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14-inch MacBook Pro review: A Mac Pro in your backpack1 hours ago linkjdminhbg
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Toxoplasmosis Associated with Entrepreneurial Initiation and Performance1 hours ago linkmastax
Frictionless code review workflow using the Gitlab API1 hours ago linkahantos
Medicine: Radium Drinks (1932)1 hours ago,9171,7435hn linkdgudkov
I Deleted Data from Production1 hours ago linkblef
The Software Rewrite1 hours ago linkedroche
Picking the right data structure for a task1 hours ago linkKoffiepoeder
“Digital Body Language” Is Everything2 hours ago linktekkertje
Kubesail's PiBox mini 2 – 16 TB of SSD storage on a Pi2 hours ago linkgeerlingguy
The QUIC API OpenSSL will not provide2 hours ago linkAissen
Sticks and Stones; a Counterargument to Political Calls for Anonymity2 hours ago linkColinHayhurst
Cloudflare Tunnel for Content Teams2 hours ago linkvayne
23andMe Agrees to Acquire Lemonaid Health2 hours ago linkthecosas
Ontario to propose ban on non-compete clauses for employees2 hours ago linkvisiblink
SimSWE 4: Wants, needs, and chasm-crossing3 hours ago linkk0stas
We Memo All the Things3 hours ago linkdavecardwell
Would you fund this grant proposal?3 hours ago linkearthboundkid
Why Flexport’s CEO is wrong about the bottleneck at California’s ports3 hours ago linktome
Send small PRs (Google eng-practices)3 hours ago linkamir-h
Focus and Deep Work helper app3 hours ago linkkikebif
Orchid Core VMS 21.9.0 released3 hours ago linkcameron_b
OSACon 2021: Free Open Source and Analytics Online Conference3 hours ago linkjjsschmidt
Building a Multi-Region Service Mesh with Kuma/Envoy, Anycast BGP, and MTLS3 hours ago linkeric_khun
Welcome to the Jungle Or, a Heterogeneous Supercomputer in Every Pocket4 hours ago linkiamthemalto
RudderStack's Data Stack: Deep Dive4 hours ago linksoumyadeb
EtymologyMap: A map showing what a street is named after (OSM+wikidata)4 hours ago linkpietervdvn
Golden Rules of Team Leadership4 hours ago linkochronus
Cyngor Gwynedd Council – Adjudication Panel of Wales4 hours ago linkwaynekerr
Star Labs StarLite Mk V 11“ Linux Laptop with Coreboot4 hours ago linkgadgetoid
Reasons Not to Provide Parity Pricing (By Yourself)4 hours ago linkjulesmaregiano
Waiting for apt locks without the hacky bash scripts4 hours ago linkSinjo
How to schedule tweets and automate your content calendar4 hours ago linkjoshpitzalis
Using Vim for YAML Editing5 hours ago linkJerard_Victor
Doom 32X Resurrection5 hours ago linkngcazz
Traffic lights in ’s-Hertogenbosch; an interview5 hours ago linkedwinjm
Conspiracy theories bypass people’s rationality5 hours ago linkrognjen
Visualizing Pakistan's Census 2017: Educational Attainment and Marital Status5 hours ago linkWasimBhai
If not fixed, our code will fail every Sunday5 hours ago linkMojoJolo
Luxe: Cross platform, rapid development game engine5 hours ago linkde_keyboard
It's Time for .NET to Leave Home6 hours ago linksolarkraft
Forgot Password – NickEgo6 hours ago linkmjenelle
Security of the Intel Graphics Stack – Part 1 – Introduction6 hours ago linktapper
Show HN: DataQA – now possible to link entities to large ontologies6 hours ago linkdataqa
Django 4.0 beta 1 released6 hours ago linkpauloxnet
Replacing my Octopress blog with 200 lines of babashka6 hours ago linkBorkdude
Diet to Improve Immune System6 hours ago linkdgtblog
Reporting Tool for Cloud Apps – List and Label 27 Released7 hours ago linkpius_com
Companies to Watch in Emerging Markets7 hours ago linkycafrica
The Race Is On: NRL Argon Fluoride Laser to Advance Fusion Energy7 hours ago linkHypx_
CloudI – A Cloud at the Lowest Level7 hours ago linkmharju
Why aviation’s compass is shifting towards True navigation7 hours ago linktankenmate
DDoS on NotABug Latvian Adblock List8 hours ago linkx14km2d
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The AEGIS family of authenticated encryption algorithms8 hours ago linkSeirdy
70% of Americans Support Solar Mandate on New Homes9 hours ago linksalzig
Hitting the BlackMatter gang where it hurts: In the wallet9 hours ago linkbeermonster
Help needed: Design system survey9 hours ago linklurkmoophy
Strings, arrays, recursion, and parsing JSON: Exploring PL/pgSQL10 hours ago linkstevekemp
Our little game: WhOOZOU? – Learn about your peers10 hours ago linkcon
Internet is down in sudan amid a military coup10 hours ago linkNmAmDa
All the Games of the Bally Astrocade10 hours ago linkjamesandthewolf
When it takes 7 years to write a page10 hours ago linklngnmn2
The Downside of Hospitals Becoming “Highly Reliable”10 hours ago linkr4um
A Big Little Country10 hours ago linkurl
Massive DDoS attack shuts down South Korean KT national network10 hours ago linkplatz
Fun with Nano Server11 hours ago linkcollate
Parasite Infection Is Associated with Entrepreneurial Performance11 hours ago linkajaymehta
Mesmerizing wall turbines could revamp urban renewable energy11 hours ago linkneeleshs
The Opera Game11 hours ago linkyoubet
Anonymity and the Internet12 hours ago linkerikerikson
Creator burnout: what it looks like, why it happens, and how to heal from it12 hours ago linkkierantie
My highlighting system for reading technical content12 hours ago linkbihla
The brief history of San Francisco's most dangerous (and absurd) secret society12 hours ago linkkevlened
He wanted make his revolutionary code free. But Ali Ghodsi is now a billionaire12 hours ago linklukestevens
The Cactus That Came Back from the Dead13 hours ago linkVigier
Hamilton, a Microframework for Dataframe Generation13 hours ago linkgammarator
In Search of the First Comment14 hours ago linkZuider
Visualising the computational graph of a Jax program14 hours ago linkpizza
Schrodinger’s Military? Challenges for China’s Military Modernization Ambitions14 hours ago linkgibspaulding
Prince of Persia has been released for the Atari XL/XE14 hours ago linkpgarcia
Elixir, a Little Beyond the Basics14 hours ago linklatch
Death of a Peer Group14 hours ago linkbhopro
Frugal Computing15 hours ago linkSeirdy
Show HN: BillsUtility|A simple VSCode extension for fuzzy search from text lines15 hours ago linkwizenith
The Design of the Connection Machine15 hours ago linkboulos
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Hunting Big Game in the Theory of Numbers (1932)15 hours ago linkrdlw
IT Recruiters: 3 Alternatives and Why Everyone Hates Them15 hours ago linkspo81rty
Pez Dispenser Archive by Year15 hours ago linktheshadowknows
Interview with sci-fi author Andy Weir about writing Project Hail Mary16 hours ago linkeliotpeper
SSH into Bastion Host and Internal Server in One Command17 hours ago linkalecdibble
Lego Titanic17 hours ago linkrecursion
Clean Architecture Book Misunderstands Microservices18 hours ago linkromankolpak
How to Raise Money with Marc Andreessen, Ron Conway, and Parker Conrad19 hours ago linkparkerklein
Show HN: Some Thoughts on Interfaces19 hours ago linknarner
Elon Musk’s Las Vegas Tunnel Transportation System Approved20 hours ago linkhnburnsy
My Year with GNU Guix20 hours ago linktdhz77
Richard Feynman and the Connection Machine (1989)20 hours ago linkrl3
Signed Integers Are Asymmetrical20 hours ago linkzetalyrae
How Long Can We Play? Inside the quest to prolong athletic mortality20 hours ago linkrafaelc
Bullets: Sizes, Calibers, and Types (2020)21 hours ago linkpoundofshrimp
Considerations for Fostering a Healthy and Active Online Community21 hours ago linkEleanorKonik
Autonomous Vehicle Myths21 hours ago link11thEarlOfMar
Some other race is #221 hours ago linkdesktopninja
I failed 5 side projects in 6 years, earning $021 hours ago linkkw_dev
Modifying the Acorn CLE-215 FPGA into a PCILeech DMA Attack Device21 hours ago linkforlorn
Sam Quinones on Meth, Fentanyl, and the Least of Us22 hours ago linkmakeitrein
States that cutoff of jobless aid see no surge of job seekers22 hours ago linkaudiothrowaway
Crypto scams live-streamed as YouTube channels face phishing attacks22 hours ago linkhamiltonians
LocalCDN: Browser Addon that locally emulates Content Delivery Networks22 hours ago linkjerheinze
Why Agile Works22 hours ago linkrchaves
Energy Wars – Chrome vs. Firefox: Which browser is more energy efficient? (2020)22 hours ago linkdopu
A pure Ruby HTML5-compliant parser with CSS selector and XPath 1.0 traversal23 hours ago linkkunpei
Fatal stabbing streamed live on Instagram; Victim’s half-sister in custody23 hours ago linkmvcatsifma
Gray Area Festival 2021: Worlding Protocol23 hours ago linkanother
Malware found in [UAParser.js] NPM package with millions of weekly downloads23 hours ago linkekovarski
The Lunar Calendar and Standard Time (LST)23 hours ago linksmitty1e
Encoding Innate Ability Through a Genomic Bottleneck23 hours ago linksdenton4
Controlling the Terminal with Common Lisp23 hours ago linkwinkywooster
On Impact-Effort Prioritization1 days ago linkmarredpally
The Anti-Politics and Anti-Comedy of Norm Macdonald1 days ago linkstareatgoats
Thoughts on Language Design Bugs1 days ago linkramimac
Tutorial: Get started with the Android Subsystem on Windows 111 days ago linkcommoner
Agile comms, why blog, and blogging for comms/dev as a startup1 days ago linkbenyeoh
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Archiving Bullshit1 days ago linksquidhunter
What is Gemini? a new application-level internet protocol for distributing files1 days ago linkrguiscard
Percentage of Hacker News job postings that mention a remote option 2017-20211 days ago linkrinze
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OK Lenovo, we need to talk1 days ago linksoutherntofu
Message from cycling heaven: it’s not that fantastic here1 days ago linkSomeone
Labor Under Socialism: Debunking Capitalist Lies1 days ago linkdsego
Please don’t wear a computer on your face1 days ago linkushakov
Good News Your Willpower Isn't Limited–Don’t Believe the “Ego Depletion” Theory1 days ago linksanlorenzoprx
Why Walgreens Is in Trouble in San Francisco and Is Closing Some Stores1 days ago linkwtf42
Nextjs usage has increased to half as much as Wordpress1 days ago linkakmittal
Kodachi – Severe Security Mistakes1 days ago linkUnreachableDest
Please don't call it Epoch Time1 days ago linkkgraves
Marc Van Ranst – Communication and public engagement (in a pandemic)1 days ago linkcharbonneau2
Reasons Smart Engineers Use Frameworks – Even for Infrastructure1 days ago linkpst
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SoME1 Results – 3Blue1Brown1 days ago linkducaale
Taking the warts off C, with Andrew Kelley, creator of the Zig language1 days ago linkwilliamstein
Habits I've Developed for Fast and Efficient Programming1 days ago linkAmeo
HTTP/3 is used by 22.2%1 days ago linkwener
To Learn a New Language, Read Its Standard Library1 days ago linksferik
Community Banking and Fintech – Patio111 days ago linkhiharryhere
The Future Historians of Silicon Valley1 days ago linkpersonjerry
The Law of Perfect Explanations1 days ago linkriwsky
The Story Of Ivermectin They Don't Want You to See [video]1 days ago linkURfejk
API Tools Platform: Postman – Plans and Pricing Updates1 days ago linkchetangole
Language Design: Stop Using Angle-brackets for Generics1 days ago linkzackoverflow
Designing for Different Timescales1 days ago linkjago_
Proton wins appeal in Swiss court over surveillance laws1 days ago linkdane-pgp
The Illustrated Dune1 days ago linkOlesZhulyn
A Prototype Original iPod1 days ago linkaresant
Frank Herbert by Timothy O'Reilly1 days ago linkdjkivi
ZIM Kingston on Fire Off Victoria, BC After Losing Containers in Heavy Seas1 days ago linklqueenan
Blog.txt1 days ago linkCuriositry
Cargo Ship on Fire Near Victoria BC1 days ago linklqueenan
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Assume You're Going to Win1 days ago linkjonathancai
Reflections on a Decade of Coding, Part 6: Moving Faster1 days ago linksigil
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Web Locks API1 days ago linkjiripospisil
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Rahim Filmi Nedir Ve NASıl Yapılır?1 days ago linkhamileyken
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Philip K. Dick: How to Build a Universe That Doesn’t Fall Apart Two Days Later1 days ago linkokareaman
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.NET Hot Reload Support via CLI1 days ago linkpaavohtl
The Lakewood Plan: Homeownership, Taxes, and Diversity in Postwar Suburbia(2016)1 days ago linkpaganel
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Ecuadorian Navy Sailing Ship Interdicts Drug Smugglers in the Pacific1 days ago linkwillvarfar
First Viking settlement in North America dated to 1000 years ago1 days ago linkluispa
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Analysis of Joe Rogan/Sanjay Gupta Interview by Zvi Mowshowitz1 days ago linkpiker
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Dark Tech Backpack: Tools to Reduce Information Leakage1 days ago linkmaraoz
Systemd-Free Devuan GNU+Linux 4.0 'Chimaera' Officially Released1 days ago linknixcraft
Experiments with “AI” and Diet Logging1 days ago linkstopachka
Winning $100K+ from Hackathons1 days ago linkguangy08
ESPN’s NBA standings page appears to be in alphabetical order as of 19951 days ago linkm_antis89
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Memory Storage Using Proteins1 days ago linkProtostome
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Conti announcement about REvil server takedown by US Government1 days ago linkaj3
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Warp Terminal (Rust Based) Review1 days ago linkxrayarx
Liquid metal helps convert CO2 into battery, manufacturing resources2 days ago linknaetius
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A Prototype Original iPod2 days ago linksamps
The Bone Collector2 days ago linkrrauenza
“Drinking to Cope” Doesn’t Work, Even When We Believe That It Does2 days ago linkChrisHardman29
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F-16 Problems (from Usenet net.aviation) (1986)2 days ago linkRygian
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The Golden Ratio for Designers2 days ago linkabrarnitk
CS SYD – Why mocking is a bad idea2 days ago linkTheOddler
CS SYD – Test pollution and how to fix it2 days ago linkTheOddler
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GPSD time will jump back 1024 weeks at after week=2180 (24-October-2021)2 days ago linkdavikrr
Select life lessons by New Zealand Rugby team2 days ago linkignoramous
Safari browser runs the risk of becoming the new Internet Explorer2 days ago linkspideymans
Working more always leads to a better result, a myth in today's world2 days ago linkapson
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Abandoning free-to-play was the wrong choice for Clicker Heroes 22 days ago linkGCat
Fastmail, Runbox, and Posteo under DDoS extortion attack2 days ago linkconjuredbytes
Visual Editor for Animated SVG2 days ago link8toast
Space based solar power: de-risking the pathway to net zero2 days ago linktimthorn
Bertrand Russell Is Dead; British Philosopher, 97 (1970)2 days ago linkrobtherobber
An extraterrestrial message encoded in our DNA (Short Story)2 days ago linkisaacimagine
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There are 46,537,992 domains being hosted on the (Cloudflare) ASN AS133352 days ago linkawalGarg
Performance artist is moving 50 tonnes of sand from one pile to another2 days ago linkdebo_
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Gallium helps convert CO2 into Carbon and Oxygen2 days ago linkbaptou12
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An in-depth analysis of James Bond's exposure to infectious agents2 days ago linkem500
Honesty – is it always the best policy?2 days ago linkgHeadphone
A review of All That Is Solid Melts into Air: The Experience of Modernity (1983)2 days ago linkfrereubu
ARTICLE29-+Item2 days ago linklucelva
Releasing a Free HTML Template for Healthcare-Professionals Meet Dr-Awesome2 days ago linkObjectiveWriter
The first hand-held camera in the world was invented by Prószyński2 days ago linktomaszs
The Upside Down “Map”...think about it2 days ago linkapson
Line length revisited: following the research2 days ago linkrpastuszak
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RollerCoaster Tycoon (original) is still one of my all-time favorite games2 days ago linkpqvst
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The danger of hidden functional roles2 days ago linkhenrik_w
ArXiv DOOM – A parody of the ever-increasing amount of papers on ArXiv2 days ago linkshelfchair
Brute-Forcing the NYTimes Spelling Bee2 days ago linkpbhowmic
Sono Motors F-12 days ago linkManuelKiessling
Gadgetbridge 0.61.0: Initial support for true wireless earbuds Nothing Ear(1)2 days ago linkvanous
The Ultimate Student: Best Practices for 100 Mental Models2 days ago linkpfettis777
No Guessing Sudoku Solver2 days ago linkisaac21259
Start with microservice and don't start with microservice2 days ago linkchrisza
2021 Postman Plans and Pricing Updates2 days ago linkpbreit
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Share your localhost host privately with the world2 days ago linkchrismore
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Facebook: We support updated regulations on internet’s most pressing challenges2 days ago linkmudil
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Imposter syndrome as a software developer.2 days ago linkgunnr15
Creating a Labeled Image Dataset Using Pybossa2 days ago linkbravefoot
Largest Permanent Carbon Removal Delivery of All Time2 days ago linkdduugg
Introduction to Probability for Data Science (PDF Is Free)2 days ago linksystems
Fastmail is having problems again2 days ago linknzach
Watch-4k-halloween-kills-2021-movie-online-full-free-download-123movies2 days ago linkrajutara
Swapchains and Frame Pacing2 days ago linkraphlinus
Blockchain voting is overrated among uninformed but underrated among informed2 days ago linkkarlicoss
Starbase, TX2 days ago link11thEarlOfMar
Microsoft under fire again from open-source .NET devs: Hot Reload feature pulled2 days ago linkAngius
Workplace Occupancy Barometer2 days ago linksien uses Coroutines for non-blocking IO2 days ago linkyes_but_no
Local Distributed Rate Limiting2 days ago linkfouric
The $18.7M Great Canadian Maple Heist2 days ago linkanw
Deepfaking Genitalia into Blurred Porn Leads to Man’s Arrest in Japan2 days ago link0x70dd
Why Fake Shutters Make Me Angry2 days ago linkquantumb
The Blanc Media 8-Week Work Cycle with Sabbaticals2 days ago linkluxurytent
My website got Hacked just before launch2 days ago linknjx
Animating with GSAP and SVG2 days ago linkTenhundfeld
How Smart Money Trading Works2 days ago linkingen0s
Kina Knowledge, using Common Lisp extensively in their document processing stack2 days ago linkp_l
Language statistics from open source projects2 days ago linkTheMonarchist
The Dirty Secrets of Speed2 days ago linkpj-bs
Getting into the Enterprise Architecture Space2 days ago linkpj-bs
What's Stopping You?2 days ago linkneelnanda
30-Ish Focusing Tips2 days ago linkr_a_d
Somebody Else’s Optimality, or SEO2 days ago linkflicker-rate
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Short story based on quantum entanglement2 days ago linkdosmithds2060
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Sono Motors Files Registration Statement for Proposed Initial Public Offering2 days ago linkWronnay
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How to Put a CDN (Cloudflare) in Front for Firebase Storage2 days ago linkgbourne
NFT Prizes for Virtual Cycling Race Winners2 days ago linkmesofile
OpenNebula 6.2 “Red Square” Release Candidate is out2 days ago linkamarti
Windows Subsystem for Android2 days ago linkdgellow
Social Making. Not Social Media2 days ago linkmitchdewitt
1414° – A scathing Silicon Valley satire2 days ago linkdiamondap
Ivory poaching and the rapid evolution of tusklessness in African elephants2 days ago linkh0l0cube
Israeli scientists halve growth of cancer tumors in mice using GPS particles2 days ago linkvestigialhonor
Download GBWhatsApp APK Latest Version (Updated) Official October 2021 Anti-Ban2 days ago linkBaronRich
Major Linux Problems on the Desktop, 2021 edition2 days ago linkjamesgeck0
Devtools for Data Privacy – The Benefits2 days ago linkc1ll1an
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Installing the Shelly Dimmer 2 (Integrated with Home Assistant and Tailscale)3 days ago linksmasher164
Turn of the Century Fine Arts (solid wood drafting/standing tables)3 days ago linkhindsightbias
Sanitize your inputs? I think not3 days ago linkievans
Pinging the World from South Africa3 days ago linkthe_origami_fox
Turns Out It’s Not the Technology, It’s the People3 days ago linkboramalper
Renaming a file is a multi-step process, only one of which is changing the name3 days ago linknikbackm
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Prop Gun Fired by Alec Baldwin Contained Live Bullet3 days ago linktartoran
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I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream3 days ago linkaarestad
Is College Worth It? A Comprehensive Return on Investment Analysis3 days ago linkandrewljohnson
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Recursive SQL for querying hierarchical data3 days ago linkcraigkerstiens
Maroo (YC S21) – Pay for your wedding in installments3 days ago linkmelvinmt
Not Being a Manager Doesn’t Exempt You from Engineering Leadership3 days ago linkOzzie_osman
SiFive claims their next-generation RISC-V chips perform 50% better3 days ago linkniederman
A different and (often) better way to downsample your Prometheus metrics3 days ago linkLoriP
Using a spark file instead of backlog for product ideas3 days ago linknoahbrier
Common “Gotchas” with Digital Ocean Apps Platform3 days ago linkvincentsaulys
Why isn't being obese worse for your health?3 days ago linkklevertree
Coordination Headwind – How organizations are like slime molds3 days ago linkClifReeder
SmarterEveryDay's 4privacy can, and cannot, meet its goals3 days ago linkBl4ckb0ne
Blue Screen 1980: Compositing Video3 days ago linksudhirj
Beliefs about creativity: evidence for an insight bias3 days ago linknswest23
Eleven reasons to switch from Windows to Linux3 days ago linkjlpcsl
MySQL – how to change this code – Stack Overflow3 days ago linkashutoshgngwr
Market Research at Bell Labs: Picture Phone vs. Mobile Phone3 days ago linkmarianoguerra
Every Organization Needs a CTO3 days ago linkrukshn
Learn from Errors: Overlapping Instances3 days ago linkaroccoli
China Arrests Star Pianist with Sex Worker, Warns Celebrities3 days ago linkSantosh83
Show HN: Search-Engine-Powered Discussion Platform3 days ago linkdanieldahdal
Research on software development productivity with valid metrics?3 days ago linkhaylem
Fact sheet of human rights violations by U.S., UK and France3 days ago linkaaadult
New Library Releases in PyTorch 1.10, Including TorchX, TorchAudio, TorchVision3 days ago linkjonathanbgn
Guide to Android SSL Pinning Bypass (Free eBook)3 days ago linkrhlresearcher
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