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Unclear Intent15 min ago linkgbasin
Introduction to Golang Modules17 min ago linkadrianancona
Generating and sending MIDI messages using JACK and Relational pipes17 min ago linkxkucf03
Static versus Dynamic Websites23 min ago linkbradley_taunt
Atkinson Hyperlegible Font29 min ago linkFullyFunctional
Notes on My Colon Cancer34 min ago linkwhatrocks
SiFive Announces Vector RISC-V Core40 min ago linkpinewurst
Airbnb announces collaboration with Jony Ive's LoveFrom46 min ago linkmikegreco
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Updated ADS-B Flight Tracking setup55 min ago linkmonstermunch
How to Fight Big Oil57 min ago linkniviachanta
Electromagnetism Using Geometric Algebra versus Components1 hours ago linkniklasbuschmann
Miniflux: A minimalist and opinionated feed reader1 hours ago linkangristan
Five of the Biggest Data Hacks – From Yahoo to Ashley Madison and Equifax1 hours ago linkkarinakarina
Rocket.Chat to limit 5K push notifications/month for free plan1 hours ago linkcow9
C++: Avoid ADL calls to functions with common names1 hours ago linkjez
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The Uncertain Heavens: Christiaan Huygens’ Ideas of Extraterrestrial Life1 hours ago linkPetiver
An Open Letter from Quibi1 hours ago linkdanhak
Show HN: MicroNOVA – A Cubesat Simulator1 hours ago linkd_silin
MicroNOVA: A Cubesat Simulator1 hours ago linkd_silin
Deploy Erlang and PSQL in Seconds with Zeet2 hours ago linktheonlyjohnny
Version of life is stranger in gta sa2 hours ago linklucasimlk
Skypack Discover2 hours ago linkjacobwg
Taming Tail Latency and Achieving Predictability2 hours ago linkbretthoerner
DNA Results Privacy Protection2 hours ago
www.citochrome.comhn linkcytochrome
James Randi Has Died2 hours ago linkomnibrain
Russet, the color of peasants, fox fur, and penance2 hours ago linkdadt
No writer understood loneliness better than Chekhov2 hours ago linkdiaphanous
Lots of overnight tragedies, no overnight miracles2 hours ago linkmagnifique
Hello World2 hours ago linkitismysuli
PayPal to open up network to cryptocurrencies2 hours ago linkbobkrusty
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Is being a software contractor for you?3 hours ago linkbwooster
Activate's Tech and Media Outlook forecasts the key trends and top insights3 hours ago linksparkpr
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Node.js – v15.0.13 hours ago linkbricss
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Talking, Typing, Thinking: Software Is Not a Desk Job3 hours ago linkdanielfone
The Sun Is Stranger Than Astrophysicists Imagined3 hours ago linkjennyyang
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Nside KDE: leadership and long-term planning4 hours ago linkjandeboevrie
Azure Space – cloud-powered innovation on and off the planet4 hours ago linkandronat
Show HN: Libre AliExpress invoice generator browser add-on4 hours ago linkjohnnyfuego
Node v15.0.0 (Current)4 hours ago linka13n
RemNote: Notes app similar to Workflowy and Anki4 hours ago linkbachmeier
QR Code Menu: your digital and interactive online menu for free4 hours ago
cleanmenu.chhn linkartchab
VirtualHost Proxying MQTT4 hours ago linkhardillb
1Password Linux Beta Is Out4 hours ago linkFinnLeSueur
Zemke’s Wolfpack: The P-47 Fighter Group That Terrorized Nazi Germany4 hours ago linkFnoord
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SF Tech Leaders Discuss How They Found Their Product-Market Fit4 hours ago linkcpard
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I’m Confused5 hours ago linkWezl
Defining Data Intuiton5 hours ago linkharterrt
MLPerf Releases v0.7 Inference Results5 hours ago linksamgd
Show HN: Turn the Web into an Interactive Workspace5 hours ago
kontxt.iohn linkkontxt
A gentle introduction to the Hive connector for Presto5 hours ago linkbitsondatadev
Who Gets to Solve Death?5 hours ago linkdshipper
Async Dev is the new Agile for remote teams5 hours ago linkdavetwichell
Biggest Shark Tank Failures5 hours ago linknicocerdeira
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P2PAppTester5 hours ago linklukeebinno
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You Can Be a Woman Engineer6 hours ago linkSembiance
Can we read the Quran in other languages? Read to know more6 hours ago linkhammadnasir
Facial recognition datasets widely used despite removal due to ethical concerns6 hours ago linkrandomwalker
Show HN: Roombelt – see conference room schedule right at the door6 hours ago
roombelt.comhn linkziolko
A 10 year journey – from the creator of Durable Task Framework6 hours ago linkrylandgold
Show HN: Made my own expense tracker ( feedback welcome6 hours ago
www.spendyt.comhn linkspendyt
Game Trends #1 – Social Games6 hours ago linkjonwalch
How I Learned to Enjoy Networking6 hours ago linkshsachdev
How to develop a Commercial Real Estate app6 hours ago linknicotesla
Animals Keep Evolving into Crabs6 hours ago linkAdmiralAsshat
Quarterly index of the fastest growing FOSS projects6 hours ago linkarey_abhishek
Show HN: PostTube – Generate video from Wordpress post6 hours ago linkagirgelen
Show HN: Highly Discounted Gift Cards6 hours ago linkifinance
Why Do We Test Cosmos Stargate with Software Simulations?7 hours ago linktaariqlewis
File Exfiltration via LibreOffice in BigBlueButton and JODConverter7 hours ago linkhannob
Show HN: Grain – Share Zoom video clips, transcripts, and live notes for free7 hours ago
grain.cohn linkmgadams3
Interview with Demis Hassabis at Deepmind (EV/HBR Podcast)7 hours ago linktufirhawat
Chine is now the world largest economy. We shouldn't be shocked7 hours ago’s-larhn linkcoliveira
What Is DeFi?7 hours ago linkkpommerenke
A Paper Theory of Life7 hours ago linkdomcooke
To write better, you need to develop a habit of writing7 hours ago linkpavelegorkin
Is there anything innovative in the low-code movement? TLDR:No7 hours ago linksoftmodeling
The Most Underestimated Force in Tech – Cycle Time7 hours ago linkdoorknobguy
Default HTML5 camera input broken on Android / Chrome7 hours ago linkjtwaleson
Pulumi Automation API: No CLI, no human-in-the-loop, just code7 hours ago linkintheairtonight
Show HN: Private As-Needed VPN Service7 hours ago
onehourvpn.comhn linkForeverFlow__
What's on Your Programming Reading List?8 hours ago linkamymhaddad
Dynamically bound goto considered awesome: Language design with Leo White8 hours ago linkyminsky
Software Preservation in Networked Art8 hours ago linkschmudde
Microsoft Edge Driver is now available on Linux8 hours ago linkthuva4
On Tools, Processes and Guitar Pedals8 hours ago linklucaronin
Which Newsletters and Podcasts Will Survive the Purge8 hours ago linkdanielrm26
On NASA's announced 2020 Tipping Point awards8 hours ago linktectonic
Faster, cheaper, easier, low-tech, open sourced. SARS-CoV-2 test called RT-LAMP8 hours ago linkzsh
Show HN: App Performance Monitoring (APM) for mobile apps8 hours ago linkokgabr
Voice-Controlled Raspberry Pi8 hours ago linkhueyduck
LUMI to become the world's fastest supercomputer8 hours ago linkclon
Virtual Escape Room8 hours ago linkfranze
Microsoft Front End Bootcamp8 hours ago linkwiineeth
Entrepreneurs Collective8 hours ago linkECEvents
A Framework for Evaluating Software Composition Analysis Tools8 hours ago linkryangoldman
The Multivariate Gaussian for Programmers8 hours ago linkmarkisus
Reviving Yahoo PageBuilder in 20208 hours ago linksanqui
On Starting an Online Simulation Video Game and Growing to 70K Users8 hours ago linkxhruso00
Great experiment using fiverrr to generate cover art8 hours ago linkmitchellbryson
Running Jekyll on WSL28 hours ago linkdavemateer
CentOS Stream – Sync2git8 hours ago linksiteshwar
Future of SaaS Architecture: Keep Data On-Prem and Control via Cloud9 hours ago linkhtroisi
Doctors discover unknown set of glands in human heads9 hours ago linkmyrandomcomment
Show HN: PriceBlocs – no code pricing pages9 hours ago linkphoenixbox
Are We All Paranoid? (Or Not Paranoid Enough?)9 hours ago linkZoharAtkins
The Media Manipulation Casebook9 hours ago
mediamanipulation.orghn linkmistersquid
How to render a dynamic Component with Blazor9 hours ago linkdavideguida
Map of Biochemical Pathways9 hours ago linknowahe
Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning in Simple Words9 hours ago linkNaeosPsy
How Silicon Valley will solve the trolley problem9 hours ago linkgunnihinn
One in 20 people likely to suffer from ‘Long Covid’, but who are they?9 hours ago linkmhandley
BPF, XDP, Packet Filters and UDP9 hours ago linkdochtman
Blocking Big Battery Booms (With Bootloaders)9 hours ago linkonidaito
Boost Delta Lake Performance with Data Skipping and Z-Order9 hours ago linklclindeman
Show HN: Descryptors – simple stats for blockchain projects9 hours ago
descryptors.iohn linkdimovich
SEO strategy should never start with keyword research9 hours ago linkcanadianwriter
What Silicon Valley “Gets” Right about Software Engineers9 hours ago linkystad
Using Your JWT Authentication with Django REST Framework to Log in to Firebase9 hours ago linkjdcaballerov
Founder Paydays at Exit (IPO)9 hours ago linkturoczy
The API for EV Applications9 hours ago
bauenmotors.comhn linkmo3elm
Kafka to Elastic connection simpler than ever9 hours ago linklefterisdvr
Non-fluffy brainstorming questions for long term career planning9 hours ago linkmcrittenden
Why You Should Do A Paid Discovery Phase9 hours ago linkericvanular
Wizz Air: €1 for a flight, €35 for your GDPR right9 hours ago linka_imho
Show HN: A collection of 160 free resume templates to kick start your job search10 hours ago linkFreesumes
iPad Air 4 (2020) review10 hours ago linksiamak_rp
PostgreSQL Monitoring for Application Developers10 hours ago linkbrightball
What Is a Feature Store?10 hours ago linkwillempienaar
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Turning a maybe into a yes after the YC interview10 hours ago linkcheeseblubber
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Every hackable connector on Asus Eee PC 90110 hours ago linknevkontakte
Why Software Development Companies Are Not Acquiring New Clients10 hours ago linkneinasaservice
A Puzzle for Your Subconscious Brain10 hours ago linkmarcacohen
Light Fields: Missing Ingredient for Immersive 3D Video Gets Improved10 hours ago linkekzy
Programming Pumpkins: A pumpkin carving contest for programmers10 hours ago
www.programmingpumpkins.comhn linkcraftlogan
The (Extremely) Loud Minority10 hours ago linknsm
TaskJuggler – Text-Based Project Management10 hours ago linksmartmic
How T Cell Metabolites Work in Immunometabolism10 hours ago linkthangkan
Nebra AnyBeam Hat – Laser Projector Hat for Raspberry Pi10 hours ago linkpeter_retief
Stacie Taylor, Front end engineer at Zapier [audio]10 hours ago linkpierre_vannier
How to Make in Vitro Glycoengineering More Sustainable and Efficient10 hours ago linkcrystalg
A Cost-Benefit Analysis of VPC Interface Endpoints10 hours ago linkdonkersgood
The Macintosh Design Team. The Making of Macintosh (Byte 1984)10 hours ago linkrsecora
Avy completes successful test flight with first Dutch solar drone11 hours ago linkjaapenstaarrt
Learning to Decapsulate Integrated Circuits Using Acid Deposition11 hours ago linkgaraetjjte
How to Measure Metabolites in Vivo to Treat Cancer11 hours ago linkjuika
Millennials are not getting married11 hours ago linkkoolhead17
On Dominance Terminology: Tracing the History of Master-Slave11 hours ago linkrandyzwitch
A Brief Tour of the Unity Editor11 hours ago linkEyas
Cloud-based online stores with immediate, unlimited and permanent free access11 hours ago linkbranchbob
How to develop technology that supports human flourishing11 hours ago linkhibaldo
Combinatorics Algorithms for Coding Interviews11 hours ago linkaddisonc
Top Flutter plugins to take your app to next level11 hours ago linkravsamhq
Teleport: A Telepresence Robot11 hours ago linktomjacobs
Domain settings to improve automated email deliverability11 hours ago linkpau_alcala
The Myth of RAM11 hours ago linksiraben
Chaos Engineering as Management Practice12 hours ago linkjoaoasrosa
Trading Competition by Alpaca API Stock Trading (YC W19)12 hours ago linkcryptoeu
The Technical Investor Review – Is It Legit? Find Out Here12 hours ago linkscamornoreviews
PayPal Launches New Service Enabling Users to Buy, Hold and Sell Cryptocurrency12 hours ago linkeuropa
Show HN: A free C implementation of the SSH protocol with an event based API12 hours ago linkdiaxen
Show HN: DDraceNetwork – Open-source cooperative online game12 hours ago linkdef-
RuboCop v1.0 Released12 hours ago linkkpsnow
Hands-Free Coding: How I develop software using dictation and eye-tracking12 hours ago linkjoshwcomeau
Decoding the Peloton12 hours ago linkalbertwang
Our World in Data12 hours ago linkmalloryerik
Show HN: Humby – Instant Online Video Social Space12 hours ago linkpushingbits
De-Weaponizing Empathy12 hours ago linkCapitalistCartr
Personal Carbon History12 hours ago linkCapitalistCartr
Reversing Video and Audio Using FFmpeg12 hours ago linkponderingfish
DIY Repeating Crossbow12 hours ago linknandaja
Finding Discord Servers12 hours ago linkisadtimes
Summary: Letters from a Stoic by Seneca (65 AD)12 hours ago linkjaimefjorge
Tuesday Letter #19 – Pragmatic Thinking, Zettelkasting, and Partnerships12 hours ago linkrasulkireev
Why Western Accounting and Consulting Firms Are Facilitating Global Corruption12 hours ago linkmay4m
Hitting prometheus API with curl and jq to debug OOM13 hours ago linkkim0
I failed 6 side-projects in 10 months13 hours ago linkjrleonr
The tangled webs we weave13 hours ago linkroosgit
The Quantum Internet13 hours ago linkingen0s
Show HN: Caasy – the glue between web developers and creative content creators13 hours ago
caasy.iohn linkjz222
MuditaOS, an operating system for the Mudita Pure phone, goes Open Source13 hours ago linkwojtekidd
How can I buy the best stocks?13 hours ago linksezar
Mayor Ed Koch, the pratfall effect and why brands should admit their flaws13 hours ago linkkervokian
Introducing JSDB13 hours ago linkmesso
Why does it take so long to build software?13 hours ago linkAddono
Show HN: TidalWaves API – live, tokenized news metadata from around the world14 hours ago
tidalwaves.iohn linkprohobo
NetBSD 9.1 Released14 hours ago linkfcambus
Employee-Friendly Holiday Policy14 hours ago linkhanspagel
Cloudflare Analytics review14 hours ago linkmarkosaric
Nginx Service Mesh14 hours ago linkbhaavan
Show HN: Today's Best Posts from Hacker News, Product Hunt, and Indie Hackers14 hours ago linkjakobgreenfeld
Goldman Sachs open sources its data modelling platform FINOS14 hours ago linkGormisdomai
Fast, easy and reliable testing for anything that runs in a browser14 hours ago linkivanche
Show HN: VR-style head tracking for PC games with just an app (iOS/Android)14 hours ago linkepaga
Evermore14 hours ago
evermoredata.storehn linkryannevius
Aim for Operability, Not SRE as a Cult14 hours ago linkslyall
Sort every collection you output14 hours ago linkhenrik_w
The Legend of Abraham Wald – The Missing Bullet Holes14 hours ago linkCobaltFire
Replit Classroom Data Export Guide15 hours ago linksvarlamov
Geogoo.net15 hours ago linknanna
The Memo by Howard Marks15 hours ago linkscotthtaylor
Using network namespaces to force VPN use on select applications15 hours ago linkmoviuro
Show HN: Flat SVG Designs – Free Vector(SVG) Icons and Illustrations15 hours ago linkseuyu_bin
I enforced the AGPL on my code, here's how it went15 hours ago linkjandeboevrie
What Content Works Best for Early-Stage SaaS Startups? A Case Study15 hours ago linkandreeamaco
If you thought Twitter's RT-function has a bug, you're wrong15 hours ago linkyveys
Launching Astrola today – Growth tools for SaaS products15 hours ago
astrolahq.comhn linksco614
Unmetered energy supplies in order to faster public charging network development15 hours ago linkPabloemm
Show HN: Free 3D Avatars for the Community15 hours ago linksemy
Social media customer service: how to make it great15 hours ago linkgiuliaporzio
Deploying a public facing GPT-2 project without a GPU16 hours ago linkogou
Why I write: The Feynman Technique for learning16 hours ago linksoorajchandran
Introducing Marsbot for AirPods16 hours ago linkdaegloe
A rant about const vs. let16 hours ago linkvips7L
Show HN: SaaStarter – Nuxt.js auth templates and Stripe integration16 hours ago linksebubu
What I've learned about career development (*) (**)16 hours ago linkliveweird
Violating monotonic time expectations on Catalina17 hours ago linkpraseodym
Amnesia: The Dark Descent or How to Forget to Fix Copy Paste17 hours ago linkAndreyKarpov
Debian Maintainer from Zero to Hero17 hours ago linkcreekorful
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How to Implement Eye-Enlarging and Face-Shaping Function Using Meachine Learning17 hours ago linkSODAME
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Microsoft Edge for Linux Is Here18 hours ago linkwailin
Learn Automation Testing, Select the Right Test Automation Software18 hours ago linkAnuGeorge
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Thoughts on Programming Under Consumerism18 hours ago linkdumaron
Getting Big Things Done18 hours ago linkr4um
I posted about programming on TikTok for 21 days, got 100.000 views and 22.50$18 hours ago linklarskarbo
Digitalization the Future of M&A18 hours ago linkDhar_mendra
I Built the Uber for Photos SnapMob18 hours ago
www.snapmob.iohn linkmanny350f1
Polar 2.0 Released – Cloud document reader with ePub support19 hours ago linkrandomchars
Twitch Product Manager talks productivity and developer education[audio]19 hours ago linkazzen
Twitch streamers were issued tons of DMCA takedown notices today19 hours ago linkcglong
Pineapple Fund lost all bitcoins and went bankrupt19 hours ago linkrsiqueira
Explaining magic behind popular Ruby code19 hours ago linkpdabrowski6
App Store Wars19 hours ago linkkoustubhs
Apple’s new map, expansion #10 Canada19 hours ago linkrecuter
The weirdest part of breaking up: splitting the smart home19 hours ago linkhealsdata
The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro19 hours ago linkkaonwarb
Show HN: All your cloud storages in one place. Secured20 hours ago linkTCLOUD
Unix Printing Demystified20 hours ago linksmlckz
September 2020 ShadowStats Alternate Unemployment is 26.9% in US20 hours ago linkdocPangloss
Is Proton the Native Port Killer?20 hours ago linkekianjo
One-Way System Roads20 hours ago linkpaulorlando
What Is HTAP?20 hours ago linkCaitin_Chen
AOC plays Among Us live on Twitch and has 330k viewers20 hours ago linktomashertus
How to Write a Case Study: Bookmarkable Guide and Template20 hours ago linkgesaint
Authelia: Open-source full-featured authentication server21 hours ago linkaiNohY6g
Taxonomies of Technical Debt21 hours ago linkOzzie_osman
HummerEV21 hours ago linkmandeepj
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Programming Network Sockets in Lisp22 hours ago linkswatson741
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Azure Space – cloud-powered innovation on and off the planet22 hours ago linkmendigou
The Toll of Oregon Forest [Fire] Losses22 hours ago linkquercusa
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My Lab Power Setup23 hours ago linkmonstermunch
From fluffy to valuable: How the brain recognises objects23 hours ago linktartoran
Armory's (YC W17) the “State of Spinnaker” Panel23 hours ago linkdrodio
HotPy23 hours ago linkwrycoder
A Common Hacker News Fallacy vs. $1.2M in Profit23 hours ago linkijidak
Armory (YC W17) in the News: October 19th, 202023 hours ago linkdrodio
Hope23 hours ago
hope.comhn linkwhoisninja
The Beef Programming Language23 hours ago linkvips7L
The Microsoft Azure Modular Datacenter23 hours ago linkshirkey
Engineer Posts Images of Abandoned 300 MPH Hovertrains1 days ago linksandwall
Pay your first developer TWICE the market rate1 days ago linkandrewstuart
Search Engines and Libraries: An Overview1 days ago linkreturnfalse
The Privileged Liberal1 days ago linkhvcooper
PostgreSQL Monitoring for Application Developers1 days ago linkbgentry
Novation-Aphex Twin AFX Station synth is here – so what is it, exactly?1 days ago linkglitcher
Fluree Blockchain Graph Database Releases Open Source1 days ago linkkdoubleday
Questions for candidates to ask other than “What’s the culture like?”1 days ago linkjcs87
Fivetran vs. Segment Comparison1 days ago linkcpard
Take the 2020 State of CSS survey1 days ago linksgdesign
Slightly Incremental Ray Tracing in One Weekend1 days ago linkunderanalyzer
Programming Language Jam Winners1 days ago linkamasad
Show HN: The Highlights Club – top performers in one place1 days ago linkpsmyrdek
Blockchain, the Solution for Almost Nothing1 days ago linknightfuryx
Quest Powered – A community centered way to keep track of future events1 days ago
questpowered.comhn linkmiguelptcosta
Violating monotonic time expectations on Catalina1 days ago linkmplanchard
Look ma, no mouse: Tips and tricks1 days ago linkcode-faster
Queen Kristina and René Descartes1 days ago linkwhocansay
Show HN: Virtual Corn Maze1 days ago linkjtolmar
Snapshots in the Life of a Criminal Data Analyst1 days ago linkwholeness
Internet Explorer to start redirecting users to MS Edge1 days ago linkdrjaydenm
Btrfs on CentOS: Living with Loopback1 days ago linkchasil
Echoes of Reflection: Finding Balance After Burnout1 days ago linkdaretorant
The Architecture of the Customer Data Stack1 days ago linkcpard
Signs the Pandemic Is About to Get Much Worse1 days ago linkarto
Is DNA Hardware or Software?1 days ago linkxzvf
What’s new in the Windows 10 October 2020 Update1 days ago linkeaston
On fast navigation in the command line1 days ago linkkkoncevicius
Show HN: Liaison 1.0 – Dramatically Simplify Full‑Stack Development1 days ago linkmvila
A newsletter for thinking deeply about complex puzzles worth pondering1 days ago linkjohn_cogs
No Spec, No Problem: How I Autogenerated an API Spec for Notion1 days ago linkjeanyang
The Map1 days ago linkc-slice
New York’s Digital Subway Map Comes Alive Today1 days ago linknbaksalyar
Show HN: The Annotated Social Network1 days ago
kontxt.iohn linkkontxt
Unconditioned Texas Garage Lab – 1 year later1 days ago linkmonstermunch
The Rise of ‘Research Mills’ and the Eternal Disappointment of Time Machines1 days ago linkktln2
Justice Thomas Writes a Misguided Anti-Section 230 Statement1 days ago linkcataphract
A step by step process to fix the root causes of most event analytics mistakes1 days ago linkcrystalwidjaja
Work from Home: Nuggets on Making Remote Work Better1 days ago link_chrischae
Show HN: Cotter – Marketing Magic Link Email1 days ago linkmmarcelline
Biggest store chain in Germany closes third of its shops1 days ago linknapso
Organise SQL Collections1 days ago linkquerystash
FreeType: Heap buffer overflow in the handling of embedded PNG bitmaps1 days ago linktolien
Game Trends #0 – Gacha Games1 days ago linkjonwalch
The Two Cultures (1959)1 days ago linkmgdo
Building a tool to find the best times to post on Twitter1 days ago
hatchy.apphn linkjamalx31
Austin Mann Reviews the iPhone 12 Pro Camera in Glacier National Park1 days ago linkchristefano
Astrobotic opens 47,000 sq. ft. lunar headquarters in Pgh1 days ago linkloucori
Atlassian to end sales of Server products, Data Center prices to be raised1 days ago linkopenbrian
Retool Funding Lesson: You Can Compete with Free When It's B2B1 days ago linkalangibson
Workforce Foundation1 days ago linkjkingsbery
What local news articles could look like if news websites were not so horrible1 days ago linkphaedrus
Show HN: [GitHub] Mark Pull Request as depending on another1 days ago linkdpezz
Sudan's removal from the terrorism list – what the different outlets are saying1 days ago linkpspct
The Music Industry Is Waking Up to Ethereum1 days ago linkntomaino
Show HN: Solar OS1 days ago linkbogdanu
Low Carbohydrate Diets and Health (Meta-Analysis of Intervention Trials)1 days ago linkgdudeman
Salesforce Sucks1 days ago linkrigid_airship
On Writing in an Engineering Context1 days ago linknapoleond
Why Does Money Exist?1 days ago linkbradwood
Issue No. 12 — most valuable content on the internet today1 days ago linkdavefreiburger
Track your goals and get a personalized reward1 days ago
goalio.cohn linkemveras
Creativity and the Limits of the Remix1 days ago linkcdr6934
Job Network for Humanities Graduates1 days ago
human-jobs.comhn linkasanchez94
Microsoft and Adobe Introduce Adobe XD Extension for Visual Studio Code1 days ago linkmooncalendar
What sacrifices do you need to take in order to achieve your goal?1 days ago linkhoanhan101
The World Population in 2100, by Country1 days ago linkloughnane
Julia GPU: How the Julia language is making it easy for programmers to use GPU1 days ago linkcdsousa
Pragmatic code reuse in a Rails Monolith1 days ago linkprabhatjha
New York MTA launches real-time digital subway map1 days ago linkscrozier
Dev Methodology mostly doesn’t matter, just make up your own1 days ago linknecco908
Microsoft Edge dev preview for Linux1 days ago linkkylealden
Getting Big Things Done1 days ago linkmjb
First criminal charges following an avalanche in CO after avalanche above I-701 days ago linkbriankelly
OpenSUSE MicroOS: Modern Immutable Linux OS1 days ago linkuserSumo
I became a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) in 2 months1 days ago linkrenanmoura
Qrtsy: Physical art is going digital1 days ago
qrtsy.cohn linkdasveloper
Why I Don't Take Notes1 days ago linkjacobobryant
Dark Matter Detector Delivers Enigmatic Signal1 days ago linkakvadrako
How to Implement Netlify CMS with Next.js1 days ago linkjakeprins
Documentation as Code: Part 2: A Linting How To – Tag1 TeamTalk #027.21 days ago linkjune_tag1
For secure code, maintainability matters1 days ago linkganncamp
Microprocessor only wants one thing and it's 0xEA1 days ago linkjamesbowman
Stupid Moves1 days ago linkkoratkar
Your Personalized Carbon History1 days ago linkmathisonian
The Tribal Network Effect1 days ago linkdomrdy
Letter of Recommendation: The random button on Reddit1 days ago linkedavis
IoT monitoring and automation for breweries and distilleries1 days ago linkredmattred
NASA Osiris-Rex Animation Livestream: Landing on Bennu1 days ago linkadolph
I built an app that converts your router into a private cloud1 days ago linkbetaman0
How I Found an Alg=None JWT Vulnerability in the NHS Contact Tracing App1 days ago linkjoepie91_
PowerShell for Programmers: A Quick Start Guide1 days ago linkjonjlee
Ostrich Protocol – Inspired by Mission Protocol1 days ago linkjazzychad
Count Beta Release – An OSS Counting App with Ionic1 days ago linkEnte
Gabe Newell wants to talk to New Zealand about developers relocating there1 days ago linkspdionis
Palo Alto Networks tries to intimidate a small startup with legal threats1 days ago linkbonfire
Simulating the Boss GE-7 Graphic Equalizer in LTSpice1 days ago linkcushychicken
Free tool that automates steps security would take to discover data exposure1 days ago linkalig90s
A Short History of Technology1 days ago linktelotortium
VirtualBox 6.1.16 Released1 days ago linkluisgbm
Operating Apache Pinot at Uber Scale1 days ago linkcaetris1
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