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ARM-Based “Apple Silicon” – Mac Mini Enclosure with an A12Z SoC11 min ago linkangadsg
Guarantee your online ad spend – getmonita.io19 min ago
getmonita.iohn linkandrewnada
Assange Hearing Day 1934 min ago linkhiisukun
Everything you need to know about running an A/B test. – Aanand Shekhar Roy44 min ago linkaanandshekhar
The Perverse Panic over Plastic1 hours ago linkfuzzybear3965
Need for a standard Protocol for handling Change Feeds1 hours ago linkdevj
Who reports the “low hanging fruit” security issues?2 hours ago linkp410n3
Uber Wasted $2.5B on Self-Driving Cars2 hours ago linkheshiebee
XRHealth debuts new at-home VR therapy for ADHD2 hours ago linkvrfinal
Coursera: Anti-Racism I2 hours ago linkkevbin
Forming and Maintaining Relationships2 hours ago linkmbitheh
Convenient tools in Android Studio and some of the main approaches of debugging3 hours ago linkshrmv
What (not so) recently happened in Miri3 hours ago linkShoop
Twenty one things I've learned in 21 years3 hours ago linkmarugy
Appcakee3 hours ago linkKevindelavaller
September 2020 Newsletter: The Fiscal Dance3 hours ago linkripvanwinkle
Ten Quick Takeaways from New York Times Bombshell Article on Trump’s Tax Returns3 hours ago linkgooftop
Onbeforeunload Is Not Working4 hours ago linknatsu90
Visualizing the Impact of Feature Attribution Baselines4 hours ago linkunderanalyzer
City of Amsterdam’s Algorithm Register4 hours ago linkcpeterso
Perseverance Is Great, but Don’t Forget to Prepare4 hours ago linkButWhatFor
Public, Online Letter Exchanges4 hours ago linkag8
Using Bytecode Surgery to Create an Ouroboros4 hours ago linkunderanalyzer
The Cloud as “Dune”: The Rise of House Snowflake4 hours ago linkedwardrooster
Using machine learning to create images to match Sufjan Stevens lyrics5 hours ago linkno_bear_so_low
The Personal Computer Revolution 1975-1980 (Podcast Episode)5 hours ago linkWoodenChair
The FAA report and full audio from the “Jetpack Guy” incident near LAX5 hours ago linkevil-olive
Julia mixed precision GEMM codegen meets and exceeds CUBLAS5 hours ago linkamkkma
Google’s Search Preference Menu Eliminates DuckDuckGo5 hours ago linky2bd
Unique 1-person digital asset opportunities5 hours ago linkcrvanhoof
OpenBSD on the Desktop (Part I)6 hours ago linkupofadown
Introductions to Systems Thinking6 hours ago linkaelsabagh123
The mathematical values of fraction signs in the Linear A script6 hours ago linkest31
Billionaire Jeffrey Gundlach slams California over taxes, may leave state6 hours ago linkmatan_a
No-Code Trends6 hours ago linkantcas
Building Trust, and how we never see your Cryptocurrency Private Keys7 hours ago linktimothy-quinn
Show HN: Smart running shoes that help improve speed7 hours ago linkdannyminutillo
Negative RCT of Intermittent Fasting7 hours ago linkjoshgel
Specially made gloves let Brazilian pianist Joao Carlos Martins play again7 hours ago linkBobbyVsTheDevil
Windows to become emulation layer atop Linux kernel7 hours ago linkdyukqu
The $47T Heist7 hours ago linkMattGrommes
Outlook Is Down7 hours ago linkgkolli
Taiwan’s Crowdsourced Democracy Shows Us How to Fix Social Media8 hours ago linkstvndvs
Function Generation in D: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, and the Bolt8 hours ago linkibobev
Auth0 Startup Plan Now Free for Everyone8 hours ago linkrobertinoc
Keywords2lyrics: Automatic Song Writing from Keywords8 hours ago linkmathigatti
IT Network across Universal Health Services facilities is currently offline8 hours ago linklhoff
Why Do Musical Scales Have Certain Numbers of Notes?8 hours ago linklucaspauker
Reader, Come Home: The Reading Brain in a Digital World8 hours ago linkhkhn
Nodebook8 hours ago linkolav
Npcap 1.00 was just released and a new Nmap is on the way8 hours ago linkp4bl0
Microsoft 365 Widespread Outage8 hours ago
status.office365.comhn linkpsim1
Show HN: Founders Community to the Next Level8 hours ago linkjoalavedra
Azure Active Directory is down8 hours ago linkunpresidented
Hacker News, except for cloud news9 hours ago linkForeverFlow__
Udemy’s Chicken-and-Egg Problem8 hours ago linkvictorbojica
Creating the NFL Schedule9 hours ago linkcaditinpiscinam
Show HN: The Most Simple Way to Set Goals You Actually Follow9 hours ago linkhoanhan101
TUF's Issue N22: A11y Resources – UX Stories – Illustration Tools and Many More9 hours ago linkMike_Andreuzza
The Writer-Diplomat Tradition9 hours ago linkwyndham
What is it like to be a smartphone?9 hours ago linkascertain
Code With Me (EAP) – a tool for collaborative development by JetBrains9 hours ago linkamatheus
The Hanging Gardens of Babylon9 hours ago linkquickfox
From the Laboratory to the Arcade: Computer Music9 hours ago linkempressplay
The Emotional Journey of Learning to Code9 hours ago linkantcas
TheirTube9 hours ago
Their.tubehn linkmckee1
APFS changes in Big Sur: how Time Machine backs up to APFS9 hours ago linkangristan
Nix × IPFS – Milestone 19 hours ago linkFnoord
Show HN: Paralyzed by choices? Just roll the roulette9 hours ago linkall_iv
I analyzed the search behavior of thousands of SaaS buyers9 hours ago linkfranciscassel
Why Blogs Died10 hours ago linkgraiz
Software metrics: a guide for modern dev leaders10 hours ago linknecco908
The $47T Heist10 hours ago linkdkural
Show HN: – plan like Elon Musk10 hours ago
elonplan.comhn linkhageast
Bezos Earth Fund has yet to announce a single grant10 hours ago linkdkural
Flightradar24 Is Down10 hours ago
flightradar24.comhn linkabhiminator
Effects of Time-Restricted Eating on Weight Loss and Other Metabolic Parameters10 hours ago linkautojoechen
Home is where the bits flow11 hours ago linkkjhughes
Considered Harmful11 hours ago linkryanwhitney
Captcha Can Be Annoying11 hours ago linktug0fwar
Time Travel Debugging with Rr11 hours ago linkarunc
Pragmatic Advice for Starting Entrepreneurs11 hours ago linkthomas-vds
Kornia: An Open Source Differentiable Computer Vision Library for PyTorch11 hours ago linkrgovostes
Benchling Intern Spotlight: Parallelizing Bulk Back Translation with Nikash11 hours ago linksajithw
Supersonic RC jet: students (US & intl) to design, built, & fly11 hours ago linkmcint
Show HN: How to solve “Zoom Fatigue” with a more immersive AR meet mobile app11 hours ago
varaxr.comhn linkmehuljd
Pew: 26% of Americans get their news from YouTube11 hours ago linkNN88
The business of selling illegal cocktails on the streets of NYC11 hours ago linkzackcrockett
FlatCore CMS Meets MySQL11 hours ago linkflatCore
Custom App Icons for iOS 1411 hours ago linkbubblehack3r
Match with a lead investor who'll lead your seed round11 hours ago linkjiwonharu
Leaders Tell a Story11 hours ago linkshsachdev
Filecoin Confirms Long-Awaited Mainnet Launch for Next Month11 hours ago linkcontainerds
Show HN: Video Stories on Your Website12 hours ago
products.holofy.iohn linkeduardholofy
On Failure12 hours ago linkshafyy
Cool modified/stripped laptop server12 hours ago linknergal
MySQL's Gotchas12 hours ago linkawmarthur
Show HN: OllyJolly – Handcrafted Daily Motivation iOS App12 hours ago linktechgateway
Super-simple news/podcast aggregator for all things remote work12 hours ago
allremotenews.comhn linkpat-jay
Is a Turtle an Animal or a Fish?12 hours ago linkPetiver
AllRGB: Images with one pixel for every RGB color12 hours ago linktwentythree
US: Religious data platform 'targets mentally ill, vulnerable people'12 hours ago linkiamericfletcher
Show HN: Bring your desktop-based engineering simulation results, Models in VR12 hours ago
visulity.comhn linkbhargav1195
HashiCorp’s Homebrew Tap12 hours ago linkSoMuchToGrok
A Man Who Carried Computer Science on His Shoulders12 hours ago linkismiseted
Manually verified job salaries/offers in Artificial Intelligence12 hours ago
aipaygrad.eshn linkcracker_jacks is down12 hours ago linkirusri
Our continued work to keep Twitter secure13 hours ago linkboulos
How Corporations Scam Their Shareholders and Screw over Workers13 hours ago linkmsoad
Cambridge Analytica for Church13 hours ago linkMPeterman
MBA 2020 DIY Cooling/Performance Enhancement13 hours ago linkkaptain
Pulumi's Programming Model13 hours ago linkintheairtonight
Three Dangerous Words: Normally, Standard and Routine13 hours ago linkmmaunder
Why arrange is spelled arange?13 hours ago linkBlueScreenDeath
Show HN: Litter Robot 3 homebrew controller13 hours ago linksmaslennikov
Show HN: A tool that finds formulas from values without supervision13 hours ago linktbsoftware
Investor Who Made a Short Call on Nikola Stock: “Put Bad Guys in Jail”13 hours ago linkUncleOxidant
The Command Design Pattern13 hours ago linkimshashank
Common Law Marriage Is a Violation of Human Rights13 hours ago linkTTTThis
Approval Tests, TCR, and Menders13 hours ago linknicoespeon
How to Get Promoted13 hours ago linkthatonewhere
First Bionic Vision System – Ready for Human Trials – IE13 hours ago linkglastraki
A small business fight with its landlord leasing to a competitor nextdoor13 hours ago linkjaredwiener
On a Plus Minus for Engineering Teams13 hours ago linklogicalstack
Professor Graham Richards on Computer-Aided Molecular Design13 hours ago linkjenniferlum
The Artificial Intelligence Engineer Career Roadmap – All You Need to Know14 hours ago linkShradhaSingh
North Conway Restaurants for the Foodie in You14 hours ago linkfsl12
Show HN: All duckduckgo bang operators on one page (metasearch tool)14 hours ago linkMichaelMoser123
Learn Thompson Sampling by Building an Ad Auction14 hours ago linkHomunculiheaded
Techniques to Avoid Cloud Lock-In14 hours ago linkanurag
The Grand Migration14 hours ago
lethain.comhn linkthatonewhere
Reversible Dynamics with CTCs and Freedom of Choice14 hours ago linkmetahalla
SSL Server Test – Qualys SSL Labs14 hours ago linktheandrewbailey
Reasons Coding for Kids Is Not Just Another Fad14 hours ago linkteragoodness
Enabling your developers with docs-as-code methodologies: linting prose14 hours ago linkjune_tag1
Diving into Wikipedia's Ocean of Errors14 hours ago linkAmorymeltzer
Grep-3.5 Released14 hours ago linkink_13
App helps you see your quarantine haircut (open on Desktop)14 hours ago
doilookweird.comhn linkjetblowfish
Back End/Fullstack Engineer – Remote in North America14 hours ago linkhiringatbravado
Concept Car: Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR14 hours ago linkcs702
Quiver API14 hours ago linkgreatwave1
The Art of Computer Programming Reading Group14 hours ago linkmelling
Daniel Vassallo has made $200k with a Twitter course14 hours ago linkPete-Codes
How to Talk to Customers During an Incident14 hours ago linkredRanger72
You Don't Need Permission14 hours ago linkmmaunder
NoCodeDevs 2.0 Launches 10/114 hours ago
community.nocodedevs.comhn linknocodedevs
Show HN: Make web longform content print optimised(beta),physical book(release)15 hours ago
myscreenbreak.comhn linkyorgos_kats
C standard function 'tdelete()' has a memory bug since its inception15 hours ago linkcee-studio
Show HN: Rekowl – A Personal Knowledge Library15 hours ago linkyanis_t
Repurposing my old Chromebook to a low power home server15 hours ago linkboros2me
Flexible Performant GEMM Kernels on GPUs in Native Julia15 hours ago linkViralBShah
Trello Is Slow or Unavailable15 hours ago linkfasicle
Making Time for Cron Triggers: A Look Inside15 hours ago linkcharlieirish
I was wrong. CRDTs are the future15 hours ago linklewisjoe
How Circular Is the Circular Economy?15 hours ago linkteucris
Show HN: – MP3 to WAV, MP3 to MP4, MP3 Converter API15 hours ago
mp3.tohn linknadermx
RedHill Biopharma’s Opaganib Demonstrates Complete Inhibition of SARS-CoV-215 hours ago linkkinase
Restrained Growth15 hours ago linkdevrob
Best Slinghots15 hours ago linkGedxx
Great Open Source SVG Icon Libraries You Should Check Out Now15 hours ago linkswissgeek
Zero Trust Brings Shadow IT into the Light15 hours ago linkuinerimak
The Social Conquest of Earth: Why does advanced social life exist?15 hours ago linkmax_
The Chief I/O Blog – The Chief I/O16 hours ago linkabvijaykumar
Layoutit, Open Source CSS Grid Generator Powered by Vue 316 hours ago
grid.layoutit.comhn linkrokefo
Movim 0.18 released – A decentralized web-based social XMPP client16 hours ago linkedhelas
Urban warfare. What should the U.S. Army prepare for?16 hours ago
podcast.ausa.orghn linkjspencer508
Why don't aid agencies like to hire local talent?16 hours ago linkfilleduchaos
How to Hire Junior Engineers16 hours ago linkakdas
Radiation Levels on the Moon Are Alarmingly High16 hours ago linkcracker_jacks
2 Months of Daily Blogging16 hours ago linkmcrittenden
Software Development Agencies Can Become More Efficient16 hours ago linknadagul
Tenderstem brocolli is a registered trademark16 hours ago linkdfgdghdf
How to Get Promoted16 hours ago linkcoffeemug
How to write a landing page that converts better(even in a crazy year like 2020)16 hours ago linkkervokian
Mental Models for Challenging Problems16 hours ago linknicotesla
Fix Your Study Hours with These Rules to Qualify Judicial Service Examination17 hours ago linkhacknoid
Did you imagine default passwords would be a risk?17 hours ago linkFounderSec
Why you need a service registry17 hours ago linklawrjone
Site has over a dozen free tools to keep you from burning out17 hours ago linkprivacywiki
More Convenience Functions for Containers with C++2017 hours ago linkibobev
A different approach to online collaboration17 hours ago linkyouspaceio
Rails Sidekiq Configuration for Micro-Services on Reverse Proxy17 hours ago linkdevrelate
A Hobbit sequel became “The Lord of the Rings”17 hours ago linkhcrisp
Serial Position Effect – Why You Remember Some Things Better and Others Worse17 hours ago linkiuliangulea
20M Downloads from the LVFS17 hours ago linkest31
Two Product Design Lessons from Super Mario Bros17 hours ago link4zrael
Big Data Week Online – 6-8 October17 hours ago linksyslynx
Windows to become emulation layer atop Linux kernel17 hours ago linkDonnyV
Manual Testing Guide: Types, Myths, and Manual Testing Tools List17 hours ago linkDeviQA
Learning about aesthetics through randomly generated fractals18 hours ago linkjackholt
Harry Potter Memo Pad Reveals Hogwarts Castle as You Tear Away Notes18 hours ago linkcsa
Learning to Love Idioms18 hours ago linkntietz
Ultima Online: New Legacy18 hours ago linkclemensnk
Multivariate Temporal Autoencoder for Predictive Reconstruction of Deep Sequence18 hours ago linkshivinski
CppCon 2020 Wrapup18 hours ago linkjulienevermind
Navalmanak - Naval Ravikant's eBook about building wealth vs. riches18 hours ago linkj45
Split Keyboard for Professionals19 hours ago linkpangoraw
One man's effort in building a dictionary for over 40 years19 hours ago linkronakjain90
Show HN: Game Demo in iOS 14 App Clip19 hours ago linktroberti
Uncomfortable Questions About App Signing19 hours ago linkinterpol_p
WebRTC Streaming Free Trial with full features19 hours ago linkkerrarbone
Behavioral Programming and Tic Tac Toe19 hours ago linksktrdie
Show HN: Vocabulary 90 – vocabulary learning automation19 hours ago linkfertkir
Building Trust, and how we never see your Cryptocurrency Private Keys19 hours ago linktimothy-quinn
Become a URL filter vendor with the Technology Package19 hours ago linkmhkool
Top Mistakes in the Business of Software19 hours ago linknadagul
Remote Team Management 10119 hours ago linknadagul
Selecting iTunes Provider for Notarization19 hours ago linkadib
$300M to buy up travel companies and travel tech19 hours ago linkkamphey
Tips to be More Productive with Xcode 1219 hours ago linkbrlnwest
Crypto Reading20 hours ago linkdayve
Addiction Ruined the Internet20 hours ago linkmidef
SEO Guide: think back about the most important terms20 hours ago linkbizdeva
Show HN: View my personal Blog site20 hours ago linkpr2tik1
Show HN: Visualize Supporting and Disputing Citations20 hours ago linkdarosati
Greek Pirate Site Blockade Expands with Hundreds of Pirate Bay Domains and More20 hours ago linklatexr
Jon the Bus: the man who favors magic over fact20 hours ago linkjmkd
Timestripe20 hours ago linkemrehan
3D data visualisation on how city population expanded from 2000 BC up to 2000 AD20 hours ago
urban-expansion.netlify.apphn linklennylens
The Risk Makers: the tech industry’s decades-long failure to reckon with risk20 hours ago linksebwi
Fintech startup PayMongo banks $12m in Series A funding20 hours ago linkwilliswee
ElasticSearch Multitenancy with Routing21 hours ago linkbozho
Do things that don't require scale21 hours ago linkdavnicwil
Building Trust, and how we never see your Cryptocurrency Private Keys21 hours ago linktimothy-quinn
Don't Make Yourself Redundant21 hours ago linkjstanier
Python: PEP 638 – Syntactic Macros21 hours ago linksamcolvin
App Clips on iPhone and iPad in iOS 14 (Live Demo)21 hours ago linkRocwood
TILs about Node.js Fundamentals from the Node.js Design Patterns Book22 hours ago linkloige
How to deliver a remote training with code-katas and randori in pairs22 hours ago linkphilou
Belgiums experiment in a new kind of democracy22 hours ago linko_s_e
FAQ Meetings Waiting Room and Passcode Requirements, September 27, 202022 hours ago linkmurkle
Getting What You Measure22 hours ago linkrkeulemans
Ecommerce Trends for 2020 [Updated]22 hours ago linkDeimante
Role-Based Authorization in Ktor22 hours ago linkBovineLegacy
Assange Trial Day 1823 hours ago linkAllegedAlec
Essential remote work tools to stay productive in 202023 hours ago linkgabeadami
Stacking projects upon product development (is wrong)23 hours ago linkliveweird
Show HN: Low Code Evaluation Tool23 hours ago linkkinj28
W3C Selects Craft CMS23 hours ago linkvelmu
A11yresources – A growing list of 200 accessibility tools and resources23 hours ago linkhannahhh
Alphabets and Unicode1 days ago linkpoticer
Senior Application Engineer1 days ago linkToradex
Looking Up Words with DICT1 days ago linkwebsec
Floating Point in the Browser, Part 1: Impossible Expectations1 days ago linknikbackm
New results on complex conformable integral1 days ago linkmkaabar
Bandlab: Cloud Based Social Music Creation Platform1 days ago linkgrawprog
Fight and Struggle: The Use of a Healthy Conflict at Work1 days ago linkGen1us
The Obsessively Complete Infocom Catalog1 days ago linkagiacalone
Learn Rust: Assignment and Memory Semantics1 days ago linkpramodbiligiri
Knowledge Management System1 days ago linkrobins73
First Ever Self Charging Battery That Can Last Upto 28,000 Years1 days ago linkknowledgearea51
Julio 29, 2020/ 1 Emoción, 3 Frases y 1 Idea1 days ago linklyye
Blinkenlights1 days ago linkmr_isomies
Hibernate with Kotlin1 days ago linkshreyasbhandare
Welcome to Birthday Week 20201 days ago linkkludgekraft
Simples1 days ago linkmusha68k
Announce: OpenSSH 8.4 Released1 days ago linkfrutiger
A Chrome extension that hunts for jobs and opportunities on the web for you1 days ago linkgilbertmpanga12
The Polygons of Doom: PSX1 days ago linkanyfoo
Is Y Combinator worth it? (W17 and YCG F19)1 days ago linkdrodio
Pure Programming1 days ago linkgazzini
Looking for first users -Also for info on how to get them1 days ago linkPatrickp100
We Keep Telling the Myth of a Renaissance Golden Age and Bad Middle Ages1 days ago linkBallu
Tips for the most immersive video calls1 days ago linkrobenkleene
Absolute Minimum Every Engineer Must Know About Authentication and Encryption1 days ago linkldelossa
Revenge of the Money Launderers1 days ago linkfirloop
ActivityPub Conf 2020 talks are now available1 days ago linkmathnmusic
Inside Story How Signal Became the Private Messaging App for an Age of Distrust1 days ago linkMulticomp
Shady URL – make your URLs look suspicious1 days ago linksoftwaredoug
Does Machine Translation Affect International Trade?1 days ago linkcracker_jacks
Bypassing Android MDM Using Electromagnetic Fault Injection by a Lighter for $11 days ago linkharambae
Trump’s Taxes Show Chronic Losses and Years of Income Tax Avoidance1 days ago linkconformist
Combining algorithms to get the better solution1 days ago linkjosejorgexl
A Technology-Focused Interview with the Libertarian Presidential Candidate1 days ago linkjohnnyb_61820
Tower of Babel: my case for responsible abstractions1 days ago linkgazzini
Open to Attack and Connected to the Kremlin1 days ago linkannadane
Show HN: Remote Oil Tank Monitoring Solution1 days ago linkpettycashstash2
Trump’s Taxes Show Chronic Losses and Years of Income Tax Avoidance1 days ago linkandrelaszlo
Show HN: Keyboard Simulator – virtual keyboard designer1 days ago linkcrsnbrt
Everyday Threat Modeling1 days ago linkdanielrm26
iOS 14: 'Phoenix 2' Space Shooter Delivers Playable Demo via App Clips1 days ago linkcrgwbr
Flipping the Script1 days ago linkthehoff
Coinbase is a mission focused company1 days ago linkgyre007
Incentivizing Regenerative Agriculture1 days ago linkkickout
Time Travel Theoretically Possible1 days ago linkeashman
Taiwan’s Crowdsourced Democracy Shows Us How to Fix Social Media1 days ago linktankenmate
Thoughts on Structured Editing: Breaking Away from Syntax1 days ago linkmarcusbuffett
Life Sciences Observations #291 days ago linkaxial
Hey Siri, Why Don’t You Speak Hebrew?1 days ago linkziheck
Show HN: Prosthesis limbs customization platform in 3D1 days ago
coleg.cohn linkColeg
Cheerleading, Monopolies and Sexual Predators1 days ago linkalkhidr
Compiling to Assembly from Scratch: the book, released1 days ago linkhalst
The Napkin Project1 days ago linkalbertzeyer
Show HN: Trades from the House of Representatives in 20201 days ago linkvolatilitywave
Show HN: A community for customers of Chinese shopping sites1 days ago linkdistantfinds
Light colour schemes are better, based on science1 days ago linksebst
Sans Bullshit Sans: A font to fight against BS1 days ago linkgsempe
A Programmer’s Approach to the Lockdown1 days ago linkAHappyCamper
Show HN: Melancholy Corner – an online vaporwave/lo-fi radio station1 days ago linkyourbrightlight
Show HN: Life Calendar – Your Life in Weeks1 days ago
life-calendar-in-weeks.vercel.apphn linkngduc
Uncomfortable Questions About App Signing1 days ago linkerdo
Elder.js: An Opinionated, SEO Focused, Svelte Framework1 days ago linkForHackernews
Universal Split Screen1 days ago linksurround
Happiness Is Bad1 days ago linkxylon
Conference Conduct1 days ago linkcnst
Linked Lists1 days ago linkdleskosky
Technical Debt – How to manage it?1 days ago linklijjumathew
InProxy – Cross-platform web debugging and mock tool1 days ago
www.inproxy.iohn linkdaeteck
What Is It Like to Be a Smartphone?1 days ago linkexejeezus
Arm64 Hardware Intrinsics APIs in .NET – Part 21 days ago linkksp41865
Soar Fiction: The Playbooks1 days ago linkmekinpesen
Dillinger: A cloud-enabled, open-source Markdown editor1 days ago linkgmolau
Software Defined Satellite – An Emerging Technology in Space Industry1 days ago linkd_silin
PEP 638 – Syntactic Macros1 days ago linkJetSpiegel
Picat 3.0 released (logic-based multi-paradigm programming language)1 days ago linkcallmekit
A Raku Manifesto (Part 1) – Daniel Sockwell1 days ago linklizmat
Why Arguments Against SARS-CoV-2 Aerosol Transmission Don't Hold Water1 days ago linkpagutierrezn
Obvious Things That Are Easy to Ignore1 days ago linkParth86
Addiction Ruined the Internet1 days ago linkmidef
IMO (Intl Math Olympiad) 2020 Results1 days ago linkthreatofrain
Discrete Optimization for On-Call Scheduling1 days ago linkdowakin
The Absurdity of Free Will1 days ago linkstickhandle
AI4Bharat IndicNLP: NLP Resources for 11 Regional Indian Languages1 days ago
indicnlp.ai4bharat.orghn linkdivkakwani
Do things that don't require scale1 days ago linkdavnicwil
Creating a form recognizer using Cloudflare and Azure1 days ago linkdonchev
Goalio – Track your goals and get a monthly gift1 days ago
goalio.cohn linkemveras
How to succeed as a programmer at an early stage startup1 days ago linkbouia
The Four Types of IT Work1 days ago linklucaronin
How to Stop Winning Arguments1 days ago linkochronus
Samsung crippled TVs with Tizen bug1 days ago linkjohnnyAghands
What is a Velocity chart and when do you need it?1 days ago linkxueyongg
We Made Puma Faster with Sleep Sort1 days ago linkblacktulip
Show HN: Instant SVG icon search with over 50K+ icons indexed1 days ago linkFileformat
A Tale of Two Libcs1 days ago linkatombender
Durability: NVMe Disks1 days ago linkstargrave
Make sure this isn't the reason you're not getting subscribers1 days ago linkiamwil
India's First Experiential School for Product Management Aspirants1 days ago
plabs.livehn linkneocortex666
Reading Documentation Upfront1 days ago linkmunchor
Podcasts on Spotify Across Countries1 days ago linkharshamv22
A book to become proficient Node.js developers1 days ago linkloige
Automatic layout algorithms compute layouts for diagrams1 days ago linkwiradikusuma
Elon Musk slams Microsoft exclusively licensing GPT-31 days ago linkflowerlad
Alar: The making of an open source dictionary1 days ago linkknadh
We Can Have Legitimate Democracy If We Want It1 days ago
www.ncid.ushn linkMrsHippy
Europe’s Digital Emergency1 days ago linkgok
Show HN: Simple, customizable, no-code website Hit Counter1 days ago
hitcount.iohn linkHitcount
Show HN: Material for MkDocs 61 days ago linksquidfunk
You're a Skeptic. Now What?1 days ago linkZoharAtkins
Simulating the Dunlop Crybaby Wah Pedal in LTSpice1 days ago linkcushychicken
Eclipse Layout Kernel1 days ago linkaazaa
The failed promise of Web Components1 days ago linkyannikyeo
OpenSSH 8.4 Released1 days ago linkfcambus
Proxying mDNS Request via DNS1 days ago linkhardillb
Nine Collisions1 days ago linkgraposaymaname
The Right Pick (CSS Selectors)1 days ago linknelsonmichael
VsRank – Product Ratings and Comparisons1 days ago linkvsrank
Please Test Your Memory1 days ago linkfniephaus
Systematic A/B testing of digital messaging cut hospital no-show rates1 days ago linklukestevens
A VC Explains Why VCs Are So Pissed Off1 days ago linkkantrowitz
The meeting room hardware virus1 days ago linkj-james
The receiver of emails story1 days ago linkdiggan
Tips for Job Interviews as a Junior Software Developer1 days ago linkfredwu
Epoch Graphics Engine1 days ago linkmmphosis
Boxer: Self contained shareable DOS apps for macOS1 days ago
boxerapp.comhn linkBorlands
It’s not free software if you can’t easily fork it (and how to fix it)1 days ago linkd33
What the next generation of the Internet means to the people building it1 days ago linkadlrocha
European Citizens' Initiative: Start Unconditional Basic Incomes (UBI)1 days ago linkjrepinc
Do Not Engage the Mind in the Intense Pursuit of Too Many Things at Once1 days ago linkmaverickJ
Light colour schemes are better, according to science1 days ago linkbrendt_gd
Tuition-Free College: Pros and Cons1 days ago linkgeorgyz
How to See Systems1 days ago linkneilkakkar
GPG as SSH agent; notes for current best practices1 days ago linkdijit
Nearly every time I restart my Macs I get Kernel Panics, this is why1 days ago linkjohn_alan
My summer 2020 road trip along the Italian Riviera1 days ago linkscotthtaylor
Show HN: I made a website for 3D Printing freelancers1 days ago
makely.mehn linkpetargyurov
Icarus, Pilot Drones Remotely1 days ago
www.icarus.travelhn linkandreadem
Static Linking Considered Harmful1 days ago linkvortex_ape
Something funny is about to happen to some prices1 days ago linksolresol
Eat the World vs. Eaten by the World1 days ago linkjdcampolargo
Widgetsmith and the Case of the Missing App Store Bunco Squad1 days ago linkkruuuder
Cyph Secure Messenger1 days ago
www.cyph.comhn linkagiacalone
How to Cash in on the Influencer Economy1 days ago linkinstakill
PilBox – Building Android Apps in PicoLisp1 days ago linkbwidlar
NASA flushes away $23M for a new toilet1 days ago linkRayMan1
PEP 638 – Syntactic Macros1 days ago linkblindseer
Hacktoberfest 2020 Swag List1 days ago linkarthtyagi
macOS Mojave 2020-005 Security Update is causing major issues for some users1 days ago linkMrMacintoshBlog
How to multiply currents: Inside a counterfeit analog multiplier1 days ago linkstargrave
Show HN: Submit your startup to 38 communities1 days ago linkAlexandrBel
Golden Blood: Rarest Blood in the World1 days ago linkknowledgearea51
Parametric lamp design using circle packings1 days ago linkstuffmatic
Obsession is a sprint, life is a marathon1 days ago linkgrwthckrmstr
How to Find Sponsors to Your Newsletter2 days ago linkdrikerf
How to plan the Thanksgiving day with your big family2 days ago linkRodyKaizen
You might be bipolar if2 days ago linkblakewatson
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