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Oakland Athletics Howard Terminal Ballpark Spreadsheet Shows TIF Revenue Results3 hours ago linkdaxmine1
Irreversible warming tipping point may have been triggered: Arctic mission chief3 hours ago linkFilligree
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Nonprofits Need to Embrace Transparency4 hours ago linkzachlatta
Site Reliability Engineer, Staff/Principle- ASA (Remote Eligible)4 hours ago linklavshah
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T cell selection forms immune tolerance and has now been reconstituted in-silico5 hours ago linkjostmey
Richard Feynman’s Integral Trick5 hours ago linkTheTrotters
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Next.js 11 – ESLint Integration, Script Component, Blur-Up Image Placeholders5 hours ago linkleerob
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On the Pension Apocalypse5 hours ago linkTheTrotters
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Mark Cuban on the brilliance of yield farming7 hours ago linkrudiger
Startups Are the Ultimate “Mental Game” – Part I7 hours ago linkdomrdy
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Along with Airbnb, 250 tech unicorns have been acquired or went public7 hours ago linkpedro-guimaraes
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Zero Knowledge7 hours ago linkpackym
Asymmetries in Fundraising7 hours ago linkakharris
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Half-Life: Alyx's lights flicker just like they did in Quake7 hours ago linkFarbklex
On Slowness7 hours ago linkindiantinker
GirlsDoPorn Actor-Recruiter Sentenced to 20 Years in Human Trafficking Scheme7 hours ago linkus0r
EU Recovery and Resilience Facility spending at risk due to lack of transparency7 hours ago linkwsc981
Bluetooth LE for modern Android Development – part 18 hours ago linkadunk
Mind Freedom Techniques8 hours ago linktboyd47
Michael Jordan Had a “Love for the Game Clause” in His Contract8 hours ago linknirushiv
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What We Learned Doing Fast Grants8 hours ago linksundaypancakes
Seaborg: In search of the practical advanced reactor8 hours ago linkbornelsewhere
Livemark – Markdown static page generator with charts, tables, and scripts8 hours ago linkalexkreidler
The Rise of Kentucky Gov. Goebel and the Man Who Fixed His Murder9 hours ago linktwiceasugly
Back end Developer (m/f/d)9 hours ago linkkloeckner_i
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Mimicking Evil with Elastic and Prelude9 hours ago linkprivat3duck3y
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As science advances, does Ockham’s Razor still apply?9 hours ago linkvbo
Public Libraries and Game Publishers10 hours ago linkalfageme
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Unsupervised Auto-labeling of Websites for a bookmark manager10 hours ago linkeMaeL
Saving in Dark Souls10 hours ago linkspapas82
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Attempts at fixing the online social media10 hours ago linkashutoshgngwr
Fuck Zoom10 hours ago linkcodingclaws
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Is the Golden Gate Bridge’s New Fence Too Blowy for Cycling?10 hours ago linkjcarpio
Europe's Software Problem11 hours ago linkjobstijl
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Best PHP IDE / Editors / Compiler Editor Software in 2021 [Free/Paid]11 hours ago linkRoman20
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French search firm Qwant seeks €8M Huawei bailout loan11 hours ago linkColinHayhurst
AstraZeneca’s antibody cocktail fails to protect against coronavirus: study11 hours ago linkgalfarragem
John Carmack Reviews Space Shooter on Oculus11 hours ago linkthansharp
Is humanity smarter than a protozoan?11 hours ago linkmikro2nd
FDA-approved A.I.-based medical algorithms11 hours ago linkyread
Microsoft Wows the World as They Unveils New Xbox Fridge11 hours ago linkGabriel_ojeh
June update: new hardware and more on the way12 hours ago linkfheld
Critical Bug Identified in 88mph Awarded with $42,069 Bounty – iosiro12 hours ago linksynci
Note Taking in 202112 hours ago linkcyneox
Graphene Superconductors May Be Less Exotic Than Physicists Hoped12 hours ago linkjnord
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More than two-thirds of the US Congress cashed a pharma campaign check in 202014 hours ago linkpera
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India After the Second Wave15 hours ago linkbunforfun
JPEG XL would be Turing-complete15 hours ago linknetworked
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Freenode resets its IRC network, drops all channels and accounts15 hours ago linkphoe-krk
Why Nokia, Ericsson, and Airtel are resisting India's 5Gi16 hours ago linkrsanjan
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A/B testing considered Bullshit16 hours ago linkfuzzymind
Producer of YouTube Comedian Arrested by NSW Counter Terrorism Unit16 hours ago linkmanch23
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Running MongoDB in Openshift Using KubeDB17 hours ago linkshohagrana64
Beyond To-Dos17 hours ago linkmkopinsky
JDK 17 to optionally use macOS Metal API as rendering pipeline17 hours ago linkftclausen
BPF Internals (eBPF)17 hours ago linkmfrw
Cue Is an exciting Configuration Language18 hours ago linkwstrange
Attempts at solving the online social media18 hours ago linkashutoshgngwr
'System error' prompts Southwest delays, planes parked on runways at DIA18 hours ago linkawat
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Cue, an open-source data validation language18 hours ago linkbenhoyt
IPFS Misconceptions18 hours ago linkvoussoir
Freenode commits suicide, is no longer a serious IRC network18 hours ago linkOberstKrueger
Distilling Knowledge in Neural Networks19 hours ago linkOnlineInference
Illinois officials say tech contract holding up availability of nonbinary IDs19 hours ago linkus0r
Exploring the natural origins of SARS-CoV-2 in the light of recombination19 hours ago linklamontcg
Did Quark Matter Pass Through the Earth? (2002)19 hours ago linkdamontal
Avoid News, Part 2: What the Stock Market Taught Me about News20 hours ago linkAriarule
Ercot urges energy conservation as many power generators unexpectedly offline20 hours ago linkawnird
People of SHA25620 hours ago linksgoto
Carro hits unicorn status after SoftBank-led round21 hours ago linkwilliswee
Why Is the Society for American Archaeology Promoting Indigenous Creationism?21 hours ago linktomcam
Chipotle says it raised prices to cover wage hike, doesn't mention exec bonuses21 hours ago linkdroptablemain
“Every PhD Is Different”21 hours ago linkmbforbes
Shopify confirms significant investment in payment processor Stripe22 hours ago linkjbeales
Velodyne Lidar Introduces Next-Generation Velabit Sensor22 hours ago linkcoolspot
Pricing Psychology22 hours ago linkRandomWorker
Show HN: Generate a free visual sitemap by crawling any website22 hours ago linkowor
Did you know that you can 100% legally get and run WordPerfect for free?22 hours ago linklproven
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Dale Carnegie vs. Lin Yutang: How to Stop Worrying and Start Loafing23 hours ago linkedavis
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Promoted physics studies are cited more1 days ago linkcvansiclen
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Myths in Cycling: Wider Tires Are Slower1 days ago linkjmilloy
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Legally Ignoring the License1 days ago linkjen20
A simple method for reanimating ice-cold rats and mice (1956)1 days ago linklucioperca
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Stabel v0.2.0-alpha: A pure concatinative programming language, now with modules1 days ago linkSkinney
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It’s Finally Here: Messenger Automation for Instagram1 days ago linkJonasSPQA
Zerodha founder Nikhil Kamath cheated Vishwanathan Anand in chess match1 days ago linkfishstock
Chip startup NextSilicon comes out of stealth with $1.5B valuation1 days ago linkYarduza
Ten Principles for Good Design1 days ago linkEtheryte
French nuclear firm seeks to resolve 'performance issue' at China plant1 days ago linkrguiscard
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Social Capital 2020 annual letter1 days ago linkeric-hu
Advanced Data Protection Control Specification1 days ago linkthe_mitsuhiko
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Chrome on Android now forces tab grid and groups1 days ago linkJedd
US assessing reported leak at Chinese nuclear power facility1 days ago linkbusymom0
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Exercising Freedom of Speech1 days ago linkkktcbananarep
The home computer as a cultural object is physically vanishing1 days ago linkcfcfcf
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The Hyperbolic Geometry of DMT Experiences1 days ago linkelcomet
How to Make Tetris in ClojureScript1 days ago linksimongray
iOS Remote code execution vulnerabilities that have been hiding for a decade1 days ago linkc8g
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The Brilliance of Yield Farming, Liquidity Providing and Valuing Crypto Projects1 days ago linkTimJRobinson
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Value Creation, Capture, and Distribution1 days ago linkspyckie2
How to Sell to Large Enterprises?1 days ago linkamangoeliitb
Petition urging Jeff Bezos to purchase and eat Mona Lisa gaining steam1 days ago linklinsomniac
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Privacy tech is on the rise–join founders investors advisors on June 231 days ago linklourdesturrecha
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Serbians Suffer Long-Term Effects of NATO Depleted Uranium – 20051 days ago linksalemh
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How to create a game like Townscaper?1 days ago link6174
New Discovery Shows Human Cells Can Write RNA Sequences into DNA1 days ago linkfreddiemerkury
Micro-USB 2 cable in a USB 3 portable hard drive1 days ago linkpeterburkimsher
Analysing bird songs with Wigner transform (WDF)1 days ago linkgbh444g
Ransomware: We aren’t prepared, and it’s a battle with new rules1 days ago linkarbuge
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The Power of Small Images – Stamps, Computational Linguistics, and Minspeak2 days ago linkchrbutler
Pitch doctoring should be the biggest scandal in sports2 days ago linkSheinhardtWigCo
It’s possible to pay $150 in taxes on an income of $150K2 days ago linksaadalem
Art of LED Wall Virtual Production, Part One: “Lessons from the Mandalorian”2 days ago linktomduncalf
Inside Brazil’s DIY, eco-friendly NFT art marketplace2 days ago linkunimpressive
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Can you run off a bad mood? New facial scanner tool measures impact of exercise2 days ago linkLio
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