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What Are 'Dark Factories,' and Do They Exist?30 min ago
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Help Me Test Primitives1 hours ago
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Can GPT-3 Solve CTF Problems?1 hours ago
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Rapid: A Software Development Methodology1 hours ago
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Chronophoto1 hours ago
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Brain Surveillance and Escaping the Corporate World1 hours ago
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A Vision of Universal Functionality for Tomorrow's User Interfaces (1992)1 hours ago
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ChatGPT: 2+5=82 hours ago
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Trans programmer makes game about slaughtering women critical of gender ideology2 hours ago
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Social Media vs. Video Games: Not All Screen Time Is Equal2 hours ago
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Local-First Data Migrations2 hours ago
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How could LeaksID tool help with leakage investigations in the Supreme Court?2 hours ago
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Potemkin Pens2 hours ago
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How Bing Search Works and Its Future with ChapGPT2 hours ago
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I Want the World to Burn2 hours ago
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Skynet Will Be Human3 hours ago
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St. Faith's School Song: my recollections3 hours ago
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My favourite bug I ever wrote3 hours ago
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Peti Triot presents first Blockchain-based art installation in Korea3 hours ago
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FreeBSD Userland Software Developer3 hours ago
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Domain Registry Takes Sci-Hub’s .SE Domain Name Offline3 hours ago
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What could you learn from seeing your startup as a neural network?3 hours ago
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Multi-cursor code editing: An animated introduction3 hours ago
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Replit Bounties3 hours ago
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Responses to “I Almost Bought a Scanner”3 hours ago
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Xnfun (Cross Node Function) – an early stage RPC library4 hours ago
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Yandex Search engine source code leak4 hours ago
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The Magic of Small Databases4 hours ago
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Vicii-Kawari – An FPGA Vic-II Replacement for the Commodore 6r5 hours ago
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A Single-Resistor Radio Transmitter, Thanks to the Power of Noise5 hours ago
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A Weird Kind of Sad5 hours ago
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Timers in x865 hours ago
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A Framework for Prioritizing Tech Debt5 hours ago
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The 1040ST5 hours ago
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Popular Personal Financial Advice versus the Professors (2022)5 hours ago
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The Red Whale That Killed the Ocean DAO6 hours ago
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WW2 Mosquito Found in a Barn6 hours ago
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Show HN: The “Build Your Own Redis” Book Is Completed6 hours ago
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A Charming Algorithm for Count-Distinct6 hours ago
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Ergo: Erlang/OTP patterns implemented in Golang6 hours ago
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DOJ Claims Sam Bankman-Fried Tried to Influence Witness Testimony6 hours ago
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Automate Twitter with Notion and N8n7 hours ago
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Show HN: Twitter Card Preview7 hours ago
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Pinball Space Cadet on the Microsoft Store distributed by a random author7 hours ago
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Alina: A Sci-Fi Novel7 hours ago
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Bypassing OGNL sandboxes for fun and charities7 hours ago
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The Difference7 hours ago
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Storielle v1.2 Out8 hours ago
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Kotlin Data Classes 101: Understanding Syntax, Usage and Inheritance9 hours ago
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Diff Models – A New Way to Edit Code8 hours ago
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Real simple way to share content between your devices9 hours ago
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Rate Limiting Next.js API Routes Using a Cloudflare Service Worker9 hours ago
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Cringeworthy in the Future10 hours ago
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Global South: Gold-backed currencies to replace the US dollar10 hours ago
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2022: Pain, Growth and Programming10 hours ago
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Chronophoto – Guess the dates of photos10 hours ago
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Staying Hydrated in VR Workouts Is Problematic11 hours ago
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StyleGAN-T: Unlocking the Power of GANs11 hours ago
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Azure Outage: Preliminary Post Incident Review11 hours ago
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NAFZ Earthquake Data Analysis, Visualization and Modeling – Murat Koptur12 hours ago
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2023 State of Open Source Report13 hours ago
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A History of the FFmpeg Project14 hours ago
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A Short Story About SQL's Biggest Rival14 hours ago
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An obituary for the man who saved North Carolina from nuclear disaster14 hours ago
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Loading Disco – An alternative to the loading spinner14 hours ago
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LHC Black Holes for the Terminally Un-Reassured14 hours ago
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Nice15 hours ago
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A Catastrophic Cyber Mutating Event Is Coming15 hours ago
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Cores Don’t Like to Share15 hours ago
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The Soviet web: the tale of how the USSR almost invented the internet16 hours ago
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Exploiting a Critical Spoofing Vulnerability in Windows CryptoAPI16 hours ago
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When Django, nextjs and Laravel failed me16 hours ago
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Mercedes-Benz world’s first automotive company to certify SAE Level 3 for U.S.16 hours ago
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Las Vegas Strip hotels colluded, inflated room rates, lawsuit claims16 hours ago
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Prosecutor seek to restrict SBF bail terms after attempts to influence witnesses16 hours ago
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Energetic Aliens17 hours ago
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Magic the Gathering Players Lament the Loss of 30-Year History17 hours ago
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An investigation into Apple’s new Relay network17 hours ago
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DIY box fan filters – Corsi-Rosenthal box17 hours ago
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What if your Mastodon timeline looked like iMessage17 hours ago
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Efficient Name Search with Postgres and Ecto17 hours ago
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MBTA opens up about crippling subway car delivery delays17 hours ago
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Closing Industry Frontiers18 hours ago
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Bringing Nanite to Fortnite Battle Royale in Chapter 418 hours ago
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Show HN: ThriveMind – A brain-game platform with photos of beautiful scenery18 hours ago
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“Pigeon Neck” Illusion19 hours ago
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Three LLM tricks that boosted embeddings search accuracy by 37%19 hours ago
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There's no whiskey in mini bottles of Fireball, so customers are suing for fraud19 hours ago
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GStreamer 1.22: major new feature release of multimedia framework20 hours ago
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Leaking close friends via BeReal API20 hours ago
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An Undersea Battlefield20 hours ago
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Broider: Pixel Art CSS Borders20 hours ago
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Ukraine Government issues blacklist of ‘Russian propagandists’20 hours ago
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MusicLM: Generating Music from Text20 hours ago
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Oklch in CSS: why we moved from RGB and HSL20 hours ago
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Show HN: I wrote a blog post about the Two's Complement20 hours ago
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Building a Sleeper Computer from an SGI Indy21 hours ago
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You're probably learning a technology in its seventh season, not its pilot21 hours ago
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Show HN: Never write release notes again, with Makelog and GPT-321 hours ago
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Exploring MusicCaps, the training data behind Google’s MusicLM text2music model21 hours ago
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Rails Gem for Webmention21 hours ago
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Update on 32-bit support: decision to block the update on Nextcloud 26 reverted21 hours ago
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Scaling a Parallel Inference System with Asyncio22 hours ago
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Performance-Aware Programming Series Begins February First22 hours ago
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Proxies Can Improve Your Online Experience22 hours ago
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Mac Mini M2 SSD speed per variant22 hours ago
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Multiple engines are down: incident report for OpenAI22 hours ago
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Wikipedia’s new look makes it easier to use for everyone22 hours ago
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Same Day Skunkworks22 hours ago
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Constrained Delaunay Triangulations for 2D Player Collision22 hours ago
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How to Choose Your Investors22 hours ago
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Show HN: Replit) Say No to Things22 hours ago
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Wizards of the Coast Releases SRD Under Creative Commons License22 hours ago
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Digital legacy the home made version22 hours ago
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Foundation Models: The future still isn't happening fast enough23 hours ago
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How to retain your personal computing freedom and avoid going back to the future23 hours ago
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How Stedi uses automated reasoning for access control policy verification23 hours ago
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Saving Millions on Logging: Finding Relevant Savings23 hours ago
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Why I quit being so accommodating (1922)23 hours ago
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Reading Notes – Four Thousand Weeks23 hours ago
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Bell Telephone Launched a Mobile Phone During the 1940s23 hours ago
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Code Lifespan23 hours ago
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United States Postal Service23 hours ago
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“Ghosted.” Twitter Advertisers Pull Back Spending After Laid-Off Reps Disappear23 hours ago
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The Hightouch Personalization API23 hours ago
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Device JNEEG to convert Jetson Nano to brain-Computer interfaces. Short report23 hours ago
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“the Earth is our only shareholder” – Patagonia fighting climate change23 hours ago
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State of Emergency: Inside Canada’s ER Crisis23 hours ago
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Pandas Illustrated: The Definitive Visual Guide to Pandas23 hours ago
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WTF Coco – The Weird Images That Underpin Modern Computer Vision Models1 days ago
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$6.96B was raised by private longevity companies in 20221 days ago
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Limit IP address tracking issue with DNS1 days ago
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Elite for Emacs1 days ago
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So I think I just acquired an app?1 days ago
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30k lines of SwiftUI in production later, we love it, but1 days ago
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The Coming Dust Bowl1 days ago
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How much power does it need to send commands to Voyager satellites?1 days ago
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Behind the Scenes of Vercel's Infrastructure1 days ago
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Dutch meteorologists say Musk's Starlink network disrupts weather forecasting1 days ago
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14,000 estimated to have died from humidifier sanitizer scandal: study (2020)1 days ago
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Understanding Natural Language Processing: The Basics1 days ago
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Canada’s cyber-security Bill C-26: Yet Another Government Power Grab1 days ago
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Float64 to float32: Saving memory without losing precision1 days ago
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We're Already in a Recession1 days ago
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A look inside Worldcoin’s biometric imaging device1 days ago
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South Pole Topography1 days ago
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Understanding the Orb and why Worldcoin uses biometrics1 days ago
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Parenting in America Today1 days ago
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The Peculiar Nature of Black Hole Birth Kicks1 days ago
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Show HN: Insults as a Service1 days ago
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Closer Than We Think: 40 Visions of the Future World1 days ago
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The Business of Book Styling1 days ago
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Sometimes a little bullshit is fine1 days ago
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Notes on Craft1 days ago
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The Science of Sword-Swallowing1 days ago
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The Nitpicks of Power, Part II: Falling Towers1 days ago
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OpenAI has hired an army of contractors to make basic coding obsolete1 days ago
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Yandex Source Code Leaked1 days ago
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19 Countries in 1 Day1 days ago
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J2ME Basic Interpreter1 days ago
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OpsLevel adds Developer self-service with Custom Actions1 days ago
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An Extremely Intelligent Lava Lamp: Refik Anadol’s A.I. Art Extravaganza at MoMA1 days ago
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Boeing pleads not guilty to fraud in criminal case over deadly 737 Max crashes1 days ago
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Deciphering My Dead Mother’s Cipher1 days ago
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OnboardingKit by Unflow – free app onboarding templates1 days ago
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Ten Useful Shell Shortcuts1 days ago
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An Endless Pursuit of More1 days ago
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How many engineers have gotten laid off in 2022 and 2023 so far?1 days ago
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Towards a global framework for cross-border data flows and privacy protection1 days ago
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Functors and Monads for People Who Have Read Too Many “Tutorials”1 days ago
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Darklang Release 91 days ago
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“They wanted my Instagram handle, and somehow they've now got it.”1 days ago
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GPT Zero can be bypassed with ease as researcher demostrates1 days ago
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Multiple times daily connection drop – Xfinity pushing invalid DOCSIS updates1 days ago
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Godot 4.0 beta 16: Initial .NET 7 support1 days ago
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Dwarf Fortress reinvented itself after 20 years1 days ago
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TikTok's enshittification (21 Jan 2023)1 days ago
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Powerful ways to use CSS variables1 days ago
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Ginsburg didnt dissent in Obergefell-things ChatGPT gets wrong about Supreme Ct1 days ago
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Forking Chrome to render in a terminal1 days ago
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Why create another alerting service?1 days ago
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Sequels in Strategy Gaming, Part 1: Civilization II1 days ago
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Becoming a Real Business: Accounting, Taxes, and Automation1 days ago
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.NET Blazor for Web Development?1 days ago
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Are You a Strategist or an Operator?1 days ago
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Code Analysis for BrightScript Codebases1 days ago
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Narrative Capture1 days ago
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What does it mean to be an RCU implementation1 days ago
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A Charming Algorithm for Count-Distinct1 days ago
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Cage the Chickens1 days ago
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ChatGPT and the Enshittening of Knowledge1 days ago
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Does my son know you? Fatherhood, cancer, and what matters most1 days ago
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Cheap, stupid ideas that last1 days ago
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Startups and their dictionary word names1 days ago
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The passwordless experience you deserve1 days ago
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What’s New in Laravel 101 days ago
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Code Observation: Function Arity in Clojure1 days ago
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Are terms to be taken seriously?1 days ago
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YC's 18 space industry investments1 days ago
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SAST: Code analysis tools look for security flaws1 days ago
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An Opinionated Guide to Getting Started with Jakarta EE Development in 20231 days ago
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Ordering Numbers, How Hard Can It Be?1 days ago
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Chinese researchers: RSA is breakable. Others: Do not panic1 days ago
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Ruby on Whales: Dockerizing Ruby and Rails Development1 days ago
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Scale AI: the $290M/year Mechanical Turk of machine learning1 days ago
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Going dark: Is encryption a threat to our security? Swedish EU Council says yes1 days ago
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Bite sized visuals to help you learn event-driven architectures1 days ago
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Delivering Value with Platform Engineering1 days ago
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Findings from HashiCorp's Vault API fuzzing (1)1 days ago
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How to have meetings which pay the rent1 days ago
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Mastodon Relationship Graphs1 days ago
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Show HN: Netflix Prices in 245 Countries1 days ago
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SaaS Products built by non-tech founders with NoCode1 days ago
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How Monzo prepare for spikes in traffic1 days ago
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Kamailio’s exec module considered harmful1 days ago
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Make educated wireless router/AP upgrade decisions1 days ago
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Bleach 6.0.0 release and deprecation (Python)1 days ago
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MoSCoW Method: How to Make the Best of Prioritization1 days ago
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Build Tooling Is Stuck in the Past1 days ago
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Biological Relevance of Intestinal Gases in Healthy Humans1 days ago
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FOSDEM'23: Special Track on Open Source Confidential Computing1 days ago
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Grace: GPT Reprogrammable Assistant with Code Execution1 days ago
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Apple’s Mac security is so good, it’s sending used M1 MacBooks to the scrap heap1 days ago
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Attacker with access to XML config can trigger keepass.exe to obtain passwords1 days ago
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Celebrated Nature Photographer Donates Life’s Work to Public Domain1 days ago
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SirTunnel, a Personal Ngrok Alternative1 days ago
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Device JNEEG to convert Jetson Nano to brain-Computer interfaces. Short report1 days ago
hn link rob_seby
Device JNEEG to convert Jetson Nano to brain-Computer interfaces. Short report1 days ago
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97% of Americans own a cellphone or smartphone1 days ago
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A Charming Algorithm for Count-Distinct1 days ago
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Reducing ZSH startup time by 95%1 days ago
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Take More Screenshots1 days ago
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Automate your changelog with GPT-31 days ago
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Distinguishing an Interpreter from a Compiler1 days ago
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Contracts you should never sign1 days ago
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Cards for Developing Code and Yourself1 days ago
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Pandas Illustrated: The Definitive Visual Guide to Pandas1 days ago
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Foliate – A simple and modern eBook viewer for Linux desktops1 days ago
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Visualizing “The Art of Fugue”1 days ago
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Some pitfalls I encountered while setting up Nextcloud1 days ago
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Verizon Customer Data for Sale on Dark Web1 days ago
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Global-catastrophic-mutating-event-coming-in-2-years1 days ago
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Fighting for Communism in Science: An Interview with Alexandra Elbakyan1 days ago
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Bayes Rule in Odds Form1 days ago
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Netheads vs. bellheads redux: the strange victory of SIP over the PSTN1 days ago
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Blocking ALL ads on my network1 days ago
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All About USB-C: Framework Laptop1 days ago
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For Crypto Whales: When Less Is More1 days ago
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Replit India Launch1 days ago
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The Promise of Fusion1 days ago
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ThinkPad as a Server: The Follow-Up1 days ago
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Year old software engineer getting younger through science1 days ago
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First F-16 Block 70 Jet1 days ago
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Thinking Fast and Slow Reading Notes1 days ago
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"To be my self is to be lonely"1 days ago
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A Thoroughly Digital Artifact1 days ago
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SMTM Potato Diet Community Trial: 6 Month Followup1 days ago
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The Power of Chatbots in SaaS Customer Support1 days ago
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What Are Diatoms?1 days ago
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About Nownownow.com1 days ago
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What is a zip tree, and how does it work?1 days ago
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Lust for Luxury: Yahya Jammeh’s Car Collection1 days ago
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MusicLM: Generating Music from Text1 days ago
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Quora Layoffs1 days ago
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Another Look at Workplace Incentives (2002)1 days ago
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Texas Instruments TI-82 Calculator Emulation1 days ago
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The Value of Colon Cancer Screening1 days ago
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Yacht Lightning Protection DDCE Marine1 days ago
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Show HN: A.I. Runner1 days ago
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Brinks – CIO Steps Down1 days ago
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Using GPT-3 as a Database Client1 days ago
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I Recently Sold a Company on MicroAcquire AMA1 days ago
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Interchange in 1k Words1 days ago
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Transitioning from IC to Engineering Manager: my main two challenges1 days ago
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SQLAlchemy 2.0 Released1 days ago
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PTP/TrueTime vs. HLC when it comes to snapshots1 days ago
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DuckDuckGo Censoring Search Results?1 days ago
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Why I've Been Offline1 days ago
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They knew: why didn't the unvaccinated do more to warn us?1 days ago
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Slack is the opposite of organizational memory1 days ago
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Loyalty card data spots ovarian cancer eight months before diagnosis1 days ago
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FBI smokes ransomware Hive – recovers decryption keys1 days ago
hn link wrycoder
I'm still bitter about Slammer1 days ago
hn link soopurman
Microsoft Edge push notification domain erroneously points to Ontario government1 days ago
hn link zenexer
Smart ovens do dumb stuff to check for Wi-Fi1 days ago
hn link sumthinprofound
Despite challenging economy, most IT orgs will increase budgets1 days ago
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How to transition <div> height with CSS1 days ago
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Web Design: The First 100 Years1 days ago
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Read the first issue of raylib weekly1 days ago
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Focus (2021)1 days ago
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Deno 1.30: Built-in Node modules1 days ago
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Earth just received a radio signal sent from a galaxy 9B light years away1 days ago
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Show HN: If you don't want to wait for ChatGPT Pro, we built an alternative1 days ago
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Hello Transcribe – OpenAI Whisper on iOS (2022)1 days ago
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Poor Man's Logistic Regression1 days ago
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Hard to Explain, Easy to Verify1 days ago
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Boeing to be arraigned in court on criminal charges over 2 Max jet crashes1 days ago
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A framework for building the next mega open source project1 days ago
hn link sbalnojan
190 Device Models from 66 Manufacturers Vulnerable to Realtek SDK Exploit1 days ago
hn link TechieKid
U.S. Takes Down Hive Ransomware Infrastructure1 days ago
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I finally found a pre-paid hosting provider1 days ago
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Benchmarking Intel vs. ARM (Graviton): Compressing, Hashing, and Encrypting Data1 days ago
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LLMs vs. SerpApi: A Comparative Analysis of the Webscraping Capabilities1 days ago
hn link thefoolofdaath
Picking Up Momentum – How Atlas Moves1 days ago
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Verifiable Credentials in Healthcare1 days ago
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How to Self-Host Mastodon2 days ago
hn link thisismahmoud_
On Starting Something New2 days ago
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Show HN: We made a better stock options tax calculator (covers states and AMT)2 days ago
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How To Do 1:1 With Your Team?2 days ago
hn link jimmyislive
Postgres Index Tips2 days ago
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Refraction, dispersion, and other shader light effects2 days ago
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An Intelligent Lava Lamp: Refik Anadol’s A.I. Art Extravaganza at MoMA2 days ago
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Supporting OAuth in the Tailscale API2 days ago
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Finances 2 – Personal Accounting App2 days ago
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1980-1994: Original internet curated text, images2 days ago
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Exploiting a Critical Spoofing Vulnerability in Windows CryptoAPI2 days ago
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My Writing Finances, 20222 days ago
hn link mech4bg
Swiss retailer Galaxus now displays warranty score and return rate of products2 days ago
hn link faebi
FreeBSD Status Report Fourth Quarter 20222 days ago
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Smartphone Shipments Suffer the Largest-Ever Decline with 11.3% Decline in 20222 days ago
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Someone Is DDOSing ADSBExchange2 days ago
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Deep-dive into Container Image content (with Pictures)2 days ago
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Tailscale Actions for iOS and macOS Shortcuts2 days ago
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Shifting Data Quality to the Left of the Data Development Life Cycle2 days ago
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Driving 100 Miles in an EV Is Now More Expensive Than in an ICE2 days ago
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Classifying 2022 DeFi2 days ago
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The Great (British) Stagnation2 days ago
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Opentelemetry frees you from Observability lock in2 days ago
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C in WASM2 days ago
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State of Startups 2023 Survey2 days ago
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Most Efficient and Environment Friendly Programming Languages2 days ago
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Delivering Products on Time2 days ago
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NASA partners with Boeing to develop truss-braced-wing demonstrator2 days ago
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YC Firesides and a new book by Surbhi Sarna2 days ago
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Moving Work to the Browser2 days ago
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Changelog Concepts and Conventions2 days ago
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The Joy of Clojure2 days ago
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Microsoft Edge 'Phoenix', a reimagining of Edge with new UI and features2 days ago
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Xorbits is the fastest framework compared to Dask, pandas API on Spark, Modin2 days ago
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Statistical Analysis to Detect Uncommon Code2 days ago
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How a CPU works: Bare metal C on my RISC-V toy CPU2 days ago
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Driving 100 miles in an EV is now more expensive than an ICE2 days ago
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A Charming Algorithm for Count-Distinct2 days ago
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FBI has seized website used by notorious ransomware gang2 days ago
hn link everybodyknows
Adding Memory to GPT Models and Building a Mini Version of ChatGPT2 days ago
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Airbyte makes 100 alpha / beta connectors free on Airbyte Cloud2 days ago
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Smart ovens shouting out to servers in Russia and China2 days ago
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macOS Ventura: ExFAT filesystem corruption2 days ago
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How to collect testimonials and reviews for your business2 days ago
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Accelerating our A/B experiments with machine learning2 days ago
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Scalable Annotation Service – Marken2 days ago
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Jupyter Notebooks Are Not Made for Sensitive Data Science Collaboration2 days ago
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Memory safety is the new black, fashionable and fit for any occasion2 days ago
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7 in 10 Canadians worried about protecting their online privacy, survey finds2 days ago
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Hive Ransomware Operation Shut Down2 days ago
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Why Video Content Is Imperative for Your Website’s Success2 days ago
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Interest Rates Are Rising: Calculating Tech Debt’s Actual Impact2 days ago
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Japanese Type a Midget Submarine2 days ago
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Reduce Database Latency with Global Caching2 days ago
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An IP Attorney’s Reading of the Stable Diffusion Class Action Lawsuit2 days ago
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Fun with Gentoo: Why don't we just shuffle those ROP gadgets away?2 days ago
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Who Invented Paper? A New Discovery in Egypt Upends the Consensus2 days ago
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A Custom Mobile Apps Development Company – Arturo Digital2 days ago
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VPN Servers2 days ago
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Opinion: A traumatized generation is in need of more support2 days ago
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Testing ChatGPT: Opportunities vs. Limitations2 days ago
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Multithreading, smoothing and spreading A* pathfinding for an RTS2 days ago
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Blog summarizing the different model steps towards ChatGPT2 days ago
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A new way of programming with information flows2 days ago
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12 Years Without Advertisements2 days ago
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Customers who say “I'll buy that” and then don't2 days ago
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Increase SPA Security with Cloudflare Workers2 days ago
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Why did my software take 1.5 years to be released?2 days ago
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Removing SMS support from Signal Android (soon)2 days ago
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Realtek SDK Vulnerability Attacks Highlight IoT Supply Chain Threats2 days ago
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Ask HN: Chromebook powerwash reset lost ~500 tabs. How to recover?2 days ago
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Why Corporate America Still Runs on Ancient Software That Breaks2 days ago
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Leading with Confidence: How Engineering Managers Can Avoid Technical Decay2 days ago
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I've fuzzed the HashiCorp's Vault API. Here are my findings (1)2 days ago
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Keyless Signing of Digital Attestations with Witness and SigStore2 days ago
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Exclusive End Dates2 days ago
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Change the World in a Few Clicks2 days ago
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The Invention of the Function Keyword2 days ago
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When sanctions undermine human rights online2 days ago
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Ransacking your password reset tokens2 days ago
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The Alarming Rise of Dangerous Speech2 days ago
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Should You Be Investing in Stringed Instruments?2 days ago
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OpenVPN Data Channel Offloading in Kernel2 days ago
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Always over Estimate Effort2 days ago
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Deno 1.30: Built-in Node modules2 days ago
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U-Boot now supports booting Linux from an HTTP server2 days ago
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Layoffs Won't Solve Spotify's Biggest Problem2 days ago
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Fixing a Memory Leak in a Ruby SideKiq Job2 days ago
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Converting PDF to Word Document2 days ago
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Death as Entertainment at the Paris Morgue2 days ago
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TIL: You Can Stop Updating Copyright Attribution Years2 days ago
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Guy wants to be ICANN CEO and turn off 1.5M Iranian domains2 days ago
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Mastering a Difficult Job Search2 days ago
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GGReg20_V3 Geiger counter module: examples of interesting projects2 days ago
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Why VR/AR Gets Farther Away as It Comes into Focus2 days ago
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Scientific Miracles in the Quran2 days ago
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Breakdancing is coming to the Summer Olympic Games, beginning with Paris 20242 days ago
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Show HN: Connecting GPT-3 to my smart home2 days ago
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The Unethical Developer's Guide to Personal Success2 days ago
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Transformative experience and revelatory autonomy (giving advice is wrong)2 days ago
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MS Teams allows an attacker to leverage code execution outside the sandbox2 days ago
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Take notes via WhatsApp.2 days ago
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Slite Ask – Stop searching, start asking2 days ago
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Self-Hosted Vector Tiles2 days ago
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Show HN: User return analysis in Stackoverflow, Insta, H&M2 days ago
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Woolly Mammoth De-Extinction Project and Process2 days ago
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Is Discord a Spyware?2 days ago
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Lessons of Air War in Ukraine2 days ago
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Being an Introverted Leader2 days ago
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Ask yourself: reflect on your work routine and productivity2 days ago
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Remittance flows and GDP impact by country2 days ago
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FreeBSD Status Report Fourth Quarter 20222 days ago
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Exploiting a Critical Spoofing Vulnerability in Windows CryptoAPI2 days ago
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U.S. airline accidentally exposes ‘No Fly List’ on unsecured server2 days ago
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Offensive OSINT – open-source Surveillance2 days ago
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Shoelace 2.0 Is Official2 days ago
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The cathedral that failed2 days ago
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Safe Number Parsing2 days ago
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The Illusion of Expertise2 days ago
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Lawsuit: Harrison Metal Capital vs. MixMax2 days ago
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Jupyter Notebooks Aren't Made for Sensitive Data Science Collaboration2 days ago
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SAP to Layoff 30002 days ago
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Airtable's Path to Product-Market Fit – Lessons for Building Horizontal Products2 days ago
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There’s No Such Thing as Affordable Housing2 days ago
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Short overview of Yandex source code leak with file lists2 days ago
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Canon Has Developed a Sensor with 24 Stops of Dynamic Range2 days ago
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DIY Hybrid Optical Viewfinder2 days ago
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Hacks worse than initially thought2 days ago
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Steamships, part 1: Crossing the Atlantic2 days ago
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Learning Recursion: A free booklet, by Alvin Alexander2 days ago
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ICML – Clarification on Large Language Model Policy LLM2 days ago
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Russia Blocks Skiff2 days ago
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CFP still open for Citus Con: An Event for Postgres 20232 days ago
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The Difficulty of Predicting Difficulty2 days ago
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OpenAI Major Outage2 days ago
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How Many Zeroes to Kill?2 days ago
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VE Text Editor2 days ago
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Fine Watchmakers – An objective measure (Watchmaker-hours/Watch)2 days ago
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What it means to design a platform2 days ago
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Magnetoactive liquid-solid phase transitional matter2 days ago
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FreeBSD 2022 Q4 Status Report2 days ago
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What Is Graded Video Game Collecting?2 days ago
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Unintentional auto-tuning with Adobe Podcast Enhancer2 days ago
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Radiance Fields in Space, Time, and Appearance2 days ago
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Northampton Museum’s Concealed Shoe Index2 days ago
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Speeding up queries 1000x by sorting my bitmaps2 days ago
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Ondsel: Making solid modeling tools accessible for everyone2 days ago
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Seattle's civil rights laws don't protect against caste discrimination, but they2 days ago
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“33% of GStreamer commits are now in Rust”, from the 1.22 release notes2 days ago
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Using Apache Airflow with MinIO – Solved2 days ago
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The hardest scaling issue – Codeberg News2 days ago
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Open-source, Speeduino-compatible engine management systems2 days ago
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Training Stable Diffusion from Scratch Costs <$160k2 days ago
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NFT Company Doodles Acquires Animation Studio Golden Wolf2 days ago
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Show HN: A discord bot that remixes your friends' profile pictures2 days ago
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Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses2 days ago
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How to Conduct a Website Content Audit: A Step-by-Step Guide2 days ago
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US Airforce: Weather as a Force Multiplier (1996)2 days ago
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Magnetoactive liquid-solid phase transitional matter2 days ago
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Making a Text Editor with a Game Engine2 days ago
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I Almost Bought a Scanner2 days ago
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IBM Q4 Results2 days ago
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New species of robot that jump, dance – and walk on water2 days ago
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Infinite Table Is Here2 days ago
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Web Development Trends in 20232 days ago
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Show HN: Img2Prompt, Get prompts from Stable Diffusion generated images2 days ago
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SoundHound Raises $25M Weeks After Major Layoffs2 days ago
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Iota Distributed Ledger: Beyond Blockchain for Supply Chains2 days ago
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Dive into tdp-lib, the SDK in charge of TDP cluster management2 days ago
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Ghidra, Pyhidra (Via Jpype), and Callgraphs Oh My2 days ago
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XSS via SQL Injection, or Bypassing Cloudflare WAF2 days ago
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How to Get New Ideas2 days ago
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What literature do we study from the 90s?2 days ago
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Low-Code Gartner Forecasts for 20232 days ago
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Traffic pollution impairs brain function2 days ago
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Bankruptcy2 days ago
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Data operand dependent timing on Intel and Arm CPUs2 days ago
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What’s the Smallest Variety of Cheri?2 days ago
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Is Office365 a PaaS or a SaaS?2 days ago
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Chatting Our Way into Creating a Polymorphic Malwar2 days ago
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Near-Earth Asteroid 2023 BU close encounter: online observation 26 Jan2 days ago
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The Reinforcing Nature of Toil3 days ago
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ChatGPT’s Dark Side: An Endless Supply of Polymorphic Malware3 days ago
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How to Be Rural in Tech3 days ago
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You can now send and receive Webhooks for Free with Convoy's Webhooks Gateway3 days ago
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Share Buttons – R74n3 days ago
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The public paid for “Moderna's” vaccine, and now we're going to pay again3 days ago
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NASA806 ER-2 over Pa at FL 600 MSL3 days ago
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Cloudflare Incident January 24 20233 days ago
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Stateset ReSponse3 days ago
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ChatGPT Prompts for Scrum Practitioners3 days ago
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Tailscale Actions for iOS and macOS Shortcuts3 days ago
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DragonSpark – Evade Detection with SparkRAT and Golang3 days ago
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Similar Image Search3 days ago
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Reader 3.4 released – 5 years, 2000 commits3 days ago
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