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Platforms Like Canvas Play Fast and Loose with Students’ Data35 min ago linkkrustyburger
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Science-fiction novels imagining different climate futures1 hours ago linkeliotpeper
Greek Arithmology: Pythagoras or Plato?1 hours ago linkdr_dshiv
How “the king of the world’s booksellers” produced manuscripts1 hours ago linkseventyhorses
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Must Love Bogs1 hours ago linkbale
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Intel Reports First Quarter 2021 Results2 hours ago linkklelatti
Ants in the Nest: A Possible Emerging Pressure on Sea Turtles2 hours ago linkwithants
Reasons Not to Upgrade to Core2 hours ago linkjitbit
Wyze Floor Lamp2 hours ago linkjkestner
X11 Universal File Opener and XDG Mess2 hours ago linkvermaden
Brain Time vs. Butt Time: Improve Developer Productivity2 hours ago linkbentheart
Increasing Intolerance of Uncertainty over Time2 hours ago linkjimmytucson
Console Architectures: Playstation Portable2 hours ago linkNarishma
Do Things That Will Surpass Your Life2 hours ago linkSecrethus
The Psychological Reasons for Software Project Failures3 hours ago linkyohannesk
Pipewire 0.3.26 Released3 hours ago linkvarbhat
Show HN: – Distribution platform for audio and video creators3 hours ago linkBiba89
People vs. Tech3 hours ago link7402
Mythbusting Tidal’s MQA Format – How Does It Measure Up?3 hours ago linkghostpepper
Satellites from China and the United States Shatter3 hours ago linkmyth2018
Strapi v3.6 with Internationalization3 hours ago linkvcoisne
The wallet of a pump and dump DogeCoin Whale3 hours ago linkgrugagag
Ask HN: Could someone help a dev out with this ludicrous Regex task?3 hours ago linkbertylicious
Hero dog stabbed while trying to save its owner3 hours ago linkjimgordon
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Extracting the elusive TMS32010 mask ROM4 hours ago linkbcaa7f3a8bbc
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Compiling the Canon: A surprisingly influential 16th century poetry anthology4 hours ago linkapollinaire
Fed has stopped publishing the M1 money stock data4 hours ago linkakomtu
Digging into Dataframes.jl4 hours ago linkjoshday
SPAC Bubble Pops: Deals Drop 90% in April After SEC Warns of Crackdown4 hours ago linkthebeardisred
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Building Your First VR Game – 10 Lessons You Will Learn the Hard Way4 hours ago linkOlgaChe
Why does trying to break into the NT 3.1 kernel reboot my 486DX4 machine?4 hours ago linkdiffuse_l
Apples new map, Expansion 11: Spain and Portugal4 hours ago linkjbergstroem Is Down5 hours ago linkmax1truc
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Touchbar Pet5 hours ago linkobvn
TubeShift API Query Tool – Same Video, Less YouTube5 hours ago linkTylerRiddle
On Being an Outsider5 hours ago linkrelated
A new biography of Louise Fitzhugh, who wrote “Harriet the Spy”5 hours ago linkcollapse
Leaky John Deere API’s: Serious Food Supply Chain Vulnerabilities5 hours ago linkABS
WebXR Landing in WebKit5 hours ago linkkarliky
Notion's page load and navigation times just got faster6 hours ago linkespadrine
Apple’s M1 Positioning Mocks the Entire x86 Business Model6 hours ago linkvanburen
Spring Lisp Game Jam 20216 hours ago linkbilegeek
Scale-A-Tron – Compare sizes of geographic shapes on a map6 hours ago linkOmarShehata
The Asses of Parnassus6 hours ago linkrendaw
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I Fought to Graduate Without Using Nonfree Software6 hours ago linkteddyh
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IDE Language Protocol6 hours ago linkmilansuk
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How to bootstrap a startup and launch during the pandemic6 hours ago linkIrina_P
Field Notes: Miami6 hours ago link_pius
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Environmental communication, its background, theories and definitions7 hours ago linkbehindai
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My New Setup – Road to the Valhalla7 hours ago linkiduoad
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Choosing the Best Weight Loss and Exercise Program for You7 hours ago linkmijames
Demo Driven Development7 hours ago linkarpit
Security Incident Disclosure (arbitrary code injection and auto-merge)7 hours ago linkmoviuro
Visualizing 1.3M leaked Clubhouse data7 hours ago linkplaywithosint
Has networking become worse with most events going virtual?8 hours ago linkp5v
Sanpaku Eyes8 hours ago linkdeepanchor
Wikimedia Foundation Careers: CEO and Executive Director8 hours ago linkthisismyusrname
Tech Skills Day 20218 hours ago linkJeremyMorgan
Today starts my 6th month since I unplugged my fridge8 hours ago linkspodek
FaceChance – more advanced SNS,Please give me feedback,invitation link8 hours ago linklovefeature
Working with PostgreSQL8 hours ago linkmr-karan
History of PowerDNS Part 38 hours ago linkheuroci
Show HN: I made an API to calculate the C02e footprint of credit card purchases8 hours ago linkbvlaar
Standard glibc memcpy() vs. RISC-V Vector extension version on the Allwinner D18 hours ago linkarchanox
Green vs. Brown Programming Languages8 hours ago linkmuglug
CISO – Cryptocurrency Forensics Platform9 hours ago linktilt
New Video Hypes Up the Ultimate Linux Tablet: The JingPad A19 hours ago linkpekinlcc
Mexico forcing mobile users to share biometric data is good news for criminals9 hours ago linkgbseventeen3331
Israel: Doctors urge government to hold off vaccinating children9 hours ago linkisolli
Portal hid a trailer for Portal 2 within an update9 hours ago linkscroobiuspip
Inkuliati game lets medieval marginalia creatures fight each other9 hours ago linkdublin
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Perseus-8 homemade 6502 computer9 hours ago linkkgwxd
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Apply DDD to your data architecture9 hours ago linkDLion
Machine Learning Integrated into Beehives10 hours ago linkhyperwoof13
Samsung Upcycling at Home program to repurpose older phones into IoT devices10 hours ago linksummm
Libertarian Rex10 hours ago linkGeekette
Incremental Static Regeneration with Next.js10 hours ago linkleerob
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Prioritise the Highest Order Bit10 hours ago linkcharlieirish
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Microsoft Brings Azure Supercomputing to UK Met Office10 hours ago linkporterde An OCaml Documentation Hub10 hours ago linkmseri
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FLAW3D: Hiding a Trojan in an AVR Arduino Bootloader11 hours ago linkkiwih
The Reason to End the Death Penalty11 hours ago linksferik
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It’s Time: InfiniTime 1.011 hours ago linkVinnl
Canadian semiconductor firm Alphawave plans $4.5bn London IPO11 hours ago linkaries1980
KDE Gear 21.0411 hours ago linkognarb
Introducing: Aerodynamic Shape Optimization – Adjoint CFD11 hours ago linkseaghost
Iran jammed GPS during PS752 attack, investigator says11 hours ago linkpayamb
Figma: Create Branches and Merge Changes12 hours ago linkrobenkleene
The Vicious Cycles of Self Help12 hours ago linkuser_235711
Personal Narratives, Tribalism, and Robots12 hours ago linkuser_235711
Software Engineering Body of Knowledge (Book)12 hours ago linkp1necone
We sleep – The secret to a healthier, more productive life12 hours ago linkfmfamaral
Computers are binary, people are not12 hours ago linkhacka22
The anti-pattern of responsive design13 hours ago linkmrzool
University of Minnesota Banned from Contributing to Linux Kernel Code13 hours ago linkhliyan
Microsoft Teams for macOS is getting system audio sharing, native notifications13 hours ago linkjojonathan
Internet Census 2012 – Port scanning /0 using insecure embedded devices13 hours ago linkWayToDoor
Use color saturation to change the size perception of your product13 hours ago linkNotBatou
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(L)Awful Interception13 hours ago linksrijan4
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Turbodbc – Turbocharged database access for data scientists14 hours ago linkhendrikmakait
Twitch uses psychology to increase donations, obviously (analysis)14 hours ago linkPsyduckGuy
FigJam – Figma’s new whiteboarding space15 hours ago linkuxcolumbo
The Chrysalis Token Migration Starts Now15 hours ago linkmpva
$1m+ no-code startup idea: Learning Marketplaces15 hours ago linkchristpetron
Remote code execution in Homebrew by compromising the official Cask repository15 hours ago linkTechbrunch
Xkcd: Excel Lambda15 hours ago linkbenoitg
Remote positions in DevOps rose from 21% to 31% during last year15 hours ago linkpat-jay
WSLg Architecture15 hours ago linkakquise
Ireland encourages remote work to repopulate rural areas16 hours ago linksausla
Twingate Announces SOC2 Compliance16 hours ago linkekampf1
Countries should have their own cryptocurrency17 hours ago linkvim1234
Better Ways to Handle REST API Versioning17 hours ago linktanmaydesh5189
Why I created a vaccine finder (WA)17 hours ago linkzabi_rauf
Video Games as High Art? Roger Ebert and the Cultural Abyss18 hours ago linkdoomlaser
Parsing Protobuf at 2+GB/S: How I Learned to Love Tail Calls in C18 hours ago linkadrianN
Show HN: Our model picks the BTCUSD top at 20% from ATH on average18 hours ago linkchar8
What robots want? Hearing the inner voice of a robot18 hours ago linkdusttree
Researchers Tried to Add Vulnerabilities to Linux Kernel18 hours ago linkwaynekerr
Converting Markdown to ePub or Mobi Using Pandoc18 hours ago linksks147
In a First, NASA's Perseverance Rover Makes Oxygen on Mars19 hours ago linkkarmayoge
Submit your IT training requests here19 hours ago linknnurmanov
A man behind Mathematica and Wolfram Alpha has a $30k math puzzle open to all19 hours ago linkSaaasaab
DreamWorld (YC W21) MMO raises all red flags19 hours ago linksen
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Why Selenium Sucks for End-to-End Testing20 hours ago linkartem001
The Case for Universal Creative Income20 hours ago linkkfei
Comment Generer UN Revenu 100 % Passif, Sans Risque Grace AU Robot ¨Publicitaire20 hours ago linksaidouch
How to Invest Money Online20 hours ago linksaidouch
EFF Origin Story: SJ Games vs. the Secret Service20 hours ago linkNaracion
Fiscal Stimulus: The Economy's Third Strike21 hours ago linkgregwebs
Fire and Motion (2002)21 hours ago linkrandlet
Edison's Last Breath at the Henry Ford Museum21 hours ago linkjosecastillo
Mitre ATT&CK Evals Showcases Uptycs' Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection21 hours ago linkhhayward
Experimentation Kept Us Shipping Code and Growing Through a Pandemic21 hours ago linktallgiraffe
Today, Jonathan Smith walks free after 21 years of wrongful imprisonment22 hours ago linkdefqon
2021 Guide to Speech Synthesis Through Machine Learning22 hours ago linkrespeecher
Manhattan to stop prosecuting prostitution, part of nationwide shift22 hours ago linkpmiller2
There is no good place to start a startup22 hours ago linkenigmatic02
A Few Short Stories22 hours ago linkenigmatic02
University of Minnesota banned from submitting fixes to Linux Kernel22 hours ago linkhu3
Mozilla ends development of Deep Speech and announces grant program22 hours ago linkmazoza
Short Animation Films22 hours ago linkpipnonsense
New Video Hypes Up the JingPad A1 Linux Tablet22 hours ago linkschmorptron
.NET Multi-Platform App UI Preview 323 hours ago linkdrjaydenm
$60k vs. $18,000 Masters degree in Computer science: How much they differ?23 hours ago linketattva
Subdomains (like .xr) for alternate root zone Handshake now available23 hours ago linkjonhearty
Inrupt’s Version 1.1 release (Includes secure notifications via WebSocket)23 hours ago linkgibsonf1
Plastic bags might be “almost compostable”23 hours ago linknotfrancisbacon
VC Verified SaaS Ideas1 days ago linkOutTeam
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Mario Kart Tour exceeds $200m lifetime revenue1 days ago linkjamesdco
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Architecture of the Playstation Portable1 days ago linkbiwasa
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Sleepminting: The $69 Million NFT Art Thief1 days ago linkVoxoff
Previously Unknown Species of Bacterium Found on International Space Station1 days ago linkAmorymeltzer
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Quasi Solid-State Lithium Sulfur Aviation Batteries with 450Wh/Kg1 days ago linkungerik
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Deel raises $156m at $1.25B valuation1 days ago linkbobrenjc93
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Is bringing your temperature down important when you have a fever?1 days ago linkchriszhang
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Show HN: BitClout Trade (Buy/Sell Coins) Simulator and Impact Analyzer1 days ago linktheknight
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Anarcho-Tyranny, USA (1994)1 days ago linkRed_Tarsius
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Polygon Packing1 days ago linklwander
Mythbusting Tidal’s MQA format – How does it measure up?1 days ago linkjensgk
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From Hacker News Submission to Site Compromise in One Simple Form1 days ago linkspzb
Peach, a smartphone agent-based coaching intervention for personality change1 days ago linkjchanimal
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Tracking the WhatsApp habits of 5000 random Smartphones1 days ago linkjorislacance
How many x86 instructions are there?1 days ago linksandinmyjoints
Tell HN: Mailgun not compatible with forwarding to Gmail1 days ago linkdazbradbury
Netflix stock falls despite strong Q1 outcome1 days ago linkjackiem
Accuracy of Practitioner Estimates of Probability of Diagnosis1 days ago linkjcater
Evan’s Bookmark Dump: Management Crash Course1 days ago linkthejokersthief
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Worst Practices Should Be Hard1 days ago linkjose_zap
Netflix misses first quarter subscribers goals and stocks plunge1 days ago linktheauntgate
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Smart Contract Security for Pentesters1 days ago linkdyates
Linux: Don't get me started on “executives”1 days ago linkcassepipe
Virtual Clinic UX Design Recommendations1 days ago linkArtezio_Tech
Just launched an IAMaaS hosted in CH based on ZITADEL open source project1 days ago linkmffap
US owners find American-style greed doesn't play well in European soccer1 days ago linkbdz
Instagram for pets. Because why not?1 days ago linkSJBalliano
Building a security response team in Alpine1 days ago linkdlor
Insuretech in East Africa1 days ago linkjoelmacharia
Billionaires: Our Single Point of Failure1 days ago linkpbw
JADBio's AutoML for Stool Classification (no pun intended)1 days ago linknetwire22
On Dots and Emojis1 days ago linkradekmie
Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable Companies (2021)1 days ago linkenvchat
“They introduce kernel bugs on purpose”1 days ago linkkdbg
NetBSD Toaster Powered by the TS-7200 ARM9 SBC1 days ago linkcommandnotfound
Hunting down the stuck BGP routes1 days ago linkbswinnerton
Dressing According to Your Age: How to Dress and Which Dress to Buy? – Idalia.in1 days ago linkAnirudh_Singh
Dressing According to Your Age: How to Dress and Which Dress to Buy? – Idalia.in1 days ago linkAnirudh_Singh
Tmp.0ut Vol. 11 days ago linkbwidlar
Technology Preview: Signal Private Group System1 days ago linkblfr
The scent of HashiCorp: Experiential marketing with Jana Boruta [audio]1 days ago linkgray_bird
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Roundup causes high levels of mortality following contact exposure in bees1 days ago linkclydethefrog
Takeaways of Starting as an Software Engineer Graduate at Klarna1 days ago linkigeligel_dev
Speedrunning Undertale helped me understand my gender better1 days ago linkfalcor84
Show HN: PlasticSearched – Scalable full-text search in client-side (POC)1 days ago linkbollo
China’s digital yuan displaces the dollar1 days ago linkde6u99er
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Can digital currencies and crypto investors help close India’s SME financing gap1 days ago linksnadahalli
Business Insider News Staff Forms Union of 300 Members1 days ago linkbobbiechen
Transparency+Commitment1 days ago linktheprofile
I don't fear a US Constitutional Convention and yet still do not want one1 days ago linkfcsuper
Words Matter1 days ago linkdavecheney
Rotary Embeddings: A Relative Revolution1 days ago linkbratao
Cryptocurrency Is a Giant Fraud1 days ago linkmiguelazo
Traffic Split in Apache Apisix Ingress Controller1 days ago linkhpeiy
Gojek, Tokopedia to form combined company Goto once $18b merger is finalized1 days ago link7d7n
Show HN: I built a tool to magically remove unwanted elements from photos1 days ago linkeraque
Intrinsic Typography Is the Future of Styling Text on the Web1 days ago linkWORMS_EAT_WORMS
“Super-reflective white paint is 'like a passive air conditioner'”1 days ago linknotfrancisbacon
Augmented Reality Will Be Awful1 days ago linkdsisson
How to Kick Start as an Indie-Entrepreneur1 days ago linkkangbo
Mac mini is now configurable with 10 Gigabit Ethernet1 days ago linkfomine3
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Write Your First Quantum Program (Common Lisp)1 days ago linkmedo-bear
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Content at Coil: A Grand Experiment1 days ago linknoxer
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Smoke on the water, a fire in the sky: iPhone XR catches fire on plane2 days ago,-a-fire-in-hn linkmediawatch
Rise of the 10x Class2 days ago linkdylkil
Visualizing the Psychedelics Investment Ecosystem2 days ago linkdeeel
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