: against typical-minding1 days ago linkneongreen
We are building our new management Travel App1 days ago linkMyTravelWallet
How to Build Your Company's Brain with Fibery1 days ago linktablet
The Origins of ‘Horn OK Please,’ India’s Most Ubiquitous Phrase1 days ago linktontonius
Legal-I – Multiple Roles – Onsite Within Bern, Switzerland – Full-Time1 days ago linkachim_kohli
Beyond Blacklists: Exposure1 days ago linkadrianwaj
Show HN: Word Art Text Graphic Generator1 days ago linkzhangshine
Australia to introduce new laws to force media platforms to unmask online trolls2 days ago linkjimgordon
China’s use of refueling aircraft during recent Taiwan sortie raises concern2 days ago linkjimgordon
Proof-of-Stake and Stablecoins: A Blockchain Centralization Dilemma2 days ago linkrbinv
Bret Devereaux's Blog – “Miscellanea: Reflections on the Sands of Dune (2021)”2 days ago linkClaude_Shannon
Fleet, a Lightweight IDE from JetBrains2 days ago linkbmc7505
JetBrains Fleet: The Next-Generation IDE by JetBrains2 days ago linkdgavrilov
Writing for the Web2 days ago linkmarkozivanovic
LTT claims YouTube didn’t care about community concerns during dislike meeting2 days ago link1MachineElf
Unrideable bike shows how bicycles work2 days ago linkavastmick
Five Common Mistakes Engineering Managers Make2 days ago linkaruanavekar
Free operating systems alternatives to Windows2 days ago linkorionblastar
Book review: Accelerate – The science of Lean software and DevOps2 days ago linkcyneox
Fame and Influence Across Five Millennia2 days ago linktrakcc
KubeSphere Update Provides More Control over GPUs2 days ago linkcreativemindful
Simpsons Episode Removed on Disney+ Hong Kong for Tiananmen Square Joke2 days ago linkshadowgovt
WebGL Water2 days ago linkag8
4x Quantum3D Obsidian 2 200SBi – an 8x Voodoo GPU bodge and restoration2 days ago linkpomstazlesa
Macy’s Day Parade NFT2 days ago linktakklz
Lego Technic 8880 Super Car2 days ago linkarchielc
InfluxDB: Upgrading to V2 while still using V12 days ago linkhshadow
Data Exfiltration via CSS and SVG Font2 days ago linkpentestercrab
Herbs and Spices Might Contain Arsenic, Cadmium, and Lead2 days ago linkjtc331
Climb your own Status Everest2 days ago linkmitko
Leaving the US – Why and what it means for N262 days ago linkaxyjo
The Blockchain Man2 days ago linkawaxman11
Shanghai Launches Data Exchange2 days ago linkeunos
Show HN: Technical demo of 2D puzzle “Biohazard” (open source)2 days ago linkthewizardpp
Tesla’s Metric2 days ago linkBogdanPetre
Naval said to productize myself. WTF does that mean?2 days ago linktrevorLane
Get paid for your content on social media2 days ago linkcw12574
A driver for the LoRa backplate for the PinePhone2 days ago linksquarefoot
Logarithmic Scales of Pleasure and Pain2 days ago linkve55
Practical Parsing with Flex and Bison2 days ago linkketanmaheshwari
Show HN: Democratic Roadmap for Libre.Study2 days ago linksiftrics
Early Learnings as a Staff Engineer2 days ago linkjshah111
Spotify is retiring Car View, and users are understandably pissed2 days ago linkaspenmayer
Command Palettes: How Typing Commands Became the Norm Again2 days ago linkBrendanThompson
The Koka Programming Language2 days ago linkrahimiali
Virgil Abloh Has Died2 days ago linkmultifasciatus
Retro Scams: Authenticating Early Nintendo Systems and Games2 days ago linkjzdziarski
Uniform Driver Interface2 days ago linkdoppioandante
Voters again endorse Swiss government’s pandemic policy2 days ago linkchagaif
The truth about turbinates (and sinusitis)2 days ago linkflreln
What Is the Oracle Problem?2 days ago linkredwood
Show HN: Embeding Hacker News comments on static pages2 days ago linkyasir_dev
Induus Show Podcast by Indira Sirisha2 days ago linkIndiraSirisha
Show HN: My first article: SSO using Flask and selenium2 days ago[python]-sso-using-flaskhn linkgchamonlive
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