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There’s Nothing Correct About Political Correctness – But It Is Political2 hours ago linkmonkeymagick
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Project write-up: Display Spotify lyrics on external display3 hours ago linkyasoob
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Real-time analytics: how is OLAP different from stream processing?4 hours ago linkpunepune
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Software Development at D. E. Shaw Research5 hours ago linkDesres_Recruit
The average web page is 3MB. How much should we care?5 hours ago linkiyaja
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Earthshot Blog: Science of Planetary Regeneration5 hours ago linktroycarter
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Energy bills are soaring in Europe. What are countries doing?6 hours ago linkcirrus-clouds
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Danielle Steel's Production Function7 hours ago linkgHeadphone
$100M ARR in 18 months: Wiz becomes the fastest-growing software company ever7 hours ago linkzacharycohn
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The Consumer Price Index: Conceptual Issues and Practical Suggestions8 hours ago linkem500
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Why Does Anything Exist?8 hours ago linkZacnyLos
More ≠ Better, a framework for feature decisions8 hours ago linkartisanal-oaf
Themes in academic literature: prejudice and social justice8 hours ago linkfrumpish
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In-Stock Raspberry Pi 4 Alternative (Banana Pi M5) Benchmarks8 hours ago linkbmlw
Using Datastreamer's New Intent Classifier to Predict Future Actions8 hours ago linkDST_data
Show HN: I'm using Midjourney to create reward images for my word game Xordle8 hours ago linkfuryofantares
Expanding the Cap Tradeoff Frontier at Scale8 hours ago linkdataeaa
“Do AIs think” == “Do submarines swim”8 hours ago linkkmod
Kalray K200-LP DPU with Coolidge8 hours ago linkAvlin67
I bootstrapped my software business to $1k MRR8 hours ago linkandris9
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Finding performance problems: profiling or logging?8 hours ago linkitamarst
The Big Acquisition: What Nubank's Cognitect Acquisition Means for Clojure9 hours ago linkhlship
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Founder of HomeBrew starting blockchain to pay open source developers9 hours ago linkidm_guru
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Myths of Open Source Software Risk and the One Nobody Is Discussing9 hours ago linkthenoblesquid
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Stable Diffusion Announcement9 hours ago linktmabraham
INA219 Current Sensor and MicroPython9 hours ago linkmuunbo
%age of interview convos mentioning macroeconomic climate up 2x in the last year9 hours ago links16h
Switcher9 hours ago linkmmphosis
Pixel Guesser: Test your sense of pixels9 hours ago linkAaronmacaron
The word “impact” doesn’t have any impact at all9 hours ago linktdehnel
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I can't save you, nobody can (thoughts on firing)10 hours ago linknyellin
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Cryptominer detection: a Machine Learning approach10 hours ago linkMiguelHzBz
2022 hardcore list of Linux distros without elogind and other systemd parts10 hours ago linkcf100clunk
Why Developers Are Building So Many Side Projects10 hours ago linksundaypancakes
A Tour of the 19 Largest Natural Arches10 hours ago linkcturtle
Haven is now available on PikaPods10 hours ago linkmawise
Got Milk? BBy (YC W22) Makes Powdered Breast Milk for Vulnerable Babies10 hours ago linkahstilde
For sale in West Philly: A refurbished home that mines cryptocurrency for you10 hours ago linkahstilde
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Exploiting Arbitrary Object Instantiations in PHP Without Custom Classes10 hours ago linkwesti
The Tyranny of Stuctureless10 hours ago linklopespm
New Course on LLMs and Transformers from YC Founder10 hours ago linksinanuozdemir
Bayes' Theorem Is Trivial10 hours ago linkprionassembly
Ingesting CSV Data for a Crypto Accounting App with Flatfile10 hours ago linkvonadz
One reason why a global carbon tax is impossible10 hours ago linkjeffreyrogers
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The Failed $35 Insulin Cap10 hours ago linkmberg
Virtual Production – A Validation Framework for Unreal Engine11 hours ago linkvquemener
Intelligence is in the network11 hours ago linkmoughxyz
A New Approach for Storing Blockchain Data [pdf]11 hours ago linkcernfoo
Seed Factories11 hours ago linkTeever
Elon Musk Is Convinced He's the Future. We Need to Look Beyond Him11 hours ago linkyoungtaff
A Message from Ben Chestnut11 hours ago linktimdorr
Creating a JSON Logger for Flask11 hours ago linkadl1995
Rule change for reporting sexual misconduct could hurt grad students and others11 hours ago linkf38zf5vdt
Microsoft joins ONDC network, to launch a shopping app in India11 hours ago linkrainhacker
Brute Force Development11 hours ago linkjacinda
$100M ARR in 18 months: Wiz becomes the fastest-growing software company ever11 hours ago linkknoxa2511
State of Developer Marketing11 hours ago linkappsembler
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The end of a $7b money laundering machine11 hours ago linksotergabor
'Too many employees, but few work': Pichai, Zuckerberg sound the alarm12 hours ago linkquaffapint
Good Interviews vs. Great Interviews12 hours ago linkrtrx
How to market to developers on Twitter: Learnings from 4 months of Supabase feed12 hours ago linkkuba_dmp
Teste12 hours ago linkpoucamana
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How do you see the popularity of Low Code No Code Growing?12 hours ago linkmachjennifer
Realtime web/mobile apps that scale to millions of users with Flutter and Kafka12 hours ago linkmichelrotaru
What Newsletter Authors Can Learn from the Print Newsletter Era12 hours ago linkshortformblog
How to Run and Setup Twint12 hours ago linkVlad81b
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How Y Combinator is tackling healthcare in Africa12 hours ago linkrowenaluk
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Xous Release v0.9.9: “Vault” Authentication App and More13 hours ago linkpanick21_
Building actionable cloud infrastructure metrics13 hours ago linkscapecast
Japanese Dakuten, Handakuten and Contracted Sounds13 hours ago linklassmaglio
Build Startup with No Money14 hours ago linkAkcium
Francis Fukuyama: Paths to Depolarization14 hours ago linkDezocine
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Gen Z question saving money for a future that looks so bleak14 hours ago linkryanmercer
The Mechanics of a Sophisticated Phishing Scam15 hours ago linkradicalbyte
Linux’s new page reclaim policy will improve Android 13’s memory management15 hours ago linkhochmartinez
How I wish I could organize my thoughts15 hours ago linkals0
Going, Going Goethe?15 hours ago linkapollinaire
Bill Gates' Breakthrough Energy backs Terabase's robot built solar farms16 hours ago linkZeroGravitas
Framework upgradable laptop16 hours ago linkhochmartinez
New pharmaceutical drugs are saving years of healthy life for under $3k each16 hours ago linkrobertwiblin
Computer Ups, What Not to Buy16 hours ago linkrawoke083600
China’s Biren BR100 is 7nm HPC GPU with 77B transistors and 64GB HBM2e memory17 hours ago linkfomine3
Electric Vehicles Are Going to Suck; Here's Why [video]17 hours ago linksoutherntofu
What a 19th Century Physician Can Teach Us About Crypto17 hours ago linkoliverjudge
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What is there when there is nothing18 hours ago linkpanic
Tools I Use: Eclipse18 hours ago linkbayindirh
Making a Video of a Single Window19 hours ago linkltratt
Neglected Cause Area: Differential Neurotechnology Development19 hours ago linkjrosenblatt
Uber Clone – It's not about ideas, it's about making money19 hours ago linkparkerpillsbury
How I use Obsidian at work19 hours ago linkhankidotdev
Segfault! Card Game19 hours ago linktjchear
Microsoft PowerToys (2022)19 hours ago linkkramerger
Composite Battery Enclosure Market 2022-2030: Forecast 2030 – By R&I19 hours ago linkHaryykons
Livestream Shopping: A Complete Business Guide for 202220 hours ago linkjaypurohit
High Global Debt20 hours ago linktarunmuvvala
Mangadex – An API to Rule Them All20 hours ago linkrobertwt7
How A Family Cockpit Visit Brought Down an Airbus A31021 hours ago linkAceyMan
Australia’s expensive CovidSafe app finally gets decommissioned21 hours ago linksteve_taylor
Learning VoWifi, VoLTE, and IMS21 hours ago linkAnunayj
Webflow A/B Testing Pricing page22 hours ago linkko3us
Midjourney22 hours ago linkkaycebasques
Trial and Error, Part 1 – Jerry Neumann22 hours ago linktunnelshade
How to Reconnect with Past Clients Email Template22 hours ago linkbizview
Battery storage operation under net billing provides “virtually no grid value”22 hours ago linkxbmcuser
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Search Less, Browse More22 hours ago linkssd532
A History of Lua23 hours ago linkatan2
A Look at the Lightning Network23 hours ago linkrufusroflpunch
Verified Computer Science PhD Stipends1 days ago linklazyjeff
Gmail Dynamic Email (a.k.a. AMP for Email)1 days ago linksoheil
Information Retrieval vs. Recommendations1 days ago linktullie
HOWO Used Road Transport Dump Truck-Talenet1 days ago linkyangzhiganlu
Delaware bridge gets “clankers” after 7 crashes this year1 days ago linkwillswire
Data Mesh – A Data Movement and Processing Platform at Netflix1 days ago linkrch
Squeeze: A static site generator that can put the toothpaste back in the tube1 days ago linkneilparikh
Swarm File Transfers in Jami1 days ago linkzaik
The Society of the Statistic: Where Does Science Fit?1 days ago linkiroh2727
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Think C Development1 days ago linkerickhill
First Carabiners for Climbing1 days ago linkoftenwrong
The Dystopia of São Paulo Holds the Key to Brazil's Transformation1 days ago linklbrito
Webb telescope reveals unpredicted bounty of bright galaxies in early universe1 days ago linkmrich
Researchers find way to shrink a VR headset down to normal glasses size1 days ago linksmusamashah
Hydroponics: Growing an Appreciation for Plants1 days ago linkphilips
As San Francisco's Recovery Lags, a Tangle of Business Taxes Encourages WFH1 days ago linklando2319
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The 3-2-1 Backup Strategy1 days ago linkarnoldschw
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What is product-led growth?1 days ago linkshreythecray
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What Is a Smart Contract in Blockchain1 days ago linkJustin_N
ZkEVM FAQ1 days ago linkmichaelsbradley
STM Nerd Sniping or CubeMX bug or mythical feature?1 days ago linkAMICABoard
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Getting unstuck: the underrated skill of asking for help1 days ago linkforrestbrazeal
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Crypto and Digital Assets All-Party Parliamentary Group Inquiry1 days ago linkmocko
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Fishing Gear Accounts for an Alarming Amount of Plastic in Oceans (2021)1 days ago linksweetheart
Fusion Turns Up the Heat (Ignition Achieved)1 days ago linkoccamschainsaw
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Logo and the Language Microworld1 days ago linkempressplay
Create collections of bespoke, always-on, virtual coworking rooms (called cafes)1 days ago linkdarrenbuckner
Racing Simulator: Drive a Real Race Car, Minus the Car1 days ago linkmandeepj
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5 Reasons Why You Should Stay Away From Readability Formulas1 days ago linkchadthunder
Why does the New York Times prosper while Gannett struggles?1 days ago linksamueldebrule
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Speeding up PostHog builds with Depot1 days ago linkjacobwg
Maximizing Privacy and Security Settings for Brave and Chrome-Based Browsers1 days ago linknxss
Artist uses DALL·E 2 generated image as a base for beautiful illustration1 days ago linkdarzu
Nightshade1 days ago linkmax_
Dealing with manager that has high turnover but great reviews1 days ago linkzikohh
US Gas Prices Fall Below $4 per Gallon; First Time Since March1 days ago linkxnx
Scientists Should Care More About Equity1 days ago linkmattkrisiloff
Review of Doom 3 BFG Source Code – id Tech 4 with merges from Rage's engine1 days ago linkjakearmitage
Insta360 Link: 1/2“ sensor webcam on a gimbal1 days ago linkents
Faster Ruby: Thoughts from the Outside – Matthew Gaudet1 days ago linkjasim
Slack Status – Trouble with DMs and Threads1 days ago linkinfrawhispers
Twitter paid $5000 bug bounty that resulted in 5.4mm leaked records1 days ago linkhnburnsy
Scientists mapped dark matter around galaxies in the early universe1 days ago linkraattgift
How and why to host a blog at home1 days ago linkerulabs
Why I Fear for Taiwan1 days ago linkorigin_path
The state of South Africa, 28ish years post-apartheid1 days ago linkawanderingmind
Lz_xor1 days ago linkwooosh
US sanctions Tornado Cash – and crypto shrieks in horror1 days ago linkdavidgerard
Our $4.9M round and ways it will grow the Wren community1 days ago linkneon_electro
Show HN: MOS, an application to help you deploy mathematical optimization models1 days ago linkjmerrick
Three DocSend, Zapier integrations to help you save time and boost productivity1 days ago linknickfrost
Nuri (former bitwala) filed for insolvency1 days ago linkpierlu
Digimon was a spinoff of Tamagotchi for the male audience1 days ago linkpipeline_peak
Why macOS Ventura Share menu is bad1 days ago linksylens
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Astro 1.01 days ago linkdanielskogly
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What Colour Are Your Bits? (2004)1 days ago linkPebblesRox
Window Management Tips for RStudio1 days ago linkkmdupree
Iconic Hearts Holdings INC (Sendit App) vs. Raj VIR NGL Labs (NGL App) Lawsuit1 days ago linkbruceb
Karafka framework 2.0 announcement (Kafka framework for Ruby / Rails)1 days ago linkshaicoleman
Vanguard will charge users who stay on legacy platform1 days ago linkryandrake
Writing wisdom fit for a fortune cookie is harder than you think1 days ago linklovingCranberry
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Bury the Hustle1 days ago linknotpushkin
Dagster Cloud GA Launch1 days ago linkubolonton_
Charity receives FDA approval to administer first-in-human CRISPR therapeutic1 days ago linkkeven
I asked GTP-3 to write of my Product Hunt launch, in noir-style1 days ago link_antix
BorgBackup 2.0 Preliminary Info1 days ago linkzingplex
India's rocket fails to put satellites in right orbit in debut launch1 days ago linkindus
I Don’t Like Go’s Default HTTP Handlers1 days ago linkp5v
W4 Games formed to strengthen Godot ecosystem1 days ago linklarsiusprime
Some Critics of Religion Need to Pick Up Their Game1 days ago linkfatherzine
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Keeping a daily journal changed my life (+ Notion Template)1 days ago linkjosuaio
Ok, So. The Drawing App1 days ago linkoleksiitwork
An Intuition for Lisp Syntax1 days ago linkeadmund
FTX partners with Reddit to roll out tokenized Community Points1 days ago linkag8
DigitalOcean Outage: After 15 hours, email notifications still not working1 days ago linkxtracto
Dagster Day: Announcing Dagster 1.0 and Dagster Cloud1 days ago linkcloakedarbiter
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Navigate, Don't Search1 days ago linkgrncdr
BSI System Activity Monitor Tool for Windows 101 days ago linklhoff
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On the History and Future of 100% Renewable Energy Systems Research1 days ago linkINGELRII
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From Novice to Master, and Back Again1 days ago linkomn1
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KB5017259–Windows devices with newest supported CPUs susceptible to data damage1 days ago linkT-A
1Password 8 for iOS and Android1 days ago linkterabytest
Tracking daily movement patterns may one day help predict dementia1 days ago linkwoliveirajr
The Case for Running Audio Ads for Your Business1 days ago linkmadamgigi
Time – Elon Musk Is Convinced He's the Future. We Need to Look Beyond Him1 days ago linkiancmceachern
2022 NSA Codebreaker Challenge1 days ago linkTecoAndJix
Microbiome metabolites from eating red meat increases cardiovascular disease1 days ago linkjnathsf
Why Not to Buy a Computer Ups (For Internet)1 days ago linkrawoke083600
Borgmatic – server/workstation backups powered by borg1 days ago linkwhalesalad
New request for comments on improving NPM security1 days ago linknailer
Slack admits to leaking hashed passwords for five years1 days ago linktboerstad
Jardinería urbana: Cómo cultivar lechugas en espacios reducidos1 days ago linkorbesargentina
Creating a Guide for Code Review1 days ago linklauluz
Quick Hack: The Phone to Stream Deck Conversion1 days ago linkajot
Sundar Pichai, Mark Zuckerberg believe Big Tech has too many employees1 days ago linkgargs
Memoxy Memex: Spaced Repetition1 days ago linkpetesivak
“Who Should Write the Terraform?”1 days ago linkzwischenzug
ImageWand: Privacy-first image conversion experiment with Golang and WASM1 days ago linkbrunoluiz
Billionaires race to fund anti-aging but TAME (Metformin) trial overlooked1 days ago linkkurthr
You might be using assert wrong (Python)1 days ago linkrikatee
Undefinable Behaviour1 days ago linkdavikr
What Tech Workers Don't Understand They've Lost by WFH1 days ago linkNesquikMike
The Disappearing Modernists1 days ago linktintinnabula
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Production Debuggers – 2022 Benchmark Results1 days ago linkbariskaya
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2022 NSA Codebreaker Challenge1 days ago linkTecoAndJix
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Kinesis Laptop1 days ago linkseansh
Snapchat's new parental controls try to mimic real-life parenting1 days ago linkwoofcat
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Ceph SQLite VFS (Libcephsqlite)1 days ago linkhardwaresofton
Advice to the Young Astronomer1 days ago linkyread
Positive Feedback Loops1 days ago linkchrismjelde
Long Distance Heavy Load Cargo Drones1 days ago linkZeroGravitas
Programming and Algorithmic Languages (1987)1 days ago linkthe-mitr
Lighttpd 1.4.65 for a better TLS setting1 days ago linkgslin
What happened to simple, basic web hosting?1 days ago linkSPBS
Passkeys1 days ago linkpimterry
Lessons learned after 10 years in IT (DS and ERP-consulting)1 days ago linkArtgor
Buy Europe VPS Hosting for less than 8$1 days ago linkMilesSanders
Microsoft Azure selected as cloud partner for Unity to power 3D experiences1 days ago linkangry_cactus
V-22 Osprey1 days ago linkimdsm
How to Create Forecast Sales CRM Template for Better Business1 days ago linkbizview
We chose the Clojure programming language for Penpot1 days ago linkherewulf
How to Create Forecast Sales CRM Template for Better Business1 days ago linkbizview
Menace: The Machine Educable Noughts and Crosses Engine1 days ago linknotagoodidea
FreeBSD Quarterly Status Report Second Quarter 20221 days ago linknix23
Moddermore: Share your list of Minecraft mods with anyone1 days ago linkRyanCaoDev
Complaints lodged against deceptive cookie banners1 days ago linkstarsep
Visiting the Dead Sea in Israel1 days ago linkhutttuuuss
Family Demands to Know How a 200-Pound Antique Anvil Disappeared from Area 511 days ago linkvirgulino
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Building the ultimate WhatsApp clone in Jetpack Compose2 days ago linkNash0x7e2
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Weaviate 1.14 Release2 days ago linkthirdtrigger
Twitter crypto spam bots copy real tweets to appear real2 days ago linklapcat
Software Architecture Is Overrated, Clear and Simple Design Is Underrated2 days ago linklawgimenez
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Jumping Spiders Display REM-Like Sleep Behavior, Suggesting Spiders Dream2 days ago linkhackernj
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Call for Indictments Re Gain-of-Function Research2 days ago linkAugusteDupin
Epson Printers Stop Printing Because Maintenance2 days ago linkEddy_Viscosity2
Implementation of the Castryck-Decru SIDH Attack in SageMath2 days ago linkjack4818
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Finding expensive queries by calculating cost per query in Snowflake2 days ago linkepberry
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